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Harry Potter and the Echoes of the Past by AuroraBraelin
Chapter 1 : Harry Potter and the Echoes of the Past
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Harry Potter stood in the main entrance of Hogwarts. He was trying to find Hermione. Voldemort was here and had captured her. Harry was in a state of panic. Harry decided to search the dungeons. He came upon the last dungeon in the castle. He ran inside with his wand at the ready. He saw Voldemort hovering over Hermione who was chained to the wall. She let out a scream of pain. Harry realized that Voldemort was torturing her. Harry yelled at him. “Get away from her!” Voldemort turned around to look at Harry.
“Hello, Harry. Nice of you to join us.” Voldemort raised his wand at him. “Exelliarmus!” Harry’s wand flew out of his hand while he was thrown backwards. Voldemort levitated Harry. It was painful to be levitated like this. It was like something in his stomach was rising up, taking him with it. He placed Harry in shackles on the wall. The chains magically bound Harry to the wall beside Hermione. She was looking at him with sorrow filled eyes.
“I love you, Harry,” she said to him.
“I love you, too.”
“Ah, how sweet. There is nothing better than seeing a couple express their love for each other before I kill them,” Voldemort said.

Voldemort raised his wand at Harry. “You remember the pain I can cause, don’t you, Harry?” Harry didn’t answer him, he only glared. “Brave straight to the end. Your parents were like that. Cruccio!” Pain traveled through every inch of Harry’s body. He was trying to fight the pain while fighting the shackles. These were two battles he was going to lose. Harry gave up his struggle. He screamed in agony. Hermione didn’t know what to think. She had never seen Harry scream like that before.
“Stop it!” she cried. “Stop it. Leave him alone.” Tears were welling up in her eyes. Voldemort took the spell off of him. Harry was limp in the chains. He couldn’t support his own body weight, but the chains held him up.

Voldemort released Harry from the chains and he fell to the floor. “As you very well remember, I like to give my victims sporting chances. Here is your wand; beat me if you can.” Harry grasped his wand. He slowly stood up, still feeling the after-effects of the curse. Voldemort raised his wand and Harry flew backwards into the wall. Harry’s head hit it hard. He fell to the floor once again. Blood made its way down Harry’s neck. He stood up and faced his enemy. This would take a miracle, Harry thought. Voldemort threw another curse at Harry. He dropped to the floor in pain. Harry had the feeling that both of his legs were broken. He pulled them close to his chest and cradled them, while crying in agony. Hermione could only watch with disbelieving eyes.

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