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Love before Death. by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 7 : Harry's Helping Hand.
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The day before their travel to Hogwarts, everyone sat in the living room having a meeting. There was most of the Order, the Weasley's, Hermione and Harry, all sat chatting about the summer and the upcoming school year.

"Albus, who is our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher?" asked Harry curiously.

Dumbledore looking from Harry to Tonks and smiled happily.

"Professor Tonks here has accepted the position. I dare say that you shall enjoy this year, in Defence Against the Dark Arts." replied Dumbledore with a smile.

Everyone congratulated Tonks on her new job and they all began to talk about what they will be learning, when Professor McGonagall walked in the house.

"Sorry to interrupt but I haven't got Mister Weasley, Miss Granger and Mister Potter's lesson choices. I cannot make a timetable for them without them." said McGonagall seriously.

Harry, Ron and Hermione looked at each other. Neither of them had took any notice to their lessons. Mainly because they couldn't stop mourning Sirius's last words.

"We will choose them now." said Hermione instantly getting up and fetching the forms.

Everyone waited for Hermione to return with the forms, when she did Harry looked down at his own list. He read:

Please tick three of the following boxes, with your wand. Your school shall choose your lessons, from your O.W.L. results. These three are extra lessons which are advanced and for further education. Please choose wisely as they will not be changeable. The following lessons are of your choice:

Magical Transportation - Learn how to use all magical transportation. Including; Apparition, Port key and Many More.
Master Charms - Learn how to do advanced charm work. Including; Moving buildings, Building Things With Magic and Enchanting objects.
Wand-less Magic - Learn how to do spells without the use of a wand. People should know that many people will not be able to complete this course. Only certain people can use Wand-less Magic.
Healing - Learn how to brew medicines and treat wounds of all sizes. Including; Medicine, Minor Injuries and Serious Injuries. People shall be warned that this topic will have a lot of site of blood.
Master Transfiguration - Learn how to transfigure more difficult objects. Including; Animagi, Temporary Person Transformation and Advanced Transformation On Common Objects.
Auror Training - Learn the basics of being an Auror. Including; Stealth, Advanced Spells, Potion Making and Protection Objects.
Advanced Flying and Techniques - Learn how to do amazing stunts in the air. Including; Dives, Blocks, Rolls and Many More.

Harry looked at them, though before he ticked the wanted lessons Dumbledore spoke.

"Remember Harry that a few of the lessons shall be covered in our own private lessons. If I was you I would choose something you will enjoy." said Dumbledore kindly.

Harry looked down and decided on three that he probably wouldn't learn with Dumbledore. Master Charms, Advanced Flying and Techniques and Auror Training, were the ones he chose. He handed the form to Professor McGonagall who looking and smiled.

"Well chose. I believe that you will learn everything else, except Healing, with the Headmaster." said Professor McGonagall proudly.

After ten minutes, Hermione and Ron handed their forms over to Professor McGonagall.

"I chose Healing, Magical Transportation and Advanced Runes. What about you two?" asked Hermione looking at Harry and Ron.

"I chose Advanced Flying and Techniques, Master Charms and Auror Training. What about you Ron?" said Harry happily.

Ron was silent for a while and then he slowly spoke.

"Advanced Flying and Techniques, Advanced Care of Magical Creatures and Advanced Transfiguration. I looked at the jobs and I would like to get into a career with large animals. Like Dragons and other creatures." replied Ron quietly.

"Ron I like that idea. I think you would be really good with animals. Maybe you could get a job with Charlie." said Harry happily.

Ron looked up at the thought and smiled. He looked happy at the idea of working with Dragon's and his brother.

"Yeah Ron, I'm sure I can get you a job as my assistant. I'm doing some very serious and important work at the moment. What I'm working on could make a new breed of Dragon and could earn me a bomb. If I pull it off without dying or killing my project, I will be famous." said Charlie excitedly.

Everyone looked at Charlie confused. All except Dumbledore who just smiled.

"Charlie was given an extremely rare Dragon's egg from ... Sirius. This species was said to of gone extinct. I will be helping Charlie with the project as I know a lot about Dragon's myself." explained Dumbledore happily.

"The Hargle Cosed Dragon is the most powerful and magical Dragon to be of knowledge. For someone to own one, is impossible. I will hatch the egg and bring the Dragon up to know good. Then I will breed and bring a new kind of Dragon to the world." explained Charlie excitedly.

Everyone was shocked at how rare an egg can be. Then Harry couldn't help but think back to the hearing of Sirius's will. He remembered that Remus had been given a thin book, which was supposed to change his life.

"Remus what was the book about, that Sirius left?" asked Harry curiously.

Dumbledore and Remus exchanged excited looks but slightly disappointed. Then Dumbledore rose and gained silence.

"Well Harry, we didn't expect anyone to ruin the surprise. Though we have two pieces of delightful news that should be told." said Dumbledore happily.

Everyone waited and Dumbledore kept everyone’s stare for a moment.

"First is that Remus is getting married to Tonks." said Dumbledore with a twinkle.

Everyone cheered and got out of their seats to congratulate them. Remus was bright red and so was Tonks, though they still gave each other a kiss.

"The next piece of news is even better. It involves the book that Sirius left. The book contained directions of potions and spells, which have ... made Remus ... human and not a werewolf." said Dumbledore silently.

Everyones mouth dropped. No one thought it possible to make a werewolf human. Everyone just looked at Dumbledore or Remus with utter shock. Then Harry jumped up.

"THATS WONDERFUL. I BET YOUR LOVING IT." screamed Harry happily. He jumped across the room and gave his Godfather a hug.

Everyone had been knocked out of their trance and now began to celebrate. Whilst everyone was partying about the new news, Dumbledore pulled Harry to one side.

"Harry you will meet me in my office, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. After supper. This will be the permanent dates for our private lessons. I shall allow you to choose what I teach you." said Dumbledore happily.

Everyone stopped partying at midnight, when Mrs Weasley insisted that everyone go to bed as they have to wake up early for the journey to Hogwarts.


The next morning was a bad morning. Mrs Weasley shouted everyone down at eight o'clock. The only people who got up straight away was the females.

Hermione got out of bed and got dressed. She didn't know that Harry was watching her. He looked at her perfect figure and when he got stared for a few minutes, Hermione turned around and caught him.

She laughed and then placed her hands on her hips, pretending to be angry.

"Mister Harry James Potter, did I just catch you looking at me as I changed?" asked Hermione with a fake angry voice.

Harry didn't answer and just pretended to be asleep. Hermione crept on the bed and climbed on top of Harry. Harry opened his eyes and grabbed her waists.

He rolled her over and lay on top of her. He slowly began to kiss her passionately. They didn't stop for five minutes, when Mrs Weasley shouted angrily for them to get downstairs.

Hermione pulled back and then giggled. She bit her lip whilst looking directly into Harry's eyes.

"I love you." said Hermione quietly looking at Harry.

Harry was shocked he froze and just stared back at Hermione.

"I love you too." said Harry quietly.

Hermione looked delighted. She placed a soft kiss on Harry's lips and then climbed out from underneath him.

One and a half hours later, everyone had pushed their luggage out of the door and stood on the main road. Remus stuck his wand arm out and immediately a loud 'BANG' sounded.

Instantly a purple triple Decker bus appeared out of thin air. Ron groaned loudly. The Knight bus wasn't his favourite way to travel.

They all took places on the bus, which was full of witches and wizards. Harry took a seat and then looked around, he found Hermione stuck in between two elder witches who began to bore Hermione about a new dress.

Harry laughed and signalled for her to come and sit on his knee. She accepted and sat on Harry's knee. They kissed all the way to King's Cross station. They got pulled apart from a grinning Tonks and then they all piled off of the Knight bus.

Moody gathered a few trolleys and placed the trunks on them. They all hurried to get to the platform on time. They were all shocked at how long it had taken for them to get to the platform.

They all went in three's onto platform nine and three quarters. It was almost eleven o'clock and everyone was rushing to get on the train.

When they had lugged all their luggage into an empty compartment they all said their goodbyes to all the people. Harry quietly said goodbye to the invisible guard.

Once they all got onto the train, it began to slowly move out of the platform. They all headed to the compartment. Neville and Luna came in when Hermione and Ron went to the prefect's compartment.

"So how was your summer, Luna, Neville?" asked Harry happily.

"Mine has been quite good actually, my Gran has accepted me as an average wizard, because of the ministry." replied Neville cheerfully.

Everything went silent as Harry immediately stared out of the window. Then Luna looked up from her copy of the 'Quibbler'

"My summer was okay. I went to search for some Crumple Horned Snorkhack's, with my dad." said Luna proudly.

"And did you find any?" asked Ginny interestingly..

"No but we found a bone that needs to be examined." replied Luna looking back at her magazine.

It went half an hour before Hermione came back. It was a shock because she normally came back a lot later.

"Hi babe, where's Ron?" asked Harry allowing Hermione to sit on his knee.

"Oh he is still in the compartment. I have come to get you. Your Quiddich ban has been lifted and you have been made Quiddich captain. You have all the privileges of prefect's." replied Hermione kissing Harry deeply.

Harry and Hermione kissed and cuddled for five minutes before Ginny interrupted.

"Aren't you both meant to be in the prefect's compartment?" she said with an evil grin.

Harry and Hermione both jumped up like they had been stung and they ran down to the prefect's compartment. They kissed once more before entering.

Harry looked around and greeted everyone except the Slytherins. Harry looked at Draco Malfoy who looked different. He didn't give his usual glare or say his insults, he just looked at Harry with a hopeful expression.

Harry was confused but had been knocked out of his senses by the head boy and head girl speaking.

"Well it is good that our late comers have arrived. The new Quiddich captain's should arrange their own tryouts and should arrange practices. This year the captain's have the right to give out detentions, so they are equal to prefect's." said the head boy.

The head girl was no other than Cho Chang, Harry's ex-girlfriend. She kept giving Harry a flirting look. Hermione noticed and purposefully kissed Harry deeply. Cho looked hurt.

After they had gone through certain routines and rules, the prefects and captain's were allowed to go. When Harry got outside a girls voice called after him.

"Hey Harry, can I have a quick word please?" asked Cho.

Harry nodded and told Ron and Hermione to wait where they are. Hermione looked slightly angry but Harry went and kissed her, to calm her.

Harry and Cho entered the now empty prefect's compartment. Cho looked up at Harry and bit her lip.

"Harry I know I was a bitch to you. But I want a second chance. I still have strong feelings for you and I have to admit that I got jealous when you went to meet Hermione." said Cho admiring Harry.

"Well you blew it with us. Are you blind? Me and Hermione are together now!" said Harry firmly.

"I see. Does that mean we have no chance of being together again?" asked Cho quietly looking at her shoes.

"Yes it does. Me and Hermione love each other. We don't intend to leave each other. I'm sorry but you had your chance." said Harry softly.

"You know Harry, I respect that you are in a serious relationship. I am happy for you, but disappointed it couldn't of been me. Can we be friends still?" she asked hopefully.

Harry nodded and smiled broadly.

"You know, every girl in the school wants you. They all think your good-looking and everything. You should see some of the girls reactions. A seventh year nearly fainted when she saw you. You are the most wanted boy in Hogwarts. The most wanted bachelor is taken. I had some real problems with some people because I had messed things up between us." said Cho with a smile.

Harry laughed at the situation and when he exited the compartment, he could see many female heads pointing in his direction.

Harry joined Hermione and Ron shortly after.

"What did she want?" asked Hermione seriously. Holding Harry's hand.

"She wanted to know if we had a chance to be together again. She said I am the most wanted male in school. That people are almost fainting when they see me." replied Harry amazed.

Hermione giggled and then whispered into Harry's ear.

"And I got him. All the girls will be jealous of me. Your all mine." said Hermione flirtatiously. She kissed Harry and smiled.

They were almost at their compartment when Ron pulled Harry back. Hermione took the hint and went into the compartment.

"Harry I need your help. I NEED a girl!" said Ron seriously.

"Who do you have in mind?" asked Harry.

Ron stayed silent for a moment whilst he blushed.

"Lavender Brown or Luna Lovegood." he said quietly.

"Luna would be better for you. Lavender is a gossiper and I could see her being a backstabber. Luna will be faithful and will be like Hermione is with me. Hermione would die for me and I would for her. If you and Luna get together, I'm sure you will become the same." said Harry happily.

Ron smiled broadly and gave Harry a brotherly hug. Then he blushed again.

"Can you see if she feels the same for me?" he mumbled.

"Sure send her out." said Harry seriously.

Ron walked nervously into the compartment and moments later Luna walked out to meet Harry.

"What is it Harry?" asked Luna curiously.

"Well I don't know how to ask you this. Though I don't want you to hold any grudges with any one after I say this." said Harry firmly.

Luna nodded and then waited for him to continue.

"Ron really likes you. He likes you in more of a friend way. I was just wondering how you feel for him." explained Harry.

Harry watched as Luna's face glowed up. She looked happier than ever.

"R-Ron likes ... m-me?" she stuttered blushing furiously.

Harry nodded and he knew that she liked Ron the same as well. Harry smiled.

"Let Ron take the first move. He will be happy to know you like him as well." said Harry.

Harry and Luna walked into the compartment together. Ron looked up at Harry and received a thumbs up from Harry. Ron's face glowed.

Harry sat by the window and let Hermione rest her head on Harry's lap.

Everyone had a good laugh on the journey to Hogwarts. Harry and Ron noticed something between Neville and Ginny. They both stared into each others eyes for minutes at a time. To Harry's shock Ron wasn't bothered. Ron seemed to think Neville was a suitable person for his little sister.

After they had eaten a load of sweets and placed on their school robes, the train announced they were slowly arriving into Hogsmeade station.

Ron and Luna had been flirting all the journey and when everyone got into a carriage, Ron and Luna were a long time.

When they finally got there, Ron was flushed and Luna's hair was slightly messed up. Everyone laughed but at the sight of Ron and Luna all flushed from kissing, Harry and Hermione immediately began kissing.

No one objected as there were now three couples in the carriage. Harry and Hermione, Ron and Luna, and Neville and Ginny. When Neville and Ginny began kissing, Harry was surprised to see Ron smile.

Seriously, I am BEGGING you to review my story. I want to know where I can improve. PLEASE!

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