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James's Sketch Book by Houlestar
Chapter 5 : The Sweetest Song
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chapter 5

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The next day dawned bright for a day in October like the day was. When James awoke he felt a sudden urge to draw, he didn't know what yet, but he just felt his hands and fingers itching to draw. His hands reached for his glasses on his bed side table that he had strewn several things on it: his wand, some quills and his glasses. He smiled when he saw on the alarm clock that it was six in the morning. A wonderful time to start to wander around the castle in search of something to draw.

Getting dress quickly and silently to make sure that no one woke up while he got dressed.

The full moon is in a few days and Moony would hate me for life if he doesn't get enough sleep on account of me have sudden urges to draw and all of that stuff. I think he would hate me anyway because I made him worry about me when I started to act so depressed last night. Well, I'll let him sleep. Sweet dreams, Remus, watch out for your furry little problem, okay... he thought as he left the dorm taking his sketch book and some pencils with him.

The castle was chilly and dark in the early hours, but that didn't bother James. He liked it, in fact. How often had he traveled these very halls under his invisibility cloak with his three friends, the Marauders as they called themselves? It was a thing that they did together.

He doubted if any one including the founders themselves knew as much about the school as he, Moony, Wormtail and Padfoot knew about the school. In their time at school they had made a point of finding out every place to hide and every secret passageway, leaving no stone unturned.

It was their hobby to do things like find out a new way out of the school. And when they had learned how to become animagus, well, it only helped them more to have the freedom to wander the grounds at night with Moony once a month.

He paused for a moment. There was a sound so sweet James could not make out what it was. To put a name to it would be impossible, he could never quite figure out what it was. All he knew was that it was so beautiful that nothing else in the world mattered to him at this point.

The sweet song filled him with joy and happiness. Oh, how much he longed to find out where the song was coming from. It wasn't from a human voice, but it was so beautiful that words like melody, and piece of music could not describe the celestial choir that sang our the sweet music that filled him to bursting with emotion.

No matter how long he searched, trying to find the place the music was coming from, he could not find a trace. When the song ended, he sighed and continued on, trying to find something to draw.

For two more hours he searched trying to find some place where he could put onto paper what that song sounded like. But it seemed he could not do it. Not matter how hard he tried he was unable to put onto paper what that music sounded like. It was so sweet and lovely that James could not capture it down on paper. He felt anger and frustration that he was not able to create such a beauty as the unknown player had created. He regretted ever trying when he failed his fifth attempt at capturing it.

Placing his pencil behind his ear he flipped his note book cover over the sketch book, sighed and started his way up to the Gryffindor common room. Once he got to the common room, he saw that Lily was there, flipping through a book, and taking notes.

The sound of his foot steps startled her and she looked up. "Hi, James! are you happy today is Saturday? No classes... we can just-" she started to say. You look much better when you’re smiling, she thought to herself, going back to the textbook, but not exactly seeing words on the page.

James smiled in spite of himself; it was hard not to do when Lily was around. "I heard the most beautiful song today when I was wandering the halls. And then I tried to put it down on paper, but...” he sighed. “I just can't do it. The piece was too beautiful."

Quickly, Lily looked up. "Do you mind if I see your drawings again?" she asked. She had a smile on her face, but James didn't notice it.

He nodded and handed her his sketch book. "They all suck."

She looked at the drawings he had done since she had looked at it last. None of them were finished, but they all had that beauty that James was able to put into any one or any thing that he drew.

"No they don't, James. They’re lovely. I don't know why you would say that they suck. You should really finish them."

"No, they suck."

"Don't be so hard on yourself." She handed the sketch book back to him. "You are quite good."

"That means so much when you say it, Lily."

"Uh... thanks."

"After dinner, may I draw you? I know you would probably like to do it later, but do you think I could try to do a picture that had maybe some light in it?" asked James hastily.

"That would be fun to do James."

James hugged her briefly. Puzzled he pulled away and looked at Lily. He smiled and tore up the stairs.

Lily turned pink. Come on, Lily, you know that it wasn't that bad.

She blushed and went back to working on her homework. Yet she couldn’t quite focus. Everytime she looked at the text, it seemed to spell out James’s name. She looked at a picture or figure and there he was: him or one of his drawings. Every time she looked down, his shadow was there.

Slaming the textbook shut she swore loudly. Perhaps these meetings with James were not quite for the best... but she had already agreed to go.

Lost for words, she sighed and rubbed her temples.

But... at least... he cares... she thought.

A/N: I don't own harry Potter.

So what do you think? Does lightening strike five times? Please review. Feed back is important, I really still think that it needs a lot of work.

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James's Sketch Book: The Sweetest Song


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