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Love before Death. by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 8 : News and New Friends.
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After the carriages came to a halt, the three couples broke apart from their kissing and got of the carriages. They all headed up to the castle slowly. They were happy they were back. They admired the many towers and even the Whomping Willow.

As they entered the Entrance Hall and headed towards the Great Hall, they heard a stern voice call over the crowd.

"Mister Potter and Miss Granger come with me." said McGonagall sternly.

Harry and Hermione hadn't a clue what they could of done. They slowly followed Professor McGonagall. They followed slowly behind, all the way up to her office.

She indicated for them to be seated and then she placed herself behind her desk.

"Well I am honoured to say that you two are the brightest pupils of Hogwarts. Well Harry is because of his special abilities but you two are the cleverest pupils. I have three pieces of very good news to tell you." said McGonagall with a rare smile.

Harry and Hermione smiled at each other and then waited for McGonagall to continue.

"Firstly Harry you will receive an award which will be placed in our trophy room and you will receive a copy for yourself. This is for your phenomenal score in Defence Against the Dark Arts."

"Secondly as you both are the cleverest students in the school, you will both become head-boy and head-girl of Hogwarts, next year. This isn't normally decided so soon, however we feel you deserve it."

Harry and Hermione's jaws dropped and McGonagall continued.

"Thirdly you both have been offered to become an apprentice of different careers. Harry has been offered to join the national Duelling competition and Hermione, you have been offered a place to learn the more advanced areas of Healing, at St Mungo's. If you choose to accept then I will write to them and notify them. You will begin on the next summer holidays." explained McGonagall proudly.

It took a long time for both the sixth years to recover from their shock. When they did Harry spoke.

"Professor I want to ask you something about careers." said Harry hopefully.

"Go ahead." said McGonagall happily.

"Well when I was looking at the different jobs, there were two I took a fancy to. An Auror obviously and becoming an Unspeakable. Can you tell me which is better?" asked Harry politely.

"Well an Auror is more into the open, people will know what you are doing. It is a very good career. I have already explained about becoming an Auror in our careers advice. Though becoming an Unspeakable is very difficult. You have to be very clever and have a lot of knowledge about different spells. You will have to study a lot. Unspeakable tend to hunt dark wizards as well as Aurors, but when they hunt they hunt to kill. No one will ever know of any missions you would take and then of course you will have to work on objects in the Department of Mysteries." explained McGonagall seriously.

"Professor? Is it possible to have two careers?" asked Harry calmly.

"You can only have two serious careers as these, if you are allowed by the Wizengomet and have a very extent knowledge and have done all necessary training." replied McGonagall honestly.

"Is it possible to be head of two departments?" asked Harry.

"Harry I am honestly telling you that you should do Auror training and when completed, ask the Wizengomet for the position of Head of Auror department. Then you can train as an Unspeakable and go through the same process. It will be extremely difficult. To make it easy you could get awards such as Order of Merlin and such. If you was to be voted to become a member of the Wizengomet, you could stand a better chance." replied McGonagall seriously.

Harry sat silently and he was wondering whether he would have a chance of becoming head of the most dangerous and high ranked areas of the Ministry.

"If you are planning on becoming head of two departments, I must say that you should learn as many abilities as possible and go through what ever training necessary. I think you can do it, as of who you are. I am all for you going for it. However no one has done it for over a hundred years." said McGonagall seriously.

Harry thought about it for a moment and decided to go along with becoming an Auror and go from there.

"That is all. We have missed the sorting and we need to eat." said McGonagall firmly.

They all got up and left the office. They quickly got to the Great hall and silently took their seats at the Gryffindor table, just as Dumbledore stood up to speak.

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts. I welcome the newcomers and I welcome back the returning students. I have a few points to stress before I can let you eat our lovely feast. Firstly the Forbidden Forest is as it's named, Forbidden to all pupils. Secondly Mister Filch has reminded me to tell you all to pay a special notice to the banned objects, which can be found on your common room notice boards. That is all, tuck in." explained Dumbledore softly.

Everyone immediately piled all the different foods onto their plates. They had just piled plates high, when all the ghosts entered the Hall.

"So what did McGonagall want?" asked Ron curiously.

Harry and Hermione filled Ron in on everything that was discussed in McGonagall's office.

"Bloody hell Harry, you can compete in the duelling championships. We have already got tickets. There not very good, so can you get us better ones?" asked Ron hopefully.

Harry nodded. The sixth years from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff came and sat with the sixth year Gryffindor's. The talk went onto what people will be doing when the summer comes.

Most of the sixth years were moving out from their parents homes and were moving into their own house or apartment.

"Yeah me mam and dad have agreed and have bought me an apartment in Hogsmeade." said Seamus happily.

"I'll be moving out as well. I got a mansion in Hogsmeade. It's in the countryside part of it." said Harry proudly.

After people discussed their new homes, the conversation led onto jobs. They began to talk about what they are studying for.

"Well I am hopefully going to become Herbology teacher of Hogwarts, with Professor Sprout." said Neville happily.

"I want to work as an Obliviator, at the ministry." said Dean.

Everyone then stopped at the sound of Hermione giggling. Harry was whispering seductive words to Hermione, biting her ear gently and kissing her neck.

When Harry and Hermione noticed they giggled loudly.

"What do you two want to be?" asked Neville curiously.

"I want to be a healer." replied Hermione proudly.

"I want to be Head of Auror or Unspeakable Department, or both." said Harry kissing Hermione's neck once again.

She began to giggle. People were shocked at what Harry was aiming for. They all knew he was a very powerful wizard and they all knew he would probably do it. Though they also knew that it was almost impossible.

"Harry, what did you get on your O.W.L.'s?" asked Seamus calmly.

"I passed them all." replied Harry now biting Hermione's ear again. She started giggling.

"How many A's, how many E's, how many O's and how many O+'s, if you got any? asked Hannah Abbott curiously.

"Two A's, one E, four O's and one O+." said Harry simply.

People were slightly shocked and then Dean realised that one was missing. Harry was expecting this.

"Hey what about the last one?" asked Dean curiously.

"I got an I+." replied Harry quietly.

People gawked at him. There eyes were wide with shock. They all thought that Harry has a better chance to get the job as head of two top departments, of the ministry.

"Does that mean that you are as powerful as Dumbledore?" asked Susan Bones. "He only just got an I."

Harry nodded and was thankfully spared of any explanation by Snape tapping him on the shoulder.

"Can I have a word?" he asked calmly.

Harry nodded and lifted Hermione out his lap. He followed Snape into a side chamber of the Hall.

"Harry, I have asked you to come here because I have some explaining and some things to say to you." explained Snape.

Harry was shocked to hear Snape use his first name in a calm tone.

"Firstly I want to apologize for my arrogance. I wasn't fair on you because I had a childhood grudge with your father. I am sorry for taking it out on you and I hope you will accept. I cannot redo the past but I can make the future better. I believe you will have Advanced Potions, you only?" said Snape looking at Harry with care in his eyes.

Harry never thought he would see that emotion in one of his enemies eyes. Harry nodded at Snape suspiciously.

"I am proud of you. I didn't even get an O+ in my exam. I will teach you to the best of my knowledge. I also have another proposition for you, if you would accept. I will teach you to be the best at Occlumency and I will make you the best at Legilimency. I will make it so you can access anyoneís mind and that no one will be able to enter yours." said Snape happily. Giving a smile.

This was too much for Harry, Snape was smiling at him. First the Dursley's now Snape.

"You won't be as hard on me as last time, will you?" asked Harry slowly.

"No, No I will help you and go easy on you. I was just trying to punish you and I apologize." said Snape and bowing his head.

Harry smiled. He even held his hand out to Snape who happily accepted.

"Thank you Harry. I will teach you as much as I can. Now lets get back to the feast. Well I suppose it's kissing for you." joked Snape.

Harry laughed. He couldn't believe it, one of his enemies had joked with him and now became a friend.

Harry and Snape left laughing with each other. Most people looked shocked. When he got back to his seat and placed Hermione back on his lap, everyone looked at him quizzically.

"We have become friends now. He is going to teach me the best he can. He is sorry for how he treated me, because of my father." said Harry simply.

This time was becoming one of his best times. He was being accepted by people he least expected, he had a gorgeous girl all over him and he was the most powerful wizard in the magical world.

When the final pieces of desert had disappeared, Dumbledore stood up.

"Even though dark times are here and waiting, I feel that this year shall be a very exciting year. There are many new security measures that will be placed with a powerful source, making Hogwarts impossible to be entered without me allowing it." said Dumbledore proudly. He briefly glanced at Harry and his eyes twinkled.

"Now off to bed. Lessons tomorrow." said Dumbledore cheerfully.

Everyone headed out of the Great Hall. When he got outside, Draco Malfoy was standing there.

"Potter can I have a word?" he asked nervously.

Harry nodded suspiciously. Hermione waited on the marble staircase whilst Harry went into a broom cupboard to speak with Draco.

"I want to say how sorry I am for me being a prick. I want to repay you but don't know how. I have come to you today for help and acceptance. My mother was killed by a gang of Death-Eaters, including my ... father." choked Draco turning away to wipe away a tear.

Harry was shocked at hearing this. He looked at Draco, he hated him but felt sorry for him.

"He helped kill my mother, his wife. He even laughed. I don't want to be like him. I want a normal happy life. I want to settle down with a family. I can't do that without knowing I have people to turn to. All I want is for you to forgive me and accept me. I will study my hardest and I will not ever insult you or your friends again. I have asked Dumbledore to move me to a different house. He said I'll be placed in Hufflepuff. I'm not bothered. I want to be away from evil. I'm not as strong as you, I cant take as much as you. I know that and all I want is to be away from them people who killed my mother." said Draco openly crying in front of Harry.

Harry felt sorry for him now. Harry didn't know how he knew but he knew that Draco was not lying. Harry could sense that there is a soft and caring person under all of the evil, his father as placed.

"Draco, don't worry. All you need to do is stick with people who are wanting the same as you. Don't judge people for how much money they have or their blood line. Just be friendly with people, enjoy life and take everything thatís coming, on the chin. You must keep away from people who say they can give you instant pleasure by evil. Fight and earn for you pleasure, do something worthwhile and then be proud of the end result." explained Harry.

Draco burst into tears again. He thanked Harry and then gave him a friendly hug. He shook his hand and then smiled.

"Thank you. I won't go like my father. I know this because I'm not going for revenge, I know that will change me." said Draco pleasantly.

Harry smiled and said goodnight. He left the broom cupboard and joined Hermione. He filled her in on everything that happened and she nearly fainted.

They both stood outside the common room kissing and nibbling for ages. Then the Fat Lady huffed loudly and then they realised it was late.

They entered the common room to find everyone in bed. Harry and Hermione spent five minutes saying goodnight before actually heading to bed.

That night was a very pleasant one, as Harry had no nightmare but fell to sleep with a smile.

Hope this is all right. I hope my story is all right as well, as no one reviews. Thanks for reading. I got a review about spelling and grammer problems. I ask the readers to tell me if I am mis-spelling things, or if I have bad grammer. I didn't think it was bad at all, but your the readers. I understand that you all may think it's a bit weird about how the Dursley's, Malfoy and Snape are friendly, there will be more on this in my second story. So please don't think I haven't thought it through.

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