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Harry Potter and the Meaning Of Love by darthvengeful
Chapter 5 : Unexpected Discoveries
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Chapter 5: An Unexpected Discovery

Harry woke up to find himself in the most comfortable bed he had ever slept in. he also felt so refreshed and raring to go that the first thing he did was to smile. He sat up on his bed and was astonished to find himself in a bedroom of his dreams.

It was a fairly large room, with a huge window which were covered in these huge drapes which had drawings of many types of birds. Harry noticed in particular the large phoenix which was red and gold, and immediately thought of Fawkes.

He looked around to see the walls covered with the red and gold of Gryffindor with a border which was a crest of some sort. Harry looked closer at the border and realised to his delight that it was the Potter crest. Great it wasn’t a dream I am really home.

He looked up a saw a number of pictures and photos on the wall as well. There were photos of a little baby boy, who Harry realised must have been him, as well as photos of his mum, dad, Sirius and Remus all smiling happily and all waving at Harry, as if they didn’t have a care in the world.

Harry smiled and once again a surge of happiness swept through his body making him feel so special, so loved but also he felt so powerful at that point. Harry wandered over to his wardrobe and was shocked to see it being full. There were muggle clothes all the right sizes and the most expensive and fashionable dress robes Harry had seen. Wow he thought mum and dad have been busy. Must ask them how long they’ve been back.

Harry ran to the bathroom and had a quick shower before going back and getting dressed in a blue t-shirt and a pair of jeans before heading down. As he walked down he started to smell the faint sensation of breakfast, which made Harry run down the final stairs three at a time and straight into the kitchen.

The sight before him was perfection to his eyes. As Harry entered he saw his mum and dad both with aprons on cooking breakfast. They both looked so happy as dad did the sausages and bacon, whilst mum did some toast and the cleaning up. At the sight Harry smiled and let out and small laugh.

“Well at last the sleeping boy awakes” was the jovial comment from James, “Now come here and give us a hug and then you get set the table alright” he continued.
“Ok dad as he hugged him and then went up to his mum and hugged as well. “morning mum” he muttered as he let go.
“Good morning son, did you sleep well” Lily replied with a smile on her face.
“Yeah I haven’t slept that well my entire life that I can remember” responded Harry as he got the cutlery and placemats out of the cupboard and started to lay the table ready for breakfast.

“I hope you will enjoy this breakfast Harry, I know how well Mrs Weasley cooks and I wouldn’t want to disappoint you” asked Lily nervously to her son.
“Mum this will be the best breakfast ever. I have no doubt about it. No Offence to Molly but anything from you will out beat her” declared Harry. “You don’t know what this actually means. This….. is just everything I have ever wanted. It is my dream and nothing can ever ruin it for me, do you understand” Harry continued, making both James and Lily smile.

At this both James and Lily both came and sat down and started to eat breakfast with their son. Harry looked up and smiled and decided to start asking questions.

“Erm mum dad err can I ask a few questions about what’s happened” ventured Harry nervously, worried he might get rebuffed.
“I wondered when you’d ask, thought it might have been last night. Sure you can ask anything you want, and we will attempt to answer them the best we can” chirped Lily in our sweet voice.

“Ok I think I’ll start with the most obvious on” Harry started.
“Right you want to know how we came back from the dead and why now” interrupted James.
“It is an interesting story son, one you must listen to carefully and please don’t interject until we finish ok” informed James. “Right we arrived back in the land of the living on the night of Albus’s death. No wait Harry listen. Well as you will probably remember you and Dumbledore had become close and although you probably didn’t realise when he died your heart, soul and mind all screamed out as one” started James

“At the very moment when they became one you called out for us. With the state you were in and the combination of your mind, heart and soul combining, with your immense power as a wizard, your new found capabilities with wandless magic and you urgent desire, need and want to have us with you actually managed to enable us to come back across the dimensions, back into the world of the living” rattled on Lily.

“Now I know it is hard to believe son. We can’t truly believe what has happened our self. It is a miracle beyond anything, ever known. Well anyway that is how and that is one thing we all have to try and figure out later on” surmised James. He continued on after looking at Lily who gave her husband a knowing nod.

“Now you are of course wondering why it has taken so long for us to make it known to you that we’re back” asked James.

“Well gee I guess that would be nice” spat Harry with a deep anger rising. “Especially as I have been going through hell the last few months” He continued forcibly.
“Yes well first thing first young man I know you’re angry but you never speak like that in front of your mother again. Understood” bellowed James.

“Good now there is a reason. Basically we had to adjust to being back. It was a tremendous shock for both of us as well. Secondly we wanted to find out exactly what had been going on since well…. You know. We researched everything, especially about you” spoke James and then paused as Lily took up the rest.

“It was difficult everything we read and heard made us want to be with you even more. The things you’ve gone through shot daggers through our heart but we continued on. Then we finally were ready but we didn’t really want anyone to know we were back til you did. So we followed you in order to hopefully get you alone. After you left my sister’s I was going to grab you, but seeing my sister do what she did stunned me frozen. Before I could get myself composed you had already gone” Lily told as she started sobbing.

“Well then we carried on and found you once again at the Burrow. I waited and waited all through the wedding until you came back and I saw you strolling on your own. I knew I didn’t have long so I apparated behind you and well here we are” finished James as he slumped down on the chair again.

“Ok fine, I’m sorry, but dad you didn’t need to stun me I would have come willingly though.
“I know but I couldn’t be seen and we were being watched” was the instant reply from James.
“Oh my that means they think I’ve been taken! I must go back. They’ll be so worried” Harry realised as he shot up.
“Harry sit down all in due time” Lily interjected. “There are many things still needed to be discussed before you can go back”
“But they’ll be worried” Harry argued.
“Yes I know, you can write a letter, maybe to that Ginny girl you were snogging” James jovially responded with a big smirk on his face.
“Daaad. You were there. Oh man. Why didn’t you make yourself known then after she left” Harry gasped at the thought of his dad watching him.
“Sorry son I was taken aback a bit, memories you know. Anyway go and write that letter. Just tell her you are ok, but that you won’t be back for a while and not to worry. And please for god’s sake tell her you love her” responded James handing Harry a quill and bit of parchment.

Harry took them and quickly wrote.


Hi this is just a quick note to let you know that I am fine. I am safe but I won’t be back for a while. Don’t worry anymore and Sorry for disappearing like that the person I’m with couldn’t afford to be seen hence his actions but he is a friend so don’t panic. Don’t know when I’ll be back must remember carry on studying, and well also know that I love you very much.


He quickly folded the bit of parchment and handed it to his father, who tied it to what looked like a cross between an eagle and phoenix, who then took of to the Burrow.

“Harry I know its hard but we can’t be revealed just yet, please understand that. The last thing we want is to take you away from your friends” intervened Lily smoothly, before Harry got too upset.
“I know mum, it is hard I love her, but right now there is really no where else I’d rather be” informed Harry who despite missing Ginny and his friends, right now couldn’t give a hoot about those people as he was at home and happy.

Back at Grimmauld Place the Order of Phoenix were amassed in the kitchen preparing to start the meeting. It had been 48 hours since Harry’s abduction and no one had a single lead. In fact it was so quiet on all fronts, that many in that room thought Harry had been swept of the face of the planet.

Kingsley Shacklebolt stood tall at the head of the table and waited for it to die down. He saw everyone murmuring between themselves with obvious panic and worry etched in their face. He himself, although not really showing it was feeling the same way. He was indeed most disturbed as not one single thread had come up. It was completely strange and frightened the life out of him. He shook himself from his thoughts and started the meeting.

“Your attention please” he started in that very authorative voice he had. “the last 48 hours have been very tough and I thank you all for your efforts. As you can tell we have yet to uncover anything about this incident. I have to admit it disturbs me greatly. It is therefore we a heavy heart that I will end the search formally. Now before any of you complain, I have not given up hope. Far from, I believe but not actually looking we are more likely to find something” as he finished a large bird flew into the room and landed on the table in front of Ginny Weasley. The girlfriend of Harry Potter quickly undid the bit of parchment and unfolded the letter and read.

“Miss Weasley, what is it” Kingsley asked curiously as a smile had come across her face.
“It’s from Harry, he is ok. He is with a friend, but he says he won’t be back for a while” Ginny replied. She wondered what he was playing at.
“Well that is good news I guess I don’t suppose it says where he is” McGonagall asked with sternness.
“No afraid not, just says not to worry”

At that Kingsley spoke up again.
“Well that is a relief, thank you again for your efforts, and I expect knowing Potter we will just have to wait for him and trust his judgement. Meeting adjourned everybody” concluded Kingsley, who suddenly felt more relaxed at the news, although he was silently cursing the boy for wasting everybody’s time.

At the end of the meeting, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna and Ginny who apparated back to the Burrow and headed straight to Ginny’s and Luna’s room. They all sat down, as Hermione performed a colloportus charm on the door as well as an Imperturbable Charm in order to give then some privacy. After that was done Neville spoke first asking the question on everyone’s lips.
“So Ginny lets see the letter”
“Oh yeah here” Ginny absently said as she passed the letter to Neville. She was still unable to comprehend exactly what was going on and didn’t have the faintest of clues as to why this was happening.
“So what does everyone think is going on here” asked Ron.
“I don’t have an idea” replied Luna.
“Not a clue” agreed Neville.
“Well I think it is pretty obvious really” Hermione admonished in a matter of fact tone.
“Well then please inform us Miss know it all” came the snide comment from Ginny.
“Well Harry was walking away from the house and obviously this friend apparated behind him and told him something like it’s me Harry I’m just going to stun you as we’re being watched then will apparate back” argued Hermione.
“What crap, you think Harry planned this, you are sometimes so naïve Hermione. There is no way Harry planned this, he would have told us, me” retorted Ginny.
“Ok girls calm down lets not fight, we know he’s ok that is the main thing, like Mr Shacklebolt said we are just going have to wait and trust Harry” interjected Neville, before things got to heavy and out of hand.
“Yeah I’m with Nev on this one” Ron agreed.

“Yes fine ok that’s just wait, now could you all clear out I’m tired and need some sleep” responded Ginny. As she lay down the other except Luna left the room all a bit miffed at her attitude. As soon as her head it the pillow she was asleep.

Almost as soon as she started to sleep, she began to dream. She was suddenly taken to this beautiful and deserted sandy beach, with tall palm trees waving gently in the light wind. It was a hot sunny day and Ginny was sitting down on a blue towel looking out towards the ocean. It was a breathtaking sight. It was so blue and looked so calm and peaceful. As she looked out she heard faint footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw the love of her live walking towards her wearing nothing but a pair of orange swim shorts. His body was as white a paper but she could see that his muscles were starting to grow and thought man he has grown up into quiet the man.

She smiled and commented “Hello Harry where have you been my love”
“Oh no where just went to get some wood for the fire babe”
“Oh well come here” as Harry walked towards Ginny, she got the urge to be a little daring.
She pulled him down onto the towel and rolled him over so that he was lying on his back. She jumped on top of him straddling him around the waist before leaning in and kissing him, lightly at first before releasing herself into a deeper kiss. As she was kissing him and wave of electricity washed over her as he put his arms around her waist exploring her back. Slowly he moved steadily upwards until he reached her bikini top. She moaned at his touch as he slowly untied her bikini. She released the kiss as she gently let her top drop down on his chest, exposing her breasts. He reached up and gently fondled them until he pulled himself up and started to kiss each one. Ginny moaned harder at the touch losing control of herself as she moaned “oh Harry”

Next thing she knew though was her lying awake, as what appeared to be Harry’s voice called her.
“Where are you”
“I am in your head sort of”
“I’m contacting you telepathically”
“Oh, wow well what do you want”
“I need you here with me”
“Ok how”
“go downstairs and get some floo powder and call Home At Last”
“Ginny make sure you’re alone and bring some stuff I want you to stay but the others can’t know about this”
“Ok Harry I will see you soon”

Ginny got up instantly and made sure Luna was asleep. She cast a silencing charm and quickly got some things together. She couldn’t believe she was going to see Harry. She grabbed her bag and wand and went downstairs quietly. She looked around to make sure she was alone. She wrote a quick note saying she was going to see Harry and not to worry before heading to the fireplace.

She grabbed a bit of floo powder look around again then said “Home At Last” she arrived in what looked like someone’s living room and was astounded to note it felt so homely. She looked around and saw no body so she called out “Harry, are you here?”
Suddenly the door burst open and in rushed Harry with a great big smile on his face as he hugged her and pulled her into a kiss.
“Gin you came”
“Well of course I came I love you remember. But where are we?”
“I love you to and welcome my love to my home… Welcome To Godric’s Hollow”
“What do you mean?”
“We at Godric’s hollow and there are a couple of people I want you to meet” Harry informed. “Ginny Weasley I would like you to meet my mum and dad, mum and dad this is Ginny”
At that Ginny looked up to see the familiar faces of Harry Potter’s mum and dad James and Lily. “But they’re dead” was all she got out as she fainted from the shock.

“Well that was interesting” laughed James, “She seems a lovely girl though son I am very proud”
“Yeah she is err I’ll just take her up to my room she’s probably just tired” Harry responded as he picked Ginny up and took her upstairs to his room and laid her on his bed before kissing her on her forehead and whispering “Goodnight” before heading downstairs.

“so what do we do now” Harry asked when he came back down.
“Well let her sleep and in the morning you will explain everything to her then we will take you both to our vault before detailing what we are going to do” came Lily.
“Ok I think I’ll go up as well, Goodnight” Harry said as he kissed his mum and dad before going to join Ginny.

“You think this is a good idea Lily. It is dangerous getting her involved” voiced a worried James.
“Yes it is a great idea my ignorant husband. For Harry won’t be able to destroy the horcrux we found without her by his side”
“What do you mean” asked a confused James
“Harry loves her and it is true like ours. Only true love will give him the power to destroy the horcruxes and I’m afraid that his love for us won’t be enough. For only love will help Harry, and he must find his meaning to be able to succeed. Therefore we need her as much as he does. Now let’s go to be darling” instructed Lily as she led him upstairs.

Elsewhere in a darkened room sat Voldemort pondering on things when a knock came on the door.
“What is it Wormtail” sneered Voldemort.
“I have news my master” stammered Wormtail.
“Yes” spat the Dark Lord.
“Well we have found out that Harry Potter is missing master and that no body knows where he is my lord”
“Mmmm good release this information to our mole at the Prophet, it will cause great panic. And get my inner circle together, we must attack at once. Now leave” bellowed Voldemort.
“Yes master” as he hurriedly left.

Lord Voldemort sat as he contemplated this new information. Yes it was good news, and it was important to strike at this moment. He let himself smile as he planned his next attack.

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