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Newt Scamander's tedious in the extreme relization by ilovedrpotter
Chapter 1 : Knotting
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Professor Lulu takes the frosted bottle from out of her stained wooden trunk and removes the cork
with a little effort. She slowly pours the silver liquid into the pensieve. It looks as cold as the
weather outside. The trail ends as though cut off by a blade. She puts the empty bottle back down
and stares at the pensieve just as you have been doing ever so curiously. You both dip your heads down toward
the pensieve as though getting a closer look. You suddenly feel a cold chill pull you forward and
slowly turn you around until you touch the hard floor of a dark and dusty den. Looking around you
see the only other person is a handsome blonde man probably in his early 20's looking for something.
As soon as you see him you notice a dark shadow appearing between the cracks of an old, large door.
The door swings open and both you and the man jump. A middle aged woman is standing in the threshold.
Her face looks distorted as though she's trying to touch her nose with her lower lip.
"Who in blazes are YOU?! Why are you in my house!?" abrumpty shreaks the woman. You start to see
true features in the shadow and suddenly wished you hadn't. You notice she has several large moles
splattered about her face. She has a large scar across her double chin and her forehead is also the
size and length as the other half of her face. It forces you to draw back in anguish.
"I was looking for someone. Well, more a something..." He says smoothly. So smug you think that's
all he has to say.
"No you weren't! Because I know for a fact I'm the only person here! Who are you?!" She barks
knowing she's moving towards winning the argument.
"I am Newt Scamander. I work in the office of House-Elf relocation". He steps forward as to shake
her hand or to notion he's about to continue his search. The woman jumps back.
"Get away from me! I don't know for a fact your who you say you are! Newt Scanander or whatever
you said! And why would you be at MY house relocationg house-elves?!"
Just as he notioned he continued to look around the two's their four feet.
"Ther is a house-elf on the run. After his owner's death he had no idea where to go and decided
to, for some strange reason, invade muggle homes and scare them away so he'd have the houses all to
himself. My guess is he never felt that kind of power before. His name is Knotting. Ring any bells?"
He obviously thinks she knows a thing or two about Knottings where-abouts.
The woman looks suprised. "Of course 'Knotting' doesn't ring any bells! My family hasn't owned a
house-elf in generations! Why would i start now?!"
He slightly smurks. "Why else would a thief want a rebellious rule-breaking house-elf?"
The woman's eyes open so wide you think they're soon to pop out of her head.
"A WHAT?! Say, who did you say you worked for again??" She looks either nervous or desperate.
"I work in the office of House-Elf Relocation in the Department for the Regulation and Control of
Magical Creatures for the Ministry of Magic."
At the last two words her small nervous movement abruptly stops and her eyes are wide again. Lulu
suddenly takes a deep breath that WOULD be loud enough for the two arguers to hear IF it were
possible for them to hear a sound they're making.
"Ministry of Magic, eh? And why do you suspect me of being a thief?" The grandfather clock
strikes ten. They both, distracted, look at it. Newt returns to the woman.
"Your Miss Divin Tower, right?" As the woman hears her name she starts to disagree but Newt
continues, "you fit the description perfectly... I have been in my office for some time and not
gotten out, so I should be the one to know all the background I found on you". The woman gives in.
"Yes, my name is Divin alright? But as for being a thief, that was all my brother Reese!"
He looks skeptical. As you start to yawn you hear a loud crack. You emit a small gasp as Divin
unnecessarily screams loud animal screeches which shakes the entire room. A small house-elf having
spotted Newt as soon as her apparated has dodged into the grand piano twelve feet away from you which
closes with a thunderous boom throwing dust in every direction. You notice that its not just dust
flying in the air blocking everyone's vision except for Divin and, of course, your 2 foot perimeter
if you can manage to open your eyes without being blinded by flying debris. You hear a loud gasp and
seconds later the dust has settled and chairs are overturned all around you. Divin, you unwillingly
notice, has her stubby white wand pointed strait for Newt's throat. You start to reach for your wand
but remember it's no use. In the background you hear an almost inaudible cackle coming froman ugly
brown pair of ears shaped almost like a cat's ears from behind the piano. Within seconds you hear two
loud cracks right after another. As you open your eyes to see Newt aimlessly kicking at an overturned
chair Professor Lulu grasps your wrist and slightly tugs to swirl you back a bit faster then what
you'd come down.

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