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Harry Potter and the Fulfilled Prophesies by GRWeasley
Chapter 7 : When the bad out weights the good
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When the bad out weights the good

As Hermione read the note the realization of what she was reading didn’t not sink in.
“Harry what does this mean?”
“YOU’RE BACK!” Ron yelled excitedly cutting Hermione off. Harry took the parchment away from Hermione and read it over again.
“That” He said. He was back where he belonged, the Quidditch pitch. He looked up at the head table and there sat Dumbledore with his knowing smile and his patterned twinkle in his eye, then he nodded. Harry could not believe it; he was going to play Quidditch. Then something stepped out of the back of his mind. Duncan. Duncan was the seeker now and a damn good one.
“Everybody!” Ron yelled down the table, Harry snapped out of his trance as he and everyone else looked at Ron.
“HARRY’S BACK!” Ron bellowed again. The whole table erupted in cheers making all the other tables look and try to see what the hell was going on. Harry smiled with all the cheering but he in the back of his mind he didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Then someone sat next to him.
“What’s all the commotion?” The voice said. Harry looked into the yellow-green-blue eyes of one of his best friends.
“Well, I’m back on the team” Harry said halfheartedly.
“Back? Oh yeah, that’s fantastic Harry, I guess that means I get to step down now?” Duncan asked with a smile.
“Uh…Well I’m going to try out so we will see” Harry said.
“You are trying out? why?”
“Because Gryffindor already has a seeker, and his is amazing.”
“Really, I would like to meet this fellow, some one that can out fly Harry Potter huh? Well then Mr. Potter we will see who the better seeker is”
“That we will” Harry said nodding.
“So any chance I can use your broom?”
“Uh….NO!” Harry said turning as the food faded onto his plate.
“Thank god!” Ron moaned.

After dinner everyone slowly walked up to their different dorms. Homework from the first day was calling everyone name, but no one wanted to answer and some namely Harry and Ron weren’t going to answer.
“Oh come on you two, It’s your last year do some homework” Hermoine said with her potions book in front of his face.
“Na” Ron said as he leaned back in his chair.
“What about the N.E.W.T’s?”
”What about them? They are at the end of the year”
“That’s forever away” Harry said.
“Ok…don’t say I didn’t warn you” Hermione said dropping her eyes back into her book.
“Wait a minute, what this? Hermione Granger giving up?” Harry asked in a mock shocked voice.
“Did Hell freeze over?” Ron piped in.
“Ha Ha you two, no I just figured that if you wont listen to me after six years, then why waste my breath”
“We are wearing you down…Ha ha, the corruption is almost complete” Ron said clasping his hands together.
“OH Fuck you” Hermione said from behind her book.
“Whoa!” Harry and Ron said at the same time.
“And the language, man we are corrupting her” Harry said with a smile. She smirked sarcastically at him.
“Well, this is fun folks but” Ron started as he stood up.
“I must be off” and with that Ron was gone. Harry and Hermione watched as an excited Ron practically skipped out of the Common Room.
“And where in the heck is he going?” Hermoine asked. Harry just shook his head, where was Ron going; it was almost 10:30 he was not aloud out of the Common Room not even as a seventh year.
“Oh well” Hermione said with a sly smile. “Maybe you will do your homework now?”
“Nice try Hermione, but I think I’m going to sleep, I will see you in the morning” Harry said cleaning all his books and papers up and putting them into his bag.
“Oh…ok” Hermione said with a surprise look. Harry?”
Harry looked up from his shuffling of papers and looked in her crystal blue eyes. They stared at each other for a second.
“Yes?” Harry asked breaking the silence.
“You ok?” Hermione asked a little too quickly. How many times in Harry’s life at Hogwarts had he heard that question? More then he could count he knew that, the answer was the same every time but people kept asking.
“Yeah Hermione, just tried” Harry said with at genuine smile.
“Ok, well good night then” She said going back to her potions book.
“Night” Harry said as he made his way through the Common Room and up to the stairs. Duncan strolled over to where Hermione was sitting he was helping a second year on a paper for history of Magic it was bout elves and who better to talk to then one.
“Where Harry going?” Duncan asked sitting down.
“To bed” Hermione answered with out looking up.
“Oh ok…Ron?”
“Not sure, he just left.”
“Left, left?” Duncan asked pointing towards the door.
“And Ms. Head Girl didn’t stop him?”
“After six years I have given up trying to show them the right and wrongs of the world.”
“You’re giving up on them?” Duncan asked laughing.
“Yeah pretty much”
“They have corrupted you.”
“OH shut up!” Hermione said throwing her small Muggle notebook at him.
“Hey!” Duncan said grabbing the book; he throw is back at her.
“It’s not my fault our friends are-“
“Stubborn, pigheaded, thick, completely undeniably stupid” Hermione said cutting him off.
“Well there’s that” Duncan said.
“Well what were going to say?” Hermione asked with an annoyed look on her face.
“Oh nothing” Duncan said getting out his transfiguration book.

The next week went by slowly but everyone fell back into the routine of school, of homework and even the rules, well most of the time. Even Harry and Ron were doing their homework some times. Ron’s behavior was starting to get weirder as the week went on. Harry and Hermione and were starting to get worried.
“You sure he’s ok?” Hermione asked as they walked to lunch on Friday, tomorrow was Quidditch try outs so there was a large buzz in the air and a lot of people were very nervous.
“I don’t know” Harry answered as they entered the great hall.
“Well…speak of the devil” Duncan said pointing to the smiling red head who was looking at them and waving.
“Hey guys over here!” Ron yelled. Harry looked at Hermione and Duncan with a raised Eyebrow. They made their way over to Ron as he moved they sat down.
“Ron…?” Harry started as his food morphed in front of him.
“Yeah Harry?” Ron asked eating a piece of bread.
“You, you ok mate?”
“Ok? What do you mean ok?” Ron asked.
“Well for one thing Ron, Quidditch tryouts are tomorrow and you haven’t said a word about them” Hermione said from the other side of the table.
“I left the letter in the Common Room” Ron said drinking some pumpkin juice.
“Not that, the fact is you haven’t said two words about it since you put it up?” Hermione finished
“I talked to Harry about it”
“Yeah, here and there right before you disappear” Harry said. Ron gave him a dirty look.
“Ron, we just want to make sure our ok that’s all” Duncan said.
“Seriously guys, I’m fine don’t worry about anything” Ron said. They all looked at him with a concerned look.
“What I am?”
“Ok, so where do you disappear to?” Duncan asked.
“That sir, is none of your business” Ron said.
“Alright fine as long ask your ok” Hermione piped in.
“Prefect” Ron laughed. Hermoine just rolled her eyes and started in on lunch.

Saturday did not come fast enough for the students of Hogwarts especially the ones of the Quidditch persuasion.
“Harry! Harry! WAKE UP!” Ron screamed. Harry’s eyes sprang open.
“Huh…wha?” Harry said groggy sitting up on his elbows. Harry place his glasses on his face and to world come into focus Harry was surprised to see a fully dressed Ron standing in front of him.
“Let’s go try outs are in an hour” Ron said annoyed, He threw Harry a uniform. Harry sat up and took the uniform in his hands his eyes darted back and forth as his took in the bright colors of the cloths and the beautiful stitch of the Gryffindor emblem a large smile slid on his face.
“What?” Ron asked grabbing his broom.
“Oh…Nothing, I will be down in a second.” Harry said getting out of bed.
“Ok, well hurry” Ron said exiting the room with a click of the door.
Harry walked to his mirror that was connected to his closet and looked at his reflection. The purple scar that plagued the middle of his chest didn’t seem to get any better, it was still so busied that it camouflaged the rest of the scars the littered his chest. Harry couldn’t believe that one person’s body could with stand the amount of physical abuse as his had. He just wished he could remember how he got all of them. Harry sighed.
“Well, here goes nothing” Harry said as he put on his uniform.

As Harry walked out to the pitch he saw more of the group that bared Red and Gold. A smile spread across his face as he saw Ginny, Ron, Duncan, and then all of the new player ones he didn’t know very well. Then on the side of the pitch stood all the nervous ones waiting for the chance to either get a spot or suffer defeat.
“Come on Harry I want to start” Ron yelled. Harry threw his broom over his shoulder and picked up his pace.
“Alright I’m here” Harry said walking up to Ron.
“Thank god….Lets starts this thing” Ron said. “Ok Lets start with the um…Keepers.”
“Anyone trying out for the Keeper position line up over there by Harry” Ron Bellowed. Five students, two boys and three girls made their way over to Harry. Harry looked at them as the made their way to him; they looked so young and scared. Was he this scared on his first day? Yes he was. Wow that was so long ago Harry thought as the stepped up to him.
“Ok, Take this and write your name down, then with Ron blows the whistle jump on your broom and fly to the hoops. Ginny will be waiting for you; you will get 10 shots thrown at you. You will be watched for style and the amount stopped. Oh and one thing, Ron hates show offs so remember that” Harry said in soothing voice that he didn’t scare them even more.
“Ready Harry?”
Harry heard Ron’s voice from the middle of the pitch on his broom. Harry looked up the sun was high in the sky blocking Ron from his site.
“Yeah Ron, lets do this” Harry yelled into the sun. Ron blew his whistle and the first girl jumped shakily on to her broom and was out of Harry’s sight and into the sun.

As the tryouts went on Harry stood there and watched different players compete from different positions, some were very good and some were so horrible that Ron told them to stop in the middle of the try out. Harry felt bad for them but when they landed they had a smile on their face and told Harry that they knew that didn’t have a chance but they either just wanted to say they tried out for the greatest team Hogwarts had ever had or that they thought Ginny was good looking. Harry thought each answer was interesting but he just let them both pass with a nod. Then his time finally came, the last to try out were the seekers, only one other person was stupidest enough to go up against Harry and Duncan for the spot. And the whole tryouts people kept coming up to Harry telling him he didn’t have to try out the spot was his, but he just grabbed his broom and walked to the middle of the pitch. As he reached the middle, Ron was standing with the snitch cupped in his hand.
“Alright Harry?”
“Yeah” Harry said mounting his broom.
“Alright you know the rules, I release the snitch and you have 15 minutes to catch it as many times as you can”
“I know”
“Alright good luck mate” Ron said releasing the snitch. Harry watched as the snitch’s wings fluttered open and it sped off. Faster then Ron’s brain could process Harry was off and after the snitch. The Rules now were different and much easier for a player like Harry. The snitch was charm to only stay in an area a little smaller then the pitch its self and there was a slight glow so that you could always see it. This was done so that the seeker had something to chase, cause if they didn’t do this they might have ties of zero to zero. As Harry blasted off from the ground he was gaining on the small ball then out of no where the snitch did a nose dive and if the Pheonix was thinking just as Harry was, they both stopped and spilt second later was going straight to the ground. Harry stretched his arm out with easy and the golden ball was clenched in between his fingers. The Crowd erupted into applause as Harry let go.
When Harry placed his feet back down on the ground fifteen minutes he had caught the snitch 8 times, which wasn’t very good for him but he was out of practice. Everyone else thought 8 times was amazing, but as he walked over to Ron and placed the shaking ball into his friend hand he wasn’t even smiling.
“Good Job Mate” Ron said as he clasped his hand around the snitch.
“Thanks Ron” Harry said and walked over to the bench and fell on it and tossed his broom on the ground.
“Alright Duncan your up mate” Ron said from the other side of the pitch. Harry watch as Duncan stood up and smiled at him.
“Good Luck Duncan” Harry said with full faith in his friend.
“Thanks Harry” Duncan said as he made his way to Ron. Harry watched as Duncan and Ron stood in the middle of the pitch, Ron telling Duncan the same thing he told him. Then as the Golden snitch flew off Harry lost Duncan in the falling sun.
“Hi, there” A soft voice said from beside Harry. Harry turned to be met by blue eyes.
“Hermione?” Harry said stunned. “What are you doing here?”
“I was coming to see how everyone was doing… I do belong to Gryffindor and since all of my friends are on the team I thought I should come and be supportive.” Hermoine said with a small smile.
“Well you missed everyone, Duncan is the last to go” Harry said.
“Who says I just got here?” Hermione said with a smirk.
“How long have you been here?” Harry asked.
“Long enough” Hermione said. “It still amazes me how you can fly on one of those things” Hermoine said pointing to the broom on the ground. Harry just smiled, he picked up the broom and handed it to her.
“You should really try one day” Harry said.
“Oh no…not getting me on one of those things” Hermione said pushing the broom back into Harry’s hand.
“OH come on they aren’t that bad.” Harry said placing the broom on the bench next to them.
“Well they might be a second skin to you and Ron, but they are the most terrifying thing in the world to me” Hermione said shaking her head. There was an awkward silence between them for a second when Ginny sat down next to them.
“Oh Hermione, Hi” Ginny said surprised and sort of angry. Ginny hadn’t really apologized for the way she acted over the summer so the tension between the two girls was rising.
“Hello Ginny” Hermione said coldly. Ginny turned her dreamy eyes to Harry.
“Duncan’s time is almost up and he is on 7 catches.” Ginny said.
“Thanks Gin” Harry said.
“Oh” Ginny started and looked over to Hermione “Ron wants to in the middle of the pitch now” She said with a smirk.
“Oh, well ok” Harry said up.
“Hermione can you watch my-“
”I can watch it Harry” Ginny said grabbing the broom off the bench.
“Ok…thanks Gin” Harry said getting her an odd look.
“Well I will see you back in the Common Room Hermione”
“Bye Harry, Good job today”
“Thanks” Harry said as he made his way to Ron. Harry walked up to Ron who was going over a sheet of parchment in his hand when Duncan landed.
“Great Job Duncan, Great job indeed. 8 just as many as Harry its going to be a tough decision, Hey Harry what’s up?” Ron in his coaching voice, Harry plugged his eyes to tell Ron he was still talking to loud. Ron tapped his throat with his wand and cleared it.
“Sorry about that” Ron said in his normal tone. “What’s up?”
“Ginny said you needed me.” Harry said.
“She did? Well I didn’t but since you’re here I was wondering if you can be the tie breaker in the beater category.”
“Who’s it between” Harry said peering over to the other side of the field where Ginny and Hermione were sitting.
“Brain and Jacob who did think is better?” Ron asked pointing to the names on the page. He looked up and saw that Harry was staring off in the other direction.
“Harry…earth to Harry the names are here not in the sky” Ron said waving his hand in front of Harry’s face.
“Huh…oh um…Brad he looked good”
“Harry there isn’t a Brad on the list…you mean Brain”
“Yeah” Harry said looking at Ron.
“What were you saying?”
“Never mind mate. Go and get cleaned up for dinner” Ron said patting Harry on the back. Harry shook himself and walked over to grab his broom from Ginny.

As the warm water spayed onto Harry’s face all the troubles of the day melted off of him, in this shower at this very moment everything seems to stop, he wasn’t thinking about anything he was letting the water massage away his tension. He had only been at school for a little over two weeks and the tension was starting to build on him. Harry sighed as he turned off the water as the final drop splashed on to his forehead the tension started to build back up in his shoulders, he was going to have to go to dinner soon and deal with “life” when up here in his case of water warm none of that matter. Stepping out of the shower he placed his feet on the warm title that lined the floor. The prefect’s bathroom was completely amazing he still could not believe a bath room could look like this. He walked over to the towel rack and grabbed a red towel; he really didn’t need to dry much, as the floor was drying his body as he walked. The one thing that really needed to be dried was his hair, it had become wildly long. It was almost down to his shoulder and his bangs were way over his eyes. The only thing that was good about his hair being this long was that it lay flat on his head he didn’t have to worry about it sticking up and looking so horrible all the time. He dried his hair and as if it knew what to do as it fell down along his head he laid in the same spot that had before he taken a shower. Dressing slower then usually he finally tied his shoes; he didn’t feel like putting on his uniform again so he went down to dinner in his Muggle clothes.
Like every other dinner in the Great Hall as Harry entered the whole room was buzzing with conversation. Harry really never did look around to see all the different ‘groups’ of people inside the houses. But as he walked closer to his table even he was in a little inner circle of friends, it just never I occurred to him that people would do that since he never had friends till he came here. Harry sat down in between Hermione and Duncan, Ron was on the other side of the table writing a million miles an hour on a parchment.
“Ron’s doing homework?” Harry asked. Hermione looked up from her book. Her soft eyes looked to be far away from the Spell book she was reading.
“No, he is finishing up the list for Quidditch” She said softly.
“Done” Ron said laying the quill done. He looked up. “Good Harry the man I wanted to see.” he handed Harry the paper he was writing on. Harry took and looked at it.
“See if that is ok with you?” Ron said. Harry scanned the page; it was the Quidditch team starting and second string. Ron and Ginny were still Chasers, yet everyone else was new. Harry looked down the whole sheet.
“Ron, there is no seeker”
“Yeah, Um…about that” Ron said playing with his quill.
“Harry looked over to Duncan who wasn’t looking at him, and then he looked over to Hermione who buried her nose farther into her book.
“Let me guess….Duncan got first seeker, and I got second” Harry said handing back the paper to Ron.
“Well…I uh”
“Ron its ok, I understand I told Duncan before the tryouts that he was the man for the job” He looked over to Duncan.
“No worries”
“You sure?” Duncan asked.
“Positive” Harry said with a nod. Even though he was positive that Duncan was the right man, he was inwardly hurt that his last year on the Quidditch pitch he would be sitting on the side lines watching it from the bench. At least he could practice now and he would be able to fly.

The wind blow light against the grass making a slight swish in the air, Harry’s hair blow softly back and forth as he walking to around the pitch. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the half moon was bright filling the ground with pale light. Harry really didn’t need the light he wasn’t really looking where he was going he was just walking. He had never done this before, he never just walked around and looked at the ground of the school, no wonder Dumbledore liked this, it was so peaceful and so quiet yet Harry didn’t have to think of anything while he was out here, it was a good clearing of the mind.
After a nice walk his feet lead him back to the front door, slowly opening it not to make too much of a sound he stepped inside to see some of the older students wondering around the halls. He figured that he should get up stairs and do his homework that he hadn’t done all week. As he got to the portrait of the fat lady, in sighed the couple hours had been surreal to him, and now he is going to actually face the real world again, as the door swung open he didn’t know how much longer he could stand the real world, if the real world was going to be this painful for him. As he stepped in he saw that all the lights were dimmed and the fire was roaring. The Common Room was empty Harry looked at his watch it was almost 11:30 and didn’t even put two and two together and figure out that those were prefects. Harry walked up to the fire, even on warmer September nights the fire still felt wonderful. Suddenly Harry felt a presence behind him. He slowly turned around, yet he couldn’t see anything with the brightest light being the fire. Harry scanned the room until his eyes feel on the chair in the back corner; someone was sitting in it looking at him. Harry and the figure in the chair stared each other for a while, until Harry heard a soft sniffle and a sob. Instantly Harry knew who it was sitting in the chair and his heart went out. He made his way across the room slowly at first just incase the person in the chair didn’t want anyone around. As he walked up the light of the fire and the very dim candles in the room were casting some light on the person in the chair, their eyes glistened with tears; their usually soft smooth skin was blotchy. Harry kneeled down next to the chair and the person’s head turned to look at him.
“Hermione” Harry breathed. He grabbed her hand and she squeezed it.
“What’s wrong?”
“Oh no, don’t you dare say nothing….you wouldn’t be crying if there wasn’t anything wrong….please tell me” Harry said positioning himself so that he could see her better.
“Harry…” She started but the tears returned and she choked on them.
“Hey…Hey Calm down I’m here…take your time” Harry said as he watch a single tear side down her cheek, he placed his finger on her cheek and he could have sworn that she moved her face closer to his hand.
“Their gone…Harry…gone” She whispered to him.
“Gone…who’s…oh…your fathers is still alive sweetheart, he will be fine”
”No he wont, he will die just like my….my….my” She started to cry heavily again.
“Shhh….shhh…no he won’t….he will be alright…I promise” Harry said stroking her face with his hands.
“Listen to me Hermione, you are not alone….you are never alone.” He said and kissed her forehead. When he came back down their eyes locked. The silence between them seemed to last forever until Hermione took Harry’s hand placed it tightly in hers.
“Harry, kill him….you must…he must pay for what he has done” Hermoine’s voice had suddenly became venomous as she spoke the words.
“He must pay for the death of my mother, your parents and the countless hundreds that have suffered because of him ….please Harry tell me you will defeat him once and for all”
Harry just looked at her for a moment unable to speak. He could not believe that something like that would come from Hermione. He finally realized that Voldemort had gotten into every person that Harry had ever loved and destroyed something about them. Hermione would never be the same, he could also feel a hatred filling up in side of her and if he didn’t do something it would consume her as it as tried to consume him countless times. Harry said the only thing that came to his mind that would satisfy her.
“I will not let you down” Harry said looking away. She quickly grabbed his chin.
“Oh god Harry, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to put that on your shoulders, I….I’m just so lost right now”
“I am right here Hermione” Harry said taking her hand and lacing it into his.
“Are you?” She said barely above a whisper.
“Come on, you need sleep.” Harry said pulling her from this chair.
“Harry, no I want to sit here”
“Hermione, come on you can’t do this…you need sleep”
“Ok” She said standing up. She was in her night gown and robe. Harry looked her up and down and smiled.
“What?” she asked wiping the tears from her eyes.
“Nothing, Come on.”

Harry sat on the edge of his bed, it was almost 3:30 in the morning and he hadn’t move from the spot he was in for a good solid hour. All he did was watch the edge of the forest move back and forth with small animals running around. He had been up thinking about what Hermione had said to him. Harry, kill him….you must…he must pay for what he has done… He must pay for the death of my mother, your parents and the countless hundreds that have suffered because of him ….please Harry tell me you will defeat him once and for all. It kept on running over and over in his mind, she wanted him to plain out kill Voldemort, he had never thought of it this way before, he thought of it being justified in everyway, but as he heard the words creep out of Hermione’s mouth something hit Harry, if Voldemort is still alive and Harry tries again like he did last year what is to say that Harry will not turn out as Voldemort did, what’s to say that Harry can even kill him? all these questions races through Harry’s brain trying to be the first one to be solved but they are disappear before that can. Hermione was on the verge of a mental collapse and Harry needed to do something quickly before he loses her to her own hatred. The thought slowly twisted its way through all the messed that Harry called his brain and finally a light bulb turned on. He got it, now he just has to talk to Duncan and Ron tomorrow. He closed his eyes for the first time in what seemed days and the refreshing feeling of them being cleaned made his sleepy. Getting under his cover with his clothes still on Harry feel asleep with a plan to Help Hermione brewing in his head.

Harry awoke the next morning very rested; he looked around the dorm and noticed that all his dorm mates were still asleep. Sitting up he saw that the sun was brightly hanging in the sky. Harry looked at his watch it was almost 10:30 in the morning, as Harry swung his legs over the edge of his bed Ron started to stir.
“Oh god, somebody turned that off” Ron said in a muffled voice as he closed the curtains around his bed. Harry smiled at Ron; he was such a cry baby some times. Harry went to his trunk to get some new clothes out he hadn’t unpacked yet and he was two weeks into school.
After he was finally dressed Duncan started to wake up.
“Mornin” Harry said.
“Gomorn” Duncan mumbled with a yawn. He slowly got up and stretched.
“Want me to wait for you?” Harry asked as he stood in the middle of the room.
“Sup to you” Duncan said slowly getting up. Harry nodded and walked over to Ron’s bed and with an evil smile he flung back the curtains.
“RON THE MARSHMALLOWS ARE ATTACKING!!” Harry screamed. Ron jumped for his sleeping position and got caught entangled in his sheets and fell of his bed.
“THOSE FUCKING MARSH-Oh…fuck…ouch” He laid there for a second.
“Thanks Harry” HE said with out moving.
“Good Morning sunshine.” Harry said as he fell on Ron’s bed laughing so hard his sides started to hurt. Ron finally stood and in a flustered state tried to take off his sheet.
“GOD-Piece of-come on- would you-“This went of for about 5 minutes till he finally could get out of them.
“I really hope that was funny” Ron said with a look that would kill a normal man.
“You have no idea…now come get dress we are going to miss breakfast.”
“Fucker” Ron said walking way with his clothes.
As they made their way down to the Great Hall Harry was till laughing and making fun of the way Ron responded to the marshmallows, all Ron could was sarcastic lip everything Harry said. When they reached the Great Hall they found Hermione sitting at her usually spot reading the Daily Prophet and eating porridge, she looked to them as if she didn’t get much sleep last night. When the three male of the Great Gryffindor foursome sat down Duncan and Ron sat on either side of Hermione and Harry sat in front of her.
“Morning Hermione” Ron said, as his breakfast appeared in front of him.
“Good morning, Ron” She said happily.
“Morning Ms. Granger”
“Morning Duncan”
“You look tired didn’t you get any sleep last night?”
“Yeah I got a little” Hermoine said looking up at Harry with a thank you in her eyes. He smiled at her.
“So I was thinking that we could get the pitch today and do some praci-“Ron was cut off by Duncan and Harry throwing rolls at him.
“What was that for?”
“Shut up” Duncan and Harry said in unison.
“The Season hasn’t even started yet” Harry said.
“Fine, but when Hufflepuff beats us don’t blame me”
“Why would Hufflepuff beat us?” Ginny asked as she sat down next to Duncan.
“Cause frolly and lolly here don’t want to practice”
‘Frolly and lolly’ Duncan and Harry lipped to each other with a raised eye.
“When do you want to practice?” Ginny asked.
“Today…ow…ok fucking stop that” Ron said. Hermione and Ginny giggled. The rest of breakfast was not so interesting for the rest of the Gryffindor table Ron learned that if he didn’t talk about Quidditch practice that much or anything having to do with doing anything he wouldn’t get anything thrown at him, Hermione was very quiet through the whole meal, as Harry had his conversations with Duncan or Ron or both he would have an eye on Hermione, she seemed better then last night but he could see the cloud of hurt, anger and doubt covering her like a blanket, she was drowning and he needed to do something.
“Well I’m going to go to the library, I will see you guys later” Hermione said standing up and leaving the Great Hall as breakfast was ending, Harry watched as Hermione exited the room.
“I will meet you guys back up in the Common Room” Harry said as he took off.
“Where are-“It was too late for Ron to finish the sentence.
“Well that was interesting, so Duncan what do you want-” As Ron turned to talk to Duncan he saw him walking away with Keria.
“Fantastic, alone now, it’s a beautiful day outside we could be practicing and I’m alone” Ron said as his put his head in his hands he had an idea. Turning around to see if the idea would work he got up and smiled.
Harry was half way up the stairs to the Library when he caught up with Hermione.
“Hey” Harry said calling out to her, she turned around and stopped as she saw him.
“Thanks for finally stopping.” Harry said as he reached her.
“I didn’t know you were following me….come to join me in the library?”
“Uh…no I was just wondering if you are ok?” Harry asked. There was a silence between them for a moment, all Hermione could do was look at the ground she knew that Harry’s eyes were watching her, and she knew that if she lied to him he would know, but how could she tell him that she was dying inside how could she tell him that she wanted to die and be rid of this whole life? She couldn’t tell him that, she didn’t even know if that’s what she really wanted, what she really wanted was her mother back but she knew that was never going to happen. She was all alone and there was nothing she could do about she was powerless for the first time in her life she was powerless to do anything about he future and that scared her more then anything ever had before.
“I’m…making it” She said with a small smile. The fragile shell that Harry had noticed around her since they had been back to school was failing and he needed to do something before it crumbled and she did something stupid.
“I want you to know that we are all here” He said fumbling with his hands. Hermione grabbed them and held them.
“I know, Harry I know thank you, but you have done to much”
“No…I could-“Harry was cut off by Hermione putting her finger to his lips.
“You have done too much for me already, I am not worth any of it, don’t worry about me I will be fine.” She said slowly moving in closer and lightly kissing him on the cheek when she moved away she had a larger smile on her face.
“Now, I have to go to the library you go off and play with Ron and Duncan and I will see you later”
“Go” She said turning him around am pushing him away.
“Bye Hermione”
“Good bye Harry.” Hermione said turning around and walking to the Library. unbeknownst to either Harry or Hermione, in the next Hall way over dark Chocolate eyes watched in a angered horror and Hermione kissed Harry on the cheek, soft tear streamed down the porcelain cheek of Ginny as her jealously raged inside of her.
“She will not do this to me” Ginny said walking away quickly as Harry made his way to the Common Room.

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