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Harry Friend by Arwen1
Chapter 1 : Harry Friend
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Harry 5th year
A/N I cant spell so I hop u can red this !!!! R/R

Harry was in is room thinking about stuff is bored out of his mane when there was a kook on the window. It was his friend TK (sort 4 Tammy) Tk climed throw the window

“ Hi Harry what you doing? TK ask
“ Nothing much …what do u won’t? Ask Harry
“ I am to tell u about the letter that I got from a school u miat know about” said Tk with a simile
“ What…u got the letter from Hogwarst letter …that’s grat.but I thought u were going to the back to the school in NZ what happen…did u get kind out aging? Ask Harry
“ NO I DID Not…They send me over to Hogwarst when I move here” said TK
“ Oh sorry u don’t need to shout at me u know…. but that’s great that I am so happy u can meet all my friend’s and …YAY”said Harry
“ Wow your happy. Will I got to go and get redy my mom and me are going to Digon Ally today…bye’s as she was living

Sorry this srot but it my frist

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