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Secret Lusts by FlameWolf3182
Chapter 17 : Seriously Relaxing
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“I’m relaxing... seriously”
“How can you relax seriously... wouldn’t being serious be the opposite of being relaxed?”
“Truly Ron, how thick can you get.” Hermione was ‘relaxing’ in the Heads Common Room with piles of books surrounding her on the mahogany coffee table.
“Hermione, studying isn’t relaxing, you heard Madame Pomfrey. And it’s only Tuesday, how do you have so much homework...” Ron had been trying to get her to stop working since he was done with classes. He had a free period, so Harry, Ginny and Draco were still in classes for another twenty minutes.
“This is how I relax, and if you haven’t forgotten, I haven’t been in classes for a couple of weeks now, so that means I have to catch up before Wednesday.”
“Alright Hermione, but I still say you can’t relax seriously...” Hermione just looked up at Ron and rolled her eyes.

“Hermione, shouldn’t you be taking it easy...?” Ginny walked in through the portrait hole with Harry followed behind her.
“I am, don’t any of you understand that studying is taking it easy for me?” She looked around to the confused faces of her friends, “I guess not...” she mumbled.
“So, how are ya feeling ‘Mione?” Harry asked while sitting on the only space left on the couch not occupied by parchment or books.
“Fine, I’m just bored every second of the day... I can’t even go outside! You’re lucky that Quidditch game is Thursday or I wouldn’t be going...”
“Well, you are going right, because it’s Slytherin versus Gryffindor... what’s a better match than that?!” Ron said getting louder as he spoke.
“Of course I’m going, but just no getting jealous if I support Draco too. Especially since Harry and him are both captains... and the only ones who decide the whole game...”
“Well I-”
“Think about what you’re saying before that mouth of yours opens Weasley.”
“I see you still have that ugly bruise Herms gave you. Too bad they got rid of all those other marks Harry gave you.”
“Yeah, too bad you were too much of a wimp to help him... I don’t need to remember what happened at Hogsmeade to know that.”
“Can’t you two be civilized?” Hermione groaned listening to their senseless bickering.
“Hermione, that is them being civilized.” Ginny piped up.
“Just think, at least they don’t have their wands pointed at each others throats.” Harry added.

Draco and Ron’s argument ended in Draco beating Ron at a game of Wizarding Chess and Harry, Hermione and Ginny left in complete shock.
“Okay, so... Draco just beat Ron right...” Ginny asked in disbelief.
“Yeah I did, was it supposed to be hard or something?”
“Draco... you just beat Ron... he almost never loses.” Hermione informed him.
“Well, except for Seamus. Hey, maybe Ron is on a losing streak!”
“I’m sitting right here ya know Ginny...” Ron had been sitting staring at the chess board since he lost, going over every move, not believing he lost to Malfoy.
“Hey, good game, mate.” Draco held out his hand for Ron to shake, but just saw everyone around him jaws drop. “What? It was a good game, best challenge I’ve had in a long time.”
“Yeah, good game.” Ron smiled widely as he took Draco’s hand. “So... does this mean I’m some kind of Slytherin...”
“Only if it means I’m not some kind of Gryffindor.”
“What’s wrong with being a Gryffindor, it’s not like we are self loving sly serpents.”
“I’d rather be a snake than a dirty lion.”
“Well it was nice while it lasted.” Hermione said while the two boys continued to argue like always.

Hermione was talking to Ginny by the fireplace about everything that had been going on. While they were talking in private, Harry, Draco, and Ron were all debating about the strategies of their Quidditch teams. Harry seemed to of gotten into a heated discussion on his statistics as a seeker, and how Draco wasn’t better than him. No matter how right Harry was Draco just wouldn’t admit anything.
“Gin, he went into the Forbidden Forest for me, the Forbidden Forest for Merlin’s sake Ginny!” Hermione was over the chaos of that one night, but now she just couldn’t keep her mind off of how protective Draco was of her.
“He loves you ‘Mione, when are you going to understand that, he is willing to risk his neck, literally, just to save you. I wish I had a boyfriend like that...”
“Hah! Ginny, you have the Harry Potter by your side. He saved you from the damned bloody Chamber of Secrets. And Draco isn’t my boyfriend anyway...”
“Well, yeah. So uh, what are we going to do about Ron? He still really likes you ‘Mione, and you being with Draco and Harry and I having eachother, he’s all alone.”
“What about Luna, I’ve seen her glancing Ron’s way a couple times lately.” Hermione stated.
“Hmm, Luna Lovegood, I assume that could work.”
“Let’s have her meet up with Ron and all of us after the Quidditch Match.”
“Wait, is Draco going to care being around all of us after the match instead of his Slytherin cronies.” Ginny asked a little doubtful.
“Oh, right... I just forgot about that...”
“Where’s Ron going so quickly?” Ginny asked when she noticed Ron running from the Common Room.
“We only have 20 minutes left of dinner, so you two might want to hurry up.” Draco answered as he helped them up. They all walked down to the Great Hall with Draco a few feet behind them once they all had reached the Main Stair Case.
“I’ll see you in the Common Room, right?” Draco asked as he quickly swept Hermione back into his arms.
“Of course.”
“Well, um, do me a favor and come about an hour after dinner ends, go to the Gryffindor Tower or something, okay?”
“Uh, okay but why would-”
“Trust me, and don’t try to come back earlier, I’m telling Sir Bartley not to let you in.” Hermione could see the small tug on the side of his mouth.
“Okay, okay, but I’m hungry, I’ll see you later then.” She gave him a small kiss and ran into the Great Hall, not being recognized by anyone except Harry and Ginny who had been wondering when she would come in. Ron was too busy stuffing his face with as much food as he could before it all disappeared.

“So, you want to come back to our Common Room after dinner? What do you think he’s planning? Oh no, what if he just wants some ‘privacy’ or something. Hermione, we have to go snoop!”
“Ginny! We will not be going trying to figure out what he’s planning. You just want to know what is going to happen tonight, you don’t care if he wants privacy or not. Do you?”
“Well... oh come on I know you are curious too!”
“Maybe...” Hermione was trying to suppress a smile and look a little bit serious, but it wasn’t working all that well.
“Oh, this will be fun, I’ll get Harry’s invisibility cloak for you, maybe Sir Bartley will let me in, and he won’t even see you.”
“You’ve thought about this haven’t you...?”
“Not that much...” Ginny took her mug of pumpkin juice and drank it down then grabbed Hermione’s arm and ran out of the Great Hall, Hermione tripping over herself the whole way.
“Where are we going?” Hermione asked but never got an answer.

Draco watched as the two girls sprinted out of the Great Hall wondering where they were going. ‘Where are they go- the Common Room!’ Draco jumped from his seat causing a couple goblet to spill over and a lot of nasty scowls from his fellow Slytherins. He sprinted all the way to the huge oak doors trying to catch up to Hermione and Ginny. They had already made it to the steps when Ginny heard Draco’s footsteps.
“Draco, what are you – ah!” Ginny had pulled her up the remaining steps causing Draco to run up the stairs even faster. ‘Can’t let them get there first!’ Draco had asked for a hundred red roses and a dozen white candles to be delivered by the house elves after dinner was finished with. Everything Draco asked for would already be there, and if Hermione saw, she would know what he was doing.
“Hermione, Damnit what’s the password.” Ginny was right in front of the portrait of Sir Bartley with Hermione clutching her sides trying to spit out the password.
“Oh no, no, no you two are not getting in there. First of all, Ginny, you aren’t even supposed to be coming tonight.”
“She is so damn curious she dragged me up five flights of stairs just to beat you here, and she doesn’t even know the password!” Hermione finally caught her breath and was standing up straight again.
“Okay well, back to the Gryffindor Tower, the both of you. And don’t expect any one besides Hermione to be allowed in here in an hour.” Draco was eyeing Ginny suspiciously before he slipped through the portrait hole leaving the two girls even more curious.
“Okay, new plan, I wear the invisibility cloak.”
“Ginny! No, if he wants it to be just us, then fine, it will be just us.”
“Fine, but you have to tell me everything that happens, okay?”
“Yeah, yeah, alright.” Ginny and Hermione made their way to the Gryffindor Tower right when the rest of the House showed up.

“Good, Dobby delivered it all... that’s good.” Draco looked around the Common Room and saw 100 dark red roses in a package on the coffee table, along with the twelve long white candles resting along side eachother in an off white box next to the roses. He immediately started to get to work on the entire Common Room. He took all the roses, except a dozen, and removed the petals and placed them all into a plastic container.
“This is taking way too long.” He had only done about twenty of the roses he placed infront of him, and already it took him 15 minutes. He pulled out his wand and did the last of them in a matter of seconds. “That’s more like it.” He placed the rose petals around and on the couch and coffee table along with a trail leading from the portrait hole. He quickly enchanted all the candles to float above them like in Great Hall, but when the wax would fall from the candles, he was able to make it turn to glitter that disappeared when it would touch anything. Draco was finally happy with his work and he jogged up to his room to shower and change.

“What now Gin?” Hermione was only a step away from the portrait hole to leave for her own dorm when Ginny finally decided to talk.
“Good luck, and remember, I want details tomorrow.” Ginny winked and laid back down onto the couch while a small grin on her face.
“I don’t even think I want to know what kind of details you are imagining...”

Draco quickly changed into a pair of dressy light jeans and a white t-shirt with a dark blue zip down sweatshirt without a hood. He dried used a drying spell on his hair and happily stepped back into the Common Room to make some last touches to the room. First the candles were lit one by one, and then he lit a small fire into the fire place to add a little more light. When Draco grabbed the dozen roses left and put then into a bundle he heard muffled voices outside the portrait.
“Miss Granger, I am not positive that Mr. Malfoy is ready for you yet.” Draco heard Sir Bartley say.
“Well, he had better be ready, it’s been over an hour and curfew is soon, I can’t be caught!” He then could hear Hermione pounding on Sir Bartley’s portrait.
“Uhh, Mr. Malfoy, could you please come to the door if you’re ready, our Miss Granger is about to break me down.” Draco laughed a little at Hermione’s impatience, so he took his time getting to the portrait. As he pushed it open he heard Hermione mumble something he thought sounded like ‘Finally,’ but he didn’t respond.

“Before you look, you have to go straight to your room, okay?”
“Draco, I swear if you are hiding somebody in there...”
“Don’t worry, I use the locker rooms for sneaking around, not the Common Room.” Hermione didn’t see his smirk since he had stepped behind her and covered her eyes with his right hand and placed his left arm around her stomach.
“I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that.”
“What ever you say, just keep your eyes closed. And stop trying to move my hand!” Hermione had her hands pulling at Draco’s while they walked through the dimly lit Common Room.
“Do I smell roses?”
“No, now watch your step. I said watch your step...” Draco laughed a little when he had to catch Hermione when she slightly tripped on the first stone step up to her room.

When Draco got Hermione into her room and closed the door, he let her see again and to her disappointment nothing was different. Except she noticed a couple things draped over her bed.
“Change into those, its part of the surprise.” Hermione walked over to the clothes on her bed and noticed it was a pair of dark jeans and a tight fitting pink tank top.
“Draco, I’m going to freeze in this.” Hermione said while holding up the tiny shirt.
“No you won’t, trust me it’ll be perfect. Come down when you are done changing.” Draco left Hermione looking confused sitting on her bed taking off her shoes and starting to change.

Draco was waiting for Hermione at the bottom of the stairs leading up to her bedroom with the bouquet of roses against his chest. He heard the light click of her door and perked his head up to see her face when she saw everything. ‘When I see Draco I’m going to kill him for making me wear this, I can’t believe he took all of my clothes away too, oh when I see him I’ll-’ Hermione looked up from the stairs to see Draco looking up at her with his mouth slowly parting and the roses he was holding drooping a little from his lack of attention. But when she saw what he did to the Common Room, her mouth completely broke on the floor. She had stopped in mid step a few stairs away from Draco’s gaping figure.
“Uh, these erm, are for um... I mean... these are for you.” Draco stumbled trying to focus back to the night he had planned out for the two of them.
“Oh Draco, this is way too much...” Hermione said lightly as she took the roses and stepped down to him.
“No, it’s not enough. Come on I have more for you.” Draco took Hermione’s hand and led her over to the couch he had sprinkled rose petals onto. He saw her looking at a spot on her arm that some glitter had landed on and disappeared, and then saw her stare up to the candle and the dripping wax exploding into tiny glitter pieces right above her head. He laughed gently and pulled her into a tight embrace with Hermione still looking intently above her.
“Like it?” He asked when she returned her gaze to him.
“Of course I do, to be honest I thought you were hiding someone in here, this was the absolute last thing I ever imagined.”
“I love you Hermione, I just needed a little help to show you.” Draco pulled her into a passionate kiss, full of all the love he had locked away deep in his heart for all his life. Hermione brushed her hands over his neck to deepen the kiss right when Draco pulled away. Before Hermione could object, Draco had sat her down onto the middle of the couch and muttered a simple incantation. In a second Hermione saw a polished acoustic black guitar appear into Draco’s arms.

“You aren’t allowed to laugh... I’ve never played infront of someone before, so try keeping a straight face.” Hermione smiled a little when Draco took a deep breath and started strumming soft notes on his guitar and staring down at his fingers moving. He took another quiet inhale of air before he started singing.

What day is it? And in what month?
This clock never seemed so alive
I can't keep up and I can't back down
I've been losing so much time

Draco’s voice was softer than Hermione ever realized it could be. He sang slow and kept the same tone in his voice only growing more confident in his own voice and becoming a little more clear every second.

Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to lose
And it's you and me and all of the people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

All of the things that I want to say just aren't coming out right
I'm tripping on words
You've got my head spinning
I don't know where to go from here

Draco became louder and Hermione started recognizing the song. It wasn’t written by Draco, but by the muggle band Lifehouse.

Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to prove
And it's you and me and all of the people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

Hermione could see Draco looking up at her from his guitar just slightly before turning his attention back to the strings beneath his finger tips. She noticed him smile a little bit while he sang, causing warmth to surge through her. Draco Malfoy was playing a guitar for Hermione Granger, the muggle-born best friend of Harry Potter. This would definitely hit head lines at the Daily Prophet.

There's something about you now
I can't quite figure out
Everything she does is beautiful
Everything she does is right

Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to lose
And it's you and me and all of the people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you
and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to prove
And it's you and me and all of the people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

Draco rose his head as he sang the last lines focusing intently onto Hermione’s honey brown eyes enjoying every moment of just sitting there strumming to a tune that spoke every word he had tried so hard to say himself.

What day is it?
And in what month?
This clock never seemed so alive

Hermione was so consumed with thoughts fluttering all over her head that she found her mind yelling at herself, ‘Say something! Anything would be better than silence woman!’ She was just sitting across from Draco opening and closing her mouth like a fish. Everytime she wanted to say something, only air came out. Hermione gave up on trying to speak so she roughly grabbed Draco’s collar and crashed her lips to his. He was so surprised that he hadn’t realized what was going on and didn’t respond at first. Draco could feel her slowly pulling away, but he snaked his arms around her waist and pushed her down into the couch. He smiled to himself when Hermione moaned lustfully into his lips as he rubbed the inside of her thigh.

Hermione’s stomach was turning as Draco played with every inch of bare skin he could find, until he reluctantly pulled away and sighed heavily.
“We have to stand up.” Hermione furrowed her eyebrows together and started opening and closing her mouth again. “You look kind of like a fish... it’s cute.” He added playfully as he stood her up.
“Why did we have to-” She was cut off from speaking when Draco placed a silver necklace with a shiny silver lily dangling from it into her hands and she felt a tug on her waist. Instinctively, Hermione grabbed harder onto Draco shirt, but before she knew it she had hit solid ground again. “A portkey?” Draco smirked widely and pulled Hermione from the small dark room toward a muggle factory looking door.

Author's Note: The lyrics to the song were "You and Me" by Lifehouse. That song is awesomely awesome lol... oo yea... sorry about this chapter... i had it written for like a week and i thought i posted it... but i didn't know it got denied lol i'm sooo sorry.... but after this chapter i'm going to take some time to write like 3 or 4 chapters ahead and since school is starting... expect major delays... i couldn't imagine more than a month... but i can't promise anything... if you want you can send me ideas for one-shots to keep everyone happy! i'll write anything, just send me what you want to read lol... i don't want to keep people waiting! ok bye for now!!

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