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Black Like My Heart by blackrose978
Chapter 3 : One Kiss.
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A/N: Yaaay, an update. Thanks to everyone whose reviewed.

The common room was big, welcoming. The Gryffindor colors, red and gold, overwhelmed the room, bringing a warm feeling and a half smile to my pale, freckled face. A roaring fire blazed in the fire place, and a few students already sat around it, joking, catching up.

I wanted to paint it more than anything. Since the first time I walked into that room, my hands ached for my brush and paints. The colors, the fire, it caught me in a spell, memorizing me and taking me in. The room was always full though. Buzzing with young girls chattering away, or giggle histerically. Or boys, planning their pranks, or avoiding homework. I didn’t like people watching me paint.

I wasn’t much for crowds either.

The portrait hole opened, then closed; I didn’t need to look over there to know it was Sirius. I could just feel his presence. And even a week into the school year, I had grown accustom to it.

I was still adjusting to Hogwarts, however.

It was a huge school, and Emily, Sirius, or even Remus or James would find me, lost, and wondering the confused halls alone. Emily and I had become good friends. And since Emily was friends with Lily, I became friends with her also. She was nice, a genius, simple but complex. I could see why James loved her.

Don’t turn around. I instructed myself, as I heard his foot steps coming towards me. I couldn’t help it. I spun around, my long brown hair twirling elegantly as I did so.

“Sirius.” I said, smiling.

“Avril.” He replied, nodding towards me. “I’d sit with you, but uh, James and I are uh, planning, uh,” He glanced nervously around, catching sight of the fire-like red hair sitting on the other side of the common room. Sirius just winked at me, obviously deciding not to continue. I already knew what it was; pranks. Sirius had told me about them; they had the record for detentions.

I nodded, a devilish grin spread on my face. “Ah ha.” I finally said, and Sirius raced off, pounding up the stairs to the boys dormitory.

My grin faded, and I sighed; it was late, I need to start my potions work. Slughorn was a bitch; always assigning difficult homework that was impossibly to everyone but Lily and Snape. I had quickly learned that Lily was his pride and joy; his favorite student. Her and her brilliant red hair. I would have been jealous if she didn’t always help me.

I got up from my spot on the couch, skipping childishly up the stairs to my own dormitory.

“Emilyyyyy.” I called in a singsong voice to the girl sitting at her mirror, layering on her makeup. I’d seen Emily do this multiple times. She’d put tons of making on, and then with a flick of the wand it would be gone, and her face was a blank slate again; free for her to change into anyone she wanted. “Any idea what the boys are up to?”

Emily glanced up at me, quickly taking in my appearance, before turning back to her blood red lipstick.

“Na-uh. Why?” She replied. I shrugged and took a seat on my bed- third one from the right- kicking off my simple sneakers. “So Sirius…” Emily put the cover back on her lipstick and set it back carefully inside her makeup box. Her full attention was on my. “Sirius.” She repeated. Unwillingly, the corners of my mouth twitched, as I fought to hold back my grin.

I saw a satisfied smirk, as she raised her wand, and her face was clean again.

“I need some real makeup.” Emily giggled. “Remus and I are studying in the library.” I wiggled my eyebrows

“Oolala.” Emily laughed again, and picked up her eyeliner.


The seventh year girls dormitory was empty other than me, and I paced the small room with quick strides.

Emily was off with Remus, and Lily had Head Girl duties with James. My other two roommates were Molly and Lea. Molly was probably out snogging her boyfriend, while Lea roamed the halls like a maniac. Lea was a rather strange girl, with many insane opinions that no one could change. Molly was nice though, but I wasn’t close to her.

Just one kiss, I found myself begging silently. That’s all I need. But even then I knew it was a lie; once I started kissing him I wouldn’t be able to stop.

In the short, one week period that I had spent at Hogwarts, I had quickly learned Sirius Black was both beautiful and deadly. He had many layers, and the only person that saw all of them was James. He was the heartthrob of the school, and yet he found no real interest in the immature girls our age. He had girl of all ages fawning over his mysterious looks, and flirtatious charm. He was wise beyond his years, yet always acting childish, I learned. I had heard fragments of his tortured childhood, and deatheater family from Remus.

I was intrigued by him; I found him interesting. I wanted to know more about him, and yet I didn’t want to seem straightforward.

Emily could tell. Maybe not everything, but she knew I had feelings for him. I had known her for a week and already she understood me. Was I that obvious? Or was it just Emily that could tell?

I sat on the edge of my bed, its red covers hanging gracefully of the edge, and pulled my pencil and notebook out from behind my pillow. I began to sketch, carelessly at first, not knowing what I was doing.

But then I stopped, examining the picture fully, and saw his face starring back at me.

Sirius’s dark eyes, his delicate cheekbones, a strand of his messy black hair hanging into his face. I ripped it out, carefully, and folded it four times. I opened my truck, and threw the sketch inside.


My mother had always told me I had a talent for art.

Your true calling. She often said. She was poet, a very good one at that, spinning the uncanny tale of the mysterious, lost, hurt poet, stumbling, yet strong. Deadly, but loving.

Through the years her face had began to fade. I could remember small things; the flowery scent she always had, the sight of her cooking eggs in the kitchen, her in her fanciest dress and lining her lips with a cherry red color.

I remembered her voice, singing to me as I fell asleep. Her dark brown curls, circling her face, and her green emerald eyes. She was beautiful, and people knew it. She knew it.

Her face was always so fine tuned, so perfectly curved. My own was different. I had paler skin, my cheeks colored with a flush of pink, and small freckles. My green eyes matching her own piercing emeralds. My nose was smaller, and more rounded, my lips thinner and more delicate.

I never envied her beauty or the attention she got. I was better on my own, sitting in my room and painting the sunset.


“Ha, no, you deffinitly don’t add bat wings, smarty.” I said, grabbing the potions book from Sirius. He smirked.

“Yes Ma’am.”

We were partners in potions, Slughorn had paired us up again. Probably because we were the two worst students in the class. Not that we were shamed, we found it funny.

“Well you know what they said.” James had said the first time we worked together.

“No.” I replied.

“Oh, well…. Me neither.” James said finally, sounding quite disappointed.

“Ah, see, no bat wings.” I wiggled the bat wings in front of his face before throwing them off to the side. Sirius stuck his tongue out, and turned the page of the book.

“Alright class,” Slughorn announced ten minutes later. “You’re dismissed. Homework is to study for next class. There’ll be a quiz.”


“Brutal class.” I said, as Sirius and I walked down the hallways, making our way to the common room. Sirius nodded, but stayed quite. “I hate potions.”

I turned to look at Sirius, but he wasn’t there. He had stopped walking and now stood a few feet away from me. I advance towards him. “Sirius what are you,” I began, but then I noticed how he looked at me.

My cheeks turned a bright red color as Sirius stepped closer, until we were only inches apart. He stood half a foot taller than me, so I had to look up.

I tried to smile, to breath, to think. Because there was only one reason he would be standing that close.

His head moved closer, and my eyes closed. I felt his soft, warm lips gentle press again mine. My insides melted, my heart felt like it would burst. I couldn’t possibly have been any happier.


Eww, kissing. Review?

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