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Harry Potter and the Meaning Of Love by darthvengeful
Chapter 1 : Farewell To Privet Drive
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.

Don’t Judge me on this chapter it will get better I promise

Chapter 1: Farewell To Privet Drive

It was another scorching hot day in Little Whinging, Surrey. The sun was set high in the sky without a single speck of cloud to diminish from the hot rays. Everyone who lived in the quiet street of Privet Drive was all outside in their gardens sipping on ice cool drinks and enjoying barbeques. It all seemed perfectly normal, a typical muggle day.

However there was one in this small neighbourhood who was not outside. A relatively tall, strong but under nourished boy, no young man with large round glasses lay on top of his bed lost in his thoughts.

For this young man was none other than Harry Potter, the boy who lived. Harry was not like the rest of the people in this little suburb of Surrey, for he had a secret. He was a wizard, but not only that he was famous. For when he was only one he defeated, survived the killing curse of Lord Voldemort on the night his parents died.

Not only this but after he attended Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry he survived Voldemort in many forms not once but four times as well as staving of the dementors in his third year.

This came at a price though, for he had lost everything he held dear. First his parents died forcing him to live with those horrible muggles, his Aunt and Uncle Petunia and Vernon, then he found out his godfather was alive but promptly lost him through the veil at the Department Of Mysteries at the end of his fifth year.
That of course led to the events of only a few months ago.
Harry watched on frozen unable to move or even be heard. He saw Snape and heard Dumbledore plead


But Harry just stared as he raised his wand and shouted “AVADA KEDAVRA” and saw the green light hit him squarely in the chest. Dead.
It was at this moment that Harry sat bolt upright on his bed, and started fighting as the tears swelled up in his eyes. He rubbed his eyes to stem the flow but it was no use.

“No I won’t do this, I can’t do this. I need to be strong I’m going to get Snape and Voldemort...” thought Harry. He suddenly up and made his way to his trunk and pulled out a book “An Advanced Guide to the Dark Arts”. He pulled open the book at a marked page and started to read.

“Excellent this is just what I need this means that the fourth remaining horcrux must be Rowena Ravenclaw’s necklace.” Harry said to himself. “That means I now know the four things I have to destroy, no wait three things if that note is to be believed.” Harry thought as a surge of power raced through his body at finding the missing piece of the puzzle.

He carefully unfolded the bit of parchment and read
Fear not my brave soul, for as you are aware the locket was missing I now have destroyed it completely. Unfortunately the effort has caused me a slow death. Promise me one thing though destroy the others don’t let mine and Dumbledore’s sacrifice come to nothing.
“Oh well I guess I’ll never find out who he was” but for Harry it didn’t matter he was going to honour what R.A.B and rid the world of the rest of the horcruxes and then finally Voldemort.

Harry put the parchment down got up and looked at his clock, “damn 9:30 already I’m going to be late”. He quickly rushed around grabbing everything that belonged to him and shoved it into his trunk. He set Hedwig free and closed her cage before doing one last check to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything, after all he wasn’t coming back. Slowly he made his way down the stairs and left his trunk by the door. He sighed and said.

“Better get this over with then” to himself. Walking to the kitchen he saw his uncle and aunt and cousin sitting round the table eating breakfast. None of them acknowledged his presence until Harry said.

“Err…..could I say something” he ventured.

“Yes what is it boy but be quick” retorted Uncle Vernon.

“Well basically I’m here to say goodbye. I’m going of to my friends now and as you know I will be of age soon so… there will be no need for me to come back. I know you didn’t want me here but I felt I should say thank you despite the way you treated me. I do appreciate what you did taking me in and all and I wish you all a good future” as he finished and before they could respond Harry left the kitchen picked up his trunk and cage and walked out the front door of 4 Privet Drive for the last time. As he stepped out the door he was suddenly grabbed by two arms wrapped around him. He looked round to see his Aunt Petunia with tears in her eyes.
“Aunt Petunia what are you doing”

“I just wanted to say that despite everything I will miss you and I hope that you will be ok.

“Err thanks” Harry replied shocked to his very core.

“Harry one other thing your mum would be so proud of you. Now come here and give your Aunt a proper hug”.

Harry dropped his stuff and slowly put his arms around his Aunt and realised he had tears falling down his cheek.
“Aunt, thanks again for everything. But I really need to go now I can’t be late”.

With that he released one another and Harry picked up his trunk and walked towards the end of Privet Drive for the last time.
When he got to the end of the road he looked one last time at his home for the last seventeen years.

He grabbed the empty can lying on the street and said the incantation “Fly Away Home” to activate the portkey. He felt the whoosh as he was swept up and next thing he knew he was standing outside The Burrow, home to the Weasley’s the surrogate family who had taken care of him since the first day at Hogwarts. But perhaps most importantly home to his best friend Ron and of course Ginny, his former girlfriend.

At the thought of the youngest Weasley Harry went into a daydream thinking about her amazing red hair, the way her brown/auburn eyes sparkled like the brightest star when she smiled and how soft her tender lips were when pressed against his.
“Oh man this is going to be harder than I imagined. Can’t think about this now. Come on Harry get a grip” he reprimanded himself as he started to walk towards the house.

A/N: Well hello there. This is my first story my first attempt at writing FanFic so I hope you like. Please review and let me know what you think It would mean a lot and if you have any pointers please pass them on and I will credit you as well. Thanks

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