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Harry Potter and the Fulfilled Prophesies by GRWeasley
Chapter 15 : In the Flesh
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In the flesh

Harry sat in his own room, starring at the stone wall next to his window. He didn’t even want to look outside, the beauty of the world outside seemed fake to him now. Nothing seemed real, the only thing that was real was that Hermione was gone and he had failed her. The candle light was so low that the flame was about to go out, but Harry didn’t care, he didn’t care if the whole world flicked out of existence
His eyes followed the noise of the door as it creaked open. When the door was fully opened Harry saw a boy standing in the threshold, his silhouette showed that his face was looking towards the ground and his shoulders were pointing in the same direction. Harry’s eyes slid back over to the wall. He heard the boy walk in and close the door, his foot steps told Harry that he was walking towards his bed, seconds later the pressure on the bed made the spring compress telling Harry that the boy had laid down. Harry slightly moved his head to look over at the bed. The person who was laying was motionless, Harry could see by the way he lay that he was thinking about speaking, Harry didn’t want to talk to anyone he just wanted to die and get it over with. Harry turned back to the wall and as he did he heard behind him the noise to tell that his dorm mate was turning on his other side.
“Harry” Ron’s strained voice echoed through the room.
“Don’t Ron” Harry growled. There as a silence for a moment, then Harry heard again movement on the bed and new know that Ron was sitting up and staring at him.
“Ron I don-”
“I know you don’t want to talk about it, But I do” Ron said standing up and walking over to sit on Harry’s bed, as Ron sat down Harry clamped his eyes shut, he didn’t want to do this right now he didn’t know if he could do this right now.
“Listen” Ron started, he stopped to wait if Harry was going to turn around, he did not.
“It’s been two weeks since Hermione was kidnapped and you haven’t talked to anyone, now this is killing me, so I have no idea what it is doing to you” Ron sat in silence for another moment knowing that Harry was processing what he had just said, When the silence stretched on for a little to long, Ron knew that Harry wasn’t going to say anything so he continued.
“Ron, when I was in the ministry hospital, do you know what I did?” Harry asked suddenly with out turning.
I talked to a nurse”
Ron looked at the back of his head for a second with a confused expression and then spoke.
Harry’s voice became venomous again, “I talked to her like I would talk to you or….or...Hermione”
“Ok” Ron said quickly.
Harry shot up and spun around and his green eyes flashed white. “I Forgot about HERMOINE RON!!” Harry screamed and fell back on to the bed and stared into his hands. “She made me forget Hermione” Harry said in a feeble voice.
Ron got up from the bed and bent down in front Harry and looked up into his best friends eyes, he could see all the pain and suffering that was bubbling to the surface about to make Harry crack into a million pieces.
“Listen to me.” Ron, grabbed Harry’s hands and made Harry face him, Harry finally looked at him. “You are not what you think you are ok? You know, she knows, I know that you love her more then anything in the world, and would do anything to protect her. Ok so you forgot her for a second, with all that is going on I can’t believe that you are still holding it together at all, but you can not hate your self for what happened, at either time, ok you forgot her for an instant, but now we need you, and Hermione needs you. You for got her once, don’t let her go!” Ron said in one long breath. Ron stood up and placed a hand on Harry’s shoulder and then walked out of the room. When Ron got to the door, he opened it slowly and look back at Harry, he was looking up at him with his hands and body still in the same position yet, there was something different in his eyes and Ron could tell from the glaring of the candle light that a power was returning to Harry and knew that once they knew where Hermione was she would be safe. Ron, nodded and walked out of the room. Harry watched as the door to the dorm closed and the bright light that was coming in from the hall was fading fast. When the room was dark and Harry’s eyes started to adjust to the one candle burning, he noticed that he was starting to stand up and walk over to the window; with his eyes finally adjusted he looked outside and saw the winter wonderland that the ground of Hogwarts had become because of the snow.
“I will find you Hermione, I will not stop until do” He said as he placed his hand on the window, frost started to trial around his fingers then as if a wave a heat swept of it, the frost disappeared, Harry looked up at his reflection and saw that his eyes were starting to fade.
“No, I will be in control” Harry said as he pulled his hand away from the window.
“Control it Harry” He said aloud again. His green eyes slowly started to return as he pushed back the thing that was in side of him, he closed his eyes and sighed. When he opened them he looked up at the reflection and all he saw was himself.

Duncan sat in the library half asleep, absentmindedly flipping through the pages of a very large book. He wasn’t reading any of it, but still need to get his paper done. He stopped and grabbed his quill and looked at his parchment and sighed as he read the one line that he had.
“Great I’m turning into Harry”
“ I hear they have medicine for that now” A voice said sitting next to him. Duncan looked up and saw a bored looking Ron sitting there with an equally as large book in front of him, Ron didn’t even open the book it just sat in front of him.
“I hate school” Ron said pushing the book away.
“Drop out” Another voice said. Ron and Duncan looked over and saw Keria sitting there next to Duncan with a weak smile on her face.
“Yeah, my parents wouldn’t kill me where I stand”
“Eh…never said it would be easier, I just said do it” Keria said shrugging her shoulders, she opened the slightly smaller book that was in front of her.
“This defense homework isn’t to bad” She said again, as she flipped through a couple of pages.
“Yeah, Thank you Herm-“
Keria looked up quickly and Ron’s slapped his hand over his mouth, Duncan didn’t even bother to look up from his book.
“Harry’s in the dorm” Duncan said finally looking up at Ron. Ron let out a sight of relief.
“Good” He said. After that moment the three of them started to work in silence, Keria watched as the two boys went about there homework, every so often moving or shifting positions. She could tell that this whole thing with Hermione was eating them up inside, she was being torn apart, she could believe what it was doing to them, or Harry. She also knew that they were trying to think of any way to help her, and since they couldn’t find out they thought of them selves a useless and she knew for one thing that Harry didn’t stand for being useless.
“So” Keria said, trying to beak the awkward silence that had fallen over them for the past 45 minutes. The two boys looked up at her waiting for her to continue.
“SO...there is a Hogs Meade visit this weekend are we all going?” She asked, looking at Duncan. Duncan closed his book to give her the full attention that he knew she was wanting right now.
“Do you want to go?” He asked.
“I thought” She fidgeted with her quill for a second “it would be nice to get out of the school with everything that is going on and all…it might be relaxing” She finished with another weak smile. Duncan looked over to Ron, then back to Keria.
“Alright then we will go, Ron you going to come, Cho can tag along if you want?”
“Sure, why not…uh…what about Harry?
“What about Harry?” A voice said to the left of Ron. Ron actually jumped at the sound.
“Harry” his voice cracked.
“Well, I…think….so” Harry said looking at his hands and his uniform.
“So…What about Harry?” He asked again.
“We…well…we were all talking about going to Hogs Meade this weekend, and we were wondering if you wanted to go?” Keria asked hesitantly.
They sat in silences for a second looking at Harry, as he thought of an answer.
“Sure why not” He finally responded, his response was flat and didn’t take his eyes off his parchment. Ron looked between Duncan and Keria, with the same shocked expression they were wearing. Keria shrug and went back to her paper. Duncan did the same by opening his book again and staring blankly at it. They continue this way for a little while longer. Every so often Duncan or Ron would look up at Harry making sure he was ok.
“Stop it guys” Harry finally said as he kept writing. Ron and Duncan looked up with guilty faces. Harry put down is quill and looked at them both.
“You guys don’t have to watch me, I’m not going to flip out.” Harry said.
“Well we just…just”
“Ron” Harry said closing his book “I’m fine, well not fine but I’m dealing with it, you were right you know I can’t break down she needs me”
“We are here for you Harry, Just remember that Ok?” Keria said with a warm smile. Harry smiled back at here. He stood up.
“Alright, I’m tired I’m going to bed…I will see you guys in the morning.”
“Good night, Harry”
Harry picked up his book and parchment and started his way out of the library. When the large door clicked closed behind him, the candles started to flicker and Harry’s eyes started to fade again, He gritted his teeth and started to breathe deeply.
“I will find her…I will” He said through his gritted teeth. The candles licked back to life and so did Harry’s eyes. He stood there frozen in the hall way as the power inside of his subsided. His breathing was now labored and perspiration was starting to form on his forehead. It was beginning to get harder to control this power, the force inside of him. Harry sighed, wiped his forehead and walked to the dorm room.

The metal lock clicked and the rusted hinges creaked open and a plate was placed on the floor, it was then magical slid to the corner where a broken and beaten person lay half conscience. Hermione opened her eye and watched the door click shut. Her crystal blue eye focused on the food plate, she slowly and very painfully sat up. Her good eye suddenly charged faint green and the dirty yellow light started to glow around her showing the four walls of the room. Her eye snapped back to blue as if nothing had even happened. She move a piece of her knotted dirty hair away from her face and reached for the plate of disgusting soup mix they had given her. She didn’t even notice as he sucked down the soup that she was spilling precious drops on her ragged shirt, she had been given that last time Malfoy tried to attack her.
‘He’s getting closer’ she thought as she looked up to the door. When the soup was gone, like every time before Hermione’s anger flared up and her eye flashed green. She threw the plate against the door letting it shatter. The dingy yellow light grew bright showing Hermione’s frail frame. The constant torture didn’t help. When her eye snapped back to normal it flutter as consciousness started to escape her trying to fit it, she was to weak for losing so much weight that she passed out back in the corner where she had awoken.
“What was that?” a voice asked from the other side of the door. The figure that stood next to the voice remain silent as it’s red eyes bore into the cell door in front of it. What was that? Could she be more then a Mudblood? The red eyes shifted over to where the voice spoke, the hooded figure stood stock still not daring to ask the question again, not daring to even look up it just stood there looking at the door waiting. With a flip of its cloak the red eyed being started down the hall followed in tail bye the hooded voice.

The 100 Gallon a glass firewiskey left a familiar sting in his throat as he place the glass back down the table. His gray eyes shifted from the glass to the person across from him, the information the person across the table gave was interesting this time, now that the Dark Lord has the Mudblood there was much more activity going on in the Order of the Phoenix. With a snap of his fingers another glass was place in front of him.
“What does that actually do for you?” The person across the table asked. He picked up the glass and spun it in his hands watching the gold liquid roll on the sides of the glass.
“Noting” he said sipping it with much delight.
“Then why drink it?”
He place the glass back on the table and looked up. “Not why” he shrugged.
There was no response, the man with the fire whiskey pulled out his pocket watch to see the time. This meeting was going to become a trio tonight, and the third person he had not seen in many years and was surprised to hear the recent news. As eh closed the watch, the door in the back ground opened and he turned his head, with a wicked smile he turned back around down the rest of his drink, snapped his fingers for another and stood up and walked over to the door. At the door stood a pompous blonde man who had a look upon his face as he was better then everyone in the room and they should know it.
“well, well, well look who is still among us” the man said as he reached the blonde man. He pointed to the table in the corner where that was a figure sitting in the shadows.
As the sat the fire Whiskey was placed in front of the blonde man, he down it quickly.
“Expensive taste”
“Just Go!”
The Waiter nodded and walked away from the table. The blonde man placed his cane on the table and looked at the two people sitting with him.
“Take your hood off” The blond man demeaned. The shadow in the corner sat silent and the other man just sipped on his new fire whiskey and watched.
“Did you not hear me?”
“Yes” The shadow finally said “I heard you , I was ignoring you, Continue wizard”
“Yes” The other man said cutting off the blonde man. “Let us continue” At that second the waiter returned with two more drinks and place them in front of both men.
“I have in my hand” He said handing the blonde an envelope.
“Information that the Dark Lord would love to know”
The blonde mans eyes went narrow. “About?”
“Just read it” He said putting the envelope in to the blonde mans hands. He opened the envelope and began to read it.
“So…they know I am alive, I thought they would have figured that out a while ago”
“This is Mundane, that that to Vol-“
“HOW DARE YOU SPEAK HIS NAME!” The blonde man screamed standing up and pointing his wand at the shadow.
“I should kill you where you sit” his wand shook with fury, no one spoke the Dark Lords name and lived to remember it. The Shadow in the corner shifted its weight slightly.
“Sit down Wizard or I will make you sit”
“Do it Lucius” Lucius Malfoy looked over to the other man drinking his fire whiskey.
“Shut up Cassius”
“Fine” Cassius said finishing his drink. Lucius looked back over to the shadow.
“I don’t care who you are, no on-”
The Shadow suddenly rose slowly from his seat with an aura of menacing power.
“Listen to me wizard, point that stick at me again” Instantly he vanished and appeared behind Lucius.
“and I will shove it through your temple” Lucius’s eyes nervously flashed from where the Shadow was and where he was now. He could feel the breathe of it on his neck, then it was gone. Malfoy watched out of the corner of his eye as the shadow stepped over to Cassius.
“This weekend my payment will come, no one will interfere” He said and walked out of the pub. Lucius watched him leave and the he placed his wand back in the darkness of his robe. He sat down, grabbed his whiskey and downed it. He then looked over and saw the evil grin on his brother’s face.
“Fuck you, you sodding bastard” Lucius said.
“Just give that to the Dark Lord” Cassius said waving off the Waiter as he came back with another drink.
“Why are you back?” Lucius asked darkly.
“To watch the show of course, it is going to me one of an entertaining one” Cassius said standing up. He threw a small bag on the table and it made a clinging sound as it hit the wood.
“What do you know brother?” Lucius asked again.
“Many things, brother and nothing…see you around” And with that he walked out of the pub. Lucius sat there in the corner of the pub with the fire whiskey in his hand and the information for the dark lord in front of him, there was a reason he brother was here now, he didn’t follow the Dark Lord, so why would he be feeding him information. Lucius needed to figure out some thing, like who was the creature and why in the hell his brother had returned after being gone for 23 years. He stood up finished his drink and threw his own bag of coin on the table, grabbing his cane and the information he exited the pub.

The red eyes flashed back and forth as the spider like fingers gripped the parchment. The man that had given it to him was inching his way towards the door.
“Stay…Malfoy” Voldemort growled. Malfoy stopped dead in his tracks, he nervously cleared his throat.
“My lord, I was just-“
“I know what you were going, leave the Mudblood alone”
“But my lord”
“I will not repeat myself Malfoy; do not make me kill you”
Malfoy sighed again “Yes, my lord” he bowed and left the room. Voldemort crumbled up the paper and threw it into the fire.
“Follow him”
“Yes Mazter” The hooded voice said leaving the room.
“So he wants his payment this weekend?” Voldemort asked the air.
“Yes” I voice boomed through the room “he stated that no one is to interfere” Voldemort turned to face the fire that he had just thrown the paper in. There was man’s head sticking out of it, he was looking forward with a defiant air about him.
“Did he?”
“Yes, Lord Voldemort”
“Then he will have no interference”
“No” Voldemort said walking towards the fire place “ We will let him have his payment and if he survives, I will destroy him”
“well, that will be an interesting twist in the show”
“You do not amuse me Malfoy. Why should I even listen to you, I should kill you”
“Well you could do that” Malfoy said “but if you were to do that, then you wouldn’t know where the payment is going to take place”
“You believe that I could not find out this information myself”
“Oh I do, but why search for the information when I have it, and you know that you need it.”
“I’m losing the very little of my patience Malfoy, if you persist in this I will kill you”
“Lord Voldemort, We all know that you are very powerful and everyone fears you, let you are preoccupied with other problems at this point in time, I have been a practicing member of the dark arts for longer then my dear brother and compared to me he is a mere boy, I am not one of your mindless followers who do your bidding on command, you do not scare me Voldemort not everyone is weak mind like my dear brother Lucius, do not threaten me.”
Voldemort stood looking at the flame imagine for a second.
“Test me again Malfoy and it will be your last”
”Empty threats Lord, from a man who know he has no control over me. You know that you need me, you need some one who is strong and is not a yes man, you need me and you know it” The flames vanished and turned to ash. Voldemort’s red eyes searched the room making sure his was alone.

Harry lay awake in bed looking up into the shadows of the room, the haunting nightmares plagued his mind making it impossible for him to sleep. He heard the snores of all his dorm mates, they were all sleeping with no worries, no one was thinking of the future and no one at this moment was worried about Hermione. Only Harry’s mind fell open the horrible thoughts of what if Hermione never returned, and they did not find her. He prayed to what ever was looking over him, the she was alive and she was surviving. Harry’s brilliant green eyes slid from the shadows to the window to notice the sun was rising over the grounds. Knowing that sleep was not going to come with out a price Harry got out of bed, and went to showers. Hoping that the magical water would help his stress and maybe even get him to fall back asleep with out worrying about nightmares, but he was just really hoping for the first of the two. He went over to his closet and grabbed some clothes and made he way quietly over to the showers.
His eyes closed as the warm water hit the back of his head, and he back the water temperature was always just right. The water massage his sore muscle yet it was not really relieving any of the stress that was building up inside of him. The weight of it all was some time to much to bare, and he just didn’t think he could do it anymore. There were some days that Harry wished Voldemort would kill him. Then he would think of Hermione, Ron, Duncan, Sirius, Lupin and all the other people that love him and need him, and he could never let them down. Voices snapped Harry back to reality and he listened to the conversation was that entering the room.
“Oy, Harry” Ron started “You taking a shower or trying to get to Atlantis”
“Ha, ha Ron, there are four other showers”
“Yeah but the hot water!” Ron whined.
‘It’s Magical water Ron!” Harry said sticking his head out to look at them.
“Its always hot…nice” Harry finished as he saw Ron was flicking him off. Harry smiled and stepped out of the shower.
“DAMN IT, naked Harry” Ron moaned shielding his eyes. Harry laughed and wrapped a towel around his waist, he walked over to the mirror. In the mirror he saw Duncan and Ron stepping into their showers and the smile disappeared from his face. His haunted eyes tried to focus but the pain was starting to become to much. Harry could feel the power rising, he watched for the firs time his own eyes start to face white, Harry quickly grabbed the sides of the sink tightly with his hands. He watch as they completely disappeared and the power started to get stronger.
“No, I must control it” Harry said through gritted teeth, suddenly his hands squeezed together with such strength that he crush through the porcelain sink and ripped it right off the wall. And explosion of water shot Harry right in the face as the pipes were wrenched from the wall. Pieces of sink feel from his hands aw he looked into the mirror.
“Harry!” Ron yelled.
“what the hell?” Duncan said.
Harry saw through the wall of water into the mirror he saw his ghost eyes, they looked so evil and malevolent.
“No!” Harry screamed and the mirror bowed and then shattered sending shards at Harry and the others. Duncan and Ron who had come out of the shower were now jumping to the ground as the mirror shattered.
“YOU DO NOT CONTROL ME!” Harry screamed again, and the other Mirror bowed and shattered just as the first one did, Ron and Duncan covered them selves as glass fragments were flung in their direction. Ron was the first to move he flipped up the towel that was over his head and looked up at Harry. The area around Harry was completely destroyed, the sink lay in ruin at Harry’s feet the pipe were mangled and ripped from the wall and all the mirrors that lined the bathroom were laying on the floor, Yet Harry had not one scratch on him, the mirror piece lay in a circle around Harry. Harry stood there with his eyes clamped shut and his fists clinched, his breathing was labored and Ron thought it was in some sort of trance.
Duncan was the first to actually get up. He slowly got up and brush himself off, he was cut a little on the chest and his right arm but nothing serious. He walked up to Harry would was still standing in the trances state.
“Harry” He whispered. He placed his hand on Harry’s shoulder. Ron was finally standing up and brushing out all the glass from his hair.
“Harry!” Duncan said with more force this time. Harry finally slowly opened his eyes and the brilliant green had returned. His breathing was starting to slow down again. He blinked a couple of time and his heart rate became normal again. As the perspiration slid down his cheeks and neck he looked over at Duncan and then at Ron.
“Guys…you’re naked”

The breakfast table was loud with talk about the Hogs Meade visit. The village was finally rebuilt and ready for visitors. Everyone was excited to see the village and to look at the shops, anything was better then looking at the walls of the school. It was the talk of all the tables even the Slytherin were excited to get out and shop. Three student were pretty quiet as they ate their breakfast. Duncan and Ron did not keep there eye off of Harry since they left the bathroom. They both had nervous looks, for Harry had not said a word about what had happened he had just walked out of the bath room, looking very faint. Harry on the other hand was quiet because he was thinking, think about not so much about Hermione, but about what had happened in the bathroom and how whatever was inside of him was trying to escape. Harry didn’t know if he could control it much longer and if it did get out what it would do to the world. He finally felt the stares of his two friends.
“Alright guys….I’m sorry” Harry said putting down his fork. Duncan looked over at Ron and then back at Harry.
“It’s alright Harry, we just wanted to know-“
”Well I can answer that, because I don’t know what happened in the bath room, it just happened. This whole thing with Hermione, I’m trying to stay calm but I don’t think my ‘power’ or whatever it is wants me to”
“Do you want to Harry? I mean, if it was me and Keria was the one that was kidnapped I would have flown of the handle by now”
“There” Harry sighed “I want to find he so bad, but if I lose control, I don’t know if I will find her or just kill everything in my path”
“Let’s find her instead” Ron said in a whisper. Suddenly two girl sat down at the table, the stared the boy because as soon as they notice the boy moved back and tried to put smiles on their faces.
“What’s wrong?” Keria asked seeing the boys fidget. No one said anything for a second when she turned to Harry who she was sitting next to.
“Tell me” She said, as if her command was his bidding.
“Nothing” Harry said dryly putting a piece of pancake in his mouth.
“Lair, Duncan what is going on?”
“Nothing Love” He said as he drank some pumpkin juice.
“You guys are such horrible lair, what did one of you precious Quidditch’s lose or something”
“Or something” Ron absentmindedly.
“Well fine don’t tell me…we are just here to see if you three are ready”
“No” Duncan said.
“No? Come on everyone is leaving”
“I am still eating my breakfast”
“Come on Duncan you need to be more like the human vacuum, like Ron here” Cho said poking Ron in the stomach.
“Hey, don’t poke” Ron said pushing her finger away.
“Well Hurry up.”
Harry finally pushed his plate away and it disappeared.
“I’m ready” He said.
“Then lets go” Cho said jumping up.
“Hey now, the elf is still eating”
“You are so slow!” Cho whined as she sat back down. Ron smiled and cheek her on the lips.
“You’re so cute when you whine”
“Shut up” Cho whined again hitting him.
“Come on hurry up” Keria said.
“I am hurry-oh fine I’m done”
“YAY!” the girls said at the same time, the both jumped up pulling Ron and Duncan up with them, They rolled their eyes as The girls interlocked their arms and pulled the two boys along. Harry smiled and got up, he was about five paces behind them as he followed them out of the Great Hall. When he reached the Entrance Hall he saw Ginny walking alone out side, she stopped when she saw him. They made eye contact for a second and then she slowly walked up to him.
“Hi” Ginny said slowly.
“Hi” Harry said back.
“How are you doing?” She asked.
“Honestly I’m numb…so you are speaking to me again?”
“I…well I guess so, I mean after all that happened I think you need people around you”
“COME ON HARRY!” Ron yelled as he was pulled out of the school.
“Go” Ginny said nodding to the door.
“Are you going to the village?”
“No, I’m going to stay in a do some work, have fun”
Harry laughed. “I will try” Harry said as he walked away from her.

As Harry stepped outside, the bright sun light reflected off the snow blinded him, for a second, and then his eyes finally adjusted to the light Harry noticed Duncan and Ron throwing snow balls at each other, and randomly at the girls. Harry smiled and a memory of Hermione came into play. With out even noticing two snow balls were launched towards him and right as they were about to hit him, they exploded. Harry awoke from the day dream when he felt streaks of cold running down his face; he looked over him to see that he was semi covered in snow, Harry looked over to his two friends where were standing there laughing at him. He wiped the snow off of him, and plastered a fake smile in return of his friends.
“Haha…nice try” Harry said brushing off the power surge that was coursing through his body. He started to make is way towards the group.
“Come on, lets go before all the candy is gone” Harry said as he made his way to them.
“GONE?!” Ron’s head shot up, his eyes went wide, he instantly dropped the snow ball he was packing and took off towards the village, almost knocking over two third year girls in his wake.
“RON!” Cho screamed.
“He will be in the candy shop, don’t worry” Duncan said walking past her tossing his snow ball up and down.
“Thanks Harry” Cho said sarcastically as Harry past her, with a actually genuine smile, he replied.
“No problem”

The five students walked down the path towards the village and six eyes watched them as they made their way. One pair was in front of the other two.
“Ithsatch carisstich?” one of the eyes in the back asked.
“No. We wait until they are farther”
“Because I said so” The front being said spinning around pulling out a medium sized broad sword and pointed it at the other two. Instantly the other two beings pulled out weapons of their own. One welded odd shaped Sais’ and the other held to hooked knife attached to chains.
“Do not make me kill you both” The sword welding being threatened. The others slightly lowered their weapons and stood waiting.
“Good” The sword welding being said placing his sword back in the darkness of his robe. He turned back around to see the students disappear out of the ground of the school.
“Come, we must begin” It said and then disappeared. The creatures behind him, stood for a second looking out into the ground they looked at each other and then they too disappeared.

As the four of them right behind Ron, entered the village they saw the winter wonderland that Hogs Meade had turn into. The Village had been remade almost the exact saw way. Harry didn’t know if it was the snow or maybe the village but the whole thing looked brighter and newer. There were many Hogwarts students milling around, Harry saw a red haired boy bobbing in and out of isles.
“See, told you Ron would be in the candy store” Harry said pointing inside. They all turn to see Ron staring at a wall as if it was made of gold.
“Isn’t he so cute when he acts like he is two?” Cho said with a giggle as she opened the door and walked in.
“Then he must be cute everyday” Duncan said sarcastically allowing Keria to go ahead of him.
“Doesn’t he know that the candy shop can’t run out of candy there’s a spell on it” Keria said walking inside.
“You would think so” Duncan said about to walk in, he stopped and looked back to the snow covered street. Harry was standing there looking down to the end of the Village.
“You coming, Harry?” Duncan called from the door. Harry turned and looked at his friend. He shook his head.
“No, I’m going to go and wonder around, I will find you guys later” Harry said as he started to walk down the road.
“Want me to come with you?”
“No” Harry said before his voice was carried away with the wind. Duncan shrugged and walked into the Candy shop and was bombarded by Ron would had a hand for a candy.
“A New shipment!” Ron yelled.

Harry was really paying attention to where he was going, every so often he would see a Hogwarts student come out of go into a shop but he really was interested in what they were doing, his feet were leading him somewhere and he wanted to find out where.
As he wondered he looked around to notice that the forest around him was getting thicker and that it was familiar yet he could not put his finger on it, until his shoe stepped from the forest floor into a open patch, and the gray light from the sun looked bright, There he saw it, what he had been coming here to see. About 30 feet from where he was standing was a large stone, the stone that he and Hermione sat on not a few months before, the moment his emotions had finally untied them selves. He walked over to the rock and sat down. He looked around the forest he was empty and was silence, he could see and hear his breath. He sighed.
“Where are you Hermione?” He whispered looking up in the sky.
“I need you” Suddenly there was movement from inside the forest and quickly stood up. The same sense that came over him in the hospital came over him again, something was wrong.
“Whose there?” Harry asked the air, the fear rising in his voice. And eerie silence fell over the forest, it was even quieter now, there were no sounds, not even the wind. Harry stood there looking into the forest and even with the sun up in the sky, the forest seemed to get darker the longer he looked inside. Harry was frozen to his spot he eyes darted back and forth from on side of the forest to the other, there was something out there but it was either not moving or moving two fast. Then suddenly another feeling came over Harry the urge to move. Before Harry could react he heard the first noise in five minutes, the sound of chains and an object hitting leaves and branches. Then the glint of metal bounced off the sun as something was coming at him from the forest. Harry finally took the feeling to heart and moved. As he moved an evil hooked knife sliced by him sticking into a near by tree. A Second later the sound came again but Harry couldn’t react he just had to disappear as the other knife stabbed into the stone.
As Harry appeared again he watched as the chains tightened Harry’s eyes went wide as the knives started to pull the rock and tree. They finally gave way and ripped from their homes and were flung towards Harry. Harry’s eyes started to fade and the air around him tensed around him. Harry flicked his wrist and the stone shot off in the other direction tearing the knife from it. Harry could though, react in time for the tree, before he could blink the tree slammed into him throwing him into the forest. Harry hit the ground with a sicken crunch and watched as the tree flew over him. He could taste blood in his mouth and feel the pain of broken book rip though his body, then as the pains started to rise they started to fade for the power was starting to pump through his veins. Slowly picking himself up to his knees he wiped the blood from his face he noticed his glasses were gone. And the his right arm that he had used to wipe the blood was definitely broken in multiple places. From this peripheral vision he saw the chain shudder and pull tight slicing straight threw the tree, heading in a direction straight toward him. His shield went up as the knife hit it, he started slicing back and forth trying to cut inside the shield, Harry could feel the magic power trying to cut through his shield if this were to continue for a longer period of time, he thought that the knife might actually get in.
“Enough” a Familiar voice said from behind Harry. The knife was pulled away. The wind started to build as Harry stood up and turned around. Standing in the clearing five feet from the uprooted stone stood a being in a dark robe with it hood over its head.
“The boy who lived”
“YOU!” Harry growled going quickly for his wand.
“I don’t think so” The creature said with a flick of his wrist Harry’s wand flew from his pocket and landed in its palm of the another gray hand.
“You my little nuance will not get in my way today” the Creature said. Harry didn’t even listen he was staring at the two other creature to the right of the first one. One had two knives with chains, the same knifes that had attacked Harry earlier. The other was holding Harry’s wand in its hand, and to gleaming metal objects were shining in its belt.
“Today, you die boy and today I get my payment”
Harry shifted his eyes back to the long creature. Harry’s shield intensified to a bright blue as his eyes started to fade slightly again.
“I will kill you” Harry Growled.
“You will never get close enough” the sai welding creature said. Harry mental waved off the creature to his side and disappeared. Instantly the sai welding creature did also, and as Harry reappeared in front of the lone creature he was shocked to see the he was being block by a hooded figure that he knew to be at least 30 yards away a second before. In a blinding burst of speed the creature withdrew one of his sai, only giving Harry a fraction of a second to react as it swiped at Harry three times, the third time cutting Harry across the chest through his shield. Harry’s shield fluctuated and then disappeared. Harry jumped back as the pain of the cut seared in to him. His breathing started to be come labored as he felt the creature with the chained knives standing behind him.
“Farewell wizard, you were an admirable opponent” With that the creature disappeared.
“BASTARD!” Harry screamed jumping forward his eyes flaring bright white.

Dumbledore was walking towards his bedroom to take an afternoon nap when he felt warmth coming for his office. He slowly turned around as Flawkes started to squawk loudly. Dumbledore stepped to the balcony and as he looked down into his office, his eyes fell on something that he had completely forgotten about. The Elven Sword, it was glowing, a bright blue light was consuming it and it was admitting a comfortable heat. Dumbledore slightly cocked his head in confusion, not only was the sword glowing, but it was completely repaired and looked brand new.
“What in the world?”
Dumbledore slowly made his way to the stair leading to his desk; slowly he descended never taking his eyes off of the sword. As he made his way down the step Flawkes squawks were downing down as he was starting to calm, Dumbledore with complete knowledge of his office made his way over to his good friend’s perch with out ever looking. The Phoenix watched with human like concentration as the light around the sword became brighter. Flawkes turned his head as Dumbledore slowly stopped next to him.
“Well, what do we have here?” Dumbledore said looking down at hid bird, Flawkes looked at him for a second, and then slightly shook his head as if he didn’t know then, turned back and looked into the light of the sword.
They both watched in amazement as the sword lifted off the base and started to hover in the air about it.
“I think my dear friend, we have a problem on our hands” Dumbledore said with a tired voice. Suddenly the sword vanished with an intense bright light.
“I a very large Problem” Dumbledore said quickly leaving the bird on his perch and exiting the room, his wand clenched in his hand.

The bell jingled as the door to the candy shop opened, four teenagers emerged from the shop three looking annoyed and one with the large smile on his face.
“I swear Ron; you are a six year old trap in a seventeen year old body” Keria said.
“Am not!” Ron whined. Keria just rolled her eyes as the started they way down the snowy road. As they made their way down the street Duncan was distracted always looking right to left, left to right. Keria notice this. “What?”
“I don’t see Harry anywhere” Duncan said as he continued to search. Keria started to look around too; she didn’t see anything other then other Hogwarts students.
“He did say that he would meet up with later, didn’t he” Keria shrugging it off.
“Yeah but I have a bad feeling” Duncan said. He suddenly stopped in the middle of the street. Keria was jerked to a halt as she was holding his hand.
“What are you doin-” She stopped when she saw the look in his eyes, something was wrong.
“What is it?”
“Something is not-” He didn’t even the finish the sentence as he Elf eyes flashed and he pushed Keria to the ground, in the blink of an eyes as Keria fell to the ground a sliver blur swiped by him, and sliced into the ground. Unable to think fast enough Duncan was hit in the chest throwing him back in the building behind him.
“DUNCAN!” Keria screamed, she started to stand but stopped with the tip of a blade pointed at her throat.
Ron and Cho had almost made it to the Three Broom Sticks and they heard Keria screamed. Stopping dead in the tracks they quickly turned around saw a building with part of is destroyed and Keria kneeling in the middle of the street with something holding a sword to her throat. Ron and Cho slowly turned to look at each other they were both shocked and confused; fear was rising in both of them.
“Come, ON we got to help her” Ron said as he started to run towards her. Cho stood froze in her spot. She had pulled out her wand with out even knowing it.
“Don’t lose it now, they need my help” She breathed, and she followed after Ron.

Harry stood there staring at the two creatures that now stood next to each other. The air started to get heavy around Harry and a wind started to blow around the creatures.
“Hunters!” Harry screamed, suddenly crackles of energy spread around Harry. The Hunters braced themselves as they felt another magical essence converge in the middle of them and the wizard. Blue lighting bolts started to strike the ground blowing large whole out of the ground. Then out of no where a flash of white light and three lighting bolt crashed into the ground at the same time, forming a sword in the ground.
“What is that!” one4 the of the hunters screamed flipping out his sai’s.
Harry looked at the sword as he shined in the ground, he looked back up to the shadow covered faces of the two Hunters and started to walk forward.
“NO!” The other hunter screamed throwing one of the knifes at Harry. As Harry Hand wrapped around the hilt of the sword, his shield blazed around him, as the knife struck the shield it tried to fight and pierce through, when it failed it fell to the ground and was pulled back. Harry slowly pulled the sword from the ground as he looked up he raised the blade and pointed it towards the hunters, the tipped started to shake as the sword started to reverberate as a result of Harry’s power that started to flow through it.
“Now we end this”

“Stupefy!” Ron Screamed his wand pointed at the creature. As the red spark shot towards the creature, its eye slid to see and when it was close enough the creature swung his sword and hit the spell giving Keria enough time to move away. The spell hit the sword and like a baseball it snapped off and fried back at Ron.
“Oh shit” Ron screamed trying to get out of the way, he was not successful enough as the red spark hit him in the right shoulder and knocking him to the ground.
“Ron” Keria and Cho screamed at the same time.
“I have no time for this” the creature said spinning around, he was looking at what he came for.
Duncan was standing, with the help of two other wizards, in front of the ruble that use to be a small store. Duncan was barely able to stand on his own, he was bleeding from every where and had many broken bones.
“It is your day to die!” the Hunter yelled pointing his sword at Duncan. With his other hand he flicked his first three fingers and out of nowhere the two holding Duncan were flung back leaving Duncan to fall to his knees holding his ribs. The Creature slowly placed the tip of the sword on the ground. Duncan looks up from the ground, his vision burry and the pain rising. He hears some one screaming and looks over to see Keria Running towards him.
“No!” Duncan whispered coughing up blood as he spoke. Suddenly magic started to build, his eyes moved to the creature to see him disappear. The creature instantly appeared in front of Keria making her almost fall over as she slid to a stop. Duncan’s eyes went wide as he watched the creature’s hand come up and a purple light snapped in front of Keria. She fell to the ground as a pain that she never experienced in her whole life ripped though her body. The creature released her and she dropped to her knees spitting up blood as she to her hands. The creature watched as the human girl tried to suck in air. The creature slowly looked up as something behind him grabbed his attention.
“There you are” He said slowly spinning around. Duncan was standing his eyes blazing blue and immense energy coming of him.
“Now it will be a battle”

Harry’s shield went down as he charged at the two hunters, they both jumped back into the woods.
‘Cowards!” Harry screamed the demonic voice prominent in his tone. A knife appeared from the woods, Harry stood strong with his sword ready to strike as the knife cut through the woods. When it got towards him, Harry struck down the knife knocking it into a tree.
“Face me!” Harry screamed. Lighting stared to flash in the sky. In the back ground Harry heard the uprooting of the tree and as he turned he saw the tree coming at him again, ready this time he cut through the tree as if it was nothing. A feeling came over Harry that was a second to late when something hit him in the back knocking him to the ground. When Harry rolled to his knees he sword at the ready he saw the sai welding hunter standing there with a malevolent glow in the slot of blue that was its eye and a slight smiley on its gray face showing brown teeth.
“Come wizard”
Harry stood up even through his power he could feel the pain of broken bones. The attack on one another started in the blink of an eye. Even though Harry had never used a sword as he was now, he was holding his own against the hunter. The hunter and Harry went back and forth blow for blow. Harry swung down twice hard on the hunter, the hunter blocking both attempts and knocking the sword away, then slicing at Harry who barely got out of the way. There were at a stale mate, Harry’s power the only thing keeping him up, he was breathing so hard that he could even get a complete breath in and out be fore the next one need to come. As the Fight was going in Harry’s favor the tables turned when a chain wrapped around Harry’s neck choking him and pulling him down to the ground, as he hit the ground his head hit a rock. Even before the pain could register in his brain Harry was lifted off the ground and launched into the air and then thrown into a tree. When Harry hit the tree it jarred him enough that he dropped his sword. As the sword clanged on the ground Harry did to and with a sicken crunch and a inhuman scream he his the ground. The sai welding Hunter walked up to the beaten down Harry. He grabbed the bloody scalp and lifted him up and looked into his face.
“This is the boy who lived?” He threw Harry’s face back to the ground.
“Pitiful” The hunter said. Turning around looking at the other hunter.
“Let us finish this” The Hunter heard a metal scraping noise on the ground and spun around to see Harry standing there eyes blazing gold and he watched as Harry plunged the sword into its chest and then placed his hand up and a bright light cracked out of his hand and sent the hunter back. Before the other hunter could react Harry cut though the chain that was wrapped around his neck. The sword cut through the chain like butter. Bleeding internally and externally Harry brought his sword up in a battle stance glaring down the now standing the sai hunter and the confused knife Hunter. Harry noticed the chain being pulled away and all the chain fell from his neck. The knife disappeared and reappeared in the Hunters hand connected to the chain. Harry, knew that this battle was not going to end well.

The smoke rose behind Duncan from what use to be a small store. The cloud cover started to make the sky darker. Dark enough that the candles in the street light flicked on. Cho finally made her way over to Keria who was laying on the ground her breath shallow, she knew down beside her.
“Keria?” Cho whispered and Keria’s eyes looked up and started to flutter.
“Keria, wake up!” Cho said shaking her. They out of the corner of her eye she saw Ron sitting up.
“Oh god Ron!” Cho said as Keria started to pass out again, until she heard a voice.
“ELF!” the hunter screamed. “You have something that belongs to me!”
Duncan just stood there staring at the Hunter. Duncan lifted his hands up and the wind started to pick up around him. IN the sky the lighting started to strike the ground, then out of no where two bolts of lighting struck down right into Duncan hands as they struck blue fire flicked up around him. Then once the fire completely covered Duncan the lighting subsided a sword laid in Duncan hands. A beautiful Japanese samurai sword sat shining in a blue fire, the same fire that was around Duncan.
With the finesse of a master swordsman Duncan grabbed the hilt and flips the sword around stopping in a defending stance.
“Then come and take it Valfar” Duncan said fingering him forward.

Lucius Malfoy paced back and forth in the large front room of the Malfoy Manner. A large fire was burning in front of him. As Malfoy passed by the light of the fire, the rage in Malfoy eyes was almost as hot as the fire.
“Stay behind Malfoy” He said to the fire “We don’t need you Malfoy” he said again hitting the stone fire place. “Damn it!” He grabbed his glass of fire whiskey and downed it.
“I am Lucius Malfoy!” he said throwing his glass into the fire.
“My dear brother, you have no idea what you have done, I will repair you for you back stabbing” He stopped and looked into the fire. A smile came to his face.
“Good idea Lucius, no one will stop you this time.” He said with a wave of his hand the fire disappeared. Malfoy walked into the fire place said an incantation and blood red fire spread around him and he disappeared.

The dark halls suddenly glowed red as the fire erupted in a large hoe in the corner. Malfoy stepped out and adjusted his robe.
“She is all mine” Malfoy said as he licked his lips. He could fell the bulge in his pants as he made his way down the hall.
“All mine”
His eyes glossed over with delight as the door he was looking for got closer. Then it appeared, it was like every other door but this one held behind it a prize that he had been wanting for some time now. He took out his wand and tapped the door. It clicked open and the hinges creaked as he pushed on it.
“There is no escape this time my little whore” he said as he entered already undoing his robe. When the dirty yellow light started to appear, Malfoy was waiting for satisfaction of see her half naked body and all the things that were crossing her mind, things that he had never even done to a girl before. Yet, when the light was full something was wrong. He looked back and forth from corner to corner.
“What!” he yelled. He ran out in the hall, was it the wrong cell? He looked down the hall. No it was the right one. He walked back into the cell. There was no one in it.

Hermione was now able to open both eyes and she did slowly and still painfully and looked into the blackness that was in front of her. Something was different, something was wrong. Something had woken her up. Her surroundings were different but that was not what woke her.
“Harry” She whispered, moving her hair from his eyes. Then her breathe caught as she felt another presence in the room, she could also hear the deep breathing from the other side. Her vision was adjusting to the darkness and she could start to make out a figure on the opposite side of the room. The person was laying on the ground, it was not moving and he or she had their back to Hermione. She moved towards the wall as much as she could, she looked around the room. It was now that she noticed she had been moved to a different cell, yet the feeling that had woken her was starting to creep back up inside of her. The demon was rising and Harry was losing both battles that he was waged against.
She gripped the wall and slowly stood up. She knew her leg was broken so she stood on the good one and turned in the direction that she knew Harry was in.
“Please don’t take him from me” She said touching the wall in front of her. She felt more then heard it but the person in the corner started to sit up and was staring at her.
“So I have company” A low raspy voice said. Hermione spun around staring in the darkness she gasped and backed up flat on the wall.
“Please…don’t” She said as tears started to flow down he cheeks. The person stood.
“Hey, Hey I’m not going to hurt you…” He said. “My name is Ben”

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