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Full Fledged Auror by CocoapuffShooter
Chapter 32 : Watching
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Chapter 32

By the time all three of you were showered, hair still dripping and wrapped in nothing but towels, you made your way back down to the dorm, laughing and talking and not particularly caring that you were scarcely dressed in a public hallway. Genny pushed open the door, and you all set about drying your hair and getting out underwear to wear with the uniform.


You jerked around, some wet hair stinging your eyes, to see what Billy’s exclamation had been about. “What?”

“Have you seen the uniform?” she asked.

You dug through your own pile. A faded blue jean miniskirt, holed fishnet tights, tall, spike heeled black shoes that tied with black ribbons up to your calves, and a black tank top with the Wholey’s spiky logo on it in red letters outlined in blue. But that wasn’t all. Not only did the ribbons of the shoes, hem of the skirt, and tank top have burned holes in them artfully, but the O of Wholey’s was a large hole.

“Well then!” Genny smiled, wearing only a bra and the towel round her middle. “Let me get my cuffs to add to the decor, I’m sure Kasey won’t mind! This is definitely my kind of bar.”

You laughed, thinking the whole thing was funny, and just shrugged. Billy looked uncomfortable, which was quite funny as it should have been her laughing at you.

“Oh, come on Kara, it’s an adventure. College,” you rolled your eyes.

“And I thought you were married?” Billy asked, still wearing her towel.

“I am. But it’s not like I’ll run off because of the uniform my job gave me to wear. If men are attracted to me because of my work uniform, it’s in all rights my boss’s fault, not mine,” you said, magically drying your hair.

Billy shrugged and nodded. “I guess you’re right.”

“Yes, besides,” Genny added. “We can’t have the Sex Kitten getting cold feet.”

“Fuck you,” Billy said dryly. “I am not.”

“I’m not having this argument,” Genny said, pulling on her towel.

“Damn right you’re not,” Billy snorted, pulling on her own.

You just giggled to yourself, watching them bicker like an old married couple.

“Because I’m right,” Genny whispered loudly.

“OH DIE IN HELL!” roared Billy, pulling on her fishnet tights.

You burst out laughing, this time, and rolled onto your bed, pulling on underwear and the fishnet tights. “You two are worse than Fred and George when they argue.”

“We’ll have to meet them sometime,” Genny said thoughtfully. “That should be cataclysmic.”

“Exactly!” you pointed at her. “Which is why I am keeping the four of you as separated as humanly possible.”

“Ah, you know it’ll eventually happen,” Genny laughed, ignoring the death glares Billy was shooting as she adjusted her lacy black bra. “I mean, honestly, you just can’t plan around troublemakers. OR Sex Kittens.”

Billy flung her new heels at Genny so hard that she barely had time to duck before they made an indent on the wall behind her.

“JESUS, Kara!” Genny said loudly, as Billy smirked.

“Ah-ah-aa, you don’t believe in Jesus,” Billy wagged a finger, enjoying this immensely.

Genny glared and turned back to dressing and doing makeup. Billy, looking self-satisfied, did so as well, and you wheezed with laughter for a few more minutes before starting on getting dressed, yourself. It was amusing, wearing fishnet tights, because they hugged tightly and you knew there’d be little impression rings on your legs by the time the bar closed, at midnight. Shaking your head and pulling on the artfully holed skirt, you looped a black belt on, too.

“God damn!”

“What, Bill?” you asked, looking over.

She was already fully dressed in the tights, skirt, and shirt, and was staring down at the heels. They were quite cool, you had to admit, the way they would like ballet shoes up the legs to the knee and clipped together.

“They’re gonna kill me by tonight,” Billy muttered, hands on her hips.

Which was quite funny as she had a thin waist and rather much bigger hips. You had to wonder if she was Grecian. She honestly looked more Spanish, though. “Well, Charm them comfortable.”

She nodded, grabbing her wand and sitting, tapping her shoes. Genny glanced at her, still in nothing but bra, underwear, and tights, and winced away.

“First row view there, Bill.”

“Then don’t look.”

Sniggering, you pulled on the shirt. The Wholey’s ‘O’ was perfectly positioned to show a mixture of bra and flesh, and there were holes dotted miscellaneous places over the shirt, also revealing spot of slightly pale flesh. The tan from Hermione’s wedding had long since worn off. As Billy charmed your and Genny’s shoes as well, you could not help but think over the past week, as it was Friday. It was amusing to think that you’d been afraid of Genny’s Bi-sexuality, and at first thought “Billy” was in fact a He.

Told you.

Oh, so there you are. I was beginning to think you’d actually let me be.

Don’t sound so pleased to hear from dear old Auntie Cat,
her voice thought with sarcasm.

...Auntie? Should I ask? you thought as you slowly pulled on the shoes, lacing them up.

Yes, I’m actually related to you.

You dropped your shoe, and Billy looked over. “Again! There’s that thing...”

“What?” you asked, curious.

Billy shook her head as she applied make-up. “Nothing.”

Glaring at her and her seemingly infamous way of leaving sentences open without explanation, you turned back to your thoughts. Well, more your thinking conversation with Catherine.

You’re related to me?

Didn’t I just say that?

More like thought. But, how? Why didn’t you tell me before now?

I’m your mother’s cousin’s great aunt on the paternal side. Not actually blood related. Marriage.

Just nodding, you grabbed a scrap of paper and scribbled on it, to send to Hermione later. You’d resolved one letter a week wouldn’t be too suspicious, especially as you were poofing them there through Floo and not using Checks. In fact, Checks was shacking up at either Harry’s or Ron and Hermione’s house, which you didn’t know. But, eventually, you’d get the letter to Hermione.

Within ten minutes, you all were in the cafeteria, getting food as well as being openly stared at by every guy in there. You all ate your watery, rather bad tasting spaghetti quickly and silently, ignoring everyone outside the little bubble that protected your table. After that, you all stood, ignoring a few whistles (well, you ignored, Billy and Genny shot back some rude hand gestures and foul curses), and left for Wholey’s.


He watched then leave, and waited a few minutes in his corner booth. He hadn’t even planned to watch Amelia Wright more today, but the perfect opportunity had presented itself. Quickly standing and disposing of the bad excuse for food, he traced them, as they were talking loudly ahead, to the front doors, where they stepped outside. He watched, leaning against a corner, ignoring passing students and they ignoring him.

One of the two he didn’t recognize, a rather short girl, said, “When do you think Kasey is gonna realize we don’t live in Concord?”

The other stranger, taller and more robust, said, “Aw, fuck, like she’ll care.”

Amelia and the small girl laughed, and they all Disapparated with three pops. He smiled. Stalking her was going to be ridiculously easy.


Going into Wholey’s off the darkened street was a relief, but not for incredibly long, as topless girls were practicing their dancing on the stage. It was hard not to look at, but disgusting at the same time. They wore heels and miniskirts that looked like smaller versions of the ones you wore. In any case, the bar was still empty other than workers, and Kasey was talking to a strawberry blond haired girl behind the bar.

“Ah!” she said loudly, spotting you all walk over. “They’re here. Looking sharp. Girls, this is Abbey, she’s the head Bartender.”

Abbey was the picture of a European model, down to her thin waist. The only difference from the pale, graceful figures you’d seen splattered across billboards as a child was that she wasn’t terribly tall, and she was black, and very darkly so. But it accented her, and her blond hair was very cool on her dark complexion. She smiled, revealing very white and straight teeth.

“Hello!” she smiled, hugging you each. “Y’all start today, right?”

“Yup,” volunteered Billy needlessly.

“Mid-western?” asked Genny.


That made you want to snicker, as that was where no-show Amelia Potter was supposed to be from. A sudden pang of longing went through you to hug Harry again, but you’d been fighting off the home sickness for the past six days with success. Now, you just nodded and pretended to go along with the chatter. After a few minutes, Kasey brought you all back to the bar to show you where different things were kept, and left you to Abbey to teach you how to mix Cosmopolitans, which for some reason Genny already knew very well, gin and tonic (Genny also knew), and Manhattans, whatever the hell those are.


He decided to follow in a few hours. After all, it’d been easy enough to see where they worked, it’d been boldly displayed on the only intact section of three shirts on three pairs of boobs. Grinning to himself as he pulled his hood over his face, he walked outside of the college and Disapparated to Concord.

Turning around, he saw he was now on the white steps of the capital building, as Concord was the capitol of New Hampshire. Shaking his head, he skipped down the stairs. Walking down the street, he stopped at the first phone booth he came to, noticing with annoyance that they weren’t covered and it was slightly drizzling in the nine o’clock night. Flipping through the index, he found “Wholey’s Bar” and got the address.

He smiled. Perfect, it wasn’t that far away. Without even bothering to see if there were Muggles around, he Disapparated. Opening his eyes, he pushed aside a drunk man and entered the very obviously labeled bar.

Looking round, he saw the makings of a prosperous yet still slightly respectable strip bar. Indeed, there was a very tanned, very large breasted woman swinging upside down, blond hair swirling mercilessly, on a shiny metal pole, her four inch platform heels pressed tight to the metal. Shaking his head he looked away from the display. He’d never in his life been attracted or turned on my nude displays like that. They were ungodly, unnatural, and downright coquettish. He made his way through the dark crowd towards the main bar, a high, black glossy thing, and surveyed it hard as he slowly walked.

There were, at the moment, two waitresses behind the bar, one taking an order and one pouring out a beer from the tap. He didn’t recognize one, and the one taking the order was the small girl, and for a brief instant he had to wonder what she was doing in a bar.

But that didn’t matter.

Especially because, at that moment, two more waitresses appeared, one from a table in the center of the room, the other from the back room carrying an impossibly heavy crate of beer.

He smiled. That was completely like Amelia to use her magic if she couldn’t do it herself. She was too proud to even ask Potter for help. Smiling to himself, he continued over, and sat close to the wall, away from people who might try to engage in bar talk. Those two words were as good as a condemnation to Hell, for him.

Amelia very quickly came over, wiping some spilt beer off her hands with a rag. He had to glance at her clothes for a moment, as they were very short, tight, and holed in the most spectacular places. But she smiled softly, and suddenly her very dominant maternal side came out again, but in some kind of strangled sexy way.

“Hello, my name is Amelia,” she said, leaning her elbow on the lower bar on the other side of the counter. “Got somethin’ in mind?”

He shrugged, wondering if he should talk or whip out his wand and kill her.

A/N!!! Ok peeps here's the g-d deal. I had writer's cramp for a few days last week and didn't know what to write about. And then I had a goddamn HEAT STROKE on Thursday and went away for the weekend. And school started for me this week so I don't have day-time to write anymore. SORRY. So plesae stop leaving the urgent messages to update, ok? I know you love the story and whatever but ever since I passed out in a house by myself without knowing if I'd ever get up, I've been having really bad headaches. I appreciate that you like the story, but it's disheartening when you only reply or review to tell me to update. You'd think that by the way I post nearly every day, normally, you'd know that me having gone without posting for so long had to have a REASON.

So really, your concern touches me. *sarcasm* And YES I AM MAD. Not at you all personally, but it's just.... GAH!!! Maybe next time I have a heat stroke I won't get back up. -.- Have a nice day and please review.

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