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It Isn't Love Unless It Hurts by dracofan22
Chapter 2 : Their Dirty Little Secret
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A/N: Hey everybody! Sorry about the super short chapters, but I’m still kinda getting a feel for the story, deciding what direction I want to take it, etc. So just bear with me for one more chapter and they will bounce up to the usual 2,000 words. I just got back from vacation, so I’m going to be trying to put all my ideas into word form the next couple days, just keep in mind that I start school again in 4 days, so I may not update every day like I did with “One Fine Day”. Thanks! Please review!

Maybe now all this craziness will end; maybe now that I’ve told Ron and Harry he will leave me alone. Hermione thought with a glimmer of hope. She did want him to leave her alone, right? Yes, yes, it has to be done. He needs to know that it was just a stupid mistake. It was completely innocent, and it meant nothing.

Hermione turned over in her bed for the millionth time and faced the wall. During the day, she blocked out the vivid memories from her thoughts, but at night when it was quiet and there was nothing that needed to be done, the unsettling flashbacks flooded her mind.


“I can’t believe that I, of all people, am in detention. I did nothing wrong. If father ever got news of this he would-”

“Slap you on the wrists for listening to McGonagall’s orders and tell you to grow up.” Hermione interrupted snappily. She and Malfoy had gotten detention that night for starting an argument in the middle of Transfiguration. Normally, Hermione would just ignore his snide comments, but this time he had made a highly rude and vulgar remark about her virginity, and she just couldn’t walk away. The end result had landed them both in detention, and neither one was very happy about it.

“Don’t you dare speak to me again Mudblood. You should be bowing down to me, not mouthing off.” He sneered.

“Bow down to you? What a load of rubbish! Who do you think you are? Voldemort? Well let me tell you, even if you were him, all you would get from me is a spit in the face you horrible, disgusting fer-”

Her words were cut off when his lips crashed forcefully down on to her own. She twisted and wiggled, trying fruitlessly to get out of his tight grasp. He had pinned her to the back of the trophy room door, and her own strength would never be able to overpower his. For a moment his lips worked over hers, and eventually the pleasure rippling through her body and the natural urge to kiss back overwhelmed Hermione, and she felt herself succumb to the instincts. His tongue forced its way into her mouth roughly, but she met it in equal hunger, kissing him back with vigor. She felt a cool hand expertly slip under her tee shirt, making haste towards her bra. She opened her eyes, and reality hit her like a bludger to the head. She was making out with Draco Malfoy, and she had no idea why.

She turned her head and violently pushed him away as hard as she could.

“What in the BLOODY HELL do you think you are doing Malfoy?!?!”

He stood there looking dumbfounded for an instant, unable to comprehend why any girl would turn down his snogs (they were simply the best, of course…) but then he realized that he wasn’t kissing any girl. No, he was kissing Granger.

Granger?! What in the name of all things evil am I doing?! Fuck. If father finds out about this, it will be nothing but Cruciatus curses for a month.

He spit on the floor and wiped his mouth on his sleeve.

“Why the fuck did you do that Mudblood?”

“ME?! Wha… YOU kissed ME!!”

“I would never snog something as polluted and undesirable as you, muggle lover.”

Hermione eyes narrowed in pure detestation. “You are undeniably the most foul, loathsome creature I have EVER had the extreme displeasure of laying my eyes upon. Stay away from me Malfoy. If you ever touch me again you will truly know what it feels like to be in pain.” Hermione warned. She gave him the coldest, hardest glare she could muster before turning on her heel and walking out of the trophy room, leaving him to finish the trophies and plaques by himself. Storming out the door and out in to the corridor towards the Gryffindor common room, she lightly traced her lips with her fingertips.

* End of flashback *

As she turned over in her bed yet again, she gently touched her fingertips to her lips as she had done three weeks ago.

He had taken something very precious from her, something that she would never be able to get back, her first kiss. She had always thought it would be Ron’s because it was so painfully obvious that he liked her. But no. It was Malfoy. Of all people, why Malfoy? If this gets out, it will ruin the both of us. Why did he do such a thing? Why me? The last thing I need is a dirty little secret to hold on to. Letting out a deep breath of frustration, she tried to calm herself. Just sleep, Hermione, tomorrow will be better.

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It Isn't Love Unless It Hurts: Their Dirty Little Secret


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