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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 20 : Epilogue
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It was once again August 28th. Your one year anniversary with Sirius. He was making you dinner tonight to celebrate; you couldn’t wait.

As you dressed for the occasion, you thought back on some of the things that had happened since your arranged marriage to exactly a year ago. Grinning, you recalled the dreaded Parenting Project, the night you’d thrown your wedding rings into the lake, and the first time you’d kissed, by the old man’s portrait.

And since that day back in November, you’d been ‘dating’. It was strange to call it that, as you were married, but that was what you’d been doing. You weren’t going to jump into bed with him the first night just because you’d been married for three months. Not that you hadn’t done it since then, but you two took your time. If anything your relationship went slower than others because of the circumstances that had brought you together.

Your thoughts took you to the day you’d moved out of your parents’ houses, the first day of summer vacation. Sirius had found a small apartment in Muggle London, and you decided you wouldn’t spend another day in the Most Noble House of Simmons. You’d never forget the looks on your parents’ faces when you’d knocked on their door and said you were moving in with your boyfriend. You were ‘sure they’d met him, he goes by the name of Sirius Black. We’re sleeping together. Excuse me, I need to pack my things’. And you’d shoved your way into the house and up to the room, leaving them with elongated jaws and angry eyes.

That was the last time you’d spoken to them, and that was just how you liked it.

You brushed your long, dark hair quickly before putting it in a messy bun. Smoothing out your black skirt, you stepped out of the bedroom and into the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for you. The lights were dimmed; that was the first thing you noticed. And then you saw the small, old kitchen table you used every day, covered in a white tablecloth, with two white candles on it, one on either side of the bouquet of red roses he’d put in a silver vase.

^Sirius, you didn’t have to do all this,^ you said as your husband, dressed in a black button down shirt and jeans, pulled out your chair.

^Nonsense. It’s our anniversary.^ He kissed you, leaving you smiling as he served you the dinner he’s made himself. This wasn’t unusual, he had far more culinary talent than you ever could. But tonight he’d cooked steak and potatoes, and you could see a bowl of strawberries when he opened the fridge. You’d only eaten this three times; once in the Hogwarts kitchens, once the first night in your apartment, and tonight.

^The place looks beautiful,^ you complimented between bites.

^Not as beautiful as you look,^ he returned.

^Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself tonight.^ He grinned.

^Have you ever known me to look less than amazing?^ You rolled your eyes playfully.

^I do recall a time when you had green hair…That wasn’t so hot.^

^Funny. I still don’t believe you did that.^ You smiled.

^You don’t?^

^You know what I mean.^

^Could you explain it to me?^

^Stop being difficult.^

^Okay. I’ll try.^

^Good.^ And so the dinner went on. You talked about going to Diagon Alley the next day for school supplies; you were meeting your friends there. You told him about your day at work, and he told you about his day sitting around the house.

You had each inherited a large sum of money from deceased relatives, but you hated to waste your days away, so you got a job at Fortescue’s Ice Cream shop in Diagon Alley. Sirius loved to waste away the summer, and so he did nothing.

Sirius cleared your dish once you were both finished, bringing back the strawberries when he returned. He had a bowl of Cool Whip as well, to dip the berries in.

^Strawberries. I never would have guessed,^ you teased as he set them down.

^Ha ha,^ he deadpanned. You smiled.

^So do we get to feed them to each other?^ you joked.

^If that’s really what you want.^ You dipped a strawberry and ate it.

^No, not really.^

^That’s what I thought,^ he said, biting into a strawberry of his own.

^You’re very smug.^ He shrugged.

^It’s hard not to be when you’re as great as I am.^ You dipped another strawberry and threw it at him. He gasped as it hit him right between the eyes. ^What was that?^ He tried to hide his amusement. You shrugged. ^I hope you know I’ll have to retaliate.^

^Bring it on, Black.^ He picked up a berry and covered it in cool whip, twirling it in his fingers. This gave you time to reload before he launched the fruit into your hair. ^Hey! I just showered!^

^Now you’ll need another,^ he said plainly. You chucked your strawberry at him. It landed on his chest, leaving a white spot when it fell to the ground. He threw three in quick succession at you, and they hit your blouse, nose, and foot. You laughed happily as your next two attempts landed right in The Hair. What he did next was a terribly unfair move; he grabbed the cool whip from the table.



^Now I can’t use it!^

^I know a way we could share it,^ he said mischievously.

^What’s that?^ he handed you the Cool Whip, and then picked you up and carried you to your bedroom. ^Good idea,^ you said before his lips crashed onto yours.

There was no Cool Whip left three hours later.

You woke up the next morning alone in bed. Just as you were about to get up to look for Sirius, he entered, still in his boxers.

^Morning love,^ he greeted warmly, sitting down on the edge of the bed. ^I’ve just finished cleaning up last night’s mess.^ You smiled.

^It was a good mess.^

^I’d have to agree there.^ You each took a moment to remember last night’s events. He lay back down next to you, kissing you softly as he grabbed something from his nightstand. ^I meant to give this to you last night,^ he explained apologetically. He revealed a small, black velvet box.

^What is it?^ you asked coyly. He opened it to reveal a white gold engagement ring and wedding band, identical to the ones you’d ditched in the Hogwarts lake.

^I thought you might like new ones,^ he said uncertainly. ^You don’t have to wear them if you don’t want, I just thought-^

^I love them,^ you told him, kissing him and holding out your left hand. He took the rings out and slipped them on your finger one by one. ^Perfect fit. Thank you, Sirius.^

^Of course. Happy Anniversary.^

^Happy Anniversary.^

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