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James's Sketch Book by Houlestar
Chapter 4 : Lily upset
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chapter 4

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Lily stormed up the stairs to the girls' dorms, she closed the door loud enough to make Rae, who was her only dorm mate jump.

"What?" asked Rae. "Was it that bad?"

Lily threw herself on her bed and buried her face in her white pillow. No sobs came from her, but a sort of anger and deep sorrow echoed from her, causing Rae to feel uneasy and she walked over to Lily.

"Lil, what is the matter, tell me, he didn't try to draw you naked, or have sex with you or something horrible like that?" Rae asked, sitting down beside her best friend, on Lily's bed. "Come on, Lily, tell me I want to know what is wrong."

"Nothing," said Lily, her voice muffled by the pillow. Her back twitched as she breathed in shuddering breaths.

"Come on, don't give that bull, I can tell that something is wrong. For starters you on in your bed, refusing to talk to me, you are acting like you just got dumped. What happened with you and James?"

"He acted like he wanted to sleep with me," said Lily mournfully.

"Well what is wrong with that?" asked Rae. "You know that he wants to jump down your pants. He always has."

"No, he said, 'who says we have to go back to the dorm.'" Lily looked at her friend and Rae saw that Lily had in fact been crying silently.

"Well, I guess he-"

"Just shut up, Rae." Lily rolled over and stared at the wall opposite of her friend. "I don't want to talk about it. It was horrid, okay. 'I don't mean it that way.' That’s what he said! Of course he meant it that way! He only wanted me to model for him so he can have a good excuse for staring at me for an hour, and he thinks that just because I said okay to modeling for him we are going out and he can do whatever he wants with me."

"You are over reacting, Lily.” Rae stood up and went back to her bed. “He probably didn't mean it to be taken like that. You know that sometimes he can't help but say perverted things like that. He is just being himself. Lily, he doesn't want you to hate him like this. I want you to dry your tears and go to where he is and apologize for making him feel bad. I bet he is crying his eyes out because you are being such a queen of bitches to him."

Lily sat up and stared at her friend, drying her tears she walked to the door of the common room. Walking steadily down the stairs she made her way to the light of the common room. She saw someone standing near the doorway.

"James, I-"

But it wasn't James who was in the common room.

"Evans, what did you do to him?" asked Remus Lupin as he saw her.

Lily knew Remus the best out of James’s friends, but this sudden accusation made her feel uneasy, and put on the spot.

"Nothing! He is just overreacting," said Lily aghast as to what Remus was saying.

"Just like you were, Lily.” Remus shook his head. “From what I can tell, he was just saying-"

“I know what he meant,” snapped Lily. “I can only expect you to take his side, after all, you’re his mate.”

“I’m not taking his side because of being his friend. I’m not taking anyone’s side. I just thought that I ought to say his view. And that James would like it if you listened to it.”

Lily paused and looked at Remus curiously. “And what does he want?”

“He doesn’t want you to be angry at him because he said something like that. James may seem slightly... um... it may seem like he intended that, but really, he didn’t mean anything of the sort,” explained Remus.

“I don’t know...”

"Well, he is flipping out saying that you hate him and that you are mad at him."

"I don't hate him!” Lily exclaimed. “I told him that already! Why would he think that I hate him?"

"He said that according to you, he had your first kiss. And you took his as well. Or whatever you call that incident that happened when you bumped into each other at the doorway." Remus shrugged his shoulders. “That’s all I’ve got from the rambles that he’s be saying.”

“I’m really sorry, Lily,” mumbled someone from the doorway.

Instantly, Lily turned around, and frowned. “Potter...” she said softly.

“I’m sorry, Lil-”

She walked over to him and smiled faintly. “I think I was over reacting... Sorry... I do that a lot.”

“You’re not going to hate my guts, like you did to Snape?” asked James, returning the smile.

Lily shrugged. “We’ll see just how bad you get.” Smiling she walked back up to the dorm.

A/N: A lot of people like this story. I will update soon.

I don't own anything that I didn't invent. Nor do I own the picture.

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