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Thieving Hearts by Confused
Chapter 1 : The Mudblood Princess
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A/N: The First three chapters are intro chapters, so they won't be too long. I would also like if you Review, just so I know if I should continue, and what you think I should change.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter...if I did, I wouldn't be writing this fic, would I?


The Mudblood Princess - Chapter I

“For the last time Malfoy, either you help with this assignment or we’ll both fail,” she shouted. “Oh yes, I can take a failing grade if you’re failing with me,” she added, noting the boy’s apparent smirk.

The scene that was taking place in the library was bringing groups of students in from the hallways at this point. Spectators goggled and whispered, and Madam Pince could be seen pacing between them, throwing out her hands in surrender; Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger had been engaged in a shouting match for at least 15 minutes.

“It’s not my fault Flitwick paired me up with a fucking Mudblood,” spat Malfoy. He was staring down at Hermione (who was standing on the tips of her toes in attempt to reach his eye level), disgust in every inch of his pale blue gaze.

“That’s enough!” interjected Madam Pince, as she attempted to push her way through the crowd. Her face was mangled in rage, and her puce complexion did not suit her.

“Hold your tongue, woman. I’m not done yet!” barked Hermione before she could think about what was coming out of her mouth. Her hands immediately covered up her mouth. What had she done? The crowd around her was whispering ominously. “I – I’m sorry M-Madam Pince…I didn’t mean it….”cried Hermione to a shocked librarian. Madam Pince’s mouth was agape and her hand clutched at her heart as if she had witnessed something earth shattering – and she had. No one would have bet on Hermione to snap at Madam Pince like that.

“That’s IT! Malfoy, you’ve pushed me way too far! If you want to finish this assignment, you can find me and apologize!” Hermione yelled in utter frustration and embarrassment. She made an angry grunting noise, collected her things, and stomped off, leaving a sea of shocked faces in her wake. Malfoy’s eyebrows were raised in surprise, but a look of satisfaction was mingled into his sharp features. He once again succeeded in pissing off the Mudblood Princess.

Draco sat back in his seat and watched the crowd die out. Today was Friday, and that was the best way to start his weekend. He could care less about the project, or Granger for that matter. So why did he suddenly feel so horrible?

Must’ve been something I ate at lunch, reasoned Draco. What other reason was there for his stomach churning in such a degree? With that, Draco walked towards the Great Hall; all he needed was a little food.


Hermione ran through the common room with such speed that most did not realize she had passed through. As she raced up the stairs to her dormitory, she bumped into the crowds of girls making their way to dinner. Lavender Brown and Pavarti Patil both shot nasty looks at Hermione, but she did not notice. She reached her dorm with much relief. Throwing her bag to the ground, she fell onto her four-poster.

“He’s such a prick!” she exclaimed aloud. Somehow, hearing the words made her feel a lot better. She sighed hopelessly and sifted through her bag. From the sea of textbooks she pulled out a picture; a smiling, redheaded boy stared back at her. He was tall, lean, and his blue eyes shimmered as he waved exuberantly at her. Hermione could not help but smile at the sight of Ron.

Ron and Hermione had been together for a while now, and she had never been happier. With Ron, everything felt right…except when they would fight. Hermione hated the idea of yelling at Ron, but he was just so stupid sometimes. She tossed the photo in her bag, and it landed haphazardly on top of her Advanced Potions book.

I should go talk to Ron, she silently decided. Ron would comfort her, and threaten to curse Malfoy, although she knew he never would.

Hermione walked out of her dormitory a bit cheerier than when she had arrived, because now the prospect of seeing Ron swam in her head. And to her surprise, at the bottom of the stairs, the goofy grin that belonged to her cherished boyfriend stood waiting for her.

“’Mione!” called Ron. He held out his arms, and she graciously fell into them. He held her tightly, and she returned the gesture. As she laid her head upon his chest, she could feel his heart beat rapidly.

He’s so cute, she thought. She pulled away to look up at him, and he brushed away the hair from her face.

“You look upset, Hermione. Did something happen today?” Ron frowned. He gave her a concerned look, and Hermione smiled meekly back at him.

“Yeah, but it’s not that important right now. I’m hungry,” she told him. Ron smiled at her, a hint of concern still lying behind his royal blue eyes.

“Okay, you can tell me at dinner.”

“Of course. Now let’s go! Seriously, I’m hungry!” Hermione ushered Ron through the portrait hole, and they walked down to the great hall together.

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Thieving Hearts: The Mudblood Princess


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