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Harry Potter and the Fall of the Horcruxes by Houlestar
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three: The Half-Blood Prince's Magic Ink
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A/N: There are one or two spoilers in this chapter. Just letting you know...
And this takes place after harry and Ron stay at the Dursleys. Just letting you know about that too, but i think it it kind of obvious.

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Harry stared at Ginny from across the table at the burrow. Ginny's long red hair fell over her shoulders, catching the light; and Harry had to admit, she looked rather lovely. Ron had been shocked at the news that they were no longer going out, perhaps Ron wanted Harry as a brother-in-law, but that couldn't happen. Harry seriously doubted whether or not he would ever be able to have a love life again. Harry had realised that now in these troubled times, in which anyone could be a traitor, and without Dumbledore here, the world seemed no longer safe. And any ways, how could he make sure that she would be safe? Anyone could die next and he didn’t want her to become a target because she was the girl he loved.

"Harry you have been staring at Ginny for the past thirty minutes, snap out of it," said Ron breaking the silence. "Doesn't that bother you Ginny?"

"Not really," said Ginny looking up from the newspaper she was reading.

"Well it creeps me out," said Ron, glaring at Harry.

"Well than be glad that I am not staring at you," said Harry, darkly turning his gaze to Ron.

Ron scowled.

"And since when was it your business who I stare at?"

"It wasn't," admitted Ron, "Until you started going out with my sister."

"I am not going out with her anymore!" exclaimed Harry. "Get that through your flipping skull."

“That doesn’t change anything-”

"Ron we broke up. If Harry wants to go out with me again he can just ask," said Ginny. "But he hasn't so we aren't going out. For all I care he could ask anyone else out."

"Don't get your hopes up," muttered Harry. "I really don't plan on asking anyone out."

"Then neither will I," said Ginny boldly.

"Absence makes the heart grow founder," joked Ron, a smile on his lips.

“You should know,” laughed Ginny.

“Yeah, big-”

"Knock it off," said Ginny hitting Ron on the head with the section of the newspaper she had been reading.

"Fine," muttered Ron massaging his head.

"What are you guys fighting about?" asked Hermione as she apparated into the kitchen at the burrow.

“Ron’s a prat,” said Ginny getting up and stalking off.

"I can't look at Ginny now," said Harry. “Apparently Ron is working it out in his sick mind that he can control who I look at.”

"Then don't," said Hermione, taking an abandoned section of the Newspaper that Ginny had left .

"What?!" sputtered Harry. “I thought you were on my side!”

"Only joking," said Hermione, looking up from the paper. "Ron, lay off of Harry. He can stare at anyone that he wants to, he is 16 after all, not two. Unlike someone I know, or at least his mentality."

"Where have you been?" asked Harry eyeing Ron who looked like he may explode any minute now.

"Researching," answered Hermione simply.

"Wasn't that what you were doing the day that Harry and i stayed at the Dursleys?" asked Ron, seeming to be calm enough to talk with out swearing.

"Then I was visiting someone," said Hermione.

"Who?" asked Ron.

"That is my business," snapped Hermione. She took out of her satchel a thick old book, that Harry saw, seemed to have no title or anything that revealed its contents. Hermione flipped to a page she had booked marked, scanned the page and handed the book to Ron. "Read this for me Ron."

"But you already know what it says," protested Ron. “Why should I do that for you?”

"Just read it!"

"I can't," exclaimed Ron. "It is just scribbles."

"Exactly," said Hermione taking the book away from Ron. "Harry you try now."

Harry took the book from Hermione. "But if it didn't work for Ron why would it work for me...." But he stopped, for it wasn't the scribbles on the page that Ron couldn't read anymore, for him magically words appeared, in a very familiar printing style. "This looks like the-"

"Just read it out loud Harry," interrupted Hermione.

Harry cleared his throat. "'It seems to be impossible for him to comprehend the fact that his sadistic ways of punishment and torture aren't that bad. If one is used that form of pain, it no longer is pain, and is just nature. What he does is purely physical. Why doesn't he understand that mental warfare is the best tactic?' Is this the half-Blood Prince, Hermione? It’s his hand writing and only someone as sick minded as Snape would write something like that."

"Actually yes. He was talking about Voldemort in that passage. And I have all of his journals he ever wrote in since age eleven to age 40."

"How many is that?" asked Ron.

"Over a hundred, I haven't counted."

"Well that is no light read," joked Harry. "A little obsessive I would say."

"I've read the first ten, and taken notes," said Hermione.

"Crap Hermione, it isn't school work!" Exclaimed ron. "Why the hell are you taking notes?"

'Because I think that he knows more than he is saying. There may be some reasons for the things that he did that only he and Dumbledore knew. This could be important. Snape may even know who R.A.B. is or even the location of the horcruxes or there may be information in the journal that can enlighten us as to why Dumbledore trusted him to his dying day."

"That is bull," said Harry. "Why would he write stuff like that in his journal? He didn’t trust anyone, and if he just left it around, anyone could read it.”

"Why is it that you and Harry can read it, but I can't?" asked Ron butting in.

“’Cuz you can’t read, Ron,” joked Harry.

"Snape invented a spell, it is quite clever really. It’s an enchantment on the ink the writer uses. Only someone that has muggle blood in them, but isn't a muggle can read it. He used the same ink in his text book. I think that it was originally meant to make the ink invisible, but in time that part has worn off. But still a pureblood can't read it, that part may never come off. I think it is one of the most clever things that he came up with. It could be the ultimate way to make sure that you can hide something from a pure blood that you hated."

"Like my dad," said Harry.

"Or a death eater," said Hermione.

“But Voldemort isn’t a pure-blood,” said Harry.


“So it wouldn’t help him there.”

“Ah shit,” said Ginny. “I forgot. It’s Bill’s wedding today. Mum just reminded me.”

Harry glanced at Ron. “Did you remember?”

“I, er-”

“Here comes the bride,” said Ginny looking at Fluer coming down the stairs.

A/N: I don't own harry potter.

I’ve decided not to write the wedding scene, since there is a scene that goes on at the same time, that I’d rather write. But I did add the mention of it, which there wasn’t before.

Please review. Feed back is greatly respected and i need to know what to improve on, i can handle corrections and complements equally. I can only learn from my mistakes.

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Harry Potter and the Fall of the Horcruxes: Chapter Three: The Half-Blood Prince's Magic Ink


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