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Love before Death. by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 10 : Dumbledore's Treat.
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Over the month, Harry had mastered Legilimency to a stage where he could enter Dumbledore's mind without him knowing. It didn't take him long and Snape seemed happier than ever. It was still all of a shock to see him like that.

Also over the month, Dumbledore had pointed Harry into the right direction of most of Godric Gryffindor's chambers and personal areas. Harry had explored many. He found a two bed roomed common room, joining on to Gryffindor house.

In this there was a large common room, a large library with many scrolls and writings of Gryffindor's, two dormitories and a very large bathroom with a pool as a bath.

Harry had gotten permission to move himself, Hermione, Ron and Luna into the private common room. Harry and Hermione shared the room that Gryffindor used, whilst Ron and Luna shared the spare.

Hermione and Luna were very alike. Luna wasn't talking rubbish and myths but spoke about real and interesting things. The both of them talked and giggled about things and they would study for time on end in the library, or on their lovers chest.

Sometimes Hermione looks at Harry to ask him something, however he answers it before she speaks the first word. Harry had grown fond of Legilimency and had found out quite a few secrets of his enemies.

After everyone finished their lessons for the day, on the seventeenth of October. All students headed to the Great Hall for supper. They took their usual seats at their house tables. Before anyone spoke to each other, or in Harry and Hermione's case, before they kissed each other. Dumbledore had stood and gathered silence.

"I have a wonderful treat for you all. On the day of Hallowe'en, I have planned for two balls to take place. One for first to fourth years and the other for fifth to seventh years. The Weird Sisters shall be for the older years, whilst The Hasty Warlocks are for the younger years. Begins at eight and finishes at midnight. All must be wearing something suitable. All years are allowed to Hogsmeade because of this occasion. Hogsmeade is only allowed to be visited on weekends. That is all, now I believe many females would want to discuss what they will look like on the day, however we should have something to eat." said Dumbledore and instantly the tables piled with food.

As Dumbledore had predicted, all the girls were now discussing with their friends, all about clothes, make-up and hair do's. Harry cuddled Hermione and she actually cuddled back but paid all her attention to her female friends.

Harry and Ron were sat in their common room and were sat discussing their girlfriends.

"It's all down to you mate, that me and Luna are together. Can I tell you something, that needs to be kept quiet?" asked Ron happily.

"Sure. But I'm sure that you would of gotten together anyway." said Harry listening to Ron.

"Well once this war is over, me and Luna want to get married and have a kid. I haven't been with her that long but I know our love is extremely strong." said Ron staring into no where at the thought of a peaceful life.

"Same with me and Hermione. We are going to get married and have a child. Whilst sheís pregnant I can sort my job out and everything else. Then I'm getting an income." said Harry happily.

"You don't need an income, you don't have to work at all. Though I understand that you want to achieve as much as possible." said Ron seriously.

"Yeah I want to live up to my ancestor's and other relatives, they are all extremely famous, they have done something that has changed the magical world drastically. Look at Gryffindor, he's a part of Hogwarts, he invented a lot of magic and I'm sure there is a lot more about him. Then there is Merlin, the best wizard to walk the earth. I don't want to be a failure in my blood line. I want to achieve incredible things." explained Harry proudly.

Ron thought for a moment. He was looking at the best wizard he has ever and will ever look at. His best friend, Harry, was already as famous as his ancestorís and relatives, he is the-boy-that-lived, he is the destined person to bring peace to the entire world. Ron was sure that when Harry defeated Voldemort, then he will be more famous than even Merlin, he is already more powerful.

"Harry you are already level with them. Look at all the challenges and defeats you have done. You are the most powerful wizard to ever walk the earth, Merlin was once. You are already as famous as your blood line. Believe me Harry once this war is over, you shall have more fame than anyone put together, you will of achieved more than anyone has ever done, put together." reassured Ron with a smile.

"Thanks Ron. There is only one thing I cannot have, one thing that I desire most of all. That's to have parent's, to have relatives that love me. That time has gone, I can only look forward to starting my own family, which I am really looking forward to. I will make sure my further family will never experience what I have." said Harry seriously.

There chat was stopped by the entire female half of sixth year entered. Harry, Hermione, Ron and Luna were the only one able to access, and the only ones to allow people in. Therefore this meant Hermione had allowed them in.

Soon later Hermione came bounding in and pounced on Harry. She began kissing him deeply.

"So are we going to Hogsmeade to get our clothes and that for the ball, on Saturday?" asked Hermione kissing Harry.

"Why do I have to go with you? I was thinking of going with my date." teased Harry holding a laugh back.

"Harry James Potter, are you saying that you would rather go with someone else than me, Hermione Granger?" teased Hermione putting on a hurt voice.

"Yes actually, I was planning on taking Hermione Jane Granger with me. Is she available to come to Hogsmeade with me?" asked Harry laughing at her friends split shocked expressions.

"Yes she is. All night long." whispered Hermione so that only Harry could hear. She had a seductive sound to her voice.

Harry laughed and allowed her and her friends go to the library, which they suspiciously locked.


On Saturday morning Hermione woke Harry up early.

"Come on sleepy head, get up!" snapped Hermione who received a grunt from Harry.

It took her half and hour to finally get Harry out of bed by threatening to pour freezing water on him. Once Harry and Hermione was ready, they went down to the common room, to meet Ron and Luna.

They greeted, Hermione and Luna linked arms and met Ginny in the Entrance Hall. The three females walked slightly in front of Harry, Ron and Neville. They whispered, giggled and gave flirty looks to their lovers.

When they neared Hogsmeade station, Harry wanted to startle the girls whilst they were talking about them.

"Right we can sneak up behind them and we will slap our girls arses. Don't do it too hard make it something they will be surprised about but laughs all the same." said Harry quietly to his two friends.

They both laughed which caused suspicious looks from their lovers.

Once they were certain that the girls were paying them no attention, they snuck up behind their girlfriends and slapped their backsides.




The boys ran in front laughing their heads of at the reactions of their girls. All the girls were shocked but once they knew who it was, they laughed at it.

Hermione walked up to Harry and pinned him up to a wall. Looking at him hungrily.

"Harry Potter, did you just spank me?" she asked.

"I think I might of. You see you three was being naughty so we had to punish you." replied Harry putting his hands on his girls backside and rubbed her cheek better, with a laugh.

"And just what had we done?" she asked pressing her body up against Harry's.

"I read all of your minds, I knew what you were talking about. Something about how three boys kissed, hugged and handled you three girls." replied Harry holding Hermione close to him.

"You see, us three girls do discuss our feelings and actions towards the ones we love." said Hermione defensively.

"And who would you be fantasizing about?" asked Harry already knowing the answer.

"You." whispered Hermione before placing a hand in Harry's hair and sticking her tongue in his mouth.

Harry laughed and kissed Hermione for a while, until they got interrupted by Professor McGonagall.

"Now, now aren't your twos tongues aching from all the kissing you two do?" asked McGonagall but she was smiling at the scene.

Harry and Hermione laughed and said goodbye to their head of house. Harry and Hermione looked around and noticed that the two other couples had just stopped doing exactly what Harry and Hermione were just doing.

All six of them all went into the nearest robe shop. They looked around for a while and Harry had decided on buying a full formal suit. Ones that people like Dumbledore and the Minister wore. However he was going to get some expensive looking ones.

He looked around and then got fitted in a dark green and black set of robes. It had smart looking black trousers and a black smart looking top. On the top there were silver buttons and was trimmed with the same dark green as the cloak. Harry placed on the cloak which trailed slightly on the floor. He looked at shoes next, he got some black smart shoes, that changed to make the wearer comfortable.

Harry noticed that three silver velvet bags were hanging from their tie-strings, on the inside of the cloak. Harry told Neville and Ron to enter the changing room only. He showed them the set and their mouths dropped open.

"Wow, that looks expensive not to mention it looks like it would make any man look handsome." gasped Neville.

"Yeah well I haven't got any wizards clothing, so I'm going to buy a shit load of robes, cloaks and shoes, everything. I need everything." said Harry seriously.

He called for the shopkeeper who darted to his help.

"I would like this set, and I would also like one of every expensive and decent robes, cloaks, shoes and hats, you have. I would like five pots of your best polish. You can get the money directly from my vault. I would also like to see your best dresses for a ball, to make a girl look even better than she already is, if thatís possible." said Harry happily.

The shopkeeper smiled and obeyed immediately. She returned fives minutes later with three dresses. She showed them to Harry. The first was a baby blue dress with a bit of silver. It looked nice but he wanted something better. Then next was a bit better it was a pink dress with white trimmings. It came with white shoes and a white purse. Harry looked at the next and his mouth dropped. He was looking at a white dress with a few patterns near the bottom. It was trimmed with silver. It trailed past the wearers foot and dragged a bit. It was strapless and was zip up at the back. It came with a white and silver purse and white high heeled shoes.

Harry knew that Hermione would look absolutely stunning in that dress. He bought it and told the shopkeeper the show it Hermione when the boys had left. Then a thought came to Harry.

"Do you have jewellery?" asked Harry hopefully,

"Of course. We have cheap, expensive. Diamond, plain. Anything." replied the shopkeeper happily.

"Can I see your best Diamond necklace please?" requested Harry.

Once again the shopkeeper went and returned this time carrying a metal box, that beamed off magic protection.

"This is our best and most expensive. It has Diamonds in the chain and then at the end it has an Angel Pearl secured by a spiral of silver. This necklace has the power to protect the lover of the giver. When this necklace is worn by your true love, then after wearing it once it will protect her from everything sexual, whether it is worn at the time or not." explained the shopkeeper.

Harry was admiring the chain. It had loads of Diamonds in the chain and at the end there was a spiral of silver holding a white pearl in place. As the pendant.

"I'll take it. However I would like to take this with me. It will be a surprise." said Harry looking at Ron and Neville who gave him the thumbs up.

"Harry, can you help us choose something for ourselves and our girls?" asked Neville hopefully, blushing slightly.

"Yeah get them dresses and then get a dress robe or something." said Harry simply.

"Something in our price range." said Ron going bright red.

Harry looked at Ron and Neville. He knew that they would be buying the dresses for the ones they want to spend their life with. He looked from one to the other.

"I'll buy these for you. I will also buy you a set like mine, but different colours. As long as you buy your girls a nice necklace." said Harry kindly.

The two boys blushed and gave Harry a brotherly hug.

Harry signed a slip allowing the money to exit his vault. For all his own clothes, the three dresses, two sets of clothes for Ron and Neville and the very expensive necklace for Hermione.

He was happy at his purchases. He went out to the main shop and kissed Hermione. Then he decided to wear one of his set of clothes.

He went back to the shopkeeper and told her to bring a set to the changing room.

"Mister Potter, here is a white and grey set. As it's a lovely day I thought it would look better." said the shopkeeper handing Harry a set of clothes.

Harry looked at the entire white robes, with grey trimmings. There was a grey cloak and a pair of white shoes. He liked it and got changed into it.

After getting changed he left the changing room to open mouths. Even the shopkeeper was shocked.

"You look gorgeous!" whispered Hermione seductively.

"Why thank you." said Harry with a smile.

Harry walked over to Ron and Neville behind a screen. They were looking at necklaces.

"Hey Harry what do you think about this? It 's a silver chain with a pink pearled pendant." asked Neville quietly.

Harry nodded at Neville who immediately bought the necklace. He was beaming and he stuffed it in a secure pocket.

"Harry look at these necklaces and choose one that will go well with baby blue." said Ron getting irritated.

Harry looked and pointed at an exact same necklace as Neville's, except it had a baby blue pearled pendant.

Harry told the shopkeeper to send all his clothes to his dormitory. The three boys went into the main part of the shop and kissed their girls. Harry had made one of the shopkeepers make sure the girls were out of the way whilst they bought to stuff.

All three boys made sure that their gifts were safely away, then they left their girls in the shop and got some sweets, jokes and had a laugh.

Most of the girls were looking at Harry with hunger in their eyes. They all thought that Harry looked mind blowing.

Once they had finished shopping they sat on Hogsmeade station with a couple of Butterbeers, chatting whilst waiting for their girls. They had gotten through a full crate by the time they heard their girls giggling.

"Listen those dresses for Luna and Ginny were from you, okay?" said Harry firmly, just before Hermione jumped on him, knocking him to his previous seat.


After he came back to his senses he realised that Ginny and Luna had practically done the same thing to their lovers.

Soon later once again Harry, Ron and Neville walked slowly behind their lovers. Harry stared at the back of each of the girls heads and read their minds. Starting with Ginny.

"How can I thank Neville. The dress is gorgeous. Oh I love him so much, I don't know if he feels the same though. He's my soul mate, hopefully I'm his." thought Ginny.

Then Harry went on to Luna.

"I love Ron so much. Wait till we are alone at the Ball, I am going to give him the time for his life. He is my soul mate, I hope I'm his. " thought Luna dreamily.

Then Harry focused on Hermione.

"Oh I cant believe this. Oh I love him so much, I would die for him. He would do the same for me. I love him more than anything, I just hope I'm his soul mate, because he is mine. I need to repay him. I'll think what to do, I know what I'd like to." thought Hermione seriously.

Harry looked at Ron and Neville.

"Ron would you say Luna was your soul mate?" asked Harry seriously.

"Oh yeah. When we are a bit older I hope she feels the same." replied Ron looking up at his girlfriend.

"She does Ron. She is hoping you think that she is your soul mate. I read all three of their minds. They all think of us as their soul mates. They just need reassurance that we feel the same. Ron expect something on the night of the Ball." said Harry with a grin.

As the six teenagers got to the entrance of the Great Hall. Harry caught up with Hermione. He bent over and whispered to her.

"Don't worry baby. Your my soul mate as well." whispered Harry seductively, then slapping her backside making her look stunned.

"I'm his soul mate. That's great. Oh I love him and I love it when he touches me with his hands or any part of him. I know he must of read my mind. In a way I'm glad." thought Hermione happily.

Another Chapter. I hope that in the next few chapters some danger and action scenes shall occur. Anyway please read on and enjoy. Thanks.

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