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Harry Potter and the Free-For-All by AuroraBraelin
Chapter 1 : Harry Potter and the Free-For-All
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“Ladies and gentlemen,” Professor Dumbledore said to the audience that was seated at the quidditch pitch. “I have a great treat for you all. Preparations have been made so that this year, Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry will host the first annual 3-way free-for-all. A battle will take place right here before your eyes. One of your schoolmates will be participating. The rules are: There are no rules. Anything goes. Anything, except for death, that is. Please welcome Neo of the Matrix.”

Neo walked onto the quidditch pitch. He looked around, amazed. “This is definitely new,” he said to himself. He looked at the hoops at each end of the field. He approached Dumbledore. “What are those hoops for?”
“Ah, those can be explained at another time.” Neo nodded his understanding. Dumbledore returned his attention to the audience. “Neo, here, possesses power. Wandless power.” The audience gasped. They have never seen anyone who possesses wandless magic before.
“Excuse me, did you just say ‘wandless power’?”
“Yes I did, Neo.”
“There is such things as wand magic?”
“Yes. Is there a problem?”
“No. No problem.”
“Good.” Neo looked at the crowd. Wand magic, he thought to himself. He was getting more than he bargained for. Dumbledore once again looked to the audience.
“Our next contender is Clark Kent of Smallville. Clark here also possesses wandless magic to a certain degree.” Clark walked out onto the Quidditch pitch. He waved to the audience while they clapped their hands for him. A big smile grew on his face.
“Wipe that smile off of your face!” Neo said. “I am going to wipe the floor with you.”
Clark just smiled.
“You really don’t know me very well,” Clark said smiling very big.
“I have never met you, so of course I ‘don’t know you very well’.” Clarks smile vanished. Dumbledore continued talking to the audience.
“Clark grew up in Smallville. He is destined to become Superman in the future.” Clark smiled again. “Our next contestant is one of our own. He possesses no wandless magic. Thus, we have allowed him use of his wand. What he wishes to do with his wand is his choice. I give you…Harry Potter.”

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