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Harry Potter and the Meaning Of Love by darthvengeful
Chapter 4 : Home At Last
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Chapter 4: Home At Last

At the Burrow everyone was having a great time. The older Weasleys were remembering their youth, whilst the younger generation were either sitting down in pairs talking or else were partaking in a game of quidditch. Everyone had seen Harry and Ginny disappear upstairs and nobody was surprised. They all knew they had a lot to talk about and no body bothered them.

As Ginny went into the kitchen her mum and dad and other relatives all stopped talking. Molly finally spoke what everyone was thinking,
“Oh hello dear sort out everything with Harry?”
“Yes mum we did actually. We now are back together. I’m so happy.” Was the upbeat response from the youngest Weasley.
“Oh that is wonderful dear” Mrs Weasley has she gave her daughter a hug.
“Yes great news darling, I’m so happy for you” was the response from her dad.
“Thanks mum, dad it means a lot. I think I’ll go join the others by the tree Harry went there so bye” beamed Ginny as she turned to head towards her brothers and friends out in the garden.

Out in the garden the group were now all sitting round the old oak tree having a laugh and joke about life and of course all wondering what Harry and Ginny were up to.
“Well I reckon there probably snogging the life out of each other” was the idea of Luna Lovegood.
“Yeah thanks Luna for that wonderful image” the brothers all cried in unison, at which point everyone started to laugh especially Luna, Hermione, Neville and Lee Jordon. It was at this moment that Ginny turned up looking rather perplexed.
“Hello guys what you laughing at?” was the first thing she asked a bit perturbed not to see Harry amongst her friends and brothers.
“Well Hello there missy, and what have you been up to? Was the response from Luna, much to the relief of the others who were quickly looking amongst each other for an explanation.
“Oh me and Harry just had a few things to discuss, nothing important. Where is he said he was headed out here to you guys?” Ginny replied hoping they believed her.
“Well he hasn’t come out here yet sis though knowing Harry he’s probably having a cold shower after being with you” joked Ron, which again got the group laughing.
“And why would that be” Ginny said coldly.
“We only joking sis having a laugh” came Fred, “yeah sis only winding you up, after all it is really easy to do especially about Harry” voiced George.
“Well I’m glad you like making jokes at my expense. And for your information Harry and I are back together so joke about that” retorted Ginny.
“Ginny that’s brilliant” said Hermione as she rushed up and hugged her best friend. “I’m so happy for you, I know how hard it has been for you these last two months” she continued.
“Amazing I never thought he would see sense, congrats Gin you deserve it, just make sure he don’t mess you about again” warned Charlie.
“He won’t I’m not going to allow him to. Anyway I’m off to find him. Tell him I’m looking for him if he comes ok” replied Ginny as she set of.

As she entered the house she checked all the downstairs rooms but no sign. Slowly she walked upstairs and went into Harry’s and Ron’s room only to find it empty. At this point she started to worry a little. She hurried of looking in every room, out the windows when she saw Harry. As she watched him stroll towards the pond she saw a hooded man suddenly appear behind Harry pause then hit him with a stunning spell and then apparated away. Ginny screamed as tears slowly came rolling down her face.

Just then her mother had come to see what the scream and found Ginny on the floor sobbing in her room.
“Ginny what’s the matter sweet what happened” came the concerned voice of Mrs Weasley.
“It’s Harry……he’s gone…he was taken.” Responded Ginny in between sobs.
“Come on sweetheart you better come down we’ll need you to explain exactly what you saw” she said grabbing her daughters hand and taking her downstairs to the kitchen.

When they arrived Molly saw that everyone was there already including her sons and their friends, as well as the members of the order. It was the newly appointed head of the order of Phoenix Kingsley Shacklebolt who spoke first.
“Molly Arthur said Harry has been taken. Is this true”.
“Yes Kingsley I’m afraid so, my daughter Ginny saw it all happen. Ginny I know this is hard but can you explain what happened”
Ginny moved to where everyone could see her and composed herself, before slowly recounting exactly what had happened.
“Right we will start searching immediately, and yes kids you will be involved in this. You have all shown enough skill and courage to merit your inclusion, although you will have to be accompanied by an older member. Is that understood” Shacklebolt ordered.
“First it is imperative that only us in this room finds out about this. We cannot afford to let the public no it will cause too much panic, especially so soon after……..” McGonagall responded stopping before saying the name. Even after two months the pain was still too fresh for her.

“Here’s the plan. We will split into teams of four. You five kids will each be separated and paired with a four. Ok we will then head out searching asking questions and hopefully we will find some clues. We will meet in 48 hours at order HQ for progress reports. Understood? Right lets be of and May the spirits of those we’ve lost be with us” Kingsley told everyone as they all formed into their groups as he noticed that Potter’s girlfriend has assigned herself with him, Remus and Tonks. Clever girl she knows will find him thought Kingsley as he led them out.

Somewhere else Harry Potter slowly awakened to find himself sprawled across a hard stone floor. He looked up to take in his surroundings. He was in a small square box of a room which only had a small window in it. The door was smooth silver made of what looked like steel. Harry immediately realised he was in what looked for all intents a purposes a muggle prison cell without the bed.

At that he looked down and was not surprised to see that his wand was missing. Harry thought back to what happened. Somehow he remembered that voice.
“At last Mr Potter we meet again” but for the life of him he could not recall where from. As he thought that he heard the door suddenly rattle and start to open. Harry quickly got up and stood back against the wall to meet his captor.

As the door swung open a tall hooded man walked in. Harry just stared. He looked familiar but still couldn’t place him.
“Ah good you are up” the man said. “I suppose you are wondering why you are here and who I am” he continued. Harry didn’t respond but just nodded towards the man.
As he did the man slowly faced his hands up to his hood and slowly lowered it to reveal his face. Harry gasped in recognition frozen by the immense shock he felt.
“Yes good you recognise me. Let me introduce myself properly though. My name is……..”
“Dad” Harry interrupted dumbstruck at seeing what appeared to be his father, his dead father.
“Yes son I am. As I was saying I am James Andrew Potter and I am back. Now come here and give your old man a hug.”
“Hang on that’s impossible you can’t be, your dead. How? prove it.” Harry quickly responded as his survival instincts took over.
James looked at his son and smiled. He could not help but feel proud at him and his reaction. Although he saw in his eyes a burning desire to believe him.
“Well let’s see your name is Harry James Potter born on 31st July 1981, you were exactly 15 months old when I died and you became the so called boy who lived” James said hoping to get the same reaction as before. For it was important that Harry believed him of his own accord and for him to be tested.

“That doesn’t prove anything. Everybody bloody person in the wizarding world knows that” Harry calmly told this…
“Good I’m glad you think that. Ok something that only you know that also your father would know. Lets see…..Yes of course we used to live in Godric’s Hollow after we went into hiding, and a little known fact is that Sirius Black was not our Secret Keeper but instead it was Peter Pettigrew”

James told his son knowing again he would be rebuffed as since he came back he had done extensive research into his son. He knew that Harry had made it public that Peter was indeed the one who had betrayed himself and Lily that night, but again it was vital that he test Harry to the limits.

“Again nice try dad but anyone who reads the Daily Prophet would be able to spout that” retorted Harry once more despite the fact he was so desperate for it to be true he could not afford to take a chance.
“Right your not making it easy are you.” James spoke with a smile on his face as pride swelled in him at his son. “Ok I think maybe yes there is only two things I can do first I think I will show you something” muttered James as he took his wand out.

He flicked it and chanted an incantation “animagi transformi” before suddenly changing. Harry watched struck by awe as this man changed from a human into a fully grown stag in an instant. It was at this moment Harry realised this man must be his dad because only James Potter had the Animagus form of the stag as he had seen the records at the Ministry. In that next instant the stag had transformed back into the man his dad and suddenly tears filled his eyes as he ran up and enveloped his dad in a hug.
“Dad I can’t believe this. You don’t know what this means to me” Harry mumbled into his fathers chest.
“No son you don’t know what this means to me. I am back and I love you and I am so proud of you. Now here take this back you will be needing this” as he passed his wand back to him.
“Now come on let’s get out of here and go somewhere more comfortable someone else is dying to see you. James continued on until they reached a fireplace. “Ok son take some floo powder and after me say Home At Last” as he finished James took some powder and shouted “Home At Last” before disappearing. Harry still in shock grabbed some powder braced himself as he always hated floo travel and shouted also Home At Last before feeling the swoosh around his stomach.

As he arrived Harry found himself in a large living room with his dad standing there with a smile on his face. And next to him, stood a beautiful woman with the most striking red hair and the most distinct green eyes and the loveliest smile.
“Mum” Harry gaped before running up and hugging her tightly.
“Oh Harry my love it is so good to see you” Lily exclaimed as tears rapidly fell on all three Potters.
“Err mum, dad err where are we exactly” Harry ventured.
“Ah yes son of course. We are home. Welcome to Godric’s Hollow” his father answered. And with that Harry hugged both of them again and smiled and once again thought finally I’m Home At Last.

A/N Hope you enjoy Please R/R it really helps carry on.

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