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Finding You by Delia Grace
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything relative to Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling does.

*~*~*:;:;:;:C|H|A|P|T|E|R| |O|N|E:;:;:;*~*~*

*Lily’s P.O.V.*

Making my way down this overly crowded platform, I thought to myself. When did Hogwarts get this many kids? I mean seriously, this is getting ridiculous. I can’t walk anywhere without a hand ‘accidently’ touching my butt. As if that’s not enough, I have Potter standing right next to me. Ofcourse he, out of all the seventh year boys at Hogwarts, he was Head Boy. I expected Remus to be Head Boy, but I guess I can’t always get what I want. God, Remus is hot. I wish Potter would just leave me alone. And Black, if I wishing at all. God, what does Potter want now?

“ Hey Evans, snap out of it. We’re boarding the train.” Potter smirked.

“ I know! I know!” I snapped back at him in my ‘Oh-so-perky’ voice. He can be so annoying. Always picking on me, and teasing. I’m just glad I don’t have it as bad as that Snape kid. Maybe I should just go out with Severus. That would get a rise out of James. I know that guy likes me, I always catch him staring at me.

“ Right this way, my dear.” Potter exclaimed while pointing to the Heads’ Compartment. This is what I’ve wanted for seven years, to be Head Girl. And now it’s ruined thanks to James Potter. What a prat.

“ Don’t call me that.”

“ Whatever you say.” He said in his mock voice.

“ Let’s just get this over with. Jade and Danielle are waiting for me.” Man, I haven’t realized how much I’ve missed them since now. Jade Racette and Danielle Sprouse are my two best friends in the entire world, if it weren’t for them, Potter and Black might be dead. Cause I surely would have killed them at any chance. Jade, gosh how would you describe her? She is 5’5, wait-length straight black hair, with electrifying blue eyes. Danielle is 5’7, the tallest out of us, she had shoulder-length blonde hair with the prettiest hazel eyes.

“ Well now that everyone is here, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is James Potter, and this is-“

“ Lily Evans. And we are your Head Boy and Head Girl.”

“ Right. And now I’d like to tell you your duties as prefects, they are-“

“ To patrol halls, and make sure everyone is behaving while walking to Hogsmeade.”

“ Are you going to ever let me finish?” James said, almost annoyed. Yeah like, I annoyed him so much.

“ I didn’t think you were capable of finishing.”

“ Well I am, so may I please continue?”

“ By all means.”

“ Well anyway, yes you have rounds to patrol the halls at night and ofcourse younger prefects get the earlier hours-“

“ Can we go yet?” A snooty looking girl interrupted Potter. Oh this should be good.

“ Shut up your diseased-filled mouth, Black.” He spat at her, the blond girl shut up immidiatly.

“ You can’t talk to them like that, what’s the matter with you?” I asked.

“ Didn’t you see that way she acted?” James glaring at him, as if I were stupid. Which got me more mad.

“ Well she acts better than you, I haven’t see her be so conceited and pull mean pranks, now have I?”

“ Dammit, Evans just shut up-“ The train shook violently and the lights went out as ear-piercing screams erupted from the hall.

“ Everyone stay calm!” I heard my voice yell out, was that me?

“ Lily?” I felt a force behind me pull me back. “Are you okay?”

“ Get off me, Potter! I can handle this!” Who does he think he is? A fragile little Barbie Doll? “Everyone stay here, Potter, we have to go see what’s going on.”

“ Right behind you.” We exited the Heads’ Compartment into a almost scary silence. It was so quiet, usually it’s either filled with laughter, or maybe in this case panic-striken screams. But no. Nothing, it was dark, I couldn’t see a thing.

“ P-Potter? What’s happening?” I trembled, usually I don’t get scared by these things. But it was just too quiet and dark.

“ I don’t know, take my hand.”

I looked at what was supposed to be his hand, but all I saw was blackness. Reluctantly I took it, he wasn’t trying to make a move on me. For once. “ Let’s look in the compartments.” I suggested and grabbed my wand out of my jean pants pocket. Slowly opening the sliding door, I saw a man in a black cape and it looked like he was keeping students hostage. Seeing me, the man pointed his wand directly at me.

“ Lily, run!” Potter called out too me, pushing me towards the Head’s Compartment. About to retreat back to him and yell at him for pushing. I couldn’t breath and I felt dizzy. The last thing I felt was two strong arms cradling me, calling my name.


“ Lily?”

“ She’s out cold right now.”

“ Will she be okay?” A familiar voice asked.

“ When will she wake up?” I heard another familiar voice ask, atleast a couple people were standing around me. I wondered wh othey were and what they were doing, but still I kept my eyes closed.

“ I believe she is already awake, and listening to us as we speak.” Dumbledore, got to be Dumbledore that said that, and opening my eyes would only confirm that it’s Dumbledore.

“ Professor Dumbledore.” I said weakly, as I opened up my eyelids. I saw eight people around me. Jade, Danielle, Remus, Black, Potter, Peter, Professor Dumbledore and Madam Pomfrey.

“ Lily, you’re awake!” A felt Jade hug me, maybe a bit too tight. Soon enouhg Danielle was hugging me too.

“ What happened.” I asked, sitting up. Looking at Potter, who was sitting on a chair, backwards, right next to me His hazel eyes glinted as he loooked into mine.

“ The train was attacked.” Potter said.

“ By who?”

“ They call themselves Deatheaters, they are followers of Voldemort.” Dumbledore said, looking out the window through his half-moon glasses.

“ Oh, but why were we attacked?”

“ I won’t discuss that with you now, you’ve had a very tiring day. As have I, so I will be biding a good night sleep. I will suggest that you Ms.Racette, Ms. Sprouse, Mr.Black, Mr.Pettigrew, and Mr.Potter go to your dormitories.

“ Yes, please do.” Madam Pomfrey looked at them all cautiously. “ You’re past your crufew.”

“ Night night, Lils.” Danielle and Jade said in unison and giggled as they noticed that.

“ G’Night Evans.” Black said, and Peter nodded. Where is Remus?

“ Good night, Evans. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” And he kissed me on the top of my forehead. I scowled, he smirked. That seemed to be a pattern everytime I get mad at him.

“ Get some rest, Ms. Evans.” Madam Pomfrey exited and blew out my bedside candle. I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep, even though I knew it was pointless.

*~*~*~Normal POV*~*~*~*

Lily woke up, in the cold drak Hospital Wing, to a noise, that sounded like footsteps.

“ Hello?” Lily whispered into the nightime, not really expecting an answer.

“ Hey.” James Potter said as he whipped off what appeared to be an invisability cloak.

“ Oh, it’s you. Where did you get that.”

“ Nowhere.” James obviously lied. He sat down in the same seat he did earlier, and still sat backwards on it.

“ What are you doing here? It’s part curfew, and it’s really late.”

“ I knew you were awake.”

“ How could you possibly know that?”

“ I dunno, I just did.”

“ Oh.” Lily asked, not believing it. There was an akward silence. “ What happened after I fainted?”

“ I saved you, I’m you knight in shining armor.”

“ Shut up.” Lily teased, and punched his amr jokingly. What’s the matter with me? Why am I having a good conversatino with Potter. “ What really happened, Potter?”

“ Call me James.”

“ Potter is just fine.” James rolled his eyes.

“ Well, after you fainted the hooded figure guy, tried to through a curse at me too, but he missed, then I hexed him. But more of the so called ‘Deatheaters’ came and-“

“ How many were there?”

“ Three. Not including the one I hexed. Anyway, well Sirius, Remus, and Peter were in the compartment with the first Deatheater, so they got out and hexed them, while I picked you up and and took you to the castle.”

“ How did you do that, we were miles away from Hogwarts.”

“ My broomstick.”

“ I was in the air? No. I hate flying.”

“ You didn’t seem to mind when you were with me.” James winked.

“ Whatever. That is the last time I’ll ever fly. Just thinking about it creeps me out.”

“ Let’s go.”

“What do you mean, ‘Let’s go’?”

“ Flying, my broomstick in the broomshed. We’ll go flying.”

“ Are you nuts, we just got attacked.”

“ Don’t worry, my dad and some other Aurors put more charms on the school tonight, not to mention their watching Hogwarts from the Ministry. “

“ So let’s go.”

“ Potter….no. I hate flying.”

“ Fine, I guess I’ll just have to make you.” James picked her out of the bed and put her on the floor.

“ Are you crazy?!” Lily hissed.

“ C’mon.” He pleaded.

“ We’ll get caught.”

“ No we won’t, I do this all the time. Come on.” James took her hand and dragged Lily outside.

“ Potter, it’s freezing.” Lily pouted.

“ Just get on the broom.”

“ Ugh fine already! Gosh, Potter.” James hopped on the broom. “ How do I get on?”

“ Just sit like I do.”

“ Fine Potter. You’re going to pay for making me do this.”

“ Call me James.”

“ Potter will do just fine, thank you very much.”

“ Lily.” James said warningly.

“ Fine. James! Are you happy?”

“ Very. Let’s go.” James kicked off the ground and they soared into the air.

“ Ahh.” Lily shrieked.

“ Don’t worry! I got you.” James put his arms around her and then held onto the broom. The flew over the Forbidden Forrest, and saw some wild animals from above.

“ Look, centaurs!” Lily exclaimed pointing to a clearing in the forrest where some centaurs were fighting.

“ Yeah.” James steared over to the Lake and flew over that too.

“ James ,this is really pretty. “ Lily looked back at him, into his hazel eyes yet once again getting trapped.

“ I’m going to land over there.” James pointed to a small mountain cave.

“ Why?”

“Because, I’m tired.”

“ Yeah ,whatever.” Lily rolled her eyes and got off the broomonce they landed.

“ Sirius comes here all the time. So don’t worry, there’s no wild animals.” James said sitting down on a near by rock.

“ Explains why he misses so many classes. Boy there’s so many lfowers and vines around here.” The cave was covered in vines that grew yellow roses on them, Surrounding the cave were daiseys, lilies, marigolds, carnations of all different colors.

James chuckled, “ Yeah. So are you excited about being Head Girl?”

“ I was.”

“ What’s wrong with it now, it’s what you’ve always wanted.”

“ And why would you know?” Lily snapped.

James was slightly taken back. “ I know a lot more about you then you think, Lily.” He said softly almost soothingly.

“ Sorry, I’m just mad the school year had to start out this way. Not the way I planned.”

“ Don’t worry, now that we’re at Hogwarts we’ve got all the protection we need.”

“ Yeah.” Lily put her auburn hair back in to a loose pony-tail.

“ God, Evans you kill me.”

“ Huh?”

“ You’re so beautiful.”

“ James, don’t start.”

“ No really, you are! The way your eyes sparkle with your red hair. Your freckles stand out against your soft milky skin. Your lips are so-“

“ James. Please don’t-“

“ Will you go out with me?”

“ Why do you always have to ruin this?!”

“ Huh?”

“ We have a good time, and you finally start acting mature and then you do this. Can’t you go a day without asking me out? God, Potter.”

“ Listen I didn’t ask to feel this way.”

“ Then why do you?!”

“ I don’t know. I just do. It feels right.”

“ Potter…” Lily began almost on the verge of tears, but she held them back. “ Why do you like me? I’ve been rejecting you for two years. Why me?”

“ Because of the way you are. You’re so nice, the way you laugh, the way you smile when you think no one’s looking, how your innocence shines through your face, how you are destined and determined to suceed. It’s not even that, it’s just……you. It’s been you for so long.”

“ Take me back to the Hospital Wing.”

James looked down, surely he thought atleast this time she might consider going out with him. “ Fine.” The ride back to the castle wa a long quiet ride, as the got back to the castle, they tip-toed back into the Hospital Wing. Lily jumped into bed and pulled the covers up.

“ Good night.:” She nearly mumbled.

“ Good night, Lily.” James said automatically and in a monotone. Walking back up to his Head Dormitories that he shared with the one girl he loved but couldn’t have. He looked out the window. “ Oh shit!” It was a full moon.

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Finding You: Chapter One


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