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Hell May Not Be So Bad by Mariah
Chapter 5 : Hell Must Be Paradise
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I'm sitting by the lake with Draco.

My head is in his lap and my hands are on top of one another on his knee.

His hand is on my hip and the other is stroking my hair.

"What did you think of last night, Your Highness?"

"It was perfect...up until I got to the common room."

"What happened?" He sounded very worried.

"That dumb Potter kept saying that having you as my boyfriend should be hell.

Oh no I wasn't sure if we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.


"Boyfriend?" He sounded flattered.

"Only if you want to be." I quickly covered up.

"It's like a dream come true." He whispered in my ear and kissed my neck.

I sat up and whispered in his ear.

"Welcome to my palace."

Once again I stripped down to my bra and underwear and jumped in the lake.

As soon as Draco knew what I was doing, he stripped down to his boxers and jumped in.

He swam towards me and lifted me up playfully.

I had my legs around his waist and I was looking down into his ice blue eyes.

I felt like I was melting in them and I could melt in them forever.

"Is this hell?" He asked me.

"No...and if it is..."

I bent down to whisper in his ear.

"Hell is paradise."

I kissed him on the cheek.

He gently set me down and we began snogging romantically.

I heard footsteps but didn't want to break contact with Draco's lips.


I quickly looked to see who was on the grass.

Draco turned around to see as well.

It was Potter and Weasley.

"What do you want, Potter?" Draco asked defensively.

He pulled me closer as if he were protecting me.

"What do you think you're doing? Are you trying to get Hermione to break the rules?" Weasley asked.

"Break the rules?" I asked meekly.

"Yes it' against the rules to be in the lake on Saturday." Weasley quickly said.

"Oh wait McGonagall told us yesterday when you were out with Malfoy." Potter added.

"His name's Draco and I don't care if I get in trouble."

I gave Potter a glare and went back to snogging with Draco.

"Fine then you won't care if I just go tell McGonagall what's going on here."

"What's your problem, Potter?"

Draco got out of the water and began approaching Potter.

He bent down, got his wand, and zapped me a towel.

I got out and wrapped the towel around myself.

"You." Potter replied.

"The famous Harry Potter is jealous of a Malfoy."

"I am not." He said instantly.

"You're jealous that I've got a brilliant witch as my girlfriend and you've got nothing but a worthless Weasley."

He put his arm around my waist in mid-sentence.

Potter's fists clenched and so did Weasley's.

Potter came within an inch of Draco's face.

"You keep Ginny out of this."

I bent down and got my wand out of my pile of clothes.

This was going to get ugly.

"Make me." Draco said through clenched teeth.

Potter pulled his fist back ready to punch Draco but I got to him before he could hit Draco.


I pointed my wand at him and he went flying back at least 20 feet.

I threatened Weasley with my wand.

"Are you next?"

He quickly shook his head in terror.

He an to help up Potter and they headed for the castle.

I pointed my wand at Draco and his clothes appeared on a dry body he did the same to me.

We had a long kiss then began to make our way to the castle.

We never let go of the other's hand.

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Hell May Not Be So Bad: Hell Must Be Paradise


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