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Shall We Dance by skylark potter
Chapter 1 : short story
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Ron Weasley walked down the corridor and stopped in front of the portrait of the fat lady. He muttered the password and the portrait opened for him. He walked through the hole and into the Gryffindor common room where he saw her. The one girl that took his breath away. The one girl that made his heart flutter when she entered the room. The one girl that brightened the whole day just by her smile. That girl was Hermione Granger.

A lot of his feelings for her happened in the last year or so. He was having problems on telling her his true feelings. That made it difficult even being around her at times when she hung out with him and Harry. He sat down on one of the couches. He noticed that she had her nose stuck in a book as always. That was one of the best qualities he managed to like over the years. He didn’t know why, but it made him smile.

Hermione noticed him looking at her and looked up watching him immediately looking away. She went back to reading her book. She caught a glimpse of him over the top of her book. She had, had the same feelings towards him. She wanted to tell Ginny, but she was afraid that Ginny would get disgusted with her because after all Ron was her brother. She smiled as she watched him fiddle with his robes.

As the night progressed on, Ron stood up and noticed that she had fallen asleep. He thought she looked cute and grabbed the nearest throw blanket and covered her up with it. The next thing that happened he hadn’t planned on. He kissed her forehead. It just felt right and headed upstairs to bed.

Hermione awoke a couple minutes later and noticed she was covered up. The only other person that had been in the common room with her was Ron, so she put two and two together. She smiled at the thought that he had been so thoughtful. She put the blanket back in the spot it had been earlier in the night with a flick of her wand, and headed upstairs to bed herself.

The following morning, the school was buzzing about the upcoming Christmas ball the school was holding for only 6th years. Ron, Harry, Seamus, and Dean were sitting at the Gryffindor table eating breakfast chatting about who they should ask.
“So who you gonna take Harry?” Seamus asked.
“Oh I don’t know.” Harry said.
“Any girl would love to go with him.” Ron said.
“Yeah.” Dean said. “Any girl would say yes at the drop of a hat.”
Harry rolled his eyes. He didn’t care for that much.
“So what about you Ron?” Harry asked. “Who are you gonna take?”
Ron stayed silent. There was only one girl he wanted to ask, but how to ask her. He got awful quiet when he heard Harry repeat his question.
“I don’t know.” he said. “Maybe I’ll ask Hermione.”
He said it so low, the guys didn’t hear him.
“What was that?” Seamus asked.
“I said maybe I’ll ask Hermione.” Ron said.
Dean noticed Hermione walk into the Great Hall. “Well there she is. Go over and ask her.”
Ron got nervous. He looked down the walkway watching her take a seat with Ginny. He watched them chatting away before classes started and he stood up.
“Umm…I gotta go. Wouldn’t want to be late to class.” Ron said grabbing his bag and walking away.
“Class doesn’t start for another twenty minutes. I wonder what’s gotten into him.” Harry said.

“So who do you think will ask you?” Ginny asked.
“Oh I dunno. I guess anyone would do.” Hermione said.
“What about Ron? I’m sure he would love to go with you.” Ginny said.
The thought of Ron taking her to the dance made her heart race.
“Do you really think he would want to take me? I mean I am after all a friend.” Hermione said.
“If he wouldn’t want to take you, he’s stupid.” Ginny said.
“What about you?” she asked changing the subject.
“I would love it to be Harry. But of course you already know how I feel about him.” Ginny said.
The girls laughed as they ate their breakfast.

Harry caught up with Ron in the hall as they headed to Defense Against the Dark Arts.
“What’s gotten into you? You dashed out of there like you had spiders on your tail.” Harry said.
“I just got nervous.” Ron said. “I want to ask Hermione, but what if she rejects me? I don’t think I could handle that.”
“You won’t know until you ask her.” Harry said. “It’s better to be depressed afterwards.”
The girls were walking down the hall behind them.
“Why don’t you ask Ginny?” Ron said. “I’m sure you’re not nervous at all.”
Harry was. “Fine. I will.”
He turned and walked over to Ginny and Hermione.
“Ginny would you like to go to the Christmas Ball with me?” he asked fast.
Ginny’s eyes lit up. “Really?”
“Yeah.” he said.
“Sure. I would love to go with you.” Ginny said.
He wasn’t expecting that. “Great. See you then.”
He returned to Ron. “See? No nervousness at all.”
Ron half-smiled. ‘If Harry can do it, then I can.’ he thought to himself. ‘But how to get her alone to ask her.’ Then it donned on him. ‘Trap her in the library.’ he thought as they walked into the classroom together.

Later that evening, Ron walked into the library in the search of Hermione. He saw her in a corner writing away on some parchment. He slowly walked over and approached her nervously.
“Uh…Hermione?” Ron said.
Hermione looked up. “Oh, hey, Ron. What did you need?”
“Uh…I was wondering…if umm…you didn’t have a date for the ball that we…uh…could go together?” he asked feeling hot all of sudden.
Hermione was taken aback with shock that he was asking her out. ‘Wow.’ she thought to herself.
“Yeah. Sure.” she said fast.
“Really?” Ron asked astonished on her answer.
“I would love too, Ron.” Hermione said flashing him a soft smile.
“Wow. Great.” Ron said.
“Why don’t you join me?” she asked.
Ron took a seat next to her. For the first time that night he didn’t feel nervous at all to be around her. They chatted away as they worked on homework together. By the time they were finished talking everyone in the library had dispersed.
“I guess we better head to the common room. I didn’t realize so much time went by just talking to you.” Hermione said.
“Yeah, well, we found out a lot about each other.” Ron said.
Hermione smiled as she gathered up her things. Ron offered to carry her bag for her.
“Thanks.” she said softly as they headed out of the library.
As they started walking down the hall their hands merged together without them even realizing it.
“You were the one that covered me up last night weren’t you?” she asked sweetly.
“Yeah. I figured you would get cold, so I thought it was a nice gesture.” Ron said.
“Well I thought it was. It was nice of you to think of me.” Hermione said leaning into shoulder as they walked still holding his hand.
They parted as they walked through the portrait hole and into the common room.
“Well I guess this is where we part.” Hermione said smiling nervously.
Ron handed her, her bag back.
“Thanks for carrying my stuff.” Hermione said leaning up and kissing his cheek. “See you in the morning.”
Ron watched her disappear upstairs and sighed. He was in a too good of mood to go to bed, so he laid down on the couch just staring at the ceiling.


Sixth years were bustling around the halls in their new robes and whatnot the night of the ball. Ron was in the boys dormitory looking at himself in the mirror.
“She’s gonna laugh.” Ron said.
“I told you, you could’ve borrowed money and paid me back.” Harry said. “I was more than willing.”
“I know, but you know how I feel about that.” Ron said.
“You need to quit worrying. She’ll love you in it.” Seamus said holding back giggles.
“I don’t think I’m going.” Ron said.
Harry pushed him down the stairs. Hermione and Ginny were waiting in the common room. They stood as they saw the boys appear. Harry and Ginny went ahead of Ron and Hermione.
Ron was breathless at her beauty. He couldn’t believe how much he didn’t notice how beautiful she was before.
“Y-y-you look nice.” he stuttered.
“You do too.” she said.
Ron extended his arm and Hermione gladly took it. They walked out into the corridor and headed to the Great Hall.

Once inside the hall, they stood around for a minute or so before heading out onto the dance floor. The song was slow and Ron & Hermione were looking elsewhere. They were nervous once again.
“I know I should’ve told you sooner, but I think you’re a great guy.” Hermione said speaking first.
“Well I think you’re a great girl even if you have your nose stuck in books all the time.” he said.
“Couldn’t learn new things otherwise.” she said smiling.
He laughed. “Yeah.”
They stayed silent for a second before he spoke again.
“Hermione I…” he started.
She didn’t give him a chance to finish and kissed him softly. The kiss shocked him. He broke it a second later.
“Why’d you kiss me?” he asked.
“I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.” she said.
“You have?”
“Yeah. Ron I like you and I want something more.” she said. “Don’t you feel the same way?”
“More than words can describe.” he said kissing her again that night.

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