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Harry Potter and the Fall of the Horcruxes by Houlestar
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two: A Very Odd Discussion
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A/N: This takes place at the same time as Hermione going to Eileen Prince's house. This also has spoilers, please do not read if you haven't read the sixth book. If you read this chapter, consider yourself warned...

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Harry looked at number 4 privet drive. How much he hated the place, but he had to go back to it for one more time before he turned 17, which was in less than a month.

"Look on the bright side," said Ron who was next to Harry. "This is the last time you ever have to come here. We get your things, stay the night and then adios Dursleys. you don't have to see them ever again." Ron was driving the car that they had borrowed from the ministry, since neither of them could apparate [legally that is]. They found it amusing to drive around the place in this car that seemed normal, but was really able to do magic, and how the muggles had non-magical cars.

Stepping out of the car, harry walked, bravely up to the door of the Dursley's house and knocked loudly on the door. Within a minute Petunia Dursley opened the door.

"Um hi," said harry not sure of what to say.

"So you're back," she said.

"Er yeah, and I have brought a friend, ron."

Ron waved his hand wildly as if it wasn't already obvious who he was.

Vernon Dursley thundered down the stairs, but froze when he saw harry and his friend standing in the door way. "What the devil are you doing here boy, we thought you were gone for good."

"Well, Dumbledore said that he had to come back here once before he turned seventeen," said ron, looking at uncle Vernon.

"that funny looking guy, what did you say his name was, dumbbell- something, said that?" Mr. Dursley looked suspiciously at the two teenage boys.

"Yes," said Harry. Mr. Dursley had no idea as to how much pain that name caused harry, for he couldn't know that Dumbledore was dead.

"Well how long do you have to stay?" asked Mr. Dursley.

"Just for the night," said Harry. Both he and ron had agreed after talking to McGonagall that one day would be all right and the most that Ron and Harry could stand at the Dursleys'.

"Oh," bristled Uncle Vernon. "Well as long as there isn't any funny business," he looked wryly at ron.


Dinner was a solemn affair. hardly a word passed between the lips of anyone at the table. Everyone sat, hardly eating, expect for Dudley, who ate part of Harry’s dinner when he was checking his watch.

After dinner, Harry and Ron began to go up the stairs, but Petunia stopped them.

“Harry,” she said softly. “May I have a word?”

Harry looked at Ron who shrugged.

“I’ll meet you up in your room,” said Ron.

Harry walked down the stairs to where Aunt Petunia was waiting for him. “Yes?” he asked.

“I want to show you something,” she said.

She went the the cubed under the stairs, where Harry had spent ten years of his life in. Opening it, she bent down and took something out. Blowing on it, she handed Harry a photo album.

“Er...” began Harry.

“Those are pictures of your mother, Harry. There are some taken of her before she went off, to well, that school. It was our parents, and they died shortly after you were born, I don’t you knew that. Well, there are a few pictures of her and, that Potter boy, and their wedding. The last few pictures have you in them. I’ve been waiting seventeen years to give it to you, Harry.”

She handed it to him.

“Question,” said Harry. “Why do you hate magic so much?”

“I don’t hate it,” she said.

“Why didn’t you tell me about my parents when I was younger?” he asked.

“Look,” she said. “I thought I was helping you. When Lily was a kid, she always believed in magic. I didn’t, I never really thought about magic. When she went off to that Hogwarts school, I was incredibly mad, they were taking away my younger sister from me. They were proving me wrong, and her right. Magic did exist, and she had been saying it did all along. When she died, I knew from the note Dumbledore gave me, along with you, that she had died from magic. I wanted to do what I couldn’t do with her to you.”

“Stamp the magic out of me?”

“No,” she said, tearfully. “Save you.”

“Save me?” said Harry, nearly laughing. “All those years you spent tormenting me, you thought you were saving me?”

“Yes,” she whispered. “I wanted to do what I couldn’t do with her. I wanted to save someone else from dying that I cared about.”

“You don’t care about me!”

“Harry, I do. Listen, I cared about you so much that I thought that if i prevented you from being magically, I could save you from what killed you. I wanted to help you, Harry.” She was nearly crying.

She went off to the kitchen, leaving Harry alone.

Trudging up the staircase, he found Ron standing at the cupboard, looking at Harry’s cloths.

“Mate,” said Ron, “We really need to get you better cloths.”

After packing up all of his things, Harry lay in the bed, Ron snoring on the floor. Not being able to sleep, he walked over to his desk, where he had placed the photo album.

“Lumos,” he whispered, and his wand lit a dim light.

He sat at his desk, flipping through the photos. the earliest ones were of when she was a baby, and later a toddler. Some were of primary school days where Lily Evans wore her red hair in plaits. Often times there would be pictures of Lily with other girls, probably her old friends. There were several photos of Petunia and Lily. It amazed him how radically different the two of them were, yet how similar they had been. The pictures from when they were really little demonstrated how there was at least five years between the two of them.

There were also pictures of Lily with his grandparents. Harry could recognize them from the mirror of Erisid. He had never met them, but he could feel as if he knew he should have known them all along.

Finally it came to the day where it looked like she was going off to Hogwarts. There was a picture of her in her school uniform, and a picture of her with all of her luggage at King’s Cross. And finally a picture of her on the train waving goodbye.

Harry stopped at this picture, for the reason that he could see into the compartment. Sitting next to Lily was a dark haired boy, with his head turned away from the camera.

James! he thought. Lily had ridden with his dad the first day of school. Looking closer, he realised that it wasn’t James Potter. Snape! he realised with disgust.

He put the book down and went back to his bed, and closed his eyes.


Severus Snape went to Voldemort's summons when he felt the dark mark burn into his skin, causing his eyes to water.

He apperated, knowing that the longer he took to get to the meeting, the more pain would be inflicted on him.

"Yes my lord," said Severus Snape, bowing low enough so that his hooked nose touched the ground, once he had appeared in front of Voldemort.

"Am I to be correct by saying that you completed the young Malfoy's mission, to kill Dumbledore?" asked Voldemort, even though the icy tone in his voice proved that he already knew the answer.

"I did sir," said Snape simply, he was never one to go into great detail in front of Voldemort. With Voldemort, detail was bull, and the more you gave him, the more curses he would use against you.

"And you are positive that the mission is complete?"

"Dumbledore is dead, my lord," replied Snape.

"And why did you do it Severus?" asked Voldemort a smile on his thin and white lips.

"Draco didn't look like he could kill Dumbledore. I don’t think he wants to kill anyone, my lord. Dumbledore was weak and asking to die. I had made the unbreakable vow to Narcissa to help her son if he couldn't complete his mission. So I had to do what had to be done. Dumbledore was weak and on the ground kneeling. I had to do it. It could have been the last chance anyone ever had to kill the son of a bitch."

"I didn't ask you why you killed him, Severus," the dark lord smiled. "but this is an interesting thing, I would like to also know, on top of why you did it, why did you make the unbreakable vow to Narcissa."

"Because she was worried about her son dying in the attempt to do his mission. If you had a son and he was going to die in the attempt to complete a mission that someone had assigned, must people,[ I don't know if you would], would want to save their son from this fate."

"Severus," said Voldemort. "I would have my son die to kill Dumbledore, so what if someone dies trying to kill Albus Dumbledore, as long as he is dead, then I am happy. I wouldn't give a shit about sacrificing them in the attempt."

"I know, i was just trying to explain to you what was going on in Narcissa Malfoy's mind." Snape sighed. “I wasn’t saying it was right. My mind revolts the very notion.”

"What I really want to know most is what spell did you use to kill Dumbledore."

"huh?" Snape looked as if he didn't quite understand what Voldemort was saying.

"You know what I mean," sneered Voldemort.

"I am sorry my lord, but i don't understand what you are asking."

"You know perfectly well what the hell I am talking about. you know my punishment for lairs." Voldemort smiled.

"Death," said Snape grimly.

"why don't you tell me the truth? And you can perhaps explain this for me," Voldemort held out a phoenix feather to Snape. "recognize it?”

Snape’s face blanched.

“I thought so. Sit down Severus and we can have a little chat about what it means to be loyal and to kill someone."

A/N: i don't own harry Potter, of anything that isn't mine.

Please review, i need some feed back.

I edited this the most. I added the whole sences at the Dursley's. Before there was no sences.

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Harry Potter and the Fall of the Horcruxes: Chapter Two: A Very Odd Discussion


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