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mysterious explosions by ginnymalfoy
Chapter 1 : mysterious explosions
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"Hey harry"said ron as he caught up tho harry who was walking down the stairs to the common room
"Hi ron when are you...........ron?" he looked beside him but ron was no longer there he was down standing just infront of hermione and he had asked her if he could talk to her so he led her by the hand to the stairs and they stood jut under them
"well ron what did you want to talk about?"said hermione beggining to flush.
"I wanted to ask if well you know the balls coming up and........."
"yes ron ive been waiting for you to ask me ill go with you."she interrupted
"You will oh wow well i have to go eat now bye."said ron

Later that night harry was wandering the hall and he heard a sream coming form the dungeons so he followed it it sounded like malfoy so he ran into snapes office and told him to come with him at first snape flat pout refused but the he yelled "it sounded like malfoy you dont want your prize student to be hurt or even killed do you!!!!!" and at that snape followed and they went into the boys dorm and found malfoy swelling and turning purple the nearest student was sent for madam pomfrey.
"well well i never would have guessed mr.malfoy what happened o well never mind that."

"But whatll we do with young malfoy....he cant go to classes like this and he dosent even fit in his bed and hes likly to explode any time now......!"said snape

"Wait i said i think ive read about this somewhere he has 2 days before he explodes but there is a way to bring him back a potion and a spell." said harry

"WHAT!!!!!!"said snape and madam pomfrey in unison "you mean there is a way!!!!!"

"yes ill be in the library but ill need a note for the resrticted section in case ill need to go there." snape quickly wrote a pass and harry ran out the door as he approched the library he ran straight to the restricted section as soon as he layed the pass on the desk and jumped over the rope and went to the medicens section and took out all the books and went to the carols the secret one that pince didnt know about and plopped the books down on the table and took the nearest one and started lookinbg through the books it was after midnight before he found anything at all he ripped out the page jumped out of the carol and ran to the slytherin dormitory mutterd the password and ran once again to the 5th year dormitory and thrust the papewr into snapes hand he read it and handee it to pomfrey.

"We have to wait till he blows up and thn perform the ritual but the problem is where will he stay till then?"asked snape
"We can put him in the hospital wing in the back ill lay pillows and blankets down and make sure no one goes down there."said pomfrey "lets go" she said and conjured a strecher and levitated him onto it and walked down and out the room and out of the common towards the hospital wing harry and snape followed



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