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How They Got Together by harrysgal
Chapter 1 : How They Got Together
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Chapter 1- End of Fourth Year

"Lily! Hey Lily!! Hurry up will you? Jeez, other people need the bathroom too!!" Megen yelled.

Lily Evans was currently in the bathroom. She had been in there for the past two hours. There wasn't a ball or anything. It was like this every single night. Lily would take a forty five minute exact bath then blow dry her hair, paint her nails, wash her face off with special cleansers, brush her teeth and other nightly things. To do all of this it took her two hours. Let's just say her roommate always tried not to stay out too late for fear she might not get in the bathroom until about eleven o'clock at night.

"Lily! Jeez its not like you have a boyfriend or anything! Why the hell do you need so much time in there. I do all you do in about thirty minutes!" Megen yelled again.

"Hold on will you?" Lily yelled through the closed bathroom door. "I'm hurrying alright? Besides how the hell would you know if I had a boyfriend, you've been too busy with Remus lately to pay attension to me!"

"Well do you have a boyfriend?"Megan asked.

"Well, but that entirely defeats my purpose." Lily mumbled.

"Thats what I thought. Now hurry up."

"I am. I am." Lily muttered.

Lily opened the bathroom door. Her long auburn red hair that was just below shoulder length was brushed neatly to one side and Lily had a purple bow tied around her hair loosely at the nap of her neck. She was wearing beautiful silk pajamas that were also purple.

"You look pretty Lily."Megen told her.

"Thanks. I try."Lily said with a laugh.

"Yeah now MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!!" Megen yelled and then immediatly after wards she had a huge fit of giggles.

"Oh come on Lily you know I'm just playing around with you." Megen told her when she saw Lily's hurt face.

Lily nodded and proceded into the room. She went about the room closing all the curtain shades and turning everything off. Everything was fine until she remembered she had left her Herbology book downstairs. She had planned on reading it for pleasure before waltzing into her dreams.

Lily walked over to her door and opened it. She didn't close it. (A/n-Remember that) SHe continued out the door and down the steps until she reached the brightly lit and comfy Gryffindor House Common Room. Only a few students remained and the majority of the ones left appeared to be either half asleep or actually sleeping.

Lily sighed and walked over to a table. She reached for her Herbology book and headed back up the Girls Dorm steps. She closed the bedroom door and walked over to her desk to set her book down.

Just as she was doing so, Megen appeared out of the bathroom. She walked over to her bed and then attempted to towel dry her hair while pealing back her covers.

She couldn't do it and for some odd reason she found this hysterical. She started giggling and she couldn't stop.

Lily rolled her eyes and begun to undo her own covers.

"When are you going to learn Megen that you just are NOT a multy task person?" Lily asked for the millionth time.

"Hmm....Let me think about that."Megen said thoughtfully.

She put on her thoughtful face and then began to scratch her head.

"Oh yeah!! I remember now. Never Lily!! "She said before dissolving into giggles again.

Again Lily rolled her eyes.

"So Lily."


"I was just wondering something."

"Really Megan, whats that?"Lily asked slightly curious.

"What do you think about the boys?"Megan asked.

"The boys? We know lots of ''boys'' Megan. Could you be a little bit more specific?"Lily replied with a yawn.

"You know. James, Sirius, Remus and Peter. Those boys. "Megan told her.


"Yeah Lily. So what do you think of them."Megan asked again.

"Well they're our friends and they are funny. Why do you ask?"Lily inquired.

Megan compleatly ignored her question about why she was asking and instead asked," No Lily. Thats not what I meant. What I meant was what do you really think of them. Like you know. Boy girl things. "Megan said. She saw a confused look on Lily's face and added," You know like them as boyfriends."

"Oh. Well I don't know. I supposed they'd be okay. To be truthful..."Lily started.

"Yes Lily I know you don't lie. "

"Anyways, before i was rudely interupted.......Actually I have never really thought of any of them like that. I mean they're all handsome enough. Mainly Sirius,James and Remus. I mean Peters alright too but...."Lily started.

"Yeah I know what you mean." Megan said.

"Man, Wormtail, too bad for you!!"Sirius said in a whisper.

Peter shot Sirius a death glare and then hit him.

"OWWW! Peter! That hurt!!" Sirisu screamed.

Lily jumped at the sudden noise and turned around to see Peter, Sirius, James and Remus.

"Oh my gosh! Megan please tell me you didn't let them in!" Lily said throwing a desperate glance at her friend.

"Honestly Lily I didnt'. When would I have?"Megan said.

"I don't know! How did you get in?"Lily asked the boys.

"Uhh....."Sirius said.

"Yes Sirius, we know you make sounds. Now how did you get in here?"Lily asked once more, slightly more aggresive this time.

"Thank you kind Lily for pointing that out. Actually the door was open and we walked right on in."Sirius said.

"The only time the door was open was when I walked down stairs to get my Herbology book and besides I would have seen you. Especially if the four of you were there. "Lily said slightly confused.

"Yeah thats true Lily. But you didn't know I had an invisibility cloak did you?" James asked.

Lily gasped and brought her hand to her mouth.

'They could have spied on me before this. I would have never known. 'Lily thought.

"I know what your thinking Lily. We've never spied on you before. That'd be going too far. "Remus said.

Lily nodded. She could believe Remus. He never lied.

"Not even those two would go so low as to spy on you while you were or"Remus said his cheeks slightly pink from blushing.

Again Lily nodded.

"What was the point of sneaking in now then?"Lily asked.

"Well Lily I know we're not the best of friends and we were all kind of curious as to what you thought of us so Wor-- er Peter here decided maybe it was time to use James's invisibility cloak. "Sirius said.

Lily grew slightly red due to the fact that three out of the four boys knew she thought they were handsome. She felt like curling up under the covers and never coming out. However she just stood there in front of the boys and beside Megan.

"Oh."Lily said. She turned to Megan.

"So you were in on this too then?"She asked.

Megan nodded guiltily.

"Yes Lily. I'm sorry. I truely am. The boys approached me whilst I was in the common room after dinner tonight. It was while you were out talking to Professor McGonnagal. They asked me if I would help them because they knew that you had considered them your friends but they wanted to know what you truely thought about them. I mean come on now Lily. If they came right up to you and said,'Oh Hello Lily. What do you think of me?' , you probably would have lied and said you thought they were real nice or something like that. Right Lily?" Megan stated.

Lily thought for a moment and then slowly nodded her head.

"Thats what I thought. I figured I'd be nice and help out the boys. "Megan said.

"Oh. Well now that you know what I think of you, you can all leave the Girls Dorm."Lily said. With that she turned around and went to her bed.

The boys looked at Megan and she gestured them towards the open door.

Megan left the door open so that the room would air out since it was such a warm night. She scrambled over to her bed and climbed in.

"Are you mad at me Lily?" She asked in a voice a little bit louder than a whisper.

Lily shook her head no.

"You look tired Megan. You probably ought to go to sleep. I'm just going to stay up for a bit and read.

"Alright Lily. Don't stay up too late though. G'night."Megan said.

Lily yawned and answered,"I know. I'm pretty tired too. G'night to you too Megan."

Lily read for about twenty minutes before blowing out the candle beside her bed. She laid down and soon began to drift off to sleep.

"No! Don't take him! Please!! Don't!!" Lily cried out. She was having a nightmare. She did not know that she was talking in her sleep. Nor did she know that the boys had snuck back and were now sitting on the floor under neath James invisibility cloak. This time it was only James and Sirius though.

"Please! Have mercy on him! He's only a baby!! Please!!" Lily was now sobbing uncontrollable in her sleep.

James looked at Sirius and shrugged.

"Hey Prongs?"Sirius whispered.

"Yeah Padfoot?"

"What is she talking about?"

"I dont know Sirius. I don't think she realizes she's doing it.

"Please! Spare him! He's only a baby! Take me instead! Please! Spare him!!" Lily cried out again.

"I feel bad Sirius. Should we wake her?"James asked.

"No. I don't think we ought to interfere. She'll be mad."

James nodded his head in agreement.

"Your right." James whispered back.

"Please!! Spare Harry!!" Lily cried again.

"Stand aside you girl!! Stand aside now!!" Lilys voice was now deeper and scarier.

Sirius looked at James quizzingly and then shrugged.

"No! Never! Please, please stop!"

"Stand aside you silly girl!! You have no right to interfere!" Lilys voice had changed again into the deep voice.

"It is my right!! He was my husband!!" Lily cried with a sob.

"James was no husband! He was a fool, even more so of a fool for marrying you, a common mudblood!!!!"

"NO!!!!" She cried out one last time.


Lily woke up suddenly drenched in sweat. She wiped her fore head off and started crying silently to herself.

' Why do I always have these nightmares? What do they mean?' Lily thought to herself.


"Yes Megan?"

"You had anothe one of those nightmares didn't you?"Megan whispered.

"Yeah. How did you know?" Lily whispered back.

"Well for one thing you were screaming in your sleep again and you woke up suddenly and started crying." Megan told her.



"Please don't tell anyone about these dreams. It would be really embarrassing if anyone at all found out about these dreams Megan."

"I know that Lily. I wouldn't tell anybody. Do you feel like talking about them?" Megan asked.

"O--Okay." Lily whispered.

"Well for starters, do you remember anything that you were screaming out?"

"Yeah. It was screaming for him to stop it and to spare the baby. I don't even know who the baby was. I remember screaming out something about a husband and it was my right to interfere or something like that. I also remember my voice would grow deep and scary like and I would talk like that too. The last thing I remember is---is--......."Lily started crying at this last statement.

"Its okay Lily. Please don't cry. Okay? Take it nice and slow and just tell me what happened." Megan told her soothingly.

The dark form of Lily nodded. "Okay. He--he put-put the er-- a - Unforgivable Curse on me!!" Lily cried.

Megan climbed out of her bed and went over to Lily would was sitting up in bed crying.

She wrapped her arms around Lily and started crying too and then hugged her.

"Megan, why are you crying?" Lily asked choking back a sob.

"Because you---you had a-- promonatation!" Megan cried back.

"What's a promonatation?" Lily asked.

"You don't know?"

Lily shook her head.

"Well for being one of the best students in Divination you sure don't pay attension do you?" Megan inquired with a nervous giggle.

"Megan! Quit playing around and just tell me what it means. "

"Okay. A promonataion is when somebody has a very real seeming dream. It seems so real because it actually is. Only it hasn't happened yet. It's kind of like seeing an event before it happens. Or seeing something from the future." Megan explained.

Lily gasped. 'So this means I'm actually going to die by the--the k-killing curse!' Lily cried to herself.'

"Its okay Lily. You do know what you ought to do though right?" Megan inquired.

Lily nodded.

"Go to Dumbledore." Both girls whispered at the same time.

Then they hugged again.

"I think we should wait til morning though Lily,"Megan said while looking at her alarm clock which now read 4:15am. " Its still really early and classes don't start until eight. If we get up a few minutes early and go down to breakfast early then we can talk with Professor Dumbledore for a few moments. Is that okay with you?"

Lily nodded.

"I still have some Dreamless Sleep Potion that Madame Pomfry gave me if you'd like it?" Megan asked.

"Thanks Megan. I'm sure that would help a lot." Lily said thankfully.

Megan climbed off Lilys bed and walked to her desk. She opened one of the drawers and grabbed a small bottle. Walking carefully as to not spill the potion she went to Lily's bed.

"Here you go. Drink the entire thing. It taste a little bit like watered down Pumpkin Juice. Its still gross but just think of it like that."Megan said.

"Alright thanks Megan and G'night."Lily said.

"Your welcome and G'night to you too." Megan whispered as she climbed back into her own bed. With in minutes she was asleep.

Lily took the potion and laid down to sleep. She too was asleep quickly.

"Wow. What do you think about that James? Sirius asked after the girls returned back to bed.

"I don't know. Lily having promonatations? That's a little weird. I mean you heard what she was yelling. For God's sake Sirius, she said my name! "James whispered.

"Well technically she didn't because her voice had changed and it could have been another James.Not everythings about you buddy."

"I know that Sirius but how many other James's do you know?" James asked.

"Well to be exact one. You. But that's not the point. Anyways we should probably go back to bed too."Sirius said grabbing James's arm.

"I'm coming, I'm coming."James muttered quietly.

They boys walked out of the girls room careful not to knock anything over and then desended down the steps to the common room. Once they reached the common room they went up another set of steps to the boys' dorms. They too fell right to sleep.


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