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The Perfect Vision by Shion
Chapter 1 : The Perfect Vision
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Disclaimer: I own only the plot and nothing else, the characters in this story are either own by JK Rowling or they are people from virtual hogwarts. I only own some characters such as Alison and her family.

The Perfect Vision


A girl stood in shock as she watched the sight before her, the room was covered in blood, and every member of her family of four was slaughtered and killed right before her eyes. It was a nightmare, a dream that she really wanted to wake up from, and a dream that will haunt her for the rest of her life.

“Good bye Charles, this is the price for betraying me. Avada Kedavra” A tall hooded figure chanted as he pointed his wand at a sandy brown hair man who was kneeling on the floor next to his wife’s lifeless body. The girl watched as her sister was also killed in the same way, two words, one meaning, a deathly spell, an unforgivable. Avada Kedavra. Her eyes widened, tears filled her eyes, as she shouted each of her family member’s name.

The room erupted into flames, a lady in her early twenties apparated into the room, quickly grabbed the girl and apparated to a hill that over looked the girl’s house. Tears stormed down her eyes as she watched her house slowly burned to ashes. This will be that day that she’ll remember for the rest of her life, this is the end of what the little girl called her happy family, this is the life of a girl called Alison Fitcher.

Author's note: I kinda thought that up during a boring class of math, heheh. Please read and review !

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