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I Think My Teacher Is Snape, 16 Clues Leading Me by JLB
Chapter 1 : I Think My Teacher Is Snape, 16 Clues Leading Me
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"I Think My Teacher Is Snape, 16 Clues Leading Me"

A Parady By JLB AKA DragonGoddess


1.) Snape transfigured himself into a feminen version of himself.

2.) He quit teaching at Hogwarts, and decided to teach at a muggle high school in Michigan in a cruddy little town no one's ever heard of.

3.) There weren't any muggle classes of Potions, so she became the Science teacher for the required science classes.

4.) Chemistry was her favorite science class out of them all, because it was similar to potions where you mix abunch of junk you've never heard of into beakers and peatry dishes instead of cauldrons.

5.) Her rules were extremely strick and if she didn't favor you she would give you bad grades, or a ton of extra homework, or detensions.

6.) Everyday she gave you a ton of homework to do, and droned on in the begining explaining what we had to do, when the blabber mouths of the class would keep ignoring her and she'd yell her head off until you were quiet.

7.) Odd things would happen to someone that made her extremely angry, they wouldn't be in class the next day, but would be absent for anywhere from 3 days to 1 week or two. And the kid would come back complaining they couldn't remember where they had been or done for the time they were absent.

8.) It would be that time of the month and she'd be abnormally grouchy, and would give you a million times more work to do then usual.

9.) There was a pen she always had all the time (That I think is a wand disguised as a pen.) when you made her mad she'd be yelling and making getures with the pen.

10.) When you screw around or cheat or copy off of someone's homework or test, she immediately knows and busts you.

11.) When she leaves and the room is empty the door is always locked.

12.) She looks just like Snape, with slighly long black hair, hooked nose, and evil grin, and womanly features.

13.) When she looks at someone that won't shut up, they immediately do so.

14.) She is always drinking funny colored drinks from blank bottles.

15.) There is always black kittens in a box in her room she gives away at school.

16.) On some days she wears clothes that are black and are very much like Hogwarts teacher robes.

Note: Ms. Ross if your reading this it's a joke and don't kill me. Your one of my favorite teachers so I thought this would be fun. And in some aspects you do kinda remind me of Snape. LOL

Another Note: I'm adding other chapters about why my teachers or principals or students etc resembles someone from Hogwarts. So I'll have some soon.

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I Think My Teacher Is Snape, 16 Clues Leading Me: I Think My Teacher Is Snape, 16 Clues Leading Me


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