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Love before Death. by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 1 : Dursley's Change.
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It was a hot, blazing day at Privet Drive, on the 30th of July. People sit in their living rooms, sweating heavily, however too scared to open their windows. Most people had done the sensible thing, and got air conditioning.

Only one person lay outside, in the sun. One person lay in the garden in deep thought, not sharing the same fears as the other residences of Privet Drive.

This boy was nearly sixteen years old. His birthday is only a day away, though he thinks nothing of it, he never has. This boy was named; Harry Potter.

He had black hair, that stuck up in odd angles. His emerald green eyes, lay transfixed on the stump of a tree stooping over onto the neighbours garden.

He lay there deep in thought of a few weeks previous. His Godfather, the last person that was like family, died by falling through a veil. He knew it was his fault for falling for the dark leader, Voldemort's trick.

"Don't think of that." He constantly told himself.

He was still angry with his headmaster for hiding important facts about his life, for fifteen years. His headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, had told him about a Prophecy between himself and Lord Voldemort. It said that either Harry or Voldemort shall die at the hands of one another.

He kicked a bush at the thought of his headmaster, then he saw three owls fly in number four Privet Drive. They entered one of the bedrooms, Harry's, through his slightly opened window.

Harry jumped up from the ground and ran into the house, and pelted upto his room. Once there he saw two familiar owls. One was Hedwig, his own and one was 'Pig', one of his best friends, Ron. The other looked exactly like Hedwig though Hedwig was white, whilst this one was brown. He took all three letters and three parcels and ripped them open without a thought.

He propped his cards up against the window and placed his gifts on his desk. He had received a huge box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans from his friend Ron, a large broom care set from his other friend Hermione Granger and a thick photo album half full with photos of his parents and Godfather, from one of his parent's and Godfather's friends, Remus Lupin.

He laid down on his back whilst he opened the letters from his friends. The one from Remus Lupin was the usual asking how he was, whether his Aunt and Uncle were looking after him, and obviously wishing him a happy birthday. The one from Ron was a very short one saying hello, wishing him a happy birthday and goodbye. Harry was slightly shocked and disappointed by this, though opened the one from Hermione.

Dear Harry,
I hope you are well. I hope you like your gift, it's a lot better than the other I got you. Well on the day of your birthday you are going to get a surprise from me. I have missed you so much and can't wait to see you. I have something to tell you, which I'd like to say to your face.
Anyway I got to go, my mum wants help in the kitchen,
Love you lots,
Hermione xxx

Harry was wondering about the surprise, he couldn't help thinking that someone will see Harry tomorrow, on his birthday. How else would Hermione be able to give him a surprise?

He looked forward to it and went downstairs to warn his Uncle Vernon, that someone might be coming the next day.

He entered the living room to see his Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and his cousin Dudley, sitting watching the news.

"Eh, Harry, It's got a lot of deaths and stuff on the news, the reporter tells us not to mingle and stay in our homes. Is it anything to do with your lot?" asked his Uncle in a shocking calm and friendly tone.

It took a while before Harry could master the ability to speak as he were shocked. Then he answered.

"Erm ... I think it is. That man is powerful again. He wants to run the magical world." mumbled Harry silently, expecting a mouthful.

His Uncle nodded and another shock was that Dudley turned around and offered for him to play on his game console. Harry refused silently and then turned to his Uncle. He didn't understand why they were being so nice to him, they normally swore or sent him death threats.

"Erm ... Uncle Vernon ... Why are you being so nice?" asked Harry nervously.

"Well Harry, I realised that we took you in to take care of you and we havenít been doing so. The other night we heard you crying, saying all you wanted was a family and that touched us. So I'm here apologizing to you." said Uncle Vernon with a smile.

Harry couldn't help but smile back. He even sat with them watching the news, though always expected to be sent to his room. During their evening television, Harry broke the news that someone may be coming the next day. Harry had expected to be yelled at, at the top of his Uncle's voice. However they nodded and smiled, happily.

That night Harry went to his room, with a smile. He had started to think that his only relatives had finally begun to accept him. He fell asleep easily and didn't have a nightmare, which was another shock.

Hi, Sorry it isn't a long chapter, though the rest might be. Please read and review, this is my first story and want to know if I am any good. Thanks.

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Love before Death.: Dursley's Change.


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