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Harry Potter and the Fall of the Horcruxes by Houlestar
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four: the Healing of the Wounds
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A/N; this takes place at the same time of chapter three. Just letting you know. And oh yeah, this is a picture of Narcissa, i couldn't find a good picture of Snape because there are too many that are really wrong, or have things on them that i will not discuss here. Sigh...
Half-blood Prince spoilers, just letting you know....

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When Severus Snape awoke after being knocked out after narrowly escaping being cursed near to death. He looked around the room, he had not apparated into this place and he had not seen this room before. Who had saved him from near death? He had blacked out just as someone shouted 'no!' Severus winced as he moved, his body ached because of the wounds he had sustained from Voldemort's attack on him. Swinging his feet over the side of the bed, he he started to feel dizzy as he took some shaky steps to the door as it swung open revealing Narcissa, pale against the darkness, so it seemed like she was glowing in the light from the hall out side of the open door.

"Sit down," she snapped. "I need to mend those wounds. I gave you a potion to ease the pain, but I thought that I should wait until you were awake to mend the wounds from the cruses."

"so it was you who stopped them!" said Snape.

"Yes," sneered Narcissa. "But you are making me regret it. I should have let them kill you. But the dark lord wanted to let you escape, otherwise he would have just killed you outright. He has plans for you i think. That must be why he has let you live for this long. You are too useful Severus for him to lose you. He says that he may make you go through the Tests of Loyalty, according to Bella. She still doesn't trust you, but she respects you for killing Dumbledore."

His stomach tied in knot, Snape clutched the bedside table. "Again? he wants me to take the tests again?" He was determined to keep the conversation away from Dumbledore. There was a note of worry in his voice, for the Tests were not a very good subject to discuss either.

“But then again,” she said. “He may not want to risk your life.”

“Thanks for reminding me,” he said.

"I told you to sit down," commanded Narcissa forcefully. "You are weak and you wounds need to be taken care of, Severus."

"I can handle these wounds Narcissa. I healed your son's wounds caused by Potter's Sectumsempra curse." Snape's cloak that had his wand in it was on a chair placed near the doorway. Pulling the wand out of his pocket, he murmured the spell that was almost like a song that he had used to heal the cuts caused by the Sectumsempra curse, both spells were of his own creation. After a second round of the spell there seemed to be no trace that the wounds had ever been there, and they faded and disappeared. "You see, i can handle my own problems Narcissa. I'll be going now."


“Don’t talk to me, Narcissa,” snapped Snape. “I am leaving.”

“You’re going back to Spinner’s End,” she stated.

“Obviously,” he sneered. “I don’t have any other place to go.”

“Stay here,” she recommended.

“I am not going to stay here in...”

“My room,” filled in Narcissa.

“Where were you sleeping?” asked Snape, suddenly disgusted.

“In Lucius’ room,” she said.

“I’d rather sleep in his bed than yours,” he snapped.

Narcissa blushed slightly. “You shouldn’t say that, people might misinterpret it.”

“Who else besides us is here to misinterpret anything?”

“Well, Draco,” said Narcissa.

“Right, the coward came here. I thought he would,” said Snape. “I told him not to go, but he went. The ass, what does he think he is?” He pulled on his cloak, finding his deatheater mask under it. He recoiled slightly from the mask, then remembered Narcissa was watching him, and picked it up. “I really need to go.”

“they are going to search Spinner’s End,” said Narcissa.

“They can’t find it, Narcissa,” said Snape.

“What are you going to do?” asked Narcissa.

“Go into hiding,” snapped Snape. “what did you think I would go back to teaching?”

"It must have caused you so mush pain to teach potter," said Narcissa changing tactics. "After all, Evans-"

"Shut up!" said Snape pointing his wand at Narcissa.

“the topic still hurts, I see,” she said.

"I am going back to Spinners End, now."

"I don't want you to go Severus, what if they try to kill you? You and the dark lord and the most wanted men in all of Britain now. You are doomed for certain death." Narcissa tucked Snape's black hair behind his ear. She was too close for Snape to feel comfortable.

Snape stumbled backwards and landed on the bed, taking Narcissa with him. Gently, Narcissa kissed him on the lips. Quickly and with a hiss of disgust, Snape broke away. But Narcissa was still on top of him, crying into his neck.

"Narcissa!" exclaimed Snape. "What about-"

"Get your hands off of her-" shouted Draco from the doorway, his wand out in front of him.

"Draco!" exclaimed Narcissa looking at her son.

Snape pushed Narcissa off of himself and stood up, disgusted at what Narcissa had done. “Narcissa, i am sorry, but your feelings are not returned they will never be returned. I told you a long time ago, my heart belongs to someone else, and that still stands. And Draco, you should tell your mother to keep her hands off of me if you want her to stay loyal to your father. I bid you both a good day." And with that Snape disappearted from the room, and apperated into his house at Spinner's End.


This was the house that he lived in for his first few years of life, only later to moved to live with his cousin and their aunt, in the house that his mother had inherited ten years ago.

This house was in the slums of the town, making it look much like a hovel. when he was a little kid he thought that he would never have to come back to this place when he went to live with his aunt.

But ironic as it was he was now happy to live here. It was a ironic as the fact that when the Potter boy tried to attack Snape two weeks ago, the things that harry used where either things that Snape knew Harry couldn't pull off, or things that Snape himself had invented. To piss Harry off more, Snape shared the irony with Potter, by telling him that he, Severus Snape, was the half-blood Prince, but Snape still couldn't figure out why he had let the truth slip, that he knew all along that harry had his old textbook.

Harry would never understand the complex spells or be able to pull them off correctly. It was obvious to Snape that he lacked the skills that his parents had. Snape wondered briefly what Lily would think of her son.

Dumbledore was wrong, Harry was not as innocent as he had been when he arrived at Hogwarts for the first time. Harry had used an unforgivable curse on Bellatrix, and he had attempted to use it on Snape later. Harry had used dark magic- big hello, Sectumsempra- and would perhaps one day become as dark as a deatheater. In a few years he may have a dark mark on his arm, if he didn't kill Voldemort before then. It seemed that as he got older, Potter was getting eviler.

Snape sat on his bed, with an old photograph in his hands. Taken by a muggle camera, none of the figures moved, but the emotion and character of the people there were shown in a way a wizard could never capture on film.

Some wounds run too deep for the healing, Potter, thought Snape. You’ve etched mine in stone.

Even though Snape himself had heard the first part of the prophecy, Snape was still unimpressed by Harry's survival for this long, even when Voldemort killed his parents and attacked Harry. But and Voldemort were the only two people alive who knew the reason why not to be. But Voldemort would never know that Snape knew what he knew. Truly, thought Snape, Potter is quite ordinary.

A/N; i don't own harry potter.

So what did you think of this chapter. Slow i know, but the next chapter will be better. I promise. Please review, i need to hear what my readers think.

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Harry Potter and the Fall of the Horcruxes: Chapter Four: the Healing of the Wounds


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