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Harry Potter and the Fulfilled Prophesies by GRWeasley
Chapter 8 : Surprises
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As Harry walked into the Common Room he noticed that not many of the older students where around. He looked quickly around the room to see if Duncan or Ron were around.
“Now where are they?” Harry asked himself as he looked around, his eyes feel upon the small blonde first year sitting in the corner alone reading one of her books. She looked so alone in the corner no one was around her, she reminded him so much of Hermione when they were in their first year. He smiled and walked over to her. He watched as she started to look over her book, her soft green eyes widen as she noticed Harry walking over to her, she looked around nervously, he couldn’t be come over to her could he? Never, why would Harry Potter want anything to do with a little first year. But here he was walking in her direction; she couldn’t do any thing about it either. As Harry sat down he could see that she was nervous.
“Hi” He said as he sat.
“Uh…hi” Carly said putting down her book. Harry read the cover.
“Complex stuff…let me guess Hermione gave it to you?” Harry asked. Carly smiled shyly and shook her head.
“Thought so…so why are you sitting in the corner all lone?”
“I’m reading” She said dryly.
“Well I can see that, but why aren’t you with the other first years?” Harry asked.
“I don’t know…”
“What’s wrong” Harry asked quickly, he saw it in her eyes the same look that Hermione had her first year.
“Come on you can tell me”
“Well….its nothing really…”
“You sure?”
“Yeah, I guess”
“You don’t sound too sure there” Harry said with a smile.
“You wouldn’t understand?” Carly said moving the book closer to her face. Harry took the spine of the book and moved it away with his first two fingers.
“Try me” Harry said. Carly didn’t say anything at first she just looked around the room.
“I don’t think…think they like me” Carly said suddenly barely above a whisper.
“Who doesn’t like you?”
“The other first years?”
“I think…its cause I’m Muggle born.” Carly said.
“That’s rubbish, trust me its not cause your Muggle born they are loads of Muggle born’s in Gryffindor, I think I know what it is?”
“What?” Carly asked nervously.
“I just think you are shy…new school, don’t know anyone all this magic is a little hard to handle at first…”
“Ho...How did you know?”
“I was the same way”
“You were?”
“Exactly the same way, didn’t know anybody had no idea anything about magic, then I come to a world where magic is second nature to everyone around me…I hated it at first but then I met Ron and Hermione and it was all better…you just need to relax no one is out to get you here…well except Slytherin and Snape” Harry said smiling. Carly giggled a little.
“So don’t worry about anything ok?” Harry said watching Daniel make his way over to them.
“ok…” She said weakly. Harry watched as Daniel came over Carly dipped her head down in the book.
“HYIA Harry” Daniel said a little loud.
“Hey Daniel, you haven’t see Ron or Duncan have you?”
“They would be….oh right the goofy red head and the intense blonde one…no I haven’t sorry”
“Have you Carly?”
“No sorry Harry” There was a silence between all of them till Daniel broke it.
“Uh…Carly?” Daniel asked extremely nervously.
“Yes” She said.
“We all were…well wondering…if maybe you were wanted to play exploding snaps?” Daniel asked pointing to a small group of first years. Harry smiled and looked over to Carly; she had a large smile on her face.
“I don’t know how to play.”
“We will teach you” Daniel said.
“Teach her right” Harry said warningly.
“We will I promise.” Daniel “Come on Carly.” Carly smiled at Harry and walked away from the table and went into the little group. Harry watched her sit down next to other blonde little and they just started to get along so quickly. Harry smiled at that, he quickly scanned the room and not finding Duncan or Ron; Harry got up and started his way out of the Common Room.
When he exited the door he actually bumped in a disheveled Ron, whose hair was completely messy and his clothes all wrinkled and out of place. And if Harry didn’t know better he could have sworn that there was sweat on Ron’s forehead.
“What in the hell happen to you?” Harry asked looking over Ron one more time. Ron looked at him self quickly and tried to hide the messed up closes and wiped off his face.
“No…Nothing” Ron said avoiding Harry’s eyes.
“You ok mate?”
“Oh yeah I’m fine…where are you going in such a hurry?” Ron asked changing the subject off of him.
“I was going to look for you and Duncan.” Harry said with a rise eyebrow.
“Oh Duncan met up with Keria and I…I was well detained for a little while…what’s up?” Ron said clearing his throat he felt a crack in his voice as he spoke to Harry.
“I need you guys help with something…come on lets find Duncan.” Harry said sliding past Ron.
“OK…but what are we doing?”
“Come on”

Duncan and Keria were sitting at the bottom seats of the Quidditch pitch talking to each other, it was their second favorite thing to do, talk. They could talk for hours about anything and everything or about nothing at all. Keria was talking about Malfoy’s last outburst in the Slytherin Common Room.
“It was great he had the whole seven year throwing pillows at him, and every time he would try to give some one a detention another pillow would he him….what a prat”
“Yeah Malfoy is one of a kind” Duncan said laughing. Suddenly he noticed two people slowly entering the pitch on the far side. He squinted his human eyes and saw the outline of a medium tall person with long hair and glasses coming this way.
“What is Harry doing here?” Keria asked. Duncan shook his head.
“Dunno….hopefully nothing is wrong…Ron is with him.”
As Harry and Ron made their way around the pitch to reach them Duncan closed his eyes and felt to world around him, nothing seem to be disturbed, the line of life seemed to be flowing correctly. When he opened his eyes Harry and Ron were practically standing next to them.
“What’s up?” Duncan asked.
“We’ve been looking for you?” Harry said brushing his hair out of his eyes.
“What’s wrong?” Duncan asked again with an urge in his voice.
“Nothing….I just wanted to find you because I need you help” Harry said with a smile. He looked over to Keria.
“And actually you can help with this too, you will be perfect”
“What are we helping with?”
”Come on I will explain on the way back to the Common Room.” Harry said turning around and walking around.
“What are we helping with?” Duncan asked Ron as they started to walk away.
“Got me” Ron said shrugging his shoulders.

The plans were set now, all Harry had to worry about was them actually working. He really didn’t feel that anything could go wrong but since this was special occasion he wanted everything to be prefect. He was defiantly lucky that Ron, Duncan and especially Keria. Since Keria and Duncan had been dating the other girls in Gryffindor had warmed up to her and they all were becoming friends, which made her efforts in recruiting people that much easier.
Harry sat at breakfast one morning four days before his plans were suppose to go into action. He was sitting alone in his section of the table, there were people around him but none of his friends were there, Ron has disappeared again to god knows were, Duncan and Hermione were in the library doing some quick studying for Ancient Runes, and Harry hadn’t seen much of Ginny for the last few days she had been making her self scarce in the Common Room and the Great Hall. It was kind of relaxing and nice to eat in silence, Harry had been doing it all his life at the Dursley’s that he had gotten use to it. Suddenly he felt a presence behind him, slowly he turned hoping that the feeling of some one behind him was real, as he finally turned around he saw the dark stare of Professor Snape glaring back at him. Harry choked on his food.
“Yes Professor?” Harry asked couching.
“Potter, we need to discuss the dueling club” Snape said.
“Yes sir…Now?”
“After potions, stay and we can discuss it”
“Yes sir” Harry said with a nod, and with that Snape turned and walked away. Harry watched as Snape walked back up to the teachers table and sat down. Harry looked around the room and noticed eyes looking at him they all had puzzled expressions on their face trying to figure out what Snape wanted with him.
“Great another rumor that can start about me” Harry growled as he rolled his eyes. He quickly finished his breakfast and grabbed his books and left the Great Hall.

Harry sat in Transfigurations class falling asleep at the boring lecture that McGonagall was giving.
“Harry!” Hermione whispered fiercely every time Harry’s eyes would droop.
“I’m up, I’m up” Harry would say every time. One time Harry spoke to loud and Professor McGonagall heard him and stopped that lecture.
“I’m glad to hear that Mr. Potter, not if you don’t mind disrupting my class”
“Sorry Professor”
“Very well, see me after class” McGonagall said in an angered voice. Harry looked over to Hermione to see that she was giving him an ‘I told you so’ look that she did so well.
“What?” Harry asked.
“Nothing” Hermione said shaking her head and looking back to her book. Harry finally opened his book and started to read about what McGonagall was talking about. Harry looked over to see Ron sleeping with his head with drool on his parchments that were across his desk. Harry gave a chuckle and went back his book.
As the class ended Duncan woke Ron up.
“Huh, what….Do I don’t want a sponge bath” Ron said waking up fully and looking around the room.
“You sure mate?” Duncan said with an evil smile and a kiss.
“Sick…No!” Ron said getting his books.
“Can we leave now?” Hermione said as she started towards the door.
“Just waiting of baby cakes here” Duncan said pointing to Ron as he walked up to Hermione.
“Seriously stop that” Ron said standing in the room looking at Harry in the front of the class.
“Come on Ron!” Duncan yelled. “Harry got in trouble” Ron looked back to Where Duncan and Hermione were standing and then back up to the Front of the class where Harry and Professor McGonagall were standing.
“When did he manage that?” Ron asked.
“When you were sleeping” Hermione snapped.
“Oh” Ron said and then followed them up
“I never knew that McGonagall could be so boring” Ron said as the exited the class room.
“Ron you were a sleep” Duncan said.
“So…from what I heard she was boring”
“Ron everything but lunch and Quidditch are boring to you” Hermione said.
“That’s not true…” Ron argued.
“OH yeah well what else.”
“I like dinner too” Ron said with a large smile.
“Oh my how could I forget that, anything with food and Ron’s all over for it.”
”duh” Ron said.
“Come on Hermione we better go or we will be late for Ancient Runes” Duncan said as he looked at the thinning crowd.
“Yeah, can’t be late for one class in seven years” Ron mocked.
“No Ron I can’t I’m head girl”
“That’s your excuse for everything” Ron retorted sticking his tongue out.
“Come on Duncan lets go, GOOD BYE RONALD!”
“Ta Ta” Ron said waving as Hermione and Duncan walked away. As they disappeared around a corner Harry walked out of McGonagall’s classroom.
“Good God”
“That bad”
“I don’t think I ever seen her get that mad when I have fallen asleep” Harry said.
“Wow, glad she didn’t catch me”
“Yeah well next time you sit next to Hermione” Harry said walking down the Hall.
“Yeah, NO!” Ron said following him. “You can have her all to your self!”

Potions, like always was dragging on, Harry hated this class more then any other in school, even though Snape’s relationship towards him was different he still had to deal with all the taunts from the Slytherin that occupied the same space as they did. Every time Harry would looked up he would either see Malfoy or one of his cronies staring at him with hated felled eyes.
“Their not worth it” A sweet voice said from his left. Harry turned to see Keria looking at him.
“What?” he asked. She smiled softly at him.
“Malfoy isn’t worth getting worked up he is just a selfish prat and you shouldn’t bother with him.” She said as she put some ingredient in her cauldron.
“Yeah, but he bothers me so much some times”
“Shut up Potter” Snape said from the front of the class with out looking over at him. Harry rolled his eyes.
“Thank you though” Harry said to her smiling.
“No problem…oh I wanted to say that what you are doing I think it’s extremely sweet” Keria said with a small smile.
“Thanks” Harry said turning back to his cauldron.
“So hitting on my girlfriend?” A voice said to his right, it wasn’t mean but playful.
“Well some one got to, we know you don’t” Harry said with a smirk.
“OH good one Potter, good one” Duncan said.
“IF you two say one more then I’m going to give you detention till you graduate” Snape said flipping through papers. The whole class broke out into laughter at that.
“And all of your can join them if you would like” He said again. They all shut up and went back to their potions.
Snape was standing in front of his desks in front of the room as students went up and gave him their bottle of their potion, Harry stayed in his seat as he was instructed to do. As the last person left the room, Snape walked away from the desk and entered his office.
“Potter” He said as he walked in. Harry got up and walked up to the front of the class and placed his bottle on the desk and then entered Snape’s office. Snape was behind his desk looking over more papers as if Harry being there was a waste of his time.
“Sit Potter” Snape said as the door shut behind Harry. Harry walked over to the chair that was in front of Snape’s desk.
“Well, I do believe we should continue with the dueling club it seems to have a positive effect on the students even though 90% of them are still below average, so now what do you believe we should change?” Snape asked sitting back in the chair.
“Change sir?”
“Yes Potter, simple question, what should we change?”
“I’m not sure?”
“That is what I figured so I went to the liberty of making the changes. One, you will have rules.”
“Me sir?”
“Yes Potter, you and Mackenzie will have stipulations that you need to follow and if you do not follow them to the letter you will be removed from the Dueling club.”
“How is that fair Professor?”
“Fair, Fair, the shield that you can produce is fair to the other student who will not be able to hit you…your wand less magic that some how you can produce is another thing now fair to the other students. That is why it is fair.
“Well what about Duncan”
“Mr. Mackenzie is half elf and he needs rules just like you”
“Agreed” Harry said getting angry “What are our rules?”
“First: You are not to perform any wand less at all; any spell you perform will be done with your wand. Second you shield is strictly off limits any time it happens to go up or you blatantly use, you will forfeit the match and it will count as a loss to you. And since you are….a competent dueler you will only be dueling with high level duelers.”
“Ok…” Harry said.
“And for Mr. Mackenzie he is only aloud to perform regular human magic from a wand, no elven magic.”
“Any more rules” Harry said in annoyed voice.
“None for you or Mr. Mackenzie but I do believe we are going to have levels this year?”
“Levels sir?”
“Yes Levels of skill, at the first meeting which we will hold this Sunday we will see all of the students that show up and determine their skill level. When they are put in a skill level they will duel with all the other in the level, and if I think they are worthy of graduating to the next level they shall.”
”Yes sir” Harry said, he really couldn’t say anything else, you can’t argue with a teacher since it was his idea to start to Dueling Club back up anyway. All Harry could do was sit there and agree.
“Very well, we say start at noon on Sunday, inform Gryffindor Tower.”
“Yes sir” Harry said. Snape had already gone to grading papers; Harry sat there for a moment before Snape looked up at him.
“Leave Potter” Snape said looking back down at the papers. Harry got up and left the room.

Harry got to Dinner and slammed his books on the table. Ron’s eyes went wide as the chicken leg dropped from his hand.
“Um…problem?” He said after he swallowed hard.
“Nothing” Harry growled as his food appeared in front of him.
“You sure” Duncan said from the seat next to him.
“I’m fine” Harry said.
“Alrighty.” Duncan said with a shrug. Harry ate his dinner in silences seething over what Snape had just told him, was Snape trying to say that Harry was to dangerous to even compete in a friendly duel with his fellow classmates, even though some of them were less friendly then others. Harry just couldn’t see past that fact that Snape was to grate him as much as possible he didn’t see the fact that he was more powerful then any other student in the school and he hadn’t even use the extent of his powers yet, no all Harry could think was that Snape was giving him rules giving him boundary.
“Harry” Hermione’s voice knocked him out of his pissy mood.
“What?” He snapped. Hermione jumped at the rudeness in his voice.
“Never mind” She said weakly. Harry sighed looked down at his plate, pushed around the broccoli that was there and then looked back up to Hermione.
“Sorry Hermione, I didn’t mean to snap at you” Harry said. She looked at him for a second, studied his eyes and his face. He was hiding something.
“Harry…” She started. “You’re hiding something from me?” She finished. Again, a chicken bone fell from Ron’s lips as he heard the words come out of Hermione’s mouth.
“Hid…Hiding something whatever do you mean?” Harry asked with wide eyes. Hermione smirked.
“I just have the feeling that you are hiding something from me…and it looks to be important…spill you guts now” She said. Duncan looked all over Harry’s face with a confused look.
“And you can get that from his face huh?” Duncan asked pointing his fork at Harry.
“Yes, I can” She said matter-of-factly.
“Ok, then…better spill you guts then Harry” Duncan said with a warning tone.
“There is nothing-“
“Harry James Potter” Hermione said.
“Uh oh…she used his full name” Seamus said from the other side of Ron. “Some one is in trouble. Harry didn’t know what to say, was it written all over his face, must have been.
“I talked to Snape about the Dueling club”
“We’re going to do again?” Ron asked nervously.
“Yes, but we are going to do it differently this year....Snape is going to put us into levels and he will determine when one is ready to move up”
“Well I think that is a very good idea” Hermione said.
“Yeah I guess”
“There is something else isn’t there” She asked.
“Snape gave me rules and Duncan to”
“Me!” Duncan said shocked “how in the world did I get into this?”
“He is limiting us in what we can do…”
“What do you mean?” Duncan asked.
“You are only aloud to use Human magic…and I am too…I’m not aloud to use my shield either”
“Those seem like fair rules” Hermione said. Harry flashed a glare at her.
“What? They do” She said again. Harry just looked at her for a minute and then finally realized that she was right they were fair.
“Yeah I guess.” Harry said.
“Don’t worry Harry, even with out your shield you are the best dueler in the school” Hermione said placing a hand on his shoulder.
“I guess….it just feels like Snape is out to get me”
“That’s because he is Harry” Ron said.
“Shut up Ronald.” Hermione said. “Harry listen is Snape was out to get you he wouldn’t have even started up the Dueling Club in the first plus…place haven’t we had enough time in our lives were Snape as been on our side”
“Just don’t worry about anymore, it’s only a club”
“Yeah I guess” Harry said as ate his food disappeared from his plate.

The big day had come to quick for Harry, he didn’t even know if he was going to get everything off, but as he plan at exactly 12:30.
“Hermione” Lavender yelled across the Common Room. Hermione turned around from the table she was at to see Lavender waving her over to her. Hermione got up and walked over to her.
“What?” She asked with she got up to Lavender.
“We need you help with something” Parvati said.
“What?” Hermione asked again.
“Come on, we can’t talk here” Lavender said as they both pulled her out of the Room.
“Where are we going?” She said as she was dragged along.
“You’ll see” Parvati said winking to Duncan as they walked out of the Common Room.
As the door shut behind them, Duncan waited a few seconds before breathing, then after he let one breath out and in he spoke.
The whole room started to work as one being, as people started to put up streamers and a large sign said HAPPY BIRTHDAY HERMIONE. A few sixth year students who knew where the kitchen was and knew who Dobby was went and got all the food for the evening.
Harry stood in the middle of the room as it was transformed in a party scene. He not believe his eyes, there was enough food to feed the whole Common Room twice, and enough drink to double that, on another table there was more presents that he had ever seen in his entire life and that was saying something when you lived with Dudley. The couches were moved out of the way so that people could dance, since Seamus got out his wireless. Everything was coming together, every body was there, except:
“Where is Ginny?” Harry asked as the last decoration was put in place.
”No idea” Ron said half paying attention. Every one was dressed in nice Muggle clothes, the girls had on sun dress or something a little dressier. Harry hoped that the ruse to get Hermione dressed up had worked, Lavender and Parvati, told her that they were making a special dinner for Neville and Seamus and then needed a third girl for Dean Harry knew it was a weak idea, but they really could think of anything else to use. Harry guessed that it worked since they hadn’t come back yet, but he hoped that she wasn’t in a terrible mood when she got back. It was getting close to the time that there were suppose to be bring her back, and Harry was getting nervous, he wanted Hermione’s birthday to be the best she had ever had. He wanted it to be special, suddenly he remember, her gift it was till up stairs.
“Their coming” A voice said from the doorway. It was Keria she had come by earlier to help and was staying for the party. Harry felt sweat start to bead up on his forehead.
“Ready Mate” Ron said as the candles in the room started to dim.
“I guess so” Harry said clearing his throat and walking into the middle of the room. The candle light was now focused on him. He looked to be the only thing in the room as the Door slowly swung open he could hear Hermione talking.
“I swear you two, I don’t understand why you get me all dress-“Hermione stopped dead in her tracks as she saw Harry standing there in the middle of the room, he looked so nervous.
“Har….Harry what’s going on?” Hermione asked nervously as she walked up to him.
“Hermione, you have gone through so much I just wanted to say how much you mean to me and to everyone in Gryffindor Tower…So Hermione”
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” The room showed as the candle exploded to the regular light. Hermione’s eyes were huge and her hand went over her mouth as she gasped. Harry could see a smile on her face behind her fingers, and he watched as tiny drops of waters started to appear in her eyes.
“Oh…my….god” She said in a weak creaky voice. “Did you?” she said. Harry nodded.
“With the help of the whole tower”
“Oh…my…god” She said again her hand still over her mouth.
“Well…come on say something” Ron said from the other side of the room. Hermione dropped her hand and jumped into Harry’s arm and squeezed him so tightly that it hurt.
“Thank you so much Harry” She whispered in his ear. “You do not know how much this means to me” She said again as they released. Hermione went around to everyone in the Common Room and hugged them she was just so over whelming at the lengths everyone went to. When she got to Ron he had already made his way over to the food. She walked up to him and had a large smile on her face.
“Thank you so much” She said as they stood a few feet from each other.
“It was all Harry’s idea.” Ron said as he popped grapes into his mouth.
“Ron, you know what I mean”
“Yeah, I do I’m still saying that it was all Harry’s idea…plus…well you know” Ron said shyly.
“Yeah…I know” Hermione said as she walked up to him and hugged him.
Hermione was dumbfounded at what her dorm mates had done for her. Every so often Keria would come over to where Hermione was standing and close her mouth for her.
“You ok?” Keria asked the last time that she came by Hermione. Hermione just looked at her for a second. It was nice to have a friend that was girl, that wasn’t Lavender of Parvati. She felt comfortable around Keria, and she hoped that they would be friends for along time.
“I still can’t believe that this is all for me” Hermione said in an awed voice. Music was playing and some people had ready begun to dance, it was mostly older students the younger ones hid in the shadow very nervous about going onto a dance floor.
“Well you know it was all Harry’s idea right?”
“Yeah….Ron told me” Hermione said looking over at Harry, who was over on the other side of the room talking with Dean and Duncan. There was an urge to be near him, and urge to talk to him; it was unlike anything she had felt before. She needed to talk to him; she needed to figure out this feeling.
“I will be right back” Hermione said to Keria and started to make her way over to Harry. As she made her way over to him she heard her names being call from the other side of the room.
“Hermione…come on lets open your gifts” Ron screamed. Hermione closed her eyes and sighed. Damn it Ron not now she though.
“Yeah come on open’m” Dean yelled. Hermione opened her eyes to see Harry moving over to where her present where.
“Fine” She said moving towards her gifts.

The Present were everything that Hermione could imagine. Some of her closer fiends got her books, but she got a lot of food and sweets and some girls even got her clothes. Hermoine could not believe her eyes though when she opened Duncan’s gift. She stared blankly at the leather bound book, then she slowly opened it, the words were a language that she had seen before yet did not understand.
“It’s Elven”
“What?” Hermione asked in surprise.
“The text, its Elven, its an children’s fable my mother use to read to me when I was little”
“Duncan…it…it’s beautiful” She gasped. “But I will never be able to understand it”
“Not to worry Ms. Granger” Duncan started with a smile. “I will teach you”
“You will?” Hermione eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.
“Of course, and I have no doubt that you will have that book finished by the end of the year” Duncan said with a smile.
“Oh Duncan thank you!” Hermione said flinging her self into his arm.
“You…wel…come” Duncan choked out.
“Hermione….Hermione open mine” Hermoine let Duncan breathe again and turned to see an excited Ron holding a small gift in his hands. It was the last gift on the table.
“Damn it, I forgot” Harry suddenly said. Everyone looked at him.
“Sorry, be right back” Harry said as he disappeared up the stairs and out of sight. Hermione followed as he disappeared and then mapped out where he was in her mind behind the stone.
She snapped out of her trance and looked at Ron.
“He already knows what it is….open it” Ron said. Hermione ripped off the paper that was around the box, she then lifted the lid and inside was a golden Pendent, and it was a pair of angel wings.
“Wow…” She breathed.
“They magically connect to your “H”” Ron said bashfully.
“Oh Ron….its amazing’ Hermione said pulling him into a bone crushing hug. “Thank you” She said again.
“Your welcome” Ron said into her ear. Hermione smiled and then noticed that Harry was coming back down the stairs with a medium sized box. She released Ron and he winked at her. Quickly she placed the pendent behind the “H” and they fused together. She walked up to Harry shyly.
“Sorry, forgot that I left it up stairs” Harry said handing her the gift. “Harry Birthday”
“Thank you “Hermione said sweetly. As Hermione grabbed the gift she brushed Harry’s hand, and the butterfly’s that she hadn’t felt in forever came to life again and started to flutter in her stomach. They stared at each other for a second and all the memories of them came back to her: There moments alone in Fluffy’s lair their times walking to class holding hands. The anger Harry showed when he found them. The feeling she got that night, the feeling that she could never escape from.
“You going to open it?” Harry asked snapping his fingers. Hermione blinked quickly and looked around the room; everybody was waiting for her to open the gift.
Clearing her throat she said “Yes of course.”
She slowly ripped off the paper to reveal an extremely beautiful oak box. There was a gold name plate on the top of it, it read: Hermione Granger, Head Girl. Then underneath that in smaller letter is read: Happy Birthday, Love Harry. She smiled as she read it, that box alone was enough, but she knew that their was something inside of it. She slowly opened the lid and a heart warming song started to play from inside the box, the song filled he heart with such joy that she didn’t think she could be sad again, when she looked inside she saw that the box was lined with an expensive looking red velvet material, and in the center of the red velvet lay.
“Oh…my…God” She gasped putting her free hand over her mouth, everyone moved in closer to get a better looked.
“Where…how?’ She smattered.
“Do you like it?” Harry said quietly. She looked at him, tears started to form in her eyes. It was the most amazing gift that any one had ever given her. Lying in the middle of the box that looked to be more expensive then anything Hermione own, was a feather or more over a quill, it was not just any quill the feather was a bright beautiful deep red and in the right light shined as if it was on fire. Tears finally started to streak down her cheeks she carefully took the quill out of the box, it felt warm and soothing to the touch. Again the feather took to be on fire.
“Its it really?”
“Yes…Hermione it’s a Phoenix Quill…and it’s for you”
“Oh….” Hermione couldn’t even finish the sentence, this quill was so rare that she didn’t even know anyone in the world to even have one. She thought they stopped making them. To write with a Phoenix quill, gave you a sort of power over words your mind was cleared and the words that were there just muddled in your mind come out even clearer, the most talented writing over a thousand years ago used Phoenix quill, and not to mention that when you wrote the words them selves looked to be on fire.
“How di…did you get this?” Hermione asked barely above a whisper.
“That’s my little secret”
“Yes you can Hermione, you deserve this more then anyone…and I had to get you something that beat my Christmas present” Harry said with a smile. Hermione wiped the tears away from her face, and smiled. She put the quill back in the box and closed it gently.
“Thank you” She whispered walking over to hug him, as she reached him she rapped her arms around his neck and slowly press her self against him. It felt so; there wasn’t a word for how this felt being next to him again. Harry eyes were closed tight as they stood there holding each other, he didn’t think that he would ever been in this situation with her ever again, but did it feel right for her to be in his arms. Harry opened his eyes to see all of Gryffindor tower looking at them with smiles. Harry’s cheeks turned red with embarrassment, he let go of Hermione but she hadn’t let go of him yet.
“Uh…Hermione” Harry whispered. Hermione released him and turned around; she instantly went red when she saw that every eye was upon her.
“What are we all doing standing around” Ron suddenly yelled making Hermione jump.
“We are having a party so let us party” Ron said walking over to the wireless and turning it up.

Hermione sat on the couch by the fire; she was looking at her Phoenix quill. It seemed to jump to life as the reflection of the flames hit it. She wasn’t paying attention to the crowd, at her feet was a half drank bottle of butter beer. Suddenly she felt a presence beside her.
“Would the lady care for a dance” The voice next to her said. Hermione smiled and looked up.
“Thank you kind sir” Hermione said placing the quill down in the box and closing the lid. Hermione took the outstretched hand that was in front of her, and then was led to the dance floor.
As they reached the dance floor Duncan twirled her around and they started to dance, Hermione could see all her friends around dancing with each other, Neville was Nervously trying not to step on Lavender’s toes, Keria was teaching Ron how to dance and not do a bad job at it. Dean and Parvati were dancing cheek to cheek. Even Carly was on the floor and to her surprise she was dancing with Daniel. Harry smiled at this, this was how things were suppose to be, everyone happy everyone safe. As the dance went on she looked to the corner of the room where Harry stood, he was watching the dance floor with a smile on his face. It had been so long since a large smile had come across his face and she loved when she got to witness it.
“Go to him” Duncan said into her ear.
“What?” She asked looking at them. The music had become slow and everyone was dancing close.
“Go and bring him to the dance floor…be with him” Duncan said as the danced.
“Who?” Hermoine asked softly. Duncan looked over to where Harry was standing.
“You don’t mind”
“Of course not…why would I? I think I need to break up my girlfriend and Mr. Weasley anyway” Duncan said as they slowly came to a stop in the middle of the dance floor. Hermione released him and he stepped over to where Ron was.
“I had a feeling you would try to steal her from me” Duncan said laughing. Hermione started her way over to Harry.
Harry had watched every stepped her and Duncan preformed out there on the floor, and now she was walking toward him. She looked like gorgeous tonight. She was wearing a Muggle dress it was the same color as her eyes it had spaghetti straps revealing her very tan shoulder and then dress was very form fitting showing off every curve of her voluptuous body. As she neared him she had very shy smile creeping on her face, when she reached him he could tell that she was nervous.
“Hi” she said when she got up to him.
“Hey there” He said sipping his butter beer.
”Would you like to dance?” Hermione asked with an extended shaking hand.
“More then anything” Harry said taking her hand. As they moved to the dance floor and electric feeling to be felt in their hand, and when they reached the dance and stared into each others eyes, the feeling moved all over their body.
“Thank you” She said.
“Your welcome” Harry said as she put her head on his should and he pulled her in closer.
Duncan was dancing with Keria and Ron was dancing with himself joking around with Seamus.
“Ron” Duncan nudged. Ron stopped dancing and looked over at Duncan, Duncan pointed to the middle of the dance floor. Ron looked.
“They do look prefect together don’t they?” Ron said.
“Yeah…they do” Keria said
The music and people in the room all disappeared as Hermione’s crystal blue eyes found Harry’s emerald green ones, all the pain and frustration behind them was gone for the moment and she smiled.
“Why Harry?” Hermione asked. Harry just looked at her for second, he looked into her eyes again, and then to her mouth, she had that nervous smile on her face again.
“Why?” He asked.
“Yes…after all that happen…why?” She asked again.
“Do you remember back in first year when you took the blame for the Troll?”
“Do you remember what I asked you when we were walking back to the Common Room?”
“Of course I remember like it like it was yesterday, you asked why I had done that for you two?”
“And what was your answer?”
“I didn’t know why I did it”
“Exactly….I knew at the moment that you were special, I didn’t know why because I was so young….nothing really makes sense when you eleven” They looked as each other for a moment in silence as the song in the back ground changed to a fast song and everyone around them changed to. They didn’t notice at all, she kept the same slow movement as they had when the slow song was on.
“But Harry what I did…”
“What you did….doesn’t matter. Hermione your only 17 years old. I told you I was going to forgive you and I have to me it’s in the past”
“Yeah but the hatred you showed towards me was nothing I have ever seen before” She whispered to him.
“What would you have done if you saw me kissing Lavender or Parvati or Ginny-“ It Harry right in the temple when he said Ginny’s name, where was she where had she been this whole time, and how as she going to react if what Harry thought was going to happened, happened.
“I would have probably hated you just as you did me…” Hermione trailed off and looked down. Harry took her chin in his hand and moved her face to look at him again. Their eyes locked again this time something more intense about the stare something that they had known forever but never could say.
At the door in a horrified stare into the middle of the dance Floor chocolate eyes watched in despair as Harry and Hermione stood there on the dance floor they were talking about something, then Hermione looked down and Harry grabbed her chin and lifted her face. They stared at each other an while to Ginny is was eternity then she saw Harry’s mouth move and Hermione nod a few times, then Harry said some more words Hermione was silent for a moment and then her lips moved in silence words that Ginny could not hear. Then to Ginny in one instant in her life he heart was ripped from her chest and throw on the floor as she saw Harry slowly lower his face towards Hermione. All the blood rushed out of Ginny’s face as Hermione’s lips moved towards Harry. Warm saline ran down her cheeks as her worst nightmare was in front of her. Harry and Hermione in an imitate kiss. Ginny ran from the Common Room being seen by no one.

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