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Harry Potter and the Meaning Of Love by darthvengeful
Chapter 6 : One Down Three to Go
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Chapter 6: One Down Three to Go

Harry woke up with the most pleasant of sensations wash over him. He had opened his eyes to discover that Ginny was lying next to him in bed, curled up beside him. Harry noticed that his arms were around her waist and that somehow Ginny had grabbed on to his hands. Harry could not help but smile as he finally had everything and everyone he had ever wanted in his life. Lying next to him was his Ginny, his love and the girl he would marry. “Huh” thought Harry but contented him that it was true. In the next room so were two people he had wanted more than anything in the entire world. His parents. They had come back to him through some miracle and had enabled Harry to transform from an angry young man who had lost everything into a happy young man with everything he could possibly want and maybe more. He had been dream free since the arrival of his parents, and had now had 3 nights of perfect sleep more than he could remember having since entering the wizard world as a fresh faced eleven year old.

Just then Harry noticed that Ginny had began to stir and looked across at her. The sight before him was perfection in a human form. He loved every thing about her. From those brown eyes, to the small splattering of freckles across her nose but most of all he loved how soft and tender she felt as she lay next to him. Harry couldn’t believe how beautiful she was and to think she was with him. She stirred again and this time Harry couldn’t resist anymore. He leaned across and planted a soft kiss on her lips and waited.

Ginny woke after the best night of her night. She was fully aware of the fact that she was curled up with Harry and felt so happy at the sensation of being so close to him that she felt she was in heaven. Suddenly she remembered last night and the almighty shock she suffered when Harry’s mum and dad, James and Lily Potter had walked in the room. Ginny instantly became embarrassed as she recalled how she fainted and made a mental note to apologise to them and to Harry. At this thought Ginny felt Harry lean across her and plant the softest of kisses on her lips, which sent her heart soaring. She opened her eyes to see him leaning over her and smiled.

“Well good morning my love, sleep well” Harry said after staring for a few moments.
“Yes wonderfully Mr Potter” Ginny responded “just what I needed but I do feel terribly embarrassed at my actions last night I hope your mum and dad don’t think I’m strange” she continued.
“Fear not my sweet, I know it must have been a shock to you, to be honest I really can’t believe it yet” Harry replied, “although mum and dad and I agree on one thing though”
“What’s that then?”
“That you are a lovely girl” Harry told her and smiled before giving her another kiss”.
“Gee thanks so they like me then.”
“I don’t really know didn’t ask them, you haven’t really given them the chance to get to know you just yet”
“Well today that will change I am going to be the perfect girlfriend”
“You already are Gin, don’t worry they will like you now before we get ready I have to explain exactly what has happened ok so please listen, don’t interrupt and please don’t faint again” urged Harry.
“Yes Professor Potter” joked Ginny.

Harry then recounted the entire story of how his parents had come back, what they have been doing and why Harry was taken like he was. Ginny listened intently as Harry told his story, paying particular attention to his range of emotions. From utter despair as he told her how he had be feeling to the sudden change when he saw his father and his so called tests. Ginny thought god they must be so proud of him and became determined to ask them how they felt. Ginny was also horrified when Harry told her that James was in her room during their snogging session at the Burrow and resolved to give a little payback of her own, and wondered if Lilly would help.

As Harry finally finished recounting the story he looked at Ginny and smiled. God she is amazing, and a wave of pride swept him as he thought of the way she was handling all this. He gave her a hug before getting up and heading for the shower, and thought man it is sure good to have your own personal bathroom.

This left Ginny on her own as she sat up on the bed she had a shared with Harry last night. She was thinking about what she had been told and was both amazed and a little frightened at the power that Harry possessed in order to do what he did. Sure she knew he was powerful, but wandless magic, that was special. She got up and slowly started exploring his room and the old photographs on the wall when a knock on the door brought her back to reality.

“Come in”
“Ah hello there Ginny glad you’re here. How are you really?” Lily asked a little concerned.
“Much better thanks, but I most apologise for last night, I feel like a right fool”
“Nonsense think nothing of it, it must be a massive surprise for you”
“Well it was a real shock”
“Anyway I wanted to talk to you alone. Is Harry in the shower?”
“Good” Lily said as she performed the colloportus and imperturbable charms on the bathroom door. Ginny suddenly became a little nervous, as after all Lily Potter was a complete stranger.
“Don’t worry I won’t bite” Lily said. “Now I think Harry has told you how we are here and how long with have been around correct?” lily continued. Ginny just nodded at this.
“Right well as you will know we have done a lot of research into Harry and his life, so you really won’t need to impress us or anything. We know you love him, that is as blatant as anything and we also know how he feels about you. Now the thing is despite this Harry I’m afraid does not really realise the full extent of the part you will play in his upcoming quest. It is vitally important that you don’t let him shut you out of what he is doing as without you he won’t succeed” rambled Lily.
“No disrespect Mrs Potter but Harry will succeed with or without me he is strong and he can do this” Ginny interjected slightly angry and her lack of faith.
“I am afraid your wrong dear, for Harry to succeed he will need his true loves beside him all the way. That is part of the reason we have returned. You see Harry can only do this in the presence of you me and James, no one else is needed. Together we will rid the world of the horcruxes and finally destroy Voldemort once and for all” finished Lily.
“But how is there some kinda prophecy then? I thought it was only the one that Dumbledore told Harry at the end of year five?” asked a very bewildered Ginny.
“No it isn’t a prophecy as such, it was a how can I put this? It was an instruction given to myself and James when we returned. That is the only way Voldemort can be destroyed. Yes Harry will do it but he needs us to give him the power, strength and will to fight this and win. Not everything that must be is written in a prophecy, sometimes it is fate, sometimes luck prophecies are only guides rough estimates of what will happen, yes they do get fulfilled but they never tell the full story” answered Lily.
“Wow well obviously I intended to be there but how can you know for sure”
“Well we will find out today. We have found a horcrux that nobody can touch. Now we will test our theory on it. If Harry can destroy it on his own without us three in the same place then you can discount everything I have just said, if not well we will see won’t we”
“he won’t get hurt will he” asked Ginny who was getting increasingly worried.
“No he will be fine now I have to go as I have a feeling my son will be getting very angry now” Lily said as she removed the charm and left the room.

Much to Ginny dismay Lily was right and Harry was fuming so to avoid any problems, she took her wand out and performed a silencing spell on him before heading to the bathroom herself. She had a quick shower and got changed and headed downstairs to see Mr and Mrs Potter laughing together at the table at Harry who was red in the face with anger at not being able to speak.

Ginny entered and smiled before going up to Harry and kissing him on the forehead, as she tucked into breakfast.
“Hey Ginny don’t you think you had better release him?” inquired James.
“I don’t know it is kind of funny”
“Go on he can’t do anything to us he loves us more than anything, and he knows to behave himself” responded James again.
“Ok fine, Harry I am going to release you but if you so much as utter a word about what happened I will hex you, understood” Ginny demanded as Harry nodded.
“Damn you guys” Harry said immediately before realising the three glares he was receiving.
“Ok fine I’m sorry I’m sure you had your reasons” he continued.
“Good boy now we have an important thing we all need to do so hurry up we need to get going as soon as possible” James Potter told his son, as everyone carried on eating.

They all finished grabbed their wands and coats and started to head out.

In London, though dark clouds were brewing over Diagon Alley. Witches and wizards alike wandered around without the faintest of ideas of what about to come. Everyone milled around including a group of wizards and witches who were headed to Weasley’s Wizarding Weazles. Ron, Hermione, Neville and Luna walked down the street happily chatting about a great many things. Of course Harry and Ginny were never far from their thoughts.
“I can’t believe those two going of like that” huffed Hermione.
“I know I mean we’re their friends as well why didn’t he let us come as well” agreed Ron who was probably the worst affected. “I feel, so abandoned by my best mate and sister. It’s Not Fair” he roared.
“Ok Ronald calm down, we all feel the same. Anyway they do need the time together I know Ginny said they were back together but she still has issues you know” came the dreamy reply from Luna.

Before anyone else could speak another word, the four of them heard 20 to 25 pops all around them. They all stared in utter shock and fear as they looked around to see 25 death eaters surround them all with wands out with menacing grins on their face. Ron, Hermione, Neville and Luna looked at each other before slowly drawing their wands. Each of them wore the same expression of fierce determination coupled with a great deal of fear.

In the next moment the fighting started at a frenzied pace, hexes and curses were thrown from all directions as the death eaters spared no one not even their own kind. This greatly helped the four who had all managed to put up shields in time and were keeping it up, as death eater after death eater fell to their own curses. Ron, Hermione and Luna were all bunched together with their backs to one another deflecting curse after curse. On the other hand Neville was taking the fight to the death eaters. He was moving so quickly, dodging and ducking as curses flew at him at all angles. He seemed so confident, especially as he started taken down his opponents. Neville looked around and smiled as he saw his three friends deflecting curses and took stock of the situation. 12 death eaters were down and out of the battle, which pleased Neville although he realised that there was still at great many left. He continued on rolling away from curses until he heard a scream he looked up suddenly and saw Luna and Hermione scream as Ron went down. Before he could react he saw them both took spells to the back and dropped next to Ron.

Neville couldn’t believe it. He quickly gathered his wits and focused all his attention on the remaining death eaters. He had become a man possessed as he moved expertly to avoid curses whilst sending out curse after curse. So pumped with adrenaline at that moment Neville managed to send out a massive Reducto spell which blew apart 5 death eaters in one go. He followed it up with a couple of stunning spells which both found their mark. He didn’t stop at all as he continued to run. He found himself behind three others and quickly and efficiently sunned them before performing the body bind curse. Next he saw were the last three death eaters approach him.

“Well what do we have here? Why if isn’t Mr Longbottom, I am impressed” sneered the first death eater as he slowly removed his face to reveal long black greasy hair with a pale white complexion.
“Snape” fumed Neville. As he said that the other two removed their hoods to reveal Draco Malfoy and much to Neville’s shock and dismay Percy Weasley.
“I have no brothers you moron” replied Percy without showing any emotion at all.
“What should we do with him Professor” asked Draco eager to finish him of.
“Leave him to pass on the message to Mr Potter. Now listen boy you will find one of your friends dead. Tell Potter it doesn’t end there. Oh and say hello for me” Snape said laughing as he, Draco and Percy apparated away.
Neville quickly ran up to his three friends and quickly said “ENERVATE” in order to revive them. As he said it he suddenly became very faint and dropped to the floor, before he passed out from the tiredness of the fight.

At the same time the Potter’s and Ginny made there way to a small cave somewhere near the coast. Harry couldn’t help but think back to a few months prior when he and Dumbledore had come to a place very similar to this to try and destroy the locket which was the third horcrux of Voldemort. Little did they know that it was a fake, and that the locket had been destroyed years earlier by a man only known as R.A.B. as they walked in Harry had a horrible feeling deep in his gut that trouble was ahead. His mum as if reading his thoughts immediately smiled and reassured
“Harry don’t worry nothing can go wrong here” before carrying on further into the tunnel.

Soon the four of them had reached a large alcove which was lit up by hundreds upon hundreds of fire torches all around on the walls. This made both Harry and Ginny a little worried as they took one another’s hands to comfort each other. Just then the both noticed lying on the ground was a sparkling gold necklace that looked to be centuries old. They gasped at it and turned to James and Lily.
“Mum, dad look at this?” Harry exclaimed.
“Ah good you found it” droned James.
“What is it though?” Harry asked again.
“It is what we have and you have been looking for son. It is Rowena Ravenclaw’s necklace. And most importantly one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes” voiced Lily.
“Oh wow it’s beautiful though” chimed Ginny.
“Yes it is but unfortunately Harry will have to destroy it himself. Come on Ginny we had better leave him to it” continued Lily giving Ginny a small wink as they headed out of the cave again.
“Call us when you’re done son, or if you need anything” James called back to his son, wishing they didn’t have to test him like this.

As they left Ginny immediately spoke up.
“So you really think he won’t be able to destroy it without us with him?” asked Ginny.
“Yes I do, although it does hurt not being able to have faith in his abilities” answered Lily.
“Come on girls there is no need to be worried, Harry is a great wizard but everyone needs a source of power, and because of our sacrifice 16 years ago, and your loyalty and commitment to Harry, he now needs us to be able to fulfil his destiny” reasoned James, speaking in particular to Ginny.

Inside the cave Harry looked at the necklace, a little bit stunned. He felt this was too easy, and that there must be some sort of catch. He bent down a picked up the necklace and studied it carefully. Ginny was certainly right it was absolutely beautiful. It was made of solid gold and weighed quite a bit; it was ornately designed with a strange sort of crest. As Harry looked at it he realised that it must be a very early design of the Hogwarts crest of arms. Taking one last look at it he threw it down onto the floor as hard as he could.

However it didn’t break or shatter at all. Harry withdrew his wand and cast spell after spell on the necklace, but nothing would destroy it. Harry was at a loss he had used everything he knew. It had used fire, a hammer; he had dropped a ton of concrete on it but nothing. Harry groaned in frustration and decided on something.
“MUM DAD GINNY WE HAVE A PROBLEM!” he shouted out of the cave.

After a few moments James, Lily and Ginny walked back into the cave with huge smiles on their faces. This shocked Harry greatly and made him a little angry at the thought of them smiling at his failure.
“What you smiling at? This is not funny I have tried everything I know and nothing will destroy it. I don’t know what to do!” explained Harry.
“Well Harry I suggest you try again. This time though try this. Focus on us and how you feel. Remember Dumbledore told you that love was your power and strength. Focus on that and use the Incendio spell and that should do the trick I think” James advised his son whilst nodding to his wife who nodded back in agreement.

Harry did what his dad asked without question he held out his wand towards the necklace which was again laying on the ground. He focused his mind on his parents and Ginny and the love he felt from them. He thought at the time when he saw both his parents again and the happiness that he had felt, and also the love of Ginny, and how magical it felt to be near her. At this point a surge ran through him again and this time he said “INCENDIO” and the necklace burnt into flames melting away in the enormous heat of the flames before disappearing completely.

Harry looked up in shock at his parents and smiled. He had realised something thee and then which had become obvious as he looked at the three people he loved the most. That he Harry James Potter needed his mum his dad and Ginny to be with him when it came to the battles that were still to come. At that thought he ran up to the three and hugged them and whispered “I love you all” before releasing them and walking out of the cave.


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