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Changing Seamus by StutteringBob
Chapter 1 : New Kid
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Charrolette Parker hated moving. She hated being named Charrolette. But she loved her nickname, Charlie. It was a boys name, and Charlie was never a girly girl. She loved old John Wayne westerns with cussing and shooting. Horse Back Riding and Quiditch were her favorite sports. She sat alone in her compartment, watching the hordes of kids pass. After a few minutes, when the swarms of people thinned, a boys head popped thruogh the compartment door. Charlie looked up into his blue eyes. "Can I sit down?" he asked with an Irish accent. "Everywhere else is full."
Charlie smiled,"Sure."
The boy walked in, dragging his trunk behind him. He heaved it up above his head on the shelf with suprising strength. Then he turned around and sat down, intruducing himself, "My name's Seamus Finnegan by the way. Are you new here? I don't seem to know you."
Charlie smiled again,"Yeah. I transfered from Wisconsin, in America. My name's Charlie. Charlie Parker."
Seamus grinned. "I could have guessed," he said, trying to sound like he was from Wisconsin.
Charlie rolled her eyes playfully.
There was a sound at the door then and they both looked up. "Oh, hi Harry," Seamus said grinning, glad to see his friend after the long summer holiday. Even Charlie had heard about "the boy who lived", but at the moment the boy sitting across from her was much more interesting. Seamus was handsome, with his beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous grin, his brown hair looked soft and nice to run your fingers through. But in order to be polite she had to say hi.
She looked up at Harry Potter and said,"Hey Harry, i'm Charlie Parker. I'm new here."
Harry smiled politely. Then turning back to Seamus he said, "We've room for you two in our compartment if you want."
Charlie was about to accept when Seamus spoke up. "We're fine Harry," he replied. "But thanks anyway." Seamus didn't want to share Charlie with anyone. Not Harry, not Ron; not even Hermione or Ginny!
"Um, okay," Harry said, looking confused and slightly dejected. And why shouldn't he? Seamus never acted this way. Never! He usually didn't care about girls that much. And Charlie was also suprised. Not only of Seamus, but of herself as well, like Seamus, she had never really been interested in the opposite gender. She never had had a crush on anyone, and the only things she'd ever loved were her family, friends, and pets. But not in love ever.
Half an hour later, the train began slowing down. "Are we almost there?" Charlie asked.
"Guess so,"Seamus replied, chewing on a chocolate frog.
Charlie sat there in thought for a few seconds before saying,"Shouldn't we get into our robes?"
Seamus's eyes popped out of his skull. "I forgot all about that!" Then scrambled for his trunk. "Don't look over here," he told Charlie.
"Same to you," she said as she reached up for her robes.
After they were dressed in their uniforms, the train stopped. They got off the train, leaving their trunks. Charlie followed Seamus to a carriage led by black.....things,she didn't quite know what they were.
"Don't be suprised that the wagons move without horses pulling them,"Seamus said.
"What are those things pulling them?" she asked.
Seamus looked at her in great suprise. "You can see them!" he exclaimed.
Charlie looked at him, confused,"Yeah. Can't you?"
He shook his head. "No. You can only see them if you witnessed a death," Seamus explained.
Charlie looked down at her shoes, remembering that awful day she had seen a girl drown at the local pool. She hadn't known the little girl, but that didn't make it any less sad. "Oh," Charlie said.
"Well," Seamus said, changing the subject. "Hop in and we'll be to Hogwarts in no time."
The two of them climbed up into the carriage, soon to be joined by a tall blond boy with gray-blue eyes. He had one other boy with him who simply looked stupid.
The blond boy looked at the two of them and smirked. "You two look like a cute couple."
"We're not a couple, Malfoy," Seamus said defensively.
"Well I guess I shouldn't have thought that," the boy sneered. "You wouldn't be able to get a girl that beautiful, Finnegan."
Seamus's face flushed deep red. The boy turned to Charlie," My names Draco Malfoy. Slytherin house. Amnd who are you?"
"Charlie Parker. Gryffindor, hopefully," she rudely said.
Draco smiled maliciously," You won't be hoping that when Potter and his friends ruin your first year for you. They always loose so many points."
Seamus spoke up,"But we usually win the house cup anyway."
Malfoy glared at Seamus. The carriage came to a stop in front of the grand castle. "Come on," Seamus said, pulling Charlie along with him.
"Charrlotte Parker!" Seamus and Charlie turned around. There stood a tall witch with glasses and a roll of parchment.
Seamus whispered,"Professor McGonagall," before heading into the packed great hall.
Charlie walke dover to the Professor. "Yes ma'am?" she asked.
McGonagall smiled, a rare gesture." I'm afraid you'll have to go in with the first years, Charrolette."
"Oh, that's okay, and you can call me Charlie, Professor," Charlie said to McGonagall.
"Well, come along," McGonagall said. Her and Charlie walked in with the rest of the first years.
Dumbledore said his speach and the first years and Charlie crowded around a stool with a battered hat on it, the Sorting Hat. Charlie was called up first, because she was the oldest. The hat sat lightly on her head. It's voice spoke to her. "Yes yes, I see you've been through many trials in your life, possibly Slytherin? Hmmm... no. Your loyal, but I don't want to put in that house. Yes, I know... GRYFFINDOR!" the hat shouted. Gryffindor table erupted with loud cheers, and, if it wasn't her imagination, it seemed like Seamus cheered loudest.

Sorry its so short, I'm not very good at writing.........yet!

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