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Vindicated by Secret Lily
Chapter 20 : Auntie Erin
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Chapter 20- Auntie Erin

When I woke up this morning to a bright, sunshine filled day, I was surprised. I had almost expected a hail storm, a natural disaster of some sort. Today wasnít expected to be perfect, but it was.

It was almost depressing to get up and know that two of your friends were growing up. Yet, the fact that I helped them seemed to make a difference.

I didnít have to leave for another hour so I roamed through my apartment. Part of it was shared with my good friend, Leah Graham. We were slobs, truth be told, but I still could find that treasured box I was searching for.

It was small, not anything spectacular, but it held memories that I loved and cherished. It was filled to the brim with all sorts of chaos; most being from seventh year. That year was stressful, heartbreaking to say the least, and nearly unbearable. It was the year the Marauders joined forces with me and my friends for the greater good. I am proud to say, we didnít fail.

The first thing I came across was a picture. A picture of all of us at the lake. There was Vita on the end, smiling and dipping her feet into the water ever so carefully. There was Ruby, her face shyly in her hair, her hands around her knees self-consciously. There was Lily, her smile wide, her eyes sparkling. There was Leah, splashing around in the water with her pant legs rolled up to her knees. Then, there was me. I was right in the middle, not even gazing at the camera, but watching my friends with fascination.

I came across a notebook I had started in seventh year. I used to add things to it when our plans almost terminated.

Lily dumped Ethan Sullivan. Canít say Iím too concerned about that. He was a stuck up snob if I do say so myself.

Lily got made Head Girl along with, surprisingly enough, James Potter. Should be an interesting year.

Evil plot formed in my mind to set the two of them up. I may be crazy, but stupid I am not.

Lily talks with Sirius Black (how low could she sink?) and finally realizes that she may indeed have a bit of a problem concerning his best friend.

Sirius Black and I (gasp) become friends. Allies in the making.

Lily (screw ball that she is) asks Gary Freeman out by mistake when actually trying to ask James Potter. This girl, canít take her anywhere.

Lily talks about her dad after a horrible date with Gary.

Lily kisses James Potter! AW! I know, itís beautiful to see how far theyíve come. Yet, she ran away and started crying. Somehow, this was a sort of revelation for Leah, who ran into the common room and joined her lips to Sirius Blackís. This seemed to be enough for him.

James confronts Lily, but she insists that the timing is not right. Sheís very indecisive. Iím her best friend, I should know. I feel as though that by the time theyíre together theyíre going to be ninety years old.

Lilyís sworn enemy, Jenna Thompson, goes after James and surprisingly he accepts.

James falls off a broom. Leave these two alone for too long and they go around crashing into walls and falling off of brooms. I swear, theyíre like toddlers. Erin this, and Erin that. That James Potter, claims heís Quidditch captain, but heís still falling off of his broom. Next Lily will be diving off of the Astronomy Tower into the lake. Better go make sure her head is still connected to her neck.

Lily turns into a jealous broad who wishes she was Jenna Thompson. Somehow, while overhearing this in our dorm, Jenna sets the record straight.

The two heads skip classes and get together in the process. Itís about damn time. I am only jealous that I had to be in class while they were professing their undying love for one another. Sure beats what I was doing. I was in Potions for crying out loud! We all know how good I am at Potions..

Walked into Great Hall and nearly had a heart attack. There were James Potter and Lily Evans. At the same table. Breathing the same air. Sitting by one another! Too much to take, must breathe.

James wants to meet Lilyís parents and her to meet his, but of course Lily is far too complicated to go through with such a thing.

Stupid Ethan Sullivan ruins all that I have worked so hard to build. If James doesnít get to him first, I may just have to take him out.

They broke up! The world is over. I want to just shake the two of them and scream, ďWhy donít you ever listen to me?Ē Is that a bit self-centered or what?

Sirius had placed a pool on how long their relationship would last. That darn Leah Graham won it. Thatís a month of chocolate from Honeydukes. I envy her. Maybe sheíll share..

They decided to be friends. Have to see how this works out..

Lily goes on a date with the perfectly ordinary Simon Hall.

Sirius, Leah, and I get sick of all this awkwardness and decide to just throw them in a broom closet and let them get it over with. Itís rash, but full proof according to Sirius.

Itís about damn time! Weíre graduated, theyíre together. I can finally rest.

I sighed as I closed the book of my memories. It all seemed so long ago. I eyed one of the last things in the box. It was a letter I had written to Lily before we had started our seventh year.

Dear Lily,

Howís your summer been? Hopefully itís been going well. Things around here are pretty unexciting. Although, I canít truly say that. Living next to the Potters can sometimes bring fun to non-stop boredom.

Mrs. Potter always invites me over for a cup of tea but alas, I must refuse. I donít want to run into Sirius, of course. That would be so embarrassing. He has seen me this summer though, much to my displeasure. James Potter canít stop talking about you, Lily. Itís amazing how much he can find to talk about. Iím your best friend and even I canít talk about you that much. He asked me for your owling address and I told him I couldnít tell him. I just want you to know, I think you should write to him. Give him a shot. I live next door to him, how bad can he be?

Now, donít think Iíve forgotten what I promised before we left. You are not, I mean absolutely not, going to give anyone the speech this year. Youíre going to find a boyfriend, fall in love, make tons of little Lilyís and make me baby-sit them. Iíll become Auntie Erin and live alone; depressed and distraught.

Howís Petunia? If sheís been dreadful to you, just let me know. Iíll give her a piece of my mind. Trust me, she hasnít seen me angry yet. Youíre one to account for how temperamental I can get. If she gets too hard on you, just imagine all the spells you can do to her once we leave Hogwarts!

Please let me know how youíve been. I havenít talked to the others all that much. Theyíve been busy vacationing with their families. I miss you, Lils!

With love,


Old Auntie Erin I am sure to become. I laughed and laughed at how difficult it had been to imagine Lily settling down. It was ironic that I reminisce on this day, opposed to any other. Then again, this day was unlike any others.

Lily and James were getting married. I was maid of honor, would most likely end of babysitting for their dozen of possible children, and could sit back and watch in the meantime.

Lily and James getting married. This I had to seeÖ

A/N: I know it wasnít long, but it wasnít meant to be long. It was a sort of epilogue. Thanks for sticking with me. Please review.

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Vindicated: Auntie Erin


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