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Fall Into Darkness by F4L
Chapter 3 : Slytherin Pride
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----Disclaimer - JKR owns her lot, I own mine. ----

Rabastan caught up with Sita quickly after Potions. He smirked when she gave him a sharp glare. 'You're no help,' she informed him coldly. 'You knew that you were distracting me, so don't act all innocent.' The corners of Rabastan's thin mouth twitched slightly as he tried to hide his guilty grin.

'It was too tempting. You were partnered with Black. I wanted to piss him off, not you.' Sita made an annoyed sound before shaking her head. This was Rabastanís way of apologizing.

ĎJust leave it for now, please. I need to do well this year.' Sita had no idea what she would like to do after Hogwarts, other than move away from her father. Her main goal was to become a Seeker for a professional Quidditch team. She had heard that the Kestrals' seeker was retiring at the end of the year, so her dream didn't seem as far out of reach as before. However, to put her name in as a serious contender, she would need to win the Quidditch Cup for Slytherin.

'When do you want to go try out the brooms?' Rabastan asked, interrupting her train of thought. Sita glanced at her timetable and shook her head.

'I've a full day,' Sita sighed. 'Potions, History, Charms and Transfiguration.'

'I do too,' Rabastan said, scanning his timetable. 'Arithmacy, Charms and Care for Magical Creatures.'

'Guess we have to wait until after dinner so.' Rabastan nodded stuffing his timetable back into his robes.

'Fine, I'd better get to Arithmacy. I've to meet Sierra on the way, see you at break.' Sita nodded as Rabastan turned off in a different direction.

Sita made her way to Professor Binnsí classroom, not wanting to lose any house points for tardiness. She slipped in the door just as the bell rang and found a seat next to Avery who grudgingly made space.

Sita glanced around. There weren't many Slytherins in the class; it was mostly Ravenclaws. She watched as they scribbled down the notes Binns was reciting. Sita yawned quietly, pulled out some parchment and began to take her own. History interested her, but Binns bored her.

One dull class later Sita left the room feeling unenlightened and made her way down to the Great Hall. Sita noticed Sirius, Potter, Lupin and Pettigrew, the self-styled ĎMaraudersí, approaching as she passed through a gang of confused first years. Lupin noticed their confusion and came up to one of them, kneeling down so not to appear as intimidating.

'Are you lost?' he asked kindly. Sita rolled her eyes as the kids gathered around Lupin and bombarded him with questions.

'And look, it's the Slytherin who can't do Potions,' carried the whispering voice of James Potter. Sita scowled at him. He smirked in reply. Black grinned. Lupin rejoined his friends, looking haggard. Pettigrew patted him on the back. Sirius and Potter had their eyes on Sita, who reached into her robes.

'I wouldn't do that if I were you,' Sirius advised, pulling his wand out. 'Accio.' Sita's timetable flew from her pocket into his hand.

'Excuse you. Give that back,' she snapped, watching as they all looked at it. Their expressions conveyed disappointment. Obviously they thought it was going to be something important. Lupin suddenly appeared to remember he was a Prefect.

'Give it back to her, Padfoot. We have to go.' Reluctantly, Sirius handed the sheet back to Sita and muttered an apology. Sita smiled sweetly and waited for them to be partway up the hall before she pulled out her wand.

'Opticio,' Sita murmured, waving her wand in Potterís direction. Pettigrew turned his head and saw the flash of light but his reaction was too slow as James tripped forward. Potter would be blind for a few minutes, though she had no doubt that Sirius or Lupin would know the counter. As she turned the corner she heard Pettigrew tell them what was wrong over the cries of Potter, who yelled 'I'm blind Padfoot! Blind! Y'know, I can't see!'


'I'm famished,' Tobias announced, sitting next to her. 'Sprout is a pain.' Sita passed him a tray of sandwiches, grinning to herself as the Gryffindors came into the Hall. They glared unsubtly in Sita's direction.

Both Tobias and Sierra saw Sita smirk at the four Gryffindors from across the Hall. 'What did you do?' Sierra asked, arriving from Arithmacy with Rabastan.

'Blinded Potter after they took my timetable.' Rabastan patted her on the back proudly before filling his plate. 'We have double Charms next.'

'With Hufflepuff of all houses.' Rabastan added. He was obviously still upset. 'Partner, Sita?' The four of them had kept Charms and were in the same class. Sita would then go to Transfiguration while the others had Care for Magical Creatures. None of them liked Transfiguration; they felt McGonagall was biased toward Gryffindor. They had all been very impressed when Sita got an O.

Tobias had performed terribly throughout the OWLs; it had been a miracle he'd passed anything. All he wanted to keep up was Herbology, and it showed when he got his one O. Sierra had mostly gotten E's but had always hated Transfiguration, like Gryffindors hated Potions. Sita remembered when Sierra realised she wouldn't have to keep it up; she had joyfully dragged Sita into dancing around with her for at least ten minutes.

Rabastan simply had no interest in pursuing Transfiguration. He knew his future. It wouldn't require Transfiguration. It didn't even require his NEWTs, but his brother had told him to get them.

'They're planning something,' Tobias said, nodding to the Gryffindor table, where Sirius and his friends sat. Sita glanced up and saw them hunched together.

'We still on for this evening?' Rabastan asked as he stood.

'What's on this evening?' Sierra asked interestedly. Tobias's gaze fell on Sita, staring at her inquisitively.

'Sita and I are going to try out the brooms. You two can come and watch if you want,í Rabastan shrugged Sita raised an eyebrow; he didnít sound too inviting. Sierra seemed to think the same.

'Nah, I've got piles of homework anyway. You know, it's NEWT year. I have two damn essays in Ancient Runes, both due tomorrow.' Rabastan nodded in what may have been sympathy, if he had looked at all sympathetic.

'Wonder what Flitwick's gonna have us do,' Tobias muttered as they made their way through the halls. 'Hope it's something easy.í

After an amusing Charms class ('Hufflepuffs aren't so bad, I guess,' Rabastan said. 'They're good fun to hex.') and a tepid Transfiguration lesson in which McGonagall lectured them about the importance of NEWT exams until the bell, Sita bumped into Rabastan on her way to the common room. The two made their way down to the pitch, Rabastan growing more nervous as the crowds in the hall thinned.

'Do you have a ball?' Sita asked, throwing a leg over her new Nimbus. Rabastan pulled out a special practice Quaffle that was smaller and heavier than a normal Quaffle. 'Brilliant.' Sita pushed herself off and let out a squeal of delight.

The sleek broom was much more comfortable than her Cleansweep. She did a quick lap of the pitch, admiring the speed and easy handling of the broom. Noticing Rabastan was still on the ground, she dived down, slowing as she approached. She noticed he was watching her carefully, he seemed to be preparing to move if needed. She could've sworn Rabastan had been worried she was going to crash into him.

'Coming?' she asked playfully as she grabbed the ball. Rabastan seemed to recover his confidence and nodded, kicking off from the ground. Sita followed him into the air and passed the Quaffle. They threw it hard and high, making the other move for it. Rabastan laughed out loud when Sita had to go into a sharp dive. She managed to catch the Quaffle and pull out of the dive before hitting the ground, though her knees did skim along the grass as she pulled out. Sita hurled the Quaffle in Rabastan's direction and saw him move fast to catch it. As she flew upward again, she frowned upon seeing that Rabastan had stopped; he was glaring down at the ground where four boys stood.

'Damn,' Sita muttered, flying over to Rabastan. Rabastan smiled coolly at Sita who raised a sly eyebrow. Slowly they descended and landed opposite the four, two of whom were sporting brooms.

Potter eyed Sita cautiously as she landed. Rabastan couldn't help but smirk at the Gryffindor's hesitance.

'Want a game?' Sirius asked, grinning. His eyes shone with an excited gleam. Sita knew him to be very competitive. They obviously had something planned, but Sita's own competitiveness wouldn't let her back down. She was a very bad loser.

'Two on two, Quaffle only? Up to what, 100?' Rabastan replied, his voice was cold. Potter shrugged and tossed up the Quaffle. Sirius pushed off and caught it in the air.

'Something like that!' James laughed as Sirius sped off toward the goal. Sita swore and chased after him. Finally her Nimbus showed her what it could do. She managed to catch up with Sirius without too much trouble. She leaned forward to block down his shot but the Quaffle scraped off her finger tips and went in.

Sirius smirked at Sita cockily when she returned from retrieving the Quaffle. She knew it was a challenge to go alone against him. Her own smirk in reply agreed to it. Sita pulled down into a sharp dive once again, Quaffle in hand. Sirius was quickly on her tail. His own Cleansweep wasn't much good for pulling out of dives and he found himself having to pull up much too early. Sita laughed out loud as she flew almost vertically up and threw the ball past Potter without trouble.

Rabastan winked at Sita when she passed him on her way back to the goals. Sita flashed Sirius a proud smirk as she returned.

'If you hadn't got that damn broom,' he muttered. They watched as James tried to get around Rabastan and finally managed by throwing the Quaffle over his head and flying below him. Sita swore and flew out to meet him while Rabastan flew back to the goals to defend.

'Think you can stop me, Massaro? You haven't beaten me yet,' James taunted, holding the ball close to him. He grinned as Moony and Wormtail cheered a little. Sita pushed her hair out of her eyes and stared at James, who was hovering in front of her, clearly hoping she would make the first move.

'I've been waiting for the right year,' she replied. James grinned stupidly at her and threw the Quaffle below her, where Sirius had flown under to catch.

'You've waited too long, Massaro,' he laughed as Sirius flew past Rabastan. She passed him and retrieved the Quaffle again.

The game went back and forth; the Slytherins led for a while until James got the points back. It was growing dark as they found themselves level.

Sirius and Rabastan had collided hard and both had fallen to the ground. Neither were injured but decided to let James and Sita fight it out.

'Ready, Massaro?' Sita didn't reply. She streaked after James as he tried to go straight toward the goal. James yelled in dismay as Sita pulled up from below, blocking his way. She smirked nastily, grabbing the Quaffle from his arms and flying back toward the Gryffindor goal. 'That was a foul, Sita!' James yelled angrily after her.

Sita stopped in midair and turned to face him.

'Are you calling me a cheat?' she demanded, her eyes flashing dangerously. If there was one thing Sita couldn't stand, it was being called a cheat. She had too much pride to cheat.

'Why yes, I believe I am,' James replied, flying up to her. The game was forgotten as Sita dropped the Quaffle.

'I don't cheat, Potter.' His eyes danced with laughter at her as he shrugged.

'Whatever, Massaro.í Slowly, he began to descend. Sita watched him suspiciously as he landed and walked over to Sirius. Rabastan wasn't moving. In that moment, Sita realised what they were up to. Four voices simultaneously yelled out, their wands pointed in her direction.

Not knowing what else to do, Sita dived in an attempt to duck the jets of light. And she did. She didn't focus on flying away, though; she turned around and flew straight down into them. Sita didnít care if it hurt, as long as it hurt them more.

Her body landed hard on the four of them, causing their legs to buckle and collapse. . Sita's elbow connected with James's nose and her knee belted Peter in the jaw. Lupin was uninjured, but Sita and Sirius's heads hit hard, knocking them both out.

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