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Harry Potter and the Fulfilled Prophesies by GRWeasley
Chapter 14 : Hermoine's Power
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Hermione’s Power

Lupin stood transfixed on the guard as he slid down the wall, the smoke from the explosion was starting to burn his eyes. Quickly he drew his wand and pointed it over to the nurse who was cowering in the corner.
“What in the hell is going on?” Lupin boomed. The nurse just looked at him with tears streaking her face. Lupin quickly turned to see Harry step out of the fireplace, he eyes blazing white.
“Harry!” Lupin said firmly. Harry just turned and looked for a second at him, then looked back over to the guard who was now stirring on the floor.
“Stop” Lupin said again, but didn’t dare move, as Harry started over to the guard. Suddenly Harry raised his arm, and the guard followed suit sliding up the wall to reach Harry’s height. Lupin watch in amazement as Harry was controlling the magic around him with out the use of a wand or spoken word. Suddenly multiple pops were heard behind Lupin, He quickly spun around again, almost losing his balance to see five Aurors standing there with their wands already trained on the back of Harry. Quickly and with out thinking, Lupin jumped in the way of the wands.

“STOP!” He screamed. But he was to late the stunning cruses flew from the wands in front of him and he had only a fraction of a second to get out of way, the only way was down. Jumping to the ground he saw the red sparks fly over him and make their way to Harry. Slowly, the air in the room started to become very heavy and the hairs on Lupin’s arm started to raise, He watched as Harry turned quickly around and vanished into thin air as all the sparks crashed in to the wall scoring the already unconscious guard many times. As quickly as he disappeared, with a twist in time, Harry returned to the point where he was standing. He eyes were now crackling with gold as he stared down the Aurors. He looked down and his eyes narrowed as he saw the smoking body of the guard. He looked back up to the five Aurors that were standing in front of him, they took the only lead he had and now they had to pay. He started to lift his hands, When Lupin jumped up between them all.
“Whoa…Whoa! Harry, don’t do it, just calm down!” Lupin spoke as he inched to the boy that was standing in front of him. Then to Lupin’s complete relief he heard another pop, and out of the corner of his eye he saw Dumbledore standing over by the fireplace.
‘Oh thank heaven’ he thought. “Now Harry, calm down” Lupin said again as he was getting closer.
“And you five” he turned and pointed “Put your damn wands down” Lupin screamed.
“Do as he asks” the voice was some one new, everyone even Harry turned to see the black man standing in the hallway. He was standing very calmly with this hands folded together in front of him, he looked as he was walking into a funeral, not a fire fight. He took two steps into the room and size the situation. He looked and saw the Aurors had not put their wands away.

“I do believe I said to put them away” the man said with an annoyed raise brow. The Aurors looked at each other for a second and the lowered their wands.
“Thank you” He said again, slowly he took off his glasses and walked over to Dumbledore who was standing just as passively as the man walking up to him.
“Well, we have a situation on our hands”
“That we do Minister, that we do” Dumbledore turned to Harry who was now standing there, his green eyes staring painfully into the fireplace, he looked so lost and so hurt. Dumbledore turned to the fireplace as if it was going to give him and information as to what was going on.


Hermione, slowly opened her eyes again and she was still coved in darkness, her surroundings had changed she was in a different room now, a smaller room, yet still very cold and wet, it was a different room. She sat up and pulled her knees to her chest, what in the hell was going on? She wonder as she looked on into the darkness, where was she? And where was Harry? From the side of her something heavy clicked. The noise scared her and she slid over to what she thought might be a corner, tears started to stream down her face again. A door, heavy and metal, slide open letting in the first dreary light that Hermione had seen in hours, it was actually painful to look into the light, but when she did, the sight made her wish that she never had, a man was standing there in the door way she did not see who it was but the hair that was blowing in the drafty room, she had an idea and that idea ripped fear though he whole body.

“I see you are awake” The voice said. Hermione started to cry even more, the voice of the demon was talking to her and she was defenseless against him, she needed Harry and he wasn’t going to be able to save her this time. The silhouette of the man started to walk into the room, and light started to form inside the room showing Hermione that it was a small cell type room, with one door the one behind the man. She whimpered and cried as he came closer, and if it was possible she became colder. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore she had to look up, and when she did her fear was realized when she saw the cold eyes of the man who put he so close to death that no one but the mystic powers in side Harry could help her, she was staring in the eyes of Lucius Malfoy.
“Oh god” she whimpered.
“Yes, beg for me” Malfoy said. “ I love it when they beg” He bent down and stared at Hermione’s shaking body he lightly touched her shoulder, she jumped and pulled away as far as she could, but it wasn’t enough anywhere she went he could still touch her. She couldn’t move, she was paralyzed there letting this beast of a man caress her. Suddenly and with violent force he grabbed her by the neck and picked her up and threw her back on the wall so now she was standing up. She screamed, but she figured now that her screams were meaningless and she didn’t want to give him the benefit of hearing her. He slowly and with sickening glee moved her dirty wet hair away from her face, and started to kiss her cheeks. She punched and kicked and tired to bite at him, but it only made him more enticed.

“Feisty aren’t we, I like them Feisty” Malfoy said and he flicked his wand and Hermione was stuck to the wall with her arms and legs spread open. Hermione laid her head back on the wall and tried to make it all go away, but he didn’t, he placed his hand on her stomach and slowly went under her shirt moving his fingers around her, she tried to squirm away but whatever he did she could not move from the neck down. Yet she could feel his touch as he moved around her navel. Then the terror in side of her started to swell even more when he started to lift up her shirt with his finger, he got to the bottom of the her bra line when he just growled and ripped it off. Pieces of it hanging on her arms and some still around her neck but he got off the piece that was hiding what he wanted to see, She saw the sick smile that produced on his face when he saw her chest, she had been very self conscience about her body when she was younger and now the look he was giving her made her hate it. He slowly lined her collar bone when his finger.
“You are amazing, darling” He whispered into her ear, as he snapped one of her straps off.
“The lace is a nice touch” He said as he cupped her breast in his hand. He slowly started to kiss her neck. Hermione fought in protested but it was futile, she could not do anything to stop him. She could feel him kiss down her neck to her collar bone and his hand slip off her bra on the one side, and again he cupped her now bare breast and she gritted her teeth as she felt his lips and tongue press on her nipple. She wanted to die, she just wished he would get it over with and kill her so she wouldn’t have to go through anymore, but then his free hand laid on her waist line and he twitch his wrist and she felt movement in her body, she thought she might be able to move, but she was dead wrong, he took his hand and place it on her behind, and pushed her groin closer to his as he kissed her breast. She could feel him, inside his pants and disgusted her that what he was doing was turning him on so much.
“Now for the finally test” He said as he stopped kissing her breast. He took his free hand and placed it on her pant line. She looked at him, she had pain and fear in eyes and she knew that he was loving every minute of it.
“Please….no” She whimpered.
“I told you to beg” He said as he slid his hands down he pants.
“No…” She said behind tears. His hand stopped at the top of her underwear and he played with the very small ties on the sides, then he slowly slid his hand underneath them and moved his way down to the prize that waited for him.
“Ah…clean” He groaned, he was about to do the one thing that she didn’t think she could stand, when a spark ricochet off the wall and hit the floor.
“What are you doing?” The voice said. Malfoy spun around quickly and looked at the other man standing in the door. He looked back over the girl who was dirty crying and half naked on the wall. He looked back over to the man.
“I was…was”
“You were interfering…out”
Malfoy walked out of the room, head high and didn’t even give Hermione a second glance. The figured that stood in the door way looked at Hermione for a few seconds then with a flick of his wrist she fell from the wall to the ground. The door shut behind him and all the light died away. Hermione’s crying began again as she pounded on the ground. She grabbed what was left of her shirt and threw it at the door. She curled up into a ball and cry, wishing for Harry to come for her. She finally knew where she was, she finally figured it, she was in hell.


Duncan and Keria stood in the Three Brooms Stick holding each other as they listened to Professor McGonagall; she told them everything that Dumbledore stated in his letter to her.
“That is all I know of right now. Harry, Professor Lupin and Professor Dumbledore are in the Ministers office right now.”
“But why?” Duncan asked as Keria squeezed his hand.
“It seems that the minister wants to be on the side of Mr. Potter inside of trying to condemn him” McGonagall said with strain in her voice.
“Is Harry ok?” Keria asked behind tears.
“Yes, Mr. Potter is ok, as much as he could be at this moment in time, I was told to have you return your home Mr. Mackenzie and I am supposed to escort Ms. Auchinleuck back to the school.”
“Professor, if it’s not too much trouble, would it be ok if I returned home with Duncan” Keria asked. Duncan put her arm around her as she started to cry again.
“Yes, Ms. Auchinleuck that is alright, you both can go home to Mr. Mackenzie” McGonagall said with a small smile. Let us return to the School, you can gather some clothes and will use the Head masters office, to send you to Mr. Mackenzie’s, now come its getting late.” McGonagall stepped out of the way to let Duncan and Keria by. Duncan stood up, and helped Keria up.
“Don’t worry baby” he whispered “She’s ok”
“How do you know?” Keria asked looking into Duncan’s eyes.
“Because, Harry loves her”


Harry stood next to the large oak doors of the Minister’s office, he watched on as The Minister and Dumbledore were talking about things at the Minister’s desk. Harry wasn’t listening to anything that was happening; all that was playing in his mind was the last seconds that he saw Hermione disappear from the fireplace. He turned and saw Lupin sitting in the corner sipping on a drink that he poured himself over a half an hour ago. Harry noticed that Lupin had not drank more than a couple of sips, he was to busy staring in Harry’s direction. Harry could feel the Aurors out side the door standing there, he wonder why they were still there, did the Minister not trust Harry but was pretending to? What was going on, in the hallway and way was Lupin staring at him. Suddenly he couldn’t breath his chest became very tight and the walls started close in on him, Harry’s eyes close and he shook his head but it wasn’t getting any better it was getting worse, he could feel the grip of unconsciousness squeeze around his throat, the grip was strong and he could and he could break it loose.

Lupin was the first to notice Harry starting to stagger by the door.
“Harry!” Lupin said as he placed his glass down and darted over in Harry’s direction. When he reached him, Harry fell right to the ground with a thud that made Lupin cringe. Dumbledore and Fredrickson looked over to Lupin who was holding Harry in his arm. Dumbledore looked over to the Minister.
“He is losing an inter battle, that has been killing him for years”
“I can see that” The minister stand standing up and walking over to the door.
“Mackie, call the Medic and tell him, that Mr. Potter has fainted and needs attention” Fredrickson said as he opened the door, the young black guard nodded and walked away. Fredrickson closed the door and sighed, a week on the job and Harry Potter is unconscious on his floor. What a good Job his picked. He opened his eyes and turned around. Dumbledore and Lupin had laid Harry flat out on the floor and was placing a pillow on his head. He sighed again; it was going to go a long term.


Something was wrong, Ron thought as the watched the crackling fire in the dorm, McGonagall and Dumbledore were not in the castle and everyone was suppose to be back hours ago. Ron looked at the practically empty Common Room, there were two other students there and one was sleeping on a chair and the other one was writing a letter of sorts. Something was definitely wrong and he needed to find out. Getting up he walked out of the Common Room, and the drafty hallways felt emptier and alone to him as he walked down them, there was a sensation over the air that didn’t seem to fit with the cheerful time of Christmas, something was definitely wrong. He broke out into a run.

This castle was extremely vast when you were trying to get some where in a hurry, usually he used it to his advantage stating that since he was on the other side of the castle and it takes a long time. But not he needed to get some where now, and these long corridors were not helping. When he reached his destination he was panting and sweat was dripping on his face he looked up at the Gargoyle, he really didn’t know what he could do there since he didn’t know the password, so the first thing that came do his mind was.
“PROFESSOR DUMBLEDORE!” he screamed as he beat on the Gargoyles chest.
“ARE YOU THERE!” he kept pounding until his fist started to be come red. He looked down the both sides of the hallway. The only sound was of the wind and his echo trailing over in the distance.
“Damn it” He said rubbing his knuckles walking away. Behind him, the grinding of stone startled him and he turned quickly around and watched as the Gargoyle was springing to life and spinning around.
“Ha, and Harry thinks he has power” Ron said with a half smile. He started towards the stairs and took them two at a time up to Dumbledore’s office. The doors were closed and when Ron reached them he was about to just walked in and then remembered that he was in school and there were still rules. So He raised his redden hand up to knock when the door suddenly creaked open. Even after seven years things still freaked him out about this place. He pushed open the door and looked around, the office was empty.
“Hello?” Ron said quietly as if he talked to long he would set off a booby trap. No one answered so he walked in more and could feel the emptiness of the room, Dumbledore was not here, so how did the Gargoyle open? He walked up to the desk and looked up the stairs to where he thought Dumbledore’s quarters were.
“Professor Dumbledore?” He said again, knowing that he was not there. Again there was no answer.
‘What is going on?’ he thought as he looked around. He spun around the room wondering why and how he got in here, and when he made a complete circle.
“Good evening Mr. Weasley” Dumbledore said. Ron screamed and jumped back about three feet.
“I am sorry to have startled you” Dumbledore said, panting hard Ron looked into the Headmasters eyes and knew something was drastically wrong.
“What happened Professor?” Ron asked completely serious. Dumbledore sighed took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.
“Let us wait for you family to arrive, I will be right back” Dumbledore said placing his glasses back on his face. Ron watched as Dumbledore walk up the stairs to his quarters, it was the first time Ron had ever noticed the real age of Dumbledore, instead of the powerful wizard that he usually saw. Ron realization of that fact made his heart beat faster, why was his parents coming here?

Lupin sat in a chair next to the bed that Harry was asleep in, the Healer that was tending to Harry told them that serve stress was what caused him to faint, he needed sleep so the Healer gave Harry some dreamless sleeping potion and told Lupin that he just needed to rest, Lupin knew that even though Harry was given a dreamless potion, the nightmares and demon’s that haunted him when he was awake, were now bombarding him with horrific images, and there was nothing that the Wizarding world could do. Lupin leaned back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling, he was remembering the moments before Harry jumped into the fireplace after Hermione, he had tried to get his attention and tell him something, did Harry know something was going to happen before it did, and did he just brush Harry off, could he have stopped Hermione from being kidnapped? All these questions were floating around in his head, if he was going to get any sleep tonight or any night in the near future he was going need a dreamless potion for him to. Rubbing his face quickly, he knew that sleep was not coming to soon, he needed to returned to the school and discuss with Dumbledore and the rest of the Order what was the next plan on action, the mission, figure out where Hermione was and the time frame was before Harry snapped. Lupin sighed loudly and stood up, flattening out his cape he looked at Harry one more time.
“We will find her my boy, I swear to it” He said and walked out of the room.


The door swung open again and Ron spun around to see his Mother and Father walking in wildly.
“Ron, Ron darling are you ok?” His mother asked walking up to him and developing him in a bone crushing hug.
“Yesh, mum” He muffled said trying to breath.
Mrs. Weasley released her son and looked at him, he was completely fine and safe in the walls of the castle, she started to stroke his red hairs.
“Mum, Dad what is going on?”
“We don’t know something happened at the hospital” Mr. Weasley said. Ron’s eyes went wide, the hospital.
“WHAT HAPPENED? IS EVERYONE ALRIGHT?” Ron screamed, and then he noticed his sister walking in with a black dog, who, when the door closed, turned into a man.
“I’m afraid not” a more powerful and rested Albus Dumbledore said from the stairs of his quarter, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley looked up and Ron turned around, they all watched as he walked down the stairs, every step more fear chilled Ron’s bones. Instantly the fire in the corner of the room, ignited and bluish green flame blew out producing Lupin in a magical fireball. As soon as the fire came it went, leaving Lupin to brush him self off.

Every just stared at Dumbledore as he walked behind his desk and sat down, Ron couldn’t take it anymore.
“WHAT HAPPENED?” he demanded.
“Ron!” Mrs. Weasley warned.
“No Molly it’s quite alright, Mr. Weasley pleas sit, all of you sit” Suddenly chairs appeared behind all of them and they all sat down.
“Everyone, today at the Hospital while she was visiting her father, Hermione…was kidnap.”
Ron shot of from his seat “WHAT!!!” Mrs. Weasley fainted; Ginny tried to stand but buckled and fell to the floor.
“Where is Harry?” Mr. Weasley asked helping his wife who was on the ground. Ron slowly fell to his knees and started blankly at Dumbledore.
“Resting at the Minister right now” Lupin said.
“What happened?” Mr. Weasley asked again, he was now the only one who was coherent enough to ask questions.
“To, Ms. Granger or to Harry?”
“Well both”
“A spell was placed on the fireplace so when Ms. Granger spoke any destination she would end up at a specific place, and Harry pasted out because of stress.
“The poor dear” Mrs. Weasley coughed out behind tears.
“Do we know where Hermione was taken too?
“Auror specialists found the branch off the took Hermione, yet when the raided the building there was no trace of anyone ever being there.” Dumbledore said.
“So, let me guess Voldemort?” Sirius asked.
“Yes, we believe that Tom is involved, Harry incapacitated a death eater at the hospital.
“So we have a lead” Mr. Weasley said.
“No, our hot shot Aurors decided to shoot first ask questions, and tried to stun Harry and barraged the guard with stuns, killing him instantly”
“Leaving us with nothing?” Sirius said.
“Yes, leaving us at square one”
“What do we do?”
“I honestly have no idea, what we are going to”
“Do you want us to start asking questions?” Mr. Weasley asked.
“I doubt anyone who would know anything will be willing to talk to you”
“So what do you we do?”
“Pray, and hope that Hermione can hold on” Dumbledore said with a sigh.


Harry slowly awoke from the dreamless sleep, looking into the bright room, his mind was blank and he had no idea why he was in this hospital bed, he was not in St. Mungo, so where was he? He sat up and looked around, this room was very nice and colorful, he was defiantly not at the Hospital. The door creaked open and a young blonde nurse popped her head in.
“Ah, your awake Mr. Potter, how are you feeling this morning?”
“Where am I?”
“You are in the Ministry, you fainted last night and they brought you here”
Harry looked around again, the memories of last night started to flood back into his head.
“Hermione…” he breathed looked down at the sheet, tears start swell up in his eyes. The blonde nurse sat down next to him.
“Hey, hey what is wrong?” she asked sweetly.
“Nothing” Harry said sadly. He started to grip the sheets tightly; he could feel the power that was inside of him bubbling up. He was trying to push it down.
“Hey, it’s ok” She said touching his arm, suddenly the power subsided and Harry felt calm. He looked over at her quickly, she moved her hand away.
“I’m sorry” She said shyly.
“Wha…what was that?”
She slowly looked up at him, and Harry noticed that she had fiery orange eyes, they were amazing he had never seen anything like them.
“I…it…I’m sorry I should leave” She said getting off the bed and walking quickly to the door.
“You’re not human are you?” Harry asked as he placed her hand on the knob. She took it off and turned around.
“Please don’t leave” Harry asked, the first time in he life he was showing weakness to another person other then Hermione. The Girl sighed and walked back over to Harry’s bed, this time she kept her distance.
“What’s your name?”
“Catalina…” She said looking at the ground.
“Hello Catalina, I’m Harry”
“Yeah, I know” she said holding up his chart.
“Oh, right….so if you don’t mind, what are you?”
“I’m half Nymph” She said stepping closer to him.
“I thought they were a myth?”
“Yeah well I thought Harry Potter was a Myth too” She said.
“Nymph’s are like Elves we keep to are selves and don’t really bother the Humans.”
“So, what about you?”
“My father is human, since nymphs are only female”
“I thought nymphs were only like three inches tall”
“And before you got to the Wizarding world you probably thought all witch and wizard were evil and fairy tales.” She said getting more confidence the more she talked.
“So, what was that?”
“Nymphs are creatures of happiness and a care free race, one of the abilities that a nymph has is to take all the grief out of the person and make the feel good, but what ever I felt it you was way to strong for me, what was it?”
“I have no idea”
“And your grief it is unlike anything I have ever felt, you miss your girlfriend don’t you?”
“How….how did you…know that?”
“I felt it, when I felt you grief, she was taken from you wasn’t she” Catalina asked sitting back on the bed again, Harry looked down at the sheets again, Hermione was gone and he didn’t know what to do.
“Yes she was” He said another tear forming into his eyes. She touched his arm again, but the sensation he felt before didn’t come, he looked up her, and could see confusion in her fiery eyes.
“What?” he asked.
“I…dunno…your grief is consuming you” She asked with a sad tone in her voice. Harry studied her eyes for a second and then looked away again.
“You have no idea”
She released his arm, and grabbed his chart.
“For the first time in my life, I don’t”


The long hallway was lined with heavy metal door, all identical to the one that he was standing in front of. His master wanted him to go and torture the Mudblood, but his fear of the Potter boy was consuming him, he didn’t want to enter this room. He would rather walked back and risk the wrath of his master then the wrath of Potter, but he needed to do this he was not in good standing with his master, to many thing that he was in command of had back fired right in his face, and his Master was standing there when the smoke cleared. He needed to do this and do this right. He jumped suddenly as some one down the hall screamed a screamed of insanity. Peter Pettigrew stood there his heart beating a million miles an hour; he hated this place, and wished that he never had to be here, everything around him reeked of death and pain. He liked death and Pain like any other, but this place was too much even for him. Placing his wand on the lock he tapped it twice and it clicked open. He slid the handle back and pushed the door open, he shuttered as the hinged creaked and cracked. When the door was fully open he saw laid huddled in the corner her torn shirt covering her bare skin, lay the Mudblood.
“WAKE UP!” Wormtail screamed. Hermione jumped up and looked with slit eyes at the person standing in the door way. Wormtail entered the room and shut the door behind him. He had been in here before and had tortured her before, but every time he started he had the fear of death in him, as if the Potter boy was going to appear in the corner of the room and destroy him in the blind of an eye.

Hermione looked at Wormtail as he entered the room, her left eye was swollen shut and her lip was bruised, she had purple bruise all over her face and neck and arms, small cut line her chest and stomach, they had ripped her bra completely off a while ago and stripped her of her pant, she sat there in underwear and a ripped shirt. Yet she looked at up him defiantly, telling him with her actions, that he could do what he wanted and not break her. She thanked whatever god was watching her that they had not raped her yet, Malfoy had come close many times, but was always stopped but who she thought was Voldemort himself.
“Get Up!” He said. She looked at him. “Get up!” he said slapping her across the face. She felt blood fill in her mouth. She wrapped the shirt around her chest and weakly stood up. Wormtail nervously grabbed the shirt and threw it on the floor. Hermione stood there almost all bare, Wormtail averted his eyes, even though the girl was extremely beautiful, he was not sick like Malfoy, he did not take pleasure in seeing her naked in this way. He sighed, better get it over with.

Hermione fell to her knees and the scream that was produced from her mouth was rivaling the insane screams he heard from the hall. He released it, and she fell to her hands, and couched up some blood.
“Why….are….you…doing…” She couldn’t finish the sentence. Wormtail walked up to her and cupped her chin in his hand and lifted her head up.
“What, girl?”
She looked at him through one eye, blood was sliding down his mouth, the ribs that were probably broken were starting to act up.
“Why” She started again. “Are you doing this?” It was same question that she asked everything that he was in here, and he looked into her good eye and gave her the same answer.
“Because, my master told me to…curcio” He closed his eyes waiting for the screams
But they never came, he slowly opened her eyes and saw that she was standing up and silence.
“What in the fuck!” Wormtail screamed. Suddenly Hermione’s eyes opened and they were burning green, a fierce intense green that brighten the room.
“What are you doing?” The air in the room started move faster and faster, and wind was being created, Wormtail’s cloak and Hermione’s Hair started to whip back and forth.

She suddenly flicked her wrists at a blinding bright blue light snapped on and off launching Wormtail across the room, slamming him in the wall next to the door, he slowly slid down the wall and dropping his wand as unconsciousness fell over him.
Red eyes watch through a magical window on the other side of the door. The mudblood’s eyes reverted back to their blue and her body collapsed to the ground. He stood there motionless for a second, and then with a twist of his cloak he walked away, this was not good.

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