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Harry Potter and the Meaning Of Love by darthvengeful
Chapter 9 : The Mauraders
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A/N Sorry for the slight delay in updating I had a major rewrite on this chapter. Thank you to all the great reviewers out there you really to keep me going. Anyway here is Chapter 9 so read and review.

Chapter 9: The Marauders

It was a lovely and warm summer’s morning in Godric’s Hollow. The sun was shining, the clouds had disappeared and there wasn’t a breath of wind in the air. The birds were singling in happy tones as they flew free and the world felt at peace.

For Harry Potter who was laying comfortably in his bed with a wonderful, beautiful and smart witch beside him he also felt at peace, so much so that he felt like singing to the world at the top of his lungs. He felt so much love, not just from the half awake and smiling young lady next to him but also from the rest of the house.

For as Harry remembered yesterday all his dreams, well almost all his dreams had finally come true. He was at home in his childhood home, with the woman he loved, with his parents down the hall and he had his friends. Despite this he still had a great deal of anger, hurt and thoughts of revenge deep inside him as he thought of those that were missing.

His beloved godfather Sirius Black, who had fallen through the veil in the department of mysteries at the end of his fifth year after Voldemort had tricked him with a false vision no doubt with the help of his occlumency teacher Snape. Snape was also the man responsible for two other missing members. His headmaster took the killing curse from the person he trusted just three months ago as Harry watched on.

Then as he felt his tears start to fall he thought about the latest victim of this god forsaken war. Despite all the other deaths that Harry had suffered he felt worst about this one. Ron had died because he wasn’t there. He died because I wasn’t there. His anger was getting the better of him now as he jumped up and started prowling around the room.

But the thing that got Harry was that for once an almost clarity came about him. He knew he was not responsible for this. He knew this as he was doing something far more important at that very time. No I will not blame myself anymore. This is all down to Voldemort and his filthy rotten barstards that follow him. I will not stand this anymore.

I swear Ron, Sirius, Dumbledore and everyone else who have suffered that I will make them pay. And with that thought Harry finally let go his emotions and cried his eyes out over his best friend. He was comforted by Ginny who just held him giving him silent encouragement to let it all go.

After letting go all of his emotions Harry had a quick shower and got dressed and felt a whole lot better than before. He felt free of all the weights that he had placed upon himself. He had finally allowed his grief to come to the fore and he felt good.

He walked to his parent’s room and knocked on the door before entering. James and Lily were sitting on the bed as Harry entered messing about like a pair of love sick teenagers. Harry compressed an urge to giggle and with a near straight face with a serious tone to his voice said.
“Well what do we have here? And I thought I was meant to be the teenager”
“Oh Harry sod off and give us some peace” replied James laughing.
“Now don’t you take that tone of voice with me mister. I will not have you behave like that in my house” as Harry said that his father had got up and grabbed him and rolled him onto the large bed. Harry tried to struggle but his dad was just too strong for him and gave up. Suddenly his mum joined in and started to tickle the living daylights out of him. Harry laughed screamed everything but they wouldn’t stop. He felt so much joy as did James and lily.

Neither of the three noticed their door open and saw that their guests were all watching the three of them wrestle with one another, laughing as if there was no tomorrow. Remus in particular was most pleased as he watched two of his best friends fool around with their son. It was an amazing sight one which should have been a common event to his eyes. After watching for about ten minutes Remus decided that enough was enough.
“Now you three do realise that it is rude to keep your guests waiting for their breakfast”
“Oh hi Moony how long have you been waiting and watching?” Lily asked as she disentangled herself from her two boys.
“Oh not long just thought we would come and see what the racket was” Moony replied as Lily got up.
“Right I am on it Moony sorry for making you wait. Now would you all follow me as I think our friend Remus would like a word with James and Harry” Lily instructed as she led Ginny, Tonks, Hermione, Luna and Neville downstairs to start the breakfast.

“So moony you wanted to say something” inquired Prongs.
“Yes Prongs I did. Firstly can I say how happy I was to walk in on what you guys were doing, it almost bought a tear to my eye. But mainly I kinda need your advice on something and well it is kinda awkward”
“Well out with it old man” Harry laughed.
“Hey his younger than me” James retorted.
“Well it is about Tonks. I need your advice and help about how to ask her erm to marry me”.
“Well about time Remus”
“Yeah I agree with my son although he did wait to long for Ginny so he can’t talk”
“Well at least Ginny liked me during that time. From my sources I have been told that mum basically hated you.”
“Good point Harry” Remus spoke as he laughed at his only living friend from school.
“Well my advice is simple and I know Harry will agree with it”
“I will”
“Yes you will. For Remus all you need to do is too be yourself and just be honest I know you’ve got rings so just get on with it. She won’t say no.”
“I don’t believe it. I do actually agree with him.”
“Ok thanks for that it does help I think I’ll take her out tonight and get it over with.”
“Good on you take her to you know where she will love it I promise.”

With that the three men headed downstairs to join the others for breakfast. Hermione was deep in conversation with Ginny and Tonks, Neville and Luna were flirting outrageously with one another while Lily was just standing by the Kitchen watching and listening intently when James and Harry walked in with Remus.
“Something smells good honey” stated James as he walked in and gave her a little peck on the lips.
“Yeah smells good but if have to see that again I will walk out” laughed Harry which got everyone’s attention.
“Funny Harry but the day we stop is the day you will regret son”
“I was just kidding dad know need to say things like that” Harry responded a bit taken aback.
“I know son but we have been gone 16 years and if I want to show your mum some affection I will and besides I didn’t complain when I caught you and Ginny last night”
“DAD no not again” Harry screamed as he and Ginny both turned a very distinct shade of red.
“Just joking” James finished as everyone then burst into laughter at Harry who was just standing there shocked and bemused at how his dad had pranked him again. They all sat down around the expanded table as started to chat away when suddenly Neville asked the question which the Potters did not want to answer.
“Err Harry, Mr and Mrs Potter, erm you said something last night about how you return has changed the prophecy. I was wondering what you meant?” he asked nervously.

“Well Neville that is a great question I’m impressed from what Harry told me Hermione would have asked that first. Anyway please call us Lily and James it makes me feel old when called that. Right to your question you don’t have to worry too much it still pertains to Harry and not you. Basically the prophecy stated before that Harry was the one who would have to face Voldemort alone. That has changed he can no longer achieve this on his own”

“What my mum is saying is that I will still either kill or be killed by Voldemort but I will need three other people to stand alongside me and fight” he looked around and saw faces of determination and a desire to be one of the three on all the faces. “However as much I would love to have volunteers it has to be three certain people, my mum, dad and Ginny. The reason is these are the people who I love and who love me unconditionally and that is my power which Voldemort does not”

“Now I know you lot are disappointed but we still need you. We want us to be a team and you are chosen for specific reasons. The nine of us will form a strike team that will confront Voldemort and his inner circle. This means that you five will confront, Bellatrix, Wormtail, Percy, Snape, Malfoy snr and Malfoy jnr. I can see from your faces you are happy with this and so we begin” James told the five who wore shocked expressions but with a grim determination and a great deal of desire to fight.

Harry had picked well, Neville was itching to get at Lestrange and Snape, Hermione wanted nothing more to kill the Weasley traitor, Remus and himself were going to have fun with Wormtail, whilst Tonks and Luna would love to get their hands on the Malfoy’s . Tonks wanted to finally rid the world of the man that had destroyed her family and Luna dreamt of the day she could finally pay back Draco for all his bullying and sneers at Hogwarts.

As Harry watched the reactions as to what was happening he felt an almost unstoppable wave of pride at his friends for the sheer loyalty and bravery. Yes they all had crosses to bear against the ones they were up against but Harry could see in their eyes that they would stand out fight whatever.

“Well I think that should answer all your questions except for how, when and where we will confront them. This we don’t know at the moment but we will be formulating plans and practising. We will sort of be an advanced DA but not the DA. We will be known as the…………I don’t have a name actually” Harry finished.

“How about just going by the Marauders?” James suggested.
“Yeah good one Prongs all of these are certainly good enough to be” agreed Remus.

“The Marauders it is then” Harry said. And at that they all got up and headed to the living room where they had a nice care free conversation about life the future and anything else that came to mind. They were a team and it showed.

In a large and very shabby old living room stood a massive chair, which was more akin to a throne. Lord Voldemort sat contemplating the future and his plans.

Below him stood his loyal death eaters or those that remained, for he was still very short on numbers after his attack on Diagon Alley earlier. Yes it was relatively successful with the death of one of the blood traitors and one of Potters closest friends but the loss of 22 of his servants was too high a price to pay.

It was a great setback to his plan and one which severely dented his preparations for his final push. He looked down at his servants and counted only 27 remained. Yes they were by far his strongest and were pleased especially with his newly formed inner circle.

“Your Reports now” he spat as his informants pushed their way to the front all bowing low.
“My Lord…our recruitment is going well. We have now got 14 others who have passed the initial stages and we but require your final say in order to complete the process” stated the death eater known as Jared Unman.

“Good…..Very Good I will have them bought before me tonight. Understood?”
“Yes my lord”
“My lord I have some news which I fear is not good” stammered Nott.
“Fear not my servant tell me”
“It appears that Longbottom, Lovegood, the mudblood, the werewolf and Auror have all joined up with potter wherever he is my lord”
“Yes it was to be expected not to worry it does not affect what we are doing as yet. We will have to be a little more careful with our battles I think”

“Crabbe and Goyle what have you found?”
“My lord we have found out that the prophecy was definitely destroyed and that only Dumbledork knew of it. We are still unsure whether he passed it on to Potter or not. My guess would be yes though my lord”

“I think you would be correct in that assumption” of course Dumbledore knew and now Potter knows as well. This could be dangerous. “You two will continue with your search it is imperative that I know that prophecy”
“Yes My Lord”
“Bellatrix, Lucius, Draco and Percy I want you to go with Unman and start training the new recruits as soon as I have marked them. Train them well because I will not tolerate failure, especially from you Lucius. Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes my lord”
“Good now go. Snape stay”
“My Lord” Snape asked bowing so low his forehead was almost touching the floor.
“Rise my spy. Now tell me how goes everything?”
“My lord all goes well. I have created a number of new potions which will help our cause no end. With permission I would like to raid some muggle towns to get some testers my lord”
“I have also found many things out from Hogwarts. There are currently no more wards protecting it and I would like to suggest sending a message to Potter by destroying the school”
“Excellent idea yes do it immediately.”
“Thank you my lord. I also have some news regarding Potter”
“And what is it”
“Well it isn’t good my lord. He has managed to destroy Ravenclaw’s necklace”
“I see Dumbledore must have told him no worries two will remain untouchable”
“My lord?”
“You see I had seven Horcruxes. One was my diary which Malfoy foolishly allowed to get destroyed. Two was the locket that the traitor destroyed as he died. Three was the necklace. Four was the ring which Dumbledore destroyed but thankfully weakened him enough.

Five, Six and Seven remain, although the fifth one, Hufflepuff’s cup will be found and destroyed again by Potter, although I assure you that I and Nagini will be perfectly safe from him.”

“Why are you telling me this and who was this traitor?”
“I tell you this because I trust you Serverus and as for the traitor well we no longer have to worry about Regulus Albuson Black now do we?”
“Black managed to destroy the horcrux but he was as thick as two planks.”
“I know but what can I say one of my many mistakes I made about 16 years ago. Although charming them to kill the destroyer was great.”
“But how is Potter able to do it then?”
“Well I can only guess that it has something to do with this damn prophecy. I don’t know. I don’t mind though I want to kill him with my own wand just like I did his parents” Voldemort laughed before turning to Snape again.

“Breathe a word of this and you will die NOW GO” he screamed as Snape bowed and scurried out of the room. Good Voldemort thought I still am feared even by Snape. As he stood up he decided that he would join Snape and go to Hogwarts and destroy the place where Dumbledore reigned supreme and he would give Potter a message he will never forget.

At Grimmauld Place the order had gathered to discuss what had gone on. Everyone was very edgy as they now knew that Potter was up to something. For now not only had Ginny disappeared with him, but also Neville, Luna, Hermione, Remus and Tonks. Tonks had also much to the disgust of the Ministry and the Aurors she had resigned saying that she was very sick of the inactivity of the Ministry and had decided that her talents were better of with Harry. Now as the rest of the order waited for Kingsley to begin they all began to have doubts about exactly what they could do without Harry the boy who lived Potter. Kingsley swept into the room with a very stern expression on his face and the order knew this wouldn’t be good.

“Hello everyone. Well bad news all around I am afraid to say. The five have completely vanished as well and there is absolutely no sign or trace of them anywhere. Needless to say I am now at a complete loss. We all know the importance of Potter to our cause and it is also very clear from his antics at the Burrow that he doesn’t want us involved in what he is planning. I therefore feel that we should disband right now and just fight with the ministry as we no longer have any reason to exist.”
“What are you talking about Shacklebolt? How can you possibly say that we are an order and with or without Potter we will fight. He will need our help. He knows it we know it and by god we will give it to him. When he fights we will be there. We as an order not as part of the poor excuse of a ministry. We are the ORDER OF THE PHOENIX AND WE WILL NOT WALK AWAY DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!” roared McGonagall.
“Yes I agree with Minerva here we must stand and fight. Harry may not be including us in his plans but I for one will still fight. I have to for Ron, for Bill, for Dumbledore I will not back down” declared Arthur Weasley.
“Ok fair enough we shall fight. So what do you suggest we do?” calmed Shacklebolt.
“Simple we watch and we wait. The first sign of trouble we make a stand we show Voldemort that we won’t back down and more importantly we show Harry we are able to fight strong and proud.”
“Sounds good, so we all keep our eyes open and we act is that ok with everyone?”

With that the order all left Grimmauld place knowing what had to be done. They knew it wasn’t going to be easy. But they made a vow to Dumbledore nearly two years ago that they will fight the rise of the dark lord and so that will be. They would fight and by god they swore they would win.

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