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Love before Death. by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 5 : The Will.
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When Harry woke the next day, he looked directly in front of him and saw a beautiful face, facing him. Harry looked at the peaceful face of Hermione and smiled.

He tucked away a few strands of hair and stroked her face. After a couple of minutes, Hermione woke up and stared Harry directly in the eyes.

Hermione lent forward and planted a tender kiss on his lips. She giggled and snuggled up to Harry's chest. They stayed there for a while just hugging and then the alarm clock sounded half past eight.

Ron woke and looked over at the two with a broad smile.

"What was you two doing last night?" he asked with a smile.

"We did nothing Ronald!" said Hermione sternly but she smiled all the same.

Hermione left and went to Ginny's room, to get changed. Harry and Ron got changed silently and when the clock sounded nine o'clock, they both exited the room to go downstairs.

When they got downstairs they saw all the people on Sirius's will waiting for them. Harry's throat went tight. He looked around the room, as to not look at anyone in the eye.

He could some how tell that there was more than the people who were visible. He said morning to the visible people and then he said.

"Morning Moody, Tonks, Shacklebolt, Jones and who are you?" asked Harry pointing to an empty space.

He stepped over and pulled off an invisibility cloak, off of a tall man.

This man looked surprised that Harry had seen him. He had brown hair and a strong looking face. It was obvious that he was young and had a few scars on his face. He wore some rich maroon robes and bore a few rings on his fingers.

"He is Wulfrid Dumbledore, my nephew. Your cousin. Twice world champion dueller and a High-ranked Auror. He joined the Order not long ago. He came from America." explained the elder Dumbledore.

Wulfrid Dumbledore held his hand out with a huge smile on his face. Harry accepted and couldn't believe he had more family.

"Dumbledore? Do I have any more unknown family?" asked Harry seriously.

"Only my brother Aberforth, your Great-Uncle. I daresay I don't think you shall see him. He has left our family. There are a lot of Dumbledore’s though all the ones I know of, have died." replied Dumbledore calmly.

Harry was going to question but thought better of it. Then Moody pulled off his cloak and smiled. No one had really seen Moody smile, so it was a shock for most people.

"I'm proud of you Harry. You knew someone else was here, that’s great one more step to becoming a brilliant Auror." praised Moody happily.

Everyone under the cloaks revealed themselves and Harry was right who was under there.

"Shall we be going?" asked Dumbledore. "Harry I will give you your first lesson."

Harry looked up at his Grandfather and Headmaster, and nodded.

"I will teach you how to apparate, as you have that ability. What you need to do is concentrate on your destination and only your destination. Once you have a good image of your destination, concentrate on appearing there. If you do it correctly then you will be standing at your destination. First of all try it to go to the other side of the room." explained Dumbledore happily.

Harry felt nervous. He concentrated on the space behind Hermione, who had just come down the stairs. Then he concentrated on appearing there out of thin air.

When he opened his eyes, he was stood behind Hermione, who didn't know he had disapparated there. He placed his arms around her waist and kissed her gently on her cheek.

She jumped in fright and then noticed Harry was stood behind her. She pointed stupidly at the place Harry was stood and then at him. Soon she understood and smiled.

"Well done Harry. Now we need to do Side-Along apparition. Those who cannot apparate, grab someone’s arm who can. Then we shall disapparate in front of Gringott’s." said Dumbledore happily.

They all nodded and Hermione grabbed Harry's arm. Harry concentrated on the entrance of Gringott's and concentrated on himself and Hermione appearing outside.

They both felt a pull and a slight wind then they both appeared outside the huge white building of Gringott's bank. Hermione kissed Harry pleased and Harry could tell that the other invisible people was already there.

Soon everyone else had appeared at his side. The adults surrounded him and had their hands in their pockets. Probably holding their wands. They all walked into the bank, Harry hand in hand with Hermione.

They walked along the marble floored hall and watched as Goblin's changed money and examined precious jewels. Once they got to the end, at a desk. Dumbledore spoke.

"I am Albus Dumbledore and we are all here for the hearing of Sirius Black's will." he said seriously.

The Goblin nodded and pointed to a door leading out of the main hall.

They all entered and took one of the seats. Not long later a Goblin came in holding a folder and a box.

"I will announce who are on the will and then I shall go through what Mister Black has left." he said softly.

Everyone nodded and allowed the Goblin to continue.

"These are the said people. Albus Dumbledore, Remus Lupin, Ronald Weasley, Ginerva Weasley, Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Frederick Weasley, George Weasley, William Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter. It is said here that Percy Weasley will not be on his will as he didn't like how Percy treated his own family." said the Goblin slowly.

Everyone kept silent and looked at their feet, nearly crying.

"I shall read what Mister Black has written. This will say what the said people have inherited." said the Goblin.

Everyone stayed silent.

"Dearest Weasley's. I know that you haven't had any look with money, though I some how must thank you for treating my Godson with your love. Therefore I leave the entire Weasley family one million Galleons from the Black account. I must tell you all that Percy is to have none of it. He has been a selfish prat, and deserves nothing. Ron you have been a very good friend to my Godson and know he thinks of you like a brother. Therefore I leave you a small parcel. It contains some of my things which I used to help James out of trouble. I think you will appreciate it. Ginny you are the only female in the Weasley's and I do not know what to give you. So I have left you with some books which the worker of Gringott's will give you. I daresay that you will enjoy them. Fred and George, I have the perfect thing for you. It is only books but I say it will help you in your shop. I hope you make many pranks and jokes in my name. The books shall help you with that." said the Goblin as he got interrupted by Fred and George who seemed to be crying.

"We will mate, don't worry." said Fred quietly wiping tears from his face.

"Yeah we will dedicate all our future pranks to you mate. We will miss you." said George also wiping a tear out of his face.

Remus rubbed their backs and allowed a tear to trickle down his face. Next to him Mrs Weasley was crying her heart out. She was almost screaming. Mr Weasley was also crying but was trying to comfort his wife. Bill and Charlie were holding their heads in their hands and allowed tears to fall to the floor.

Ginny and Ron was crying soundlessly. Whilst Hermione cried into Harry's shoulder. Harry and Dumbledore was slowly crying and Dumbledore was clutching Harry's wrist.

"I shall continue. Bill my friend. I know you and Fleur are going to be married soon. I have left you a small cottage in the countryside. It is better than your apartment and will allow you and Fleur to start a life together. Details will be given by the worker of Gringott's. It is one of the five buildings that was mine. They were all from the Black family. So some work may be needed as you all know what my family were like. The final Weasley, Charlie. I know you are still working with dragons and I know that you love them more than anything. I have got something that money can't buy. The worker will give it you, and I hope you take care of it, and name it after me. To the parents of all the Weasley's, I leave you with my love, thanks and the money. Though alongside that I leave you with a house-elf, not Kreacher. Her name is Seedo and she is a very good house-elf. She was a house-elf at one of my houses. She knows you will be her new owners and shall be at the Burrow when you get back." continued the Goblin.

The Goblin watched as everyone cried their hearts out. Now that Bill and Charlie had heard their part, they were crying just as hard as everyone else.

Dumbledore looked up at the Goblin and noticed that the Goblin also had a tear in his eye.

"Please can you continue. I believe we all want to get out of here. I understand it is hard for you to see us like this, but the quicker the better." said Dumbledore wiping his eyes.

The Goblin wiped his own eyes and nodded. He clicked his fingers and two Goblins walked in pushing a large trolley, laden with objects.

"I will give the Weasley’s their things before I continue," said the Goblin softly.

Everyone nodded and allowed him to go get some forms.

"You all need to sign these papers to say you have gotten your inheritance. The money will go automatically to the Weasley vault. Then I shall hand you your possessions." said the Goblin slowly. He handed the forms out and all the Weasley's signed. Once they signed they seemed to cry even harder.

The Goblin stood next to the trolley and looked at his folder.

"Five books to Miss Ginerva Weasley." he handed them to her. They were wrapped in brown paper, like everything else.

"Keys and passwords for the country house, in Hogsmeade. For Miss Fleur Delacour and Mister William Weasley." he said handing a brown bag over to Bill who cried.

"A box containing various rare items. This contains, two way mirrors, and a list of ways to cause a distraction. To Mister Ronald Weasley." he said handing the box to Ron, who wiped a tear away and held the box like it was a baby.

"Ten books on how to invent practical jokes. To Mister Frederick Weasley and Mister George Weasley." he said handing a large box which looked heavy. The twins smiled weakly at their friends thought.

"A Hargle Cosed Dragon egg, preserved and can be hatched when ready." he said nervously handing a large metal case. Charlie's mouth dropped and he opened the box to see the egg. Then he almost fainted.

They waited for a while and then the Goblin carried on with Sirius's will.

"I shall continue. My dearest old man Dumbledore. You have been a true friend to me, like so many others. You have been like a father to me. Even though we have had our ups and downs, I have always felt loved by you. I was upset that I couldn't help the Order anymore than offering you a headquarters. I leave you my friend, an underground building, just out of Diagon Alley. I wish that you can use this as a headquarters, as I have better ideas for Grimmauld Place. This underground building is a lot more like a headquarters. It has many meeting rooms and ancient spells placed on it. It is all on one floor and has five house-elf's all trained in healing. They all work, in cleaning, cooking and in the hospital as nurses. I hope this has helped and I have also left half a million Galleons for you to use for Hogwarts, yourself or the Order. Bye friend." said the Goblin.

Now Dumbledore had to stand up and turn his back to everyone, as he cried his heart out. He had really missed Sirius and wanted him back. He knew there was a way but didn't want to risk it.

After a minute, Dumbledore sat back down next to Harry. Harry rubbed his arm and wasn't bothered that his face was shining with tears.

"I shall continue. My dearest Hermione. How I am so pleased that you and Harry are together at last. I had always known that you both had feelings for each other. I bet you are wondering how I knew you was with him, well you better ask Dumbledore how that trick is done." Dumbledore chuckled slightly. "I leave you my dearest friend, with books which will interest that brain of yours. I have also left you with a set of two way mirrors, you will be able to communicate to Harry when ever you want. I am sorry I couldn't spend time with you both. Well I would probably laugh at you both and torment you when you kissed or something." Hermione smiled weakly and then cried once again into Harry's shoulder.

Harry put his arm around Hermione to comfort her and the kissed her forehead.

"Next. The last remaining, true Marauder. How I wished I could of been with you. I had never stopped wishing that me and my old friends would have another shot at living a happy life, causing a chaos and dating as many girls as we could. That chance left us, when a rat betrayed us. I will never forgive him and I have left you with something, that I found in the attic, before I rushed off to help Harry. I have left a book, a very thin book. This however will help you to live a perfect life. I have also left a large photo album of us all at school. Please give some photo's to Harry. I have left you half a million Galleons, that will be in your safe. Once the book is read, you can settle down with your loved one, Tonks. I hope no one else heard that as it is a secret. This money will get you both a nice home and help you settle down with no worries. I have also left you with a very important role. I wish for you to be the Godfather of Harry. I want you to take that place and show him everything I could not. Remember my friend, I love you and you MUST read that book. Bye Moony." said the Goblin.

Remus burst into the loudest cries out of everyone. He had fell to the floor and started to beat at it in anger.

Harry walked over to him, crying himself.

"Get up Godfather. We need to be strong. We only have each others memory of Sirius." cried Harry pulling Remus into a tight hug.

The Goblin moved uneasily and Harry knew that it was his turn to hear the Will. This was what Harry dreaded it coming to. He knew he wouldn't be able to control his emotions.

"This is the final one. My dearest Godson. I know that if you are hearing this, then I have failed you in life. I will have gone to spend some time with your parents. Please do not blame yourself for my death. I am glad that I was able to spend some time with you. I know it is less than I had with your mother and James. Though I am glad that we met and you accepted me into your life. You will of heard that I have placed the last of your fathers best friends as your Godfather. I know you will allow him and I know that once he has read the book I have left him, then he will be able to lead a normal life. He will show you things I could not. Here are the things I have left you. I hope they will help you in the future. I have left you the remaining Black fortune. It is a lot and will make sure you have the best of everything. I have also left you the remaining buildings of the Black family. That is a fair number. They are all spread out over Europe. As Grimmauld Place is a mansion, I would like you to get it moved to Hogsmeade and live there after school. I understand that you will be wondering how to move a house. That is where Dumbledore will come into it. I'm sure he will be more than happy to roll up his sleeves and use that knowledge of his. I have also left you my trusty motorbike. When you are of age you will be able to use it. In the magical world you don't have to do a test, it's just like riding a broom. At Grimmauld place there are many objects which can be of use to you. Nearly every book will also be useful and I must ask you to please make one of the gardens of the Place for Buckbeak. He is cramped in my mothers room. I love you Harry and I always will. Remember that I am watching you, as well as your parents. So we will know what you and Hermione are up to. I ask you one thing. I ask you to try your damn best to defeat that wanker who calls himself Lord Voldemort. Well we all know he is a half-blood and has the name of Tom Riddle. I want you to do your best to kill him. If you have the time and strength I wouldn't mind you finishing my killer, if he or she isn't already dead. Please don't be down for me. I will of died with a fight and that is how I wanted to. I will love you and if you ever want to get something off your chest other than Hermione, then just talk. I will hear you." said the Goblin who had got a croaky voice. He had gotten upset over what Sirius had said.

Harry was crying silently. He was so upset he couldn't make a sound. Hermione hugged him and squeezed his hand gently. He wasn't bothered that people saw he was upset. He missed his Godfather and he wanted him back.

After a while, the Goblin walked over to the trolley and picked up a number of objects.

"A thin book and a large photo album. To Mister Remus Lupin." said the Goblin handing Remus the two objects. Remus took them and hugged them.

"A folder on the where-about of a new building, here in Diagon Alley. To Mister Albus Dumbledore." said the Goblin and handing Dumbledore a folder.

"Twenty book which will be sent to where ever the owner wants them, and a pair of two-way mirrors. To Miss Hermione Granger." said the Goblin and handing her a small wrapped parcel with the mirrors.

"Finally. A large amount of keys and a motorbike which will be transported to where ever the owner wants. To Mister Harry Potter." said the Goblin handing Harry a large ring of keys.

Everyone hugged their objects and got ready to leave.

"I need to know where Miss Hermione Granger and Mister Harry Potter want their large objects transported to?" asked the Goblin softly.

"Send them to the Burrow. The house of the Weasley's." said Dumbledore seriously.

Everyone left the office and immediately left the bank. They all slowly walked to the Leaky Cauldron so they could sort their heads out.

When they got there. Dumbledore got them a private room to sit in. They all sat silently before Dumbledore spoke.

Chapter five done. I hope you readers will not just read, but review as well. I will get onto the next chapter as soon as possible. It will be where they are in Diagon Alley and a bit of romance.

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