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Masquerade by TakeMeAway
Chapter 1 : Fifth Year
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Fifth Year

(October 1976)

Lily Evans hated all of the Marauders. Well, maybe not Remus Lupin, but she hated the others. Black, with his seeming to think he was better than everyone else just because he could pull seven girls at once; Potter, with his bigheadedness and arrogance, and Pettigrew. She didn't really know why she hated Pettigrew, he wasn't really a hateable person. But she loathed him. He tailed around after Black and Potter, squeaking stupid remarks and laughing a laugh that made him sound like a chipmunk on helium. Black, Potter and Pettigrew. The worst people in Hogwarts.

Remus Lupin, however, was nice. He called her by her first name, he helped with homework if ever she got stuck, and if she ever fell out with any of her friends he would help her reconcile with them. He was so considerate towards everybody. It was no wonder he had got a prefect badge.

Lily had, too. They had to spend quite a lot of time together on prefect duty, and they would often talk for ages. Lily would rant on about how evil Black and Potter were, and Remus would listen, not saying anything against her friends or his own.

'Lily,' said a voice from afar. 'LILY!!'

'W-what?' Lily stuttered, snatching up her wand and looking around her. The whoever-it-was sniggered.

'Put your bloody wand down, Lils, it's me. Trin.'

Lily looked around. There stood her best friend, Trinity Davies, with her long dark hair and grey eyes. She frowned at Lily.

'Are you OK?'

'Yeah, yeah, I'm fine,' said Lily. She stood up and left the Gryffindor fifth-year girls' dormitory. Trinity watched her go, confused.

As Lily entered the common room, Potter turned immediately to face her. His hand jumped to his messy hair as he said heartily, 'Hello, Evans.'

'Oh, hi, Remus,' said Lily, ignoring James and giving Remus a friendly hug. James looked mortified. 'You all right? You look pale ...'

'I'm OK, I just don't feel very well,' said Remus, forcing a smile.

'Maybe you should go to Miss Pomfrey,' frowned Lily.

'No, there isn't anything she'd be able to do for this,' Remus said quickly. 'I'm just a little ... under the weather. I'll be better in a day or two.'

Lily nodded. 'OK,' she said. 'Well, I might see you around ...'

Remus smiled at her, and she walked away, not bothering to even acknowledge that Black or Potter were there. Trinity rushed out of the common room after Lily, and it was Black's turn to blush. Trinity also ignored them, though she flashed a wave at Remus. Sirius and James both rounded on him.

'What've you got that we don't?' they both said, offended, in unison.

'I haven't got anything useful that you don't,' Remus said, shrugging. 'But I pay them respect. I help them. I give them advice if they need it.'

'We respect them!'

'No, you don't. You both grunt 'Davies' or 'Evans' when you want their attention. I simply get it by saying, 'Trinity' or 'Lily' politely. That's what you've got to do.'

Sirius scowled. Sometimes Moony could be very irritatingly patient. If he could just occasionally lose his rag, that would be very appreciated.

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Masquerade: Fifth Year


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