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LEGACIES: The Grim by The Dark Lord Nedved
Chapter 22 : From the Depths of One’s Soul…
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CHAPTER 22: From the Depths of One’s Soul…

It was dark.

Alone in the cell, he sat with his back to the wall, elbows propped on his knees, gripping his thick hair in frustration. There was no light, yet he saw perfectly. The cell was infinitely huge, yet claustrophobic all the same. He was a prisoner in his own conscious. But he was not alone. He wished he could tell the voice to just shut up.

Never, in all my years of battles, have I seen a magus with such raw power. Believe me, young Harry; I dedicated my life to hunting down the evil, and the wicked. I have seen many come and go. However, you have outdone all expectations.

“I don’t want your help, not anymore.”

Well, my young friend, that is no longer an option. Even though I have been dead for many centuries, all this while I was still waiting, listening out for the call. One day I knew it would come, but I never expected it to be from a whelp of only twelve years. The Basilisk was Salazar’s experiment gone horribly wrong, a failed clone of Shalingini; and in the end, he created a mindless instrument for his so called ‘blood cleansing’. We met there for the first time, you and I, in Slytherin’s secret Potions chamber, an evil place of many horrible things. You were extremely brave to enter.

“She was in there. My best friend’s sister. I had to do something.”

That was what drew my host to you, young Harry. The Sword of my father hears the cry of all Gryffindors. But it answers only the strong. I am the true heir of Godric Gryffindor, but my blood does not run in you. The Longbottom boy, he holds the purest lineage to my namesake.

“Yes, I know. He used the sword in its true form before.”

But he was not as confident. He was not yet ready. I am glad I have chosen you instead. Natural ability, my young friend. Alas, I was a deprived of magic henceforth my work was done by other means, but raw talent is unmistakable. Future generations will know of your name, and speak of it in only hushed tones. Your rise to power has been unparalleled. Your combat ability rivals my own, and together, we are unstoppable. Do not cause more strife between us. You will become more than just an ordinary man.

“What do you mean?”

You will become a Legend…


The evening sunset streamed through the windows, illuminating the simple bedroom. Harry opened his eyes reluctantly, his eyes burning as they adjusted to the light. He blinked a couple of times in succession to re-orient himself to his surroundings. This was not his bed, neither was it in St. Mungo’s or Hogwarts. Where was he?

On cue, the door to the front of the room opened, and a young woman walked in. She paused in the doorway, realizing that he was awake. Harry frowned, his vision clearing up slowly as he tried to focus. He rubbed his eyes, still a bit disoriented.

“I think this is becoming a habit, commander,” came a soft voice.

“Lestrange?” Harry croaked, wondering why his voice was so sore. He sat up in bed, stretching limbs that felt lethargic, unconsciously doing a self-analysis. Other than the fact that his muscles were extremely cold, he felt fine.

“‘Rebecca’, please,” she said with a half smile. “How are you feeling?” she asked.

“Good, I guess,” Harry replied. “Where am I?” he asked, looking around at the various military-related items about. Boots here, uniform there...wait, those were his things! He quickly inspected himself under the covers. Whew, at least he had on clothes this time!

“My flat,” she replied, stepping into the room.

“Er- why am I here?”

“Your place is very well hidden, and they needed the bed at St Mungo’s, so I offered to look after you.” Harry grimaced at what Hermione would think, but even so, was grateful that Rebecca was willing to help.

“So much for the ministry’s ‘health plan’ I’m supposed to have,” Harry grumbled. “Okay, two- you’re all healed up, so I guess Hermione was able to help?”

“Yes,” she smiled again. Harry found that a bit weird. She was quite different when she smiled, more...well…girl-like. Harry mentally chastised himself. They were in her home, so obviously she’ll be more at ease. “You’ve got quite an interesting witch as a girlfriend, Harry,” Rebecca smiled. “She sealed my wounds, and helped cure all of the Aurors who were injured as well- all in four days. Very talented, I must admit. She’s already a budding celebrity at the ministry it seems…”

“Four days?” Harry asked. “How long was I-?”

“Today will be the fifth day since you passed out. You are really something, you know that?” Rebecca said, looking at him strangely. Harry narrowed his eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“According to the doctors and Granger, there wasn’t anything wrong with you. Not a single scratch- well except fingernail impressions on your forearms that is. The diagnosis said you were, well, just tired and needed to fully recuperate. I’ve never heard about five day siesta though...”

Don’t mind her Harry, we were just getting a bit more familiar with each other, weren’t we?

More laughter.

“I heard what happened, well what you did. Um…” Rebecca wrung her fingers together. Harry found it quite uncharacteristic of her to be so nervous. He decided to give her a bit of encouragement.


“I didn’t know you would go through all of that- erm… for me. I, well… you know- thanks for saving me. If it weren’t for you- and Miss Granger, I may have been crippled for life. The doctors told me my knife wounds weren’t healing, and sooner or later they’d get infected.” She hesitated, and sat down on the edge of the bed by Harry’s feet. “Anyway, I don’t want to think about it.”

“I – I’m glad I could have helped.” Harry shrugged, a bit unsure what to say. Rebecca smiled again, and looked into his eyes. Her expression changed slightly as she noticed something. Rebecca took out her wand, pointing it at his face. “What about the others- Hey! What are you doing?” Harry objected.

“Hold still-“ she said, and lighted the tip of her wand. “Lumos! I’m going to check something- “ she shone the light directly into his eye. Inspecting one, then the other, she frowned. Harry blinked a few times rapidly, and took a hold of her hand, pinning it on the bed.

“Okay- quit that out, Lestr- um… Rebecca,” Harry corrected. “What about the others?”

“Granger sorted them out as well- even that brat, Malfoy. If it were me, I wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble for that jerk.” Rebecca stared at him intensely now. “They say you can do the Reducto Ultima curse?” Rebecca’s grip tightened around his fingers. “I have to ask you: is this really true?”

“Yeah...I can,” Harry said cautiously. Rebecca’s face creased again in another frown.

“Pardon me if I’m stepping out of line, commander, but you do know that isn’t a spell many people can execute, and is rated grade ‘S’ Cataclysmic magic. And on top of that, that particular curse was only used by Dark Wizards…”

“Yeah?” Harry countered, abruptly letting her hand go. “Dumbledore could do it, and he isn’t a Dark Wizard is he? And neither am I!” Harry said defensively.

“Don’t bite my head off. I’m only voicing concerns that I think some of the bureaucrats in the higher tiers are whispering these days…”

“Do you mean Diggory?” Harry knew that she didn’t really like him.

“No, actually, if I didn’t know you better; from the way she talks about her ‘Commander’; I would have believed that Jesus himself has come again .She seems hell bent on capturing those escapees, and annihilating all the remaining Death Eaters.” Harry snorted derisively in response to that. “It’s kind of scary the lengths she goes to. But you are the one I’m really concerned about, are you sure you’re okay? It has been five days you know, and no one could have waken you …”

That point, at least, I agree with the woman. We must cut our recuperation time, Potter. Time waits for no man…

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Harry said softly, looking at the wand on the bedside table. He thought about Macnair, and how he was getting more and more immune to the violence with each passing duel. And now he was having five day long conversations, with himself. What was happening to him?

“That’s good, because now I have a few questions to ask you. One- why are your eyes now blue?”

“They are?”

“Yes. They were green the last time I saw you as far as I remember.”

“I don’t know,” Harry said, looking into the small mirror on the bedside table. “I’ll ask the healers when I go to do my report.”

“Two- well, this isn’t really a question. I’m just letting you know that there are some different, er- attitudes towards you know in the office. Some are hailing you as the next “Great” and can’t wait to be in your team again, while others are... well… to put it bluntly, scared of you.”

“Scared? Scared?! Why?”

“You took out a dragon with one spell. Isn’t that enough?”


“Wait- before you go all out on a rant: I am not scared of you. In fact your magical prowess is comforting-“ Harry froze, a weird expression on his face. Rebecca bit her lip, embarrassed. “I mean, well to me, that is-” Harry raised an eyebrow. “As in professionally, you are good-“ and in my bed…

Harry’s eyes widened as that particular thought was unintentionally picked up by his Occlumens ability.

“-well, dueling and battles, I mean, the odds were amazing- “ my god- am I having thoughts about my commander?

Harry blinked once or twice-

“- but you pulled through, only one muggle casualty, one Auror casualty- “ yes you are- don’t lie to yourself

At this, Harry shut his eyes, what the hell was going on here? Why was he hearing her thoughts?

“Eighty escapees captured, three of them dead and a Death eater eradicated…you should feel proud-“ Becky, you’re twenty-four, and never had a boyfriend. What are you waiting for? And he is cute…

“STOP!” Harry screamed. Rebecca froze, literally. So did the little clock on the wall, and the curtain that was fluttering in the breeze also came to an immediate standstill. At that moment, his head began to pound furiously- and his vision became blurry. Closing them for a second, he reopened them, and his vision was once again fine.

“Ah, so that’s how using magic instinctively feels,” said Harry, his tone of voice going from an extremely low grumble then back to normal. He brought up his arms, inspecting his hands as if he had never seen it before. He stared at the lady in front of her. “Beautiful woman, I must say. ” Harry looked down at his hands again, feeling a different ‘tingling’ in his fingertips. “This, the gift I have been so denied my life, feels wonderful! I wonder? ” Harry looked at the wand on the bedside table. Picking it up, it felt familiar, yet untrained, but he knew that he could learn quickly.

“Could it be? I have seen all my peers with this, am I now able to-?” Harry grinned, not daring to believe it. “Winguardium Lleviosa!

The whole room rumbled a bit, then was dormant once more. “Wait- they used a technique as well. They called it a ‘swish and a flick?’ Hmmm… ” Harry inspected the piece of wood, then made the movements needed. “Winguardiam Lleviosa!” The bed trembled, then rose steadily off the floor a couple inches. Harry grinned wildly as the bed, along with Rebecca, levitated for a few seconds.

Get out of my head!

The bed dropped dramatically, and Harry had to blink once or twice to catch himself. Jesus Christ- what the hell happened there? Luckily, Rebecca was still frozen. For a moment, raw magic had escaped him, and all of his innate abilities suddenly sprang to action. He wanted answers, so his Occlumens training kicked in. Then he wanted her to stop thinking about what she was thinking, so he cried out. And amazingly, it resulted in him creating a very illegal Time wrapping charm. He had to set this correct.

Finite!” he incanted, and Time itself in this room returned. Harry had the uncomfortable feeling of disappearing from one spot and back into the bed without realizing that he did not use his legs or apparation to do it. Jumping back in time was very scary.

“-feel proud of yourself. I , for one, am grateful.“ And I think I have a schoolgirl crush on someone younger than me…how pathetic are we these days Becky?

Harry immediately broke eye contact and brought up the imaginary brick walls in his mind, blocking her out. Her voice stopped whispering to him, and his head was clear once more. It was so fast- but he realized why his Teleportation magic was so dangerous. It revolved in creating ‘black holes’ where distance, matter, time and reality were linked directly from one place to another. If done wrong, as Solidus had just done by skipping out certain constants of physics, he had inadvertently froze time for almost twelve seconds, and could have created a very serious problem. That lapse in concentration, what had caused it? Without warning he yanked up the mirror. His eyes were back to normal, brilliant green. Harry lay back in the bed, looking at the ceiling as Rebecca babbled on. Her voice was comforting though. Usually she was all cold and business like, but now…

“-Arry? Hey, Potter? Listening? There’s another thing of some importance.”

He nodded, even though he did not want to talk right now. That episode- he had completely lost himself, and allowed Solidus to take over for almost twelve seconds. Twelve seconds of being fully possessed. Scary thought.

“What is it?” Harry said, not even looking at her as his thoughts were focused on that episode a few seconds ago.

“You know, Sherry Diggory has officially become minister just over a year now, well with that Hogsmeade fiasco with Fudge and so on. So her anniversary er- thing is this weekend-“

“Uh hmm?” Harry prodded, thinking that he finally got Macnair for good. After thinking that, he frowned. How could he consider killing another man as something satisfactory? He was definitely not thinking straight.

“And to celebrate the first phase of a successful campaign, she’s holding a banquet in the ‘S.T.A.R. team’s name. Well, she’s saying the ‘team’, but everyone knows it’s because of you…”

“Oh really?” Harry said dismissively.

“Well, obviously you would have to make an appearance.” Rebecca Lestrange paused, as if measuring her next few words. “ It’s a ministry thing. Supposed to build inter-department camaraderie and all that. Um- I think we should go. Well, seeing as we’re on the same team and so on…”

Harry wasn’t paying much attention, and nodded easily without putting much thought into it.

“Okay. Why not?“

Rebecca’s face was incredulous. A smile spread across her face, and touched his hand. “Great. It’ll be...” Rebecca paused, trying to quell the strange little feeling in her stomach. My god, she couldn’t believe she was feeling like this again. She cleared her throat, and tried to regain a semblance of her trademark professionalism. Well, more like tried. “A relaxing evening in the company of comrades.”

Realizing that Harry still was a bit caught off guard, she hastily made an exit. “I er- have to do some grocery shopping. Make yourself at home. Don’t mind the cat, he’s nasty to everyone. Stay for dinner with me - my treat. Be back in a bit. The store is right down the road. Bathroom’s second on left if you want. Don’t run away, okay?” she laughed. And with that rapid-fire flurry of one-lined sentences, she was out the door and gone. Harry tried to process what happened in the last five minutes- from bad to worse.

Slept five days straight from after three days of combat. Inexplicable symptoms of chronic fatigue- so severe it was almost a near comatose condition. Bad, but not unheard of.

Gossip about him has evolved: The next ‘Great’- or the next ‘Dark Lord’? Funny headline if Ministry opinion was anything to go by. He was accustomed to tall stories about him. Seems a tad bit more serious now, so that was not good.

Eighty-three escapees accounted for, and one death eater dead. One Auror and one Muggle killed. Two good guys, gone forever. Two lives lost since he assumed the position. He must do better.

Solidus had complete control for twelve seconds, and managed to freeze time doing it. Solidus, a known and feared Dark Wizard hunter, had him, one who could do the Ultima Spell, under his control. Not to mention that he himself had no clue how to manipulate time- this did not look good. Not good at all.

Malfoy was right. He couldn’t pretend to be ignorant of this anymore. Something serious was happening to him. He had to keep this quiet and figure out a way, or else people would think that he was going insane.


Lillian Kelsing knew that failure came with a cost. Imprisoned on charges of treason, and an impending trial that did not look good in her favour. If she got fifteen years in the new detention center, she’ll consider herself lucky. For now, all she could do was hope that Lord Lestrange will show leniency and break her free. From what she heard of the last person captured by the S.TA.R. Elite, Steven Warshire was not a man to cross wills with. At least, being held as a military prisoner, the use of the Cruciatus was disallowed until after her trial. She needed to find a way to escape this temporary jail before that time reached. When the door opened and a young girl walked in as if she wasn’t sure what she was doing there in the first place, Lillian had to admit she was surprised. Her eyes narrowed.

“Who are you?” she demanded.

“Oh, don’t mind that. I’m just here to deliver a message, and to come for something. I’m supposed to ask you if you do know what this ‘something’ is, because I don’t,” Luna said airily, wearing a very non- descript witch’s gown. “Ralphie says that he will come and rescue you, but you must give him what he wants. Do you have it?”

Lillian smiled. Rodulphus Lestrange sent this young woman to infiltrate the detention center? She was expecting someone with a bit more experience. Putting that thought to the back of her mind, she looked at the fingernail on her right hand. It was dirty underneath. But this fingernail was her ticket out of here. Carefully, she tore off the end of the nail.

“Potter’s skin, and some dried blood, As per orders. I’ve taken extreme care to create a miniature stasis charm around my hand, so it would be fresh enough to suffice. When will milord come?” Kelsing asked Luna.

“When he’s good and ready.”

“Is that all you can say?”

“Not really, but I don't feel like having a conversation here. But you will give that disgusting fingernail to me, so I can leave,” Luna said imperiously, even though her expression did not change. She opened a tiny pouch. Lillian glared at Luna, but did not object. She placed the fingernail into the bag, and Luna tightened the drawstring. “Thank you. Have a nice day,” Luna said airily, and exited just as dreamily as she entered. Lillian scowled. She risked her life to get Potter’s skin sample for the Polyjuice potion, and this is how she was treated?

The girl even had the gall to leave the door open. How the hell did she get in here anyway? Lillian cursed loudly, not caring who heard her. Would Lestrange really free her? Or would she be left her to face trail and be shipped off to Siren’s Rock? Feeling deserted, she slumped down in the corner and began to cry.


Back at Hogwarts, the Order of the Phoenix was having another meeting, this one with a heavy air of failure and doubts. Almost two years after the fall of the Voldemort, everything was not as it should be, turmoil was everywhere, the war was nowhere close to being finished. However significant the night of the Battle of King’s Crown was in the turn of the tides to the side of the Light, the events of that night had a ripple effect that was now coming to the forefront.

The facts were coming together now, and now that the pieces were beginning to fit, Dumbledore knew that if they did not act soon, the prophecy would indeed come to pass.

“We know what must be done. The question is, can we do it?” Dumbledore said grimly to the Order. “As of the moment, the answer is no. That is why I have brought us together to welcome to new members to the Order of the Phoenix, who I daresay, have been unofficial members ever since I can remember.” Dumbledore smiled at the two youngest at the table. “I’m sure you know them already, but I will still present them to you never-the-less.” Dumbledore cleared his throat.

“Firstly, allow me to introduce Sir Ronald Weasley, the youngest Knight of the Magi in two centuries; an exceptional tactician bearing the title of Order of Merlin Third class. Impromptu leader of the strike force against Voldemort and his Death Eaters on that fateful night after I was incapacitated by Draco Malfoy. Without him, victory would have eluded us.”

Ronald nodded solemnly. He knew this had gotten deadly serious. It was all over the news. And being on the inside, all of the media hype was not just “hype”. It was getting clearer and clearer by the day.

“And let me introduce you to our youngest ever female member of the Order of the Phoenix, Miss Hermione Granger. Class ‘A’ Occlumens, and possesses the Magic of Divinity- our trump card in the campaign against Voldemort and his followers. Specialist in metaphysical healing and sensory spells. Please, everyone, listen carefully to what I have to say.” Dumbledore took another deep breath and stood up in his chair.

“It has been happening before our very eyes, yet we were blind to it. The situation is grave, but we still have some time, hope is not yet lost. My old friend, Randalf Ravenclaw-“ there was an audible gasp around the room- “Yes, as in the ‘Ravenclaw’- has brought before us very dire news. Please, Randy, show them the orb of prophecy.” Randalf Ravenclaw rose to his full height and took out a small orb filled with swirling mist and placed it on the center of the table. Even though it was round, it did not move a millimeter, sitting there as solid as a rock. Drawing his wand, he moved his lips fractionally, and it transfigured itself into an ancient-looking walking staff. He rapped the orb softly with the Staff of Knowledge.

The orb’s mist began to swirl faster, then emitted a soft light. A figure of an old hag in rags appeared over the table, and everyone drew silent as she began to speak.

You, the heir of Rowenna Ravenclaw, have shown the potential to be one of the four chosen. On precisely this day- I have been cursed to die- but not before the prophecy of millennia must be revealed.

It has been foretold that once the two greatest of allies- yet now the most vicious of nemesis: Gryffindor and Slytherin, will reunite as brothers in arms on the field of blood and sand. Secrets of hidden lineage will be exposed, and the Goddess of Nature shall be raped of her bounty, bringing forth once again those who call upon the Earth, Air, Fire and Water as their allies. Out of the ashes, a Phoenix will re-awaken, and will shine the torch of light through the darkness. Do not shy away his words, Randalf the Wise, for only the heirs of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff could prevent the Second Fall of the age of wizards. From all corners of the globe there will be four signs- The Life Giving Circle, The Staff of Knowledge, The Sword of Death, and finally – The Reign of Fire.

I will give you some help, Randalf. No matter how dire or how important the situation, you are not to engage yourself in wizarding matters until the true time has come. Future generations of our kind will cease to exist if you are fallen before your time. You must live as a secret until what I have told you comes to bear, and by then you will be already have acquired the Staff of Knowledge, and will guide the wielder of the Halo of Life in her mission against the Dark Sons of Magic. My time is no longer mine: Farewell….

At this, everyone except Albus, Remus, Randalf- and Ron, visibly paled. Hermione was the first to voice her opinion.

“No…” she whispered, not believing it. For some reason, Ron knew all along that things were not sitting well with Harry. He just wished Hermione didn’t have to find out about this the hard way.

“I’m sorry, Hermione,” Dumbledore said softly. “But, that is why we are here. We want to help them, and stop this oncoming disaster the prophecy warns us against. The Dark Sons of Magic are Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter- two students of Hogwarts who once held nothing but animosity and contempt for the other, now are sworn brothers on the battlefield. Fate has drawn them towards the common goal, and now that they have learned to harness and control their gifts- are now, tragically, very serious threats to our community.

“Our intelligence has put together a plausible timeline of events ever since Harry’s sixteenth birthday. I, on an old man’s unfounded faith in reading the ‘signs’, gave Harry the Sword of Gryffindor to protect himself against Voldemort. That, I realize, was a dreadful mistake. That weapon is definitely a Horcrux of the renowned Dark Wizard hunter; Solidus Gryffindor. I would have never assumed that it was possible, as he was born without the gift of magic, but he has somehow managed to immortalize himself in the weapon. We believe now, that in times of mortal danger, a hidden piece of Solidus’ soul keeps Harry alive, even on the brink of death. In these situations, he consumes a piece of Harry’s persona. That is why we have seen a darker, more ruthless side to Harry, and sadly, is gaining ground over the battle for his soul. The Sword of Gryffindor is the ‘Sword of Death’ mentioned in the prophecy. There is no mistaking it. Harry himself has secretly realized this, and returned the sword to me last year. I have hidden it so that no one else would be able to find it,” Dumbledore said in a determined voice.

“However, in a direct contrast to Harry and his situation, young Miss Granger here wields the Halo of Life- an ancient weapon created by Helga Hufflepuff herself. It disappeared in the first Elven revolt, and thought lost forever. As Miss Granger so recently informed me, this object cannot be found- it finds the host to harness it’s power. And as she had so brilliantly displayed this past week- her Healing ability is magnified and effectively put to use on all injuries sustained in London, without the adverse side effects. It just so happens that you and Harry are romantically involved with each other as well, which puts a definite twist in this situation-“

“I don’t think that’s relevant-“ Hermione interjected.

“Oh ho, but it is very relevant, Miss Granger. It is both and advantage and a disadvantage. For only you have the ability to help him.”


“Yes. In a moment I will explain, but for now, please allow me to follow our course agenda,” Dumbledore said. “ Draco Malfoy controls the Infernus. The magical ability he possesses is not yet fully matured, but when it is, he will be very hard to contain. This is where it gets a bit… problematic.” Dumbledore clasped his hands behind his back. “The Dark Lord has gotten one up on us, again. Every time we think that it is over, it is only beginning. His extensive research on extending life and the Blight dark magic is almost mind-boggling. In that period of time where Draco Malfoy was under Voldemort’s Imperius curse, he has managed to do something that is as of now, unheard of.”

“What is it, Professor?” Tonks asked, a bit scared now.

“He has created a Horcrux with a human being as the host. Whereas possession deals with one host being in control over another, in Malfoy’s situation, he cannot be exorcised. Voldemort is now part of him; a miniscule part however, but a part none the less. Even though I have not personally sensed his presence in Draco when we dueled, the prophecy seals all doubts I had before. Slytherin’s heir is still alive- but not in the literal sense. Firenze told me at the beginning of the year that ‘the Bloodline of Slytherin is alive, but his blood is not pure.’ I think that refers to Voldemort being inside of the Malfoy line- an ancient bloodline with a deep heritage for turning to the Dark. Harry- on the other hand, has been influence by the Sword, and fortunately, can be exorcised. That is why Randalf has agreed to help us.”

Randalf Ravenclaw nodded, and took to his feet.

“I have come to realize that Potter is like a son to many of you-“ Randalf looked at most of the adults present, “ a brother to you, Ron, and a hero to all of us who were terrorized by the acts of Voldemort and his followers. However, the times have changed.

“What we have here is a choice. The welfare of many future generations will depend on select individuals present at this meeting. I am going to lay the facts out plain and simple. These two wizards are extremely dangerous, and have the potential to be the most powerful magi since Giraux the Grand and Archimedes the Omnipotent of the seventh century. Harry Potter can summon the Grim, and now the Snake God himself, Shalingini. Along with the raw talent to execute the Ultima spell at only seventeen, he has a hidden talent that has only been recognized recently by learned men by examining his father’s bloodline. Very powerful, and probably the most dangerous magical gene there is- the Felix Omnimentia; or in other words: the ‘Good Luck/ Bad Luck’ heritage charm.

“It is a mixture of extreme luck and excellent timing in dire situations, while on the other hand, the ‘ying and yang’ effect of it is that terrible tragedy and death surrounds him. In other words, this man is extremely hard to kill, and will win in ninety-seven out of a hundred encounters with an opponent. However,” Randalf paused significantly- “ Those close to him will suffer horrible fates. Miss Granger, only because of your Divine power over the Life force have you been able to survive for so long. I implore you, do not stray too far from the Halo of Life. Keep it with you always. Your life is constantly in peril when you are near him, as we have seen by your near capture at the hands of the Death Eaters last week.”

Hermione dipped her eyes, feeling her emotions swell up inside. Her heart was breaking, but her courage was holding strong. She will find a way to save him!

“Draco Malfoy is a Slytherin, and prone to the Dark Arts. I need not say more. Our time is short. We have until July the 31st to purge Solidus Gryffindor from Potter, and to make sure that Draco Malfoy does not aspire to be the next so called ‘Dark Lord.’ I will do all in my ability to aid our noble cause and help those two young men. But if we fail-“ he looked at each and every one of them.

“I will personally stop both of them before it is too late.”


“Harry- I’m home!” Rebecca announced, her arms packed with grocery bags as she fought to take the key out of the door. She never had a guy in her place before. She hoped that her cooking skills were as good as Tonks says it was. Fiddling with the keys to take it out of the lock, she turned into her little flat, and hustled to put down the groceries on the table in the foyer. Cooking sometimes really was a great way to relieve her stress; she just hoped that he would like it…

Rebecca made her way into the sitting area, only to see a fully dressed Harry sitting at the couch, his eyes boring hard into a piece of parchment that he was reading. A ministry owl was sitting on the back of the sofa, hooting softly as it turned it’s brown head to stare balefully at Rebecca. She stopped in her tracks, looking at that serious expression on Harry’s face, and wearing the full gear of his ministry uniform.

“Harry?” she said softly, inching into the room. His dark hair was in it’s usual mess, covering most of his forehead and making it difficult to look into his face. “What is it?”

Harry covered his eyes with his hand, and wiped the tears at the corner of his eyes. He shouldn’t cry, he hated the man, but still- he was his family. And they were dwindling down one by one.

“I’m sorry Rebecca, I’m afraid I can’t have dinner with you tonight,” Harry said solemnly. “Something -…” he trailed off. “Fuck.” He cursed, placing the parchment down on the coffee table. He stood up, and draped the ministry’s cloak over his shoulders, then the Mantle of the Phoenix over that like a cape. “I have to go.”

“What? Wait- no- at least tell me what’s going on!” she begged, feeling her exuberance slowly dissipate.

“From the news on this parchment, it seems that my uncle was just murdered by a wizard. Because of my position, I was the first to be informed, which is a good thing,” Harry cursed again, feeling a mixture of bewilderment and hatred boil inside.

“What!? No- do they know who did it?” She asked, determination etched into her features.

“According to this report, it was me.” He looked again at the parchment on the table. “This is a warrant for my arrest.”


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