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Potter and Evans by ivoryangel
Chapter 2 : Letters
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Disclaimer: i found something on the side of the road! i own somehting now! not hp, but i own SOMETHING! i'll tell you what it is next chappie!


Lily lay back on her comfortable bed, curled up in a patchwork quilt. Even if Petunia was tormenting her, even if there was still a slightly green tinge to her almost-red hair, she was still happy and content to be home. She closed he eyes briefly, taking in the relaxing vanilla aroma of her old room. Her mother and father had greeted her warmly, and they had shared a nice dinner, with Lily excitedly telling them all about the magical world, leaving out negative parts for now, like oh, Potter, pure-blood mania, Potter, green hair, Potter, the ‘Voldemort’ guy starting to terrorize people, and oh, yeah, Potter. Ah, well. It was all they needed to know anyways.

She was drifting off to sleep when it happened.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Lily reluctantly opened her eyes. Then her mouth, in shock.

There, outside her window, was a light brown tawny owl, quite beautiful and dignified looking, with what looked to be a quickly scrawled note attached to its talons.

Lily opened the window, and the owl flew in, circled the room, and dropped the letter on her desk. Then it flew out as fast as it came in—which was curious, since an owl would ordinarily not do this unless instructed to—but Lily was far to curious to ponder this. She sat down in a chair and grabbed the note. Only then did she notice the handwriting, and inwardly groaned.

“Wonderful, Potter can torment me even when I’m far away. Huh. How long did it take him to come up with this, I wonder…?”

She sat down and began to read.

Hello Evans-
I know, we have only been apart a day, yet I missed seeing your beautiful face, and sweet smile, and hearing your angelic voice, and-wait. This could go on a while.
Anyways, I thought writing was the next best thing. I also want you to know that I’m terribly sorry for the hair…er… incident, and hope that your luxurious red locks are fully restored.
Please write back straight away, hope you have an owl… mine used to be a delivery owl, and he just flies off, most of the time, without waiting for a reply. If you don’t answer soon, I’ll just send him back and tell him to wait.
The stubborn, James Potter.

PS- Will you go out with me?

Lily sighed loudly. Argh, that insufferable Potter! She had an owl, but didn’t feel like replying right away.

She closed her eyes-then a thought hit her. She picked up a muggle pen and hastily began writing.

Dearest Amy,
Argh. Double argh! NOT even my first bloody day back and guess what? I’ve had to endure my ‘lovely’ sister, being woken from a good dream, and now- POTTER!
Brilliant Potter (not) has had the brilliant idea (not) to write me. ARGH. Help! Write me back.
Love you lots, Lils.

Amy was Lily’s best friend. It was on account of Amy that Lily’s hair even resembled red at all. She was competing with Potter for top in Transfiguration, and only second to Lily for best looks. She had deep, wild brown hair and hazel eyes that went from dark brown to gold. She and Lily had never fought and treated each other like sisters. (Or in Petunias case, what sisters should be.)

Lily called to her owl, tied the letter on its talons, and watched it soar out into the night. She stretched, and lay back on her bed. She would deal with everything—Petunia and Potter and finding some peace—in the morning. She just hoped the sun rose on a good day.

AN: I thought I would leave it to you to imagine what Lily’s room looked like. Please review! If you do, could you tell me what your favorite line was? That way I’ll know what people like. I’ll update soon!

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