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Cafe on the Corner by elsbeth22
Chapter 1 : Cafe on the Corner
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AN: ok, this was something to occupy time....I, personally, am so not impressed, but if your as bored as I was when I wrote it....well, what can it harm?


Where have you been?
My long lost friend?
It's good to see you again.

Ginny Weasley couldn't believe what she was seeing. Harry Potter walked into the restaurant where she worked as a waitress. It had been a long time since her brother's death and Harry disappeared shortly after. It had been fifteen years to be exact. Being "the-boy-who-lived-twice" wasn't all glam and easy work. It took her moment before she got a hold of her mind and walked up to Chelsea, the waitress who was supposed to take that table.
"Umm, Chels? Could I take that table from you?"

"Why, Ginny? Think he's cute? Because if you do, that's perfect with me. You stay too shut out of the 'man's world.' Besides, John would be mad if I didn't get you to talk to someone!" The mention of Chelsea's boyfriend and the manager of the restaurant made Ginny smile. Straightening her apron she grabbed a menu and slowly walked towards the handsome man with a thin lightning-shaped scar on his forehead, hidden by a mass of raven-black hair, situated at table #5. As she approached she saw his emerald eyes widen and blink several times.

Come and sit for a while.
I've missed you smile,
Today the past says, "Good Bye"
Time can't erase
A lovers embrace.

Harry Potter had walked in to the muggle restaurant hoping to erase any memory of the wizarding world. He strode in to "Jack's Corner" and sat down at the nearest table, waiting for a waitress or waiter. Money had never been a problem, but he liked the small, locally owned restaurants around New York. Hearing foot steps he looked up with a small glare. What he saw made his jaw drop. A beautiful redhead with her collar a little too far down the neck was walking straight toward him. This strange beauty had dark chocolate eyes that faded into a slight gold. Her curves were proudly displayed and her red mouth didn't seem to need any lipstick. Her waist length hair was a deep shade of red with orange strands everywhere. He had only been taken speechless by two other women in all his entire life. One had died years ago and the other was Ron's little sister. "Cho and Ginny. The two 'tragic loves of my life'," he thought ironically. Maybe hooking up with this muggle would help him forget the pain like drinking never would.

As she got closer he almost choked on his spit. The little girl who had won his heart for the final time was standing, not two feet away. "Ginny?" he gasped. The woman smiled. "My God, you've grown. Can you sit down? It's been so long. Why are you here of all places?"

"Calm down Harry." She said with a friendly grin on her face. Harry's stomach clenched and he wanted it to be more than just friendly. "I moved here to get away from it all."

Harry looked at her sharply then did a slow intake of breath and controlled his racing heart. "Really? So have I." He whispered.

Can't you hear it calling,
A new day dawning,
You were longing to find.

They talked the whole night through and there still was a lot left unsaid. Speaking with Ginny made Harry's past seem like a shadow. He was mostly interested in her lips and the words they formed, that was all the medicine he needed to hear. She had certainly grown up from the little pest that followed him everywhere. If her brother hadn't been killed in "the Great War", he would have married her. But then, every time he saw her he was reminded of Ron.

Love's taken you hard,
Away from my arms
And I've been here all alone.
Have your eyes failed to find
What took you from mine?
A vision that's faded through time.
But you sailed away
On a fine summer's day

Ginny was lost in how far they had fallen from each other. She had been ready to marry this man if Ron had lived; but he was Ron's best friend and she hated the fact that she lived. Hermione never got over her husband's death 'No wonder Harry disappeared.' Ginny thought with pity, 'Harry is the world's greatest sorcerer and he can't live with the power or the responsibility. He obviously didn't find the solitude he desperately wanted. He is a man trailed by blood, this Harry Potter.'

Can't you hear it calling,
A new day dawning,
You were longing to find.

Harry suddenly realized what time it was and prepared to leave; his guilt and remorse finally had having caught up with him. He couldn't stand how beautiful Ginny was and the thought she was married or already taken by another man. He couldn't disrupt a marriage or hurt another man like he had been hurt. Ginny was too pretty to be single. He sighed and began to walk out the door, when a small voice cried from behind him.

There is a way to make you stay.
Darling don't turn away.
Don't doubt your heart,
And keep us apart.
I'm right where you are.

Ginny ran up to him. She couldn't pretend she didn't love him, he deserved better than a lonely life. He deserved better than the hell he had been living. She couldn't mend his soul, but she COULD try and she wasn't going to stand around and do nothing, Not when her one true love was, in her mind, back from the dead. The dead world of hate, self-pity, anger, and loneliness. She wrapped her hands around him and kissed him with all the passion she had kept in side herself. She was shocked when he started kissing her back and she knew he would return to be the man she had once adored and revered.

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Cafe on the Corner: Cafe on the Corner


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