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Harry Potter and the Wizards Debt by Darkwriter
Chapter 2 : Chapter 1
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Harry lay in bed that night as he stared at the ceiling, the last thing he wanted was to fall asleep. The last couple of days he’d only dreamed about one thing, Sirius falling through that veil and the horror in his eyes when he was doing it. Anger flooded through him, as well as many other emotions.

Why is it every time I find someone, who is like family to me, they get taken away? Am I that jinxed that I couldn’t have any family? Harry stood up and walked to the window, he had opened it for Hedwig to go out but she wouldn’t leave him. She hooted softly to him.

“Why Hedwig?” he whispered to the bird.

“Why, has Harry Potter asked why?” Dobby asked softly.

Harry spun around, “Dobby, why are you here? I can’t even leave this room for a week now, because you and Winky got me into trouble.”

Dobby’s face contorted in anger. “It’s not nice of muggles to leave Harry Potter locked in his room,” Dobby looked up at Harry, “but Harry Potter can leave anytime he wants, sir.”

Looking at Dobby, Harry’s face contorted with confusion. “Dobby, what are you talking about?”

“Anytime Harry Potter wants to leave, Harry Potter has to go to his closet. Harry Potter will be taken to his house.”

“I don’t have a house.”

“But Harry Potter does have a house,” Dobby looked around the room, “it would be better for Harry Potter to go to the closet, than Harry Potter staying here. Anytime Harry Potter wants to come.” Dobby snapped his fingers and was gone.

Go to my closet, thought Harry, curiosity got the better of him and he went to his closet and opened the door. Nothing was different. He hadn’t had time to get even his muggle clothes out of the trunk; he would have to get those later when he was allowed to leave the room. What was Dobby talking about? Harry looked and saw a faint light coming from at the bottom of the closet. Not bright, but faint enough to know it had something behind it.

Harry moved what little clothes that were left in the closet to the side, he pushed on the back of it and nothing happened. His face contorted in concentration, now what? Maybe…just maybe, he thought to himself then reached behind him and shut the closet door. The light inside the closet was brighter now, he pushed again and nothing happened. Feeling around on the wall on the back of the closet he felt a doorknob. He turned it slowly and the back of the closet opened up as his heart raced faster. He remembered everything that had happened when he met Dobby the first time how he tried to save his life. He wondered if this was one of those times, but the house-elf had promised not to do it again. He opened the door and went through.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Frost was lost in her own thoughts; she wasn’t sure why Dumbledore would want her now. You did that one errand for him, what else? She reached up and caressed the talisman that was hanging from her neck. She could remember the day that James, Lily, Sirius, and herself had found it. It had been inside an old wizard’s shop filled with all sorts of things. Lily had talked her into buying it, then the four of them read up on talismans and they each added a drop of their own blood to it. She let it fall back against her shirt.

Remus stayed quiet the whole time they had walked down the mountainside. Frost looked over at him. In just about an hour the night would start to descend, she could see the worry etched on his face. She snickered, no doubt he was thinking that he needed to leave her so he could transform without putting her in danger.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“You, with that look of worry.”

“You should be worried. I don’t want to hurt you, take the letter,” He wasn’t asking, he was commanding.

She gave him a sideways glance. “I’m making camp here tonight,” she sat down her pack and started to set.

Keeping an eye on Moony she watched as he walked back away from the clearing they had entered. With a sigh she rolled out her sleeping bag and crawled in. Something to eat would have to wait until after Moony changed. The tricky part of this was going to make sure he didn’t bite her, but he didn’t know that while she had been away she could change herself.

An agonizing shriek split the silence as night approached rapidly. She wouldn’t have to worry yet; he had to find her scent. Being who she was, and Moony not knowing she could do this, she changed her shape into that of a silver wolf. Moony wasn’t going to back her into a corner.

Crawling out of the sleeping bag, she padded softly to the edge of the wood. She was hungry the small lunch they while they were walking wasn’t going to sustain her through the night. At least in this form she could eat without having to cook.

Remus had finished his transformation; his senses were on full alert. He was battling with himself; part of him wanted to go back to Frost. The other wanted to stay as far away from her as possible. The potion he’d been sipping on all through the day at least let him keep his brain functioning so he wouldn’t be swayed into the animal desires that he knew could overpower him.

Catching her scent again, he growled a low throaty growl, she was in the wood, foolish woman. He crouched amongst the brush and waited. Slowing his breath down, he tried to calm the animal nature, wanting to find prey and overpower it. She was coming closer, he could sense it, but what startled him the most was seeing a silver wolf stalk by.

Frost you sly woman, she didn’t tell him she could take on this form. At least now he wouldn’t have to stay away from her. Getting up out of the brush he started after her. He heard the low growl as he approached her he barred his fangs but didn’t growl even as much as he wanted to do it, he didn’t. The heckles on her back lay flat once again, she stalked around him, watching, waiting for him to move and strike. He didn’t, he could control the urges.

She started back off in the direction she had been going once again, he followed. Anytime he got closer to her she would growl at him, at one point she even struck him with her razor sharp claws across his muzzle.

It was morning, Frost was stirring from sleep and felt really warm, warmer than she had in a long time. She soon discovered the reason for the warmth; she was still in the form of the wolf, and felt a hand brushing across the fur from between her ears and down her back. She took a deep breath trying to calm her racing heart. The hand went back and started its journey once again, this time she gave a slow growl and it paused. She felt the hesitancy, but then it started up again. Closing her eyes she growled one more time while picturing her real form.

She could feel going back into her real shape, it wasn’t pleasant, but it had saved her life on more than one occasion taking the shape of a wolf. Granted, she never been pet in that form, and didn’t relish it now.

“Beautiful.” His voice was low and husky. She started getting up and he pulled her tightly to himself, “no you don’t.”

“Let me go, Moony.”

She felt his hot breath by her ear. “No. You wouldn’t let me get near you all night. And by the way, I have to repay you for something.”


“I have a nasty little cut on my face from those claws of yours.”

“I warned you not to come near me.”

“Here I was afraid I was going to hurt you.” He slid his hand up, touched her cheek, and turned her face towards his. He didn’t like not being able to see her eyes. Her whole body was tense. He saw a look in her eyes, one he’d seen before, and she had the same look Harry had right after he lost Sirius. How long had she had this look, it would haunt him, he knew it would haunt him in his dreams just like Harry’s did. He wanted so much to take that look out of Harry’s eyes, now he wanted to that look out of hers too. “Why did you go away, Frost? Why did you shut everyone out? You’re lonely, I can see it.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m not going back.”

“What are you so afraid of?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The room didn’t look like any room he had been in before. Off to one side stood a large four poster bed that looked as comfortable as the one he slept in at Hogwarts. The floors were polished to a high shine showing the wood underneath. A spacious closet door stood open and Harry saw clothes hanging inside, he went to investigate and found out they were clothes that was his size, exactly the size he needed. New robes with the Gryffindor emblem on them hung to the other side of the closet across from the new muggle clothes.

To the door to the right of the closet was a bathroom, there was a tub in this one that looked like the one that the prefects used at school, with different faucets for jets of different colored smelling soaps. There were even two pictures hanging, one of a merman and the other of a mermaid. The merman was sitting proudly on top of the rock in front of the waves that appeared to be crashing about him. The mermaid was coyly batting her eyes at him. Everything looked new, gleamed with a shine.

Harry went back to the bedroom and noticed the portrait hanging at the head of the bed. It was of a wizard, who was smiling at him. Harry walked closer. “Who are you? Where am I at?” He asked the portrait. Normally this would have seemed strange, but to Harry; it wasn’t because he knew that the portrait would be able to talk.

“I’m Godric Gryffindor. And as for where you are, you are in your home Mr. Potter.”

Harry blinked. So this was Godric Gryffindor. His beard looked as long as Dumbledore's, only it wasn’t as silver, it had a touch of white in it. His hair was salt and pepper looking and was tied back the way Bill Weasley had done his. He had a regal manner about him and smiled all the more as he watched Harry observe him.

“Um…but how can this house be mine?”

“You’ve inherit it.”

“From who?”

“Don’t worry about that now. Why don’t you go look around.”

Harry looked to the other door he hadn’t been to, he was totally unsure about this. His curiosity was getting the better of him, but at the same time he didn’t want to, not sure if he could even trust this place. He stared at the door for so long, debating, then he decided he could do it later and went back the same way he had come, through his closet.

After shutting the door to the closet, he lay back on his bead. What if it was another trick? What if it was something that Voldemort wanted him to have? Like luring him to the Ministry of Magic, trying to get the prophecy down. Trying to get something he couldn’t for himself again. Could he control house-elves like Dobby and Winky to do his bidding for him?

What would Ron think? What would he say about it? I don’t know Harry; it sounds like some kind of portal to another world. I got to ask Dad. Ron always ran to his dad, he had someone who he trusted who he could ask about such things.

Hermione would look in a book. But even he wasn’t sure if there was a book that would explain what happened with the closet. He’d been sure that door wasn’t there before. Why would it be now? While he had no one to ask, no one to help him find his way.
His mind wondered back onto Sirius. Wouldn’t he have inherited Sirius’s house? There’s no way that was Sirius’s house.

Sirius’s house looked like the place Voldemort would have relished to have. The place that he would have been able to brew deep, dark magic in. Not even after all the cleaning they did on the house last summer, there is no way that would be that house. This house looked new, well at least the part he had seen of it anyway. More questions, why was his life always filled with more questions; when was he ever going to finally get some answers. Sleep finally settled over him, but it wasn’t restful, now he dreamed about a house that had strings attached to it.

Harry woke up to pounding on his door and shouting from Uncle Vernon, “Boy we’ll be gone all day and won’t be home till supper. Stay in your room.” Harry saw some bread and cheese that had been passed through the cat flap of the door.

He had so much food passed through the cat flap it wasn’t even funny anymore. His Aunt and Uncle thought he would destroy the house while they were gone. This was why he was always locked in his room, before he had started going to Hogwarts he’d stay with Mrs. Figg. He found out last summer that Mrs. Figg was a squib, this was a person who was born to magical parents but had no magical ability themselves.

He had also found out that Dumbledore had him followed so he wouldn’t use magic if he needed rescuing.
The problem was he did use magic last summer because his life and his cousin’s life had depended on it. Harry shivered just a bit as he recalled the dementor’s attack on him and his cousin. He wasn’t some child that had to be looked after anymore, he had found out that now he had to either be murdered or become a murderer in order for his life to be safe.

Harry went over and grabbed the food; he broke off half the bread and put it into Hedwig’s cage. She hadn’t gone hunting, and he knew when she woke again she would feel hungry. After eating, Harry became thirsty; Uncle Vernon didn’t put anything through the door for him to drink. For that matter he didn’t even let him out to go to the bathroom.

Looking back at the closet door he made up his mind, he was going exploring. If nothing more, he would just stay in that one room for right now. Pulling out his wand that he had hidden under his pillow he proceeded to the closet. Same as last night he was met with the bedroom from the other house.

He first went to the bathroom, taking care of his thirst while he was in there. Next he took a bath, not a long one, because he didn’t want anyone sneaking up on him in this situation. Going to the closet he changed his dirty clothes for some clean muggle ones that was there. He was shocked at how well they fit him, not to long or baggy, the way his hand-me-down clothes came from Dudley.

Harry went to the bed and sat down on it, he was right, it was as comfortable as the one at Hogwarts. He got down on the floor and looked under the bed, he didn’t find anything. Next he opened the nightstand by it. He found some parchment, a quill, and a bottle of ink. The portrait of Godric Gryffindor was grinning at him from ear to ear.

“You’re a brave lad, see you’ve come back to investigate the house.”

Harry looked up at him, “I have to be brave if I’m in Gryffindor at Hogwarts.”

“Lad after my own heart.”

“Whose house is this?” Harry asked him again.

“It’s your house Mr. Potter.”

“Who did I inherit it from?”

“That would be Fuscienne Raffaella Octavia Sebastion Thomyris. That’s all I’ve known her by, this used to be her room. She would tell me all about being in Gryffindor when she went to school there.”

“I don’t know any Fusci…whatever her name is,” Harry said.

“Well, my dear boy, I only tell you what I know, the house is yours and she used to live here. If you’ll excuse me, I need to visit some of my friends now.”

Harry watched as Godric Gryffindor walked out of his painting.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

“What are you so afraid of?” Remus asked her.

Concern was written all over his face, but she wasn’t about to bring up the past to him, “Leave my demons out of this.”

“You have two choices, either discuss your demons, or read your letter,” he grinned mischievously.

Dirty, little rotten…she stopped her mind from going there. Remus had always been a good friend. Damn him. “Give me the letter.”

“Smart woman,” Remus let her go and extracted the letter from inside his tattered robes.

Frost took the letter and opened it.

Dear Miss Thomyris,

It’s time to come out of hiding for good my dear, not just the one time I asked you to do something for me not so long ago, and I’m calling on a wizard’s debt owed to me. No dear, not me, but you owe it to someone else and I’m calling on that. I have the ability to do it, because I took one debt owed to him away. I need you to come to Hogwarts this year; there is a vacancy for Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and you will be helping that teacher. Remus wouldn’t come back unless I put safe guards around the situation. I informed him that you would be able to keep the students safe, while he is in that ever state of wildness on the full moon, and that you could sub for him during those times. This is not an interview for this position, it’s a command.

Albus Dumbledore,
Headmaster at Hogwarts.

Frost glared at Remus, “You knew. You knew all about this. I can’t go back. I’m supposed to be dead. Dead people don’t come back from the grave.”

“You’re a very beautiful dead person.”

Frost slapped him on the arm, “You big git.” She turned around and stalked around the camp rambling to no one in particular, “how? How for the love of Merlin did he get that debt? Oh, who am I kidding, this is Dumbledore we are talking about. Hell!” She stopped and covered her mouth. She looked at Remus with his bemused smile on his face.

“What about hell, my dear?”

She remembered the last words said from the wizard that her debt was owed to. He’d never claim it; the only way he would was if hell froze over. “I think hell just froze over.”

“That’s a mighty big feat to accomplish. Now, who did you owe a debt to?”

“I’m not saying but I’ll tell you one thing. I can’t go back with this silver hair,” She picked up the portion that was over her shoulders and down her front.

“Why not? I’ve always like that about you.” Remus walked closer and ran his fingers through it, “I have an idea.”

“I hate it when you have ideas. They get me nothing but trouble.”

He grinned, “Maybe, maybe not.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was now a full week that Harry had been back at Privet Drive. Going against his Uncle Vernon, Harry ended up writing to Ron and Hermione, he didn’t want them to worry about him. Hermione had already completed three of the holiday assignments the teachers had given them. Ron said he hadn’t even started, and that his mum and dad were away a lot with business from the order.

Ron couldn’t give him any information on Voldemort because he didn’t have any. Hermione constantly had asked him whether or not he was working on trying to achieve Occlumency, but Harry didn’t bother to tell her that in the house he found a book on it. Professor Snape really did try to teach him, but he went about it the wrong way, at least now he understood what he was supposed to have done in the first place.

Besides he had found the house that he was supposed to own rather intriguing. Daily he was making new discoveries about the house. The biggest discover he had found happened to be outside surrounding the property. There was some type of invisible force around the house, try as he might, he couldn’t walk through it, Hedwig couldn’t even fly through it.

In the library room, at least that was what he called it, because the whole room was stuffed, with nothing but books. Harry had found a diary, it was leather bound and looked a lot like the Riddle diary had, but it had Miss Thomyris on it. It took him a day to figure out how to open it, well him and Godric’s painting, Godric thought it would be a fun quest to find the treasures of the book.

He sat on the bed and Godric was behind him up on the wall, “You know, there has got to be a way to open this.”

“Hogwarts,” Godric said.

Harry looked at him, “What are you doing?”

“Finding the word that opens it.”

“Oh…” Harry looked back at the diary, “sugar quill, chocolate frog, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, girls, boys, dragons, dogs, cats, mice…”

Harry went on and on, so did Godric.

“This is stupid. Fuscienne your stupid,” Harry said to the diary, his frustration getting the better of him.

The diary opened.

“Well done. Now read it to me,” Godric said.

“September 1st, Fuscienne Thomyris, well, I made it. The feast was rather interesting. Headmaster Dumbledore said no one was allowed to go into the forest. And I got sorted into Gryffindor, Lily Evens is one of my room mates, so are three other girls, but they seemed kind of snobbish. I don’t know how they ended up in this room. Lily was nice, she told me all about her home, about living with muggles, we laughed and joked around. No one had a clue what most of the stuff we talked about was. I’m from a muggle family myself. But my parents died before they found out, and I was living in an orphanage, until, well, until I got so mad I blew this person up like a balloon. Honestly I had no idea at the time what I had done. So I got sent to live in this house for one week before school. Personally I told the hat to put me into Gryffindor, keep that our secret. I like talking to the portrait above my bed, he’s Godric Gryffindor, and, well, I didn’t want to go into any other house but his. Have to go for now.”

Harry looked up at the portrait, “So she came here when she was eleven?”

“Yes, she had a benefactor, but the house-elves took care of her mostly. Her benefactor was rather busy.”

Harry looked back down and flipped to the next page.

“September 7th, Oh you would not believe the amount of homework this place gives you.” Oh yes I would, thought Harry, “I think I’m gonna die, there is no way I can learn all of this. By the way, Lily is my best friend now, we’ve decided the other three girls in our room are prudes. They have not a clue; we wouldn’t want to be friends with them anyway. Well, at least I don’t, Lily is too nice to everyone. I couldn’t believe it she was even nice to that Slytherin boy. I swear. Who wants that? Malfoy is a git! And Snape is a git! There are a few gits in Gryffindor, I might add to, chiefly among them is Alaster “Know-it-all” Moody, please! Then you have James “I’m hot and I know it” Potter, Sirius “I’m in trouble again” Black, and last but not least Remus “Mystery unto thy self” Lupin. Well, that’s it for now. I got to get up early, so me and Lily can get all our home work done tomorrow.”

The portrait of Godric was laughing, “Either she knew what she was talking about, or she just really didn’t get along with those boys.”

Harry couldn’t help but laugh, he’d heard stories about the Marauders, now he was going to be able to read them first hand, and find out more about his mum in the process.

Harry continued reading the diary to Godric and they had some pretty good laughs, he sighed when he looked at his watch. His aunt and uncle would be expecting him for dinner. He didn’t relish eating dinner with them, but the sooner he got it over with, the sooner he could go back to his room to come back here. Winky and Dobby had been great, he had meals here so what little he did get at the Dursley’s, Dobby and Winky made sure he had better food when he came here.

He had wondered why Moody had been in the diary, but found out shortly through it that Moody was just there to take one course, and he drove Fus mad, he laughed at this. Fus didn't like the know-it-all Moody. And Fus knew that Moody was studying to be an aurora. He had already graduated from Hogwarts, and Fus and his mum were always in the library so they could get away from the other girls that were in their room. And this was where they had met Moody, telling them that what they had written on their homework was wrong.

Harry lay the diary on the bed, “I’ll be back Godric.”

“We’ll have to see if we can find another one of those diaries. Fus, as you call her, never told me half of what was going on,” Godric grinned at him.

“I’ll have to tell you what my experiences have been at Hogwarts, Fus’s and my mum’s were tame compared to mine,” Harry told him.

Harry went back through the closet, back to Privet Drive. He felt like he had freedom, knowing he could run and escape any time he wanted. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia had said nothing about him staying in his room more, he had been allowed to leave his room since yesterday, but he chose to stay in it after he went outside for awhile. Even that didn't give him the feel of freedom like it had last summer, now he knew Dumbledore was having him watched.

Sitting down to dinner had been uneventful; the Dursleys had ignored him, like normally.

“So Dudders, do you still want to go to Disneyland tomorrow for a two weeks?” aunt Petunia asked.

“Yes, mum,” he looked over at Harry and pointed at him, “but I don’t want him coming. I don’t want it ruined, he always ruins things.”

Dudley, or Dudders, or Dinkykins, was an over-grown bully. And, despite the fact that Harry had saved his life last summer, even with the effects the dementors had on him, it still hadn’t changed Dudley's attitude toward Harry one bit.

Harry didn’t want to go, Harry wanted to stay here, but he had an idea, “I could ask my friends to stay with them, that way I wouldn’t be a burden.”

Uncle Vernon looked at him, “Fine, you can go. You can stay for the rest of the summer too.”

“I’ll need to get my stuff,” Harry was thinking of his trunk locked up in the cupboard.

“I’ll get that for you and you can take it to your room. But no funny stuff is that understood. Go contact them,” uncle Vernon said.

“Yes, Uncle Vernon,” Harry left the table.

He was smiling to himself, it really was a brilliant idea. He would send Ron, Hermione, and the rest of the order a letter, stating that he was going to be going to Disneyland with his relatives. And, he would leave a note in the kitchen tonight, stating that he had been picked up from his friends.

Harry had written all the messages in a hurry and sent Hedwig off, he told Hedwig to come back here at night and he would bring her to the other house. Afterward Harry went down and took his trunk out from the cupboard, which Uncle Vernon had unlocked.

Harry would have the rest of the summer to himself, he rather liked this plan, and the only thing he had to do now was to keep Ron, Hermione and everyone else from worrying about him. He wanted this time to himself. He had more to think about, knowing that he would have to face Voldemort and kill him or be killed. The one thing he wanted to prove to himself was that he could look after himself, he didn’t need everyone worrying about him. It wasn’t like he was a child anymore.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

It had taken Frost and Remus a week to make it back to London, Frost wouldn’t apparate; Remus thought she was regretting coming back and trying to stall it as long as possible. It also could have been the fact, that Frost was now the silver wolf form all the time, other then when they had been sure they were utterly alone. Frost was only known as Frost to the Marauders, to Lily, and to no one else, it was their nickname they gave her. Everyone else had called her Fuscienne, so they were relatively comfortable with her going by Frost the silver wolf.

They would go to the Order’s headquarters and find out everything. Remus was ready for some news on Harry; maybe he would be there already. Dumbledore had said something about bringing Harry back there at the end of school to him. But he wanted Harry to want to come, he didn’t want to have to force the situation on the boy. Remus had fully understood this. He didn’t want the memories of Sirius to force the boy beyond depression, and make him want to do something drastic.

As the night began to fall they made there way to headquarters, Remus let them in. The house was still depressing as ever, he thought, no amount of cleaning was ever going to get this place in order. The house was still retched and foul.

“Remus, about bloody time,” Moody growled to him, Moody’s magical eye stopped and glared at the wolf beside him, “Who’s this?”

Remus looked down at Frost reached out his hand and scratched her between the ears, “My companion for school. This is Frost, she’ll be staying with me at Hogwarts.” Remus had noticed Frost’s heckles were starting to stand up, he’d known that the first year of school had gotten on Frost’s nerves. Moody hadn’t been the best of people, he had been a complete know-it-all and let everyone know it.

“Frost huh!” Moody’s eye wouldn’t move off of her.

Frost started growling.

“Ah, Remus. I see you brought her,” Dumbledore said when he came into the room.

Moody turned and glanced at Dumbledore, “You know about this.”

“I asked Remus to go find her, as a favor to me,” Dumbledore came up to them and his eyes twinkled when he looked down at the wolf, “did you have any problems, Remus?”

“No, Frost and I are getting along.” Not getting along fine, he thought to himself. The closer she had gotten to London, the more aggressive she had become.

“Frost! Suites her,” Dumbledore reached out and touched her head, the heckles on her back disappeared quickly. “That’s better,” Dumbledore turned to Moody, “do try not to rile her Alaster? I have plans for this wolf.” Dumbledore turned and left.

Frost had left Remus and Moody, she went exploring the house, she decided the place was pure evil, why the Order had to be here she didn’t know. She had seen people come and go, some of them she knew now, Remus had made a point of her being in the kitchen when they had the meetings. She wasn’t in the Order, but Dumbledore didn’t seem to mind when he was present, that she was in on them.

It had been a long week when two redheaded twins came into the house. She knew they had to belong to Molly and Arthur Weasley, they looked like they belonged to them. They came in barging into the kitchen and in on one of the meetings.

“He isn’t where he said he was!” They started yelling at the group.

“What are you doing here?” Molly Weasley, her red hair just as bright, bellowed at the two, “you’re supposed to be at home watching Ron and Ginny.”

“Who isn’t where he said he was?” Remus asked.

“Harry! Harry, didn’t go with the muggles,” Fred told him, worry clearly seen on his face.

Everyone started talking at once, the whole room was going into chaos.

“Oh Harry!” Molly brought her hand up to her throat, “what if…what if He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has Harry.”

This brought around another chaos.

“Enough!” Dumbledore shouted. He was the calming force in the midst of the rolling storm. “Molly, bring Ron and Ginny here, contact Miss Granger. Knowing Ron and Hermione, they sent Fred and George after Harry. We don’t need them going off looking for Harry now.”

Molly jumped up and ran from the room after shaking her fingers at her twin boys.

“Fred, George, no more looking for Harry.” Dumbledore stated to them, “I believe you two have a joke shop that needs to be ran.”

Fred and George looked at Dumbledore solemnly and left.

“Arthur, find out when I’m supposed to meet with Fudge,” Arthur Weasley left.

Dumbledore slowly gave out orders one by one and watched them leave, it came down to Remus, Moody, and Frost still left in the room.

Moody looked at Dumbledore, “Do you know where Harry is?”

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