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Too Far Gone by Gemmika
Chapter 1 : Grown-Up
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Disclaimer: I'm not JK, but I do own this plot.
A/N: I'm sorry to all of you who read the original "Too Far Gone" just to have it deleted. I'm reposting by the original author just for you. It is already finished and ready to be posted. I have to warn you though that there are minor changes to the text as I had to make it compatible with the prequel "Absolution: A Marauders Tale" which is also on this site. Please enjoy and please review.

CH: 1- Grown-Up

Lily was going back to Hogwarts, her home, and her life. She couldn’t wait to see who would be Head Boy to her Head Girl. This would be the person she would work with constantly for the entire year. In her opinion it had to be Brandon Lawrence, A Ravenclaw, or Remus Lupin, a fellow Gryffindor. She walked down the crowded hallway of the train, making her way back to the Head’s compartment. The only person that she hoped it wasn’t was…

“James Potter,” she moaned as she opened the door.

James was sitting in a comfortable looking chair with his transfiguration book in his lap. He looked up at her and then grinned widely. Lily quietly surveyed the compartment, trying to avoid any conversation with James. The compartment had two large cushiony chairs and solid mahogany walls. It all exuded warmth, comfort and the prestige of their station.

“I knew you would be Head Girl,” he said, breaking the silence and winked. Lily said nothing as she put her luggage in the rack above the unoccupied chair across from James. Then she turned on him.

“Let’s get a few things straight Potter,” she sneered, “This arrangement doesn’t mean that I have to like you. Just because we share a dorm and have to live with each other for the next few months, it doesn’t mean I will fall for your charms.” But even as she said these words she couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was. Yes, she thought, handsome and arrogant. He had used all of those things against her in the past several years and she was adamant in her decision that he wouldn’t sway her again.

“All right Evans,” he agreed and then went back to his book.

Lily was startled; she had expected him to complain or to flirt with her or even try to kiss her like he usually did, but to agree with her and then dismiss her was something completely new and she didn’t know how to handle it.

“By the way Evans,” James said putting his book back in his lap, “Dumbledore has sent a list of things that we need to do this year. We can work on them now or later if you like.”

Lord she was beautiful. The way the sun caught her hair and turn it to liquid fire brought a groan from deep inside him. And her eyes… boy did she have the most beautiful eyes. They were emerald green and so deep that he wanted to lose himself in them. He sighed and picked up the list since she wasn’t making any move to do so.

“Where are the other Marauders?” Lily asked, trying to sound casual as she looked over the list.

“They have disowned me for becoming Head Boy,” he said with a grin. Lily’s eyes went wide as though she took him seriously. To her it seemed like something they would do.

“Really?” she asked. James couldn’t help it he began to laugh.

“Of course not, Remus thinks that Dumbledore has put me in this position so that I will grow up, but what they don’t realize is that I did quite a lot of growing up over the summer holidays,” he confided and then winked at her. Lily’s face flushed and she grinned in spite of herself.

Yes, he had grown up quite a bit. But how much was the question. Would he finally learn that she wasn’t just a play toy or that she had feelings just like he did? She sighed, of course he wouldn’t. Just then the door opened and Severus Snape stood in the doorway. “Well, if it isn’t Potter and the Mud-blood. Head Boy and Girl? This school has gone to hell,” he announced.

James just sat in his seat, his hand clenched tight around his wand, knowing that if Snivellus said anything about Lily, James would hex him in a second. Instead of saying something rude Snape stared at Lily as if he had just seen her for the first time. His eyes rolled over her in appreciation, lingering in certain areas that James didn’t approve of. He smiled coldly at them both as he began to leave.

“You are growing up nicely Evans, keep up the good work.” Then he left.

James was holding his wand so tightly it could have snapped any second. He turned to Lily, to see if she had understood what was implied. She had understood very clearly, or so it seemed. Her arms were wrapped tightly around herself and she looked as if she were going to be sick.

“Lily?” he asked softly. Her head jerked up. He hadn’t called her by her first name since last Christmas. Occasionally he used her name when he was being his most charming self, but this was different, more personal. He seemed to have realized what he had done and he sat up straight.

“How are you Evans? Are you all right?”

Lily nodded and then took a deep breath. Snivellus made her sick to her stomach. The way he had looked at her and then smirked in that knowing way, as if he knew what was under her clothing made her shiver.

“I’m fine Potter, just fine.”

James backed off, knowing that he wasn’t going to be of any help. The door opened again, but this time it was Alice Turner and Frank Longbottom in the doorway.

“Did you guys want to come join us? You should be nearly done with your duties right?” Frank asked. James looked to Lily; she didn’t look in the mood to go visit anyone quite yet.

“Give us a little more time, we still have a few things to discuss,” James said and Alice stepped in for a moment.

“Lily, we have your favorite food in our compartment and we have butterbeer. When you guys are done you really should come join us, Erin is flirting with Remus and you should see him blush!” Alice joked and then hugged her friend tightly. Lily smiled at her best friend and then nodded.

“We’ll be there in a few minutes.” Alice and Frank left hand in hand and Lily smiled at James.

“They have liked each other for such a long time, I don’t know why it took them so long,” she sighed then and looked at her hands.

“What else do we need to go over?”

James picked up the list again and read through it quickly. “These are all thing we can do tonight in our dorm. Let’s go join the festivities,” he said and stood up, waiting for her to stand as well. She followed him out the door looking forward to the butterbeer and chocolate.

As they got into the marauders compartment Lily realized how much she had missed all of her friends over the summer holidays. With only Petunia to speak to, things got really lonely really fast. What had hurt even more was the way Levi had treated her, but she had to deal with that, because she knew that it would have been wrong to stay with him. Not after what had happened between her and James the previous year.

"Lily!" Erin shrieked and hugged her friend tightly. Lily returned the hug and smiled at everyone. The air in the room was so jovial and friendly that anyone walking by would have wanted to stop in. Sirius grabbed a bunch of cold butterbeers and passed them out to everyone. Lily had never liked Sirius much, because he was too much like James, arrogant conceited and a playboy. But if James could grow up, maybe Sirius could too.

"Quiet everyone; I want to propose a toast!" That got everyone's attention, since when was Sirius formal? "To the new Head Boy and Girl of Hogwarts and the sneakiest son of a bitch I know! Here's to you James and your one shot at winning Evan's heart," Sirius said and everyone laughed and drank except Lily. She was glaring at Sirius.

"Winning my heart? Is this a game to you Sirius?" Lily asked furiously. She didn't even notice that James looked as if he could kill his best friend and fellow marauder. Sirius looked from James to Lily and then shrugged his shoulders and tossed back the rest of his drink.

"Guess not," he replied and then walked over to talk to Remus.

"I'm really sorry about that Evans. I had no idea that he would do that and embarrass you," James said apologetically. Lily turned on him.

"What are you saying he didn't embarrass you?" she flung at him. She didn't seem to see that the entire group of people was slowly shutting up to listen to their fight. It was such a common thing to see between them, and yet no one ever got tired of their heated debates.

"No, but it doesn't matter to me. Sirius has been embarrassing me for years. You are a different matter," he replied cautiously.

"Why am I a different matter?" she demanded. James looked around and saw that now everyone was paying attention to them and it was very disconcerting.

"Because... because..." damn he couldn't say it with everyone watching.

"Why is she different Prongs?" Peter called from the back. James glared at him in an "I’ll-get-you-later" kind of look. He pulled Lily out into the hallway much to the dismay of all those in the room. As he closed the door Lily realized that they were suddenly alone and it made her uncomfortable. The only thing that ever helped her to relax was to yell at James, and so she began.

"Let go of me!" she demanded and wrenched her arm free.

"It is a different matter because you aren't just a conquest to me, or some girl who I wanted to go with but rejected me. It's you Lily, it always has been and it always will be," he said softly. Well, he thought, at least he hadn't said he loved her. Lily's eyes shone with tears and she looked down.

"You still have a lot of growing up to do James," she whispered and she walked down to the Head's compartment with her head down and tears spilling down her cheeks.

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