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Secret Lusts by FlameWolf3182
Chapter 13 : Training Her Truths
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"Hermione, stop slacking! You aren't tired, now faster!" A deep voice was yelling at Hermione in a dark clearing.
"I'm going as fast as I bloody can Armand! Not everyone is as quick as you are!!" Hermione was getting angry with her trainer's impatience.
"Not good enough!" He swung hard at her making her fall to the ground groaning. "I told you to go faster..." Armand helped Hermione off the ground of the Forbidden Forest. They had been training hard like this for about 2 weeks now. It never got easier, just rougher and more intense.

Hermione quickly got up and threw her fist at Armand's stomach. She didn't even get close, he moved before she could make contact. He spun her around and got her into a head lock rapidly before she even knew she missed.
"Argh! Why do I suck!?"
"You're mind is preoccupied, just, relax and well, stop thinking." Armand still had her tightly wrapped in an uncomfortable head lock.
"How, I mean I have another life outside of bloody training. Bloody hell, let go!" Hermione fell to the ground, but didn't bother standing up.
"You have to learn were your school life ends, and where work starts. Come take a walk with me, maybe that would help." Hermione groaned as she stood on shaky legs, but followed Armand through a path in the forest she had yet to explore.

"Where are we going?" Hermione asked in a hushed tone incase there were any creatures around.
"You are so impatient, even I wasn't this bad, Merlin...Ē
"Hey! I heard that!" Armand chuckled a little and just pushed forward causing Hermione to jog to catch up to him.

"Are we there y-?"
"Yes! Merlin, yes we are here!!" Hermione laughed a little at how easily she could aggravate him.
"So...what is this...some sort of convention?" Hermione asked after she noticed the figures coming forth from the shadows. They had stopped in another clearing, but this time it was bigger, and had people in it.
"Sort of...this is where you're training begins."
"What?! You mean what I was doing back there wasn't training!? Armand!" Hermione was fuming, she was working so hard thinking she was getting the training over with, and it hadn't even started!

"Who's the mutt, Drown?" A tall woman with charcoal hair stood in front of Hermione. She had piercing blue eyes like Draco's, but hers caused shivers to run down Hermione's spine.
"She isn't a mutt. Hermione is just...vampire-handicapped." He shrugged.
"Yeah...thanks. Being handicapped is oh so much better than being a mutt..." Hermione mumbled. "So what did you say your name was?" Hermione asked trying to sound pleasant.
"I didn't." The woman hissed at Hermione as she turned on her heels and headed for a table. "What is she using, Armand?"
"The Luciendar. Odd isn't it?"
"What's odd? Wait, I don't know how to use a sword...Armand, you've got to be kidding me..." Hermione said a little panicked. She was about to fight with some crazy woman, with swords, while she was completely exhausted. 'Great.....'

After a couple minutes of discussion between a couple vampires and Armand, Hermione was finally called forward.
"So...?" She asked.
"Mutt, I'll be fighting you, with this." The woman from before threw a stick at Hermione.
"Uh, this is a stick..."
"Look, as much entertainment I would get off of seeing to slice your arm of with a sword, I think a stick would be safer...for all of us."
"What are you going to be using?" Hermione noticed the woman had nothing in her hands.
"Like I need anything to beat you..." Hermione clutched on to the stick feeling extremely stupid. 'I'm gonna die...'
"Go!" Hermione heard a man yell.
"What!?!" the woman was charging at Hermione already.

The woman was throwing punches at every part of Hermione's body.
"Slow down!" Hermione kept yelling trying to deflect as many blows as she could.
"Not a chance." She was still moving insanely fast. 'Argh! I can't beat her!' Hermione was getting tired of being pummeled like a boxing bag. She swiftly flung the stick to the ground, hitting the woman's ankles. There was a sickening crack when Hermione hit her and the woman cried out in pain.
"That little bitch!" Armand and almost three other men were holding her back, at least trying to. Hermione just stood there smirking.
"I'll be back tomorrow, when I actually have energy."
"You won't make it next time you filthy half breed!" the woman was limping away towards a tree stump.

"You better watch yourself Hermione, she fights dirty."
"Then why can't I continue training with you?" Hermione asked, almost pleading for him to say she could.
"Well...maybe for a couple more weeks. Or at least until Arielle can walk and has cooled down a bit." Armand said chuckling a little.
"Sounds good - wait...did you say 'Arielle' was her name?" Hermione cocked an eyebrow in confusion.
"Yes, her name is Arielle, why?"
"I had a dream about her about 2 week or so ago, before we had started to train." Hermione still remember the dream very well. "We were fighting and I was actually good! Maybe it was more than a dream."
"Well, let's hope so. You only got by on luck tonight..." Armand smiled sarcastically at her and stood from the ground. "We should get you back to the castle."

Hermione walked into the Head Common Room half an hour later. She was completely drained and could feel the bruises Arielle and Armand had given her. She put a hand to her ribs, flinching at the pain that suddenly surged through her. She lifted her torn shirt up slightly to see a welt forming below her bra.
"Bloody hell...I should go to the hospital wing tomorrow morning..." Hermione whispered to herself.
"Why would you go to the hospital wing?" She heard Draco ask from the couch.
"I didn't know you were there, sorry if I woke you." Hermione practically limped over to the couch from how sore and banged up her muscles were.

"Are you okay Hermione?" Hermione sat slowly on the couch whimpering when she hit her knee on the coffee table.
"Ugh, as okay as I'm going to be..." Hermione mumbled with annoyance.
"Hermione, why is your cheek so dirty?" She put her hand up to her face to rub whatever was there away, but flinched and cursed herself for being so rough.
"'s not dirt...great now I have a bruise on my face too..."
"Hermione, what the bloody hell. You have bruises everywhere." Draco pulled her sleeve up to show so many bruises that neither of them could tell where some healthy skin would be.

"Don't touch it!" Hermione whined like a two-year-old at Draco when he went to rub his hand over her arms.
"Would you stop being such a baby, I barely touched it."
"Stop acting like my's creeping me out." Hermione blankly stated as Draco laughed a little at her comment.
"So really, how did you get all of these?"
"This woman just starts going all out on me, when all I had was a bloody stick to defend myself! So after all this happened, I sort of broke her legs maybe..."
"How did you manage that with a stick?"
"Well...I swung the stick under her so she would trip, but instead the stick cracked, and so did her ankle..." Hermione narrowed her gaze at the fire and then laughed lightly at herself from the memory of Arielle cursing Hermione nonstop.

"So, I'm guessing you've become stronger?" Draco asked with a smirk plastered on his lips.
"Don't even get any ideas..." Draco got up and walked towards her from the armchair he was sitting on. "Draco I'm serious, I have no energy tonight!"
"So that means I can take you?" He was standing right above her now.
"Not in a million years!" Hermione stood up thinking she could get him against a wall or something. He easily got her into a tight embrace that she couldn't wiggle out of.
"So, I guess a million years just came, huh?" Draco laughed as Hermione failed at getting away from him.
"Draco let go!" Hermione demanded.
"Okay, breathe Hermione, no need to get your knickers in a bundle!" Draco let her go finally, letting her slump down back on the couch.

Draco reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wand. "Hey 'Mione?"
"What now Draco?" Hermione looked at him and saw his wand. Her eyes widened not knowing what he was about to do. "Don't even Draco Malfoy!"
"Rictusempra!" Draco shouted casting a tickling spell on Hermione. Hermione fell onto the floor laughing and wiggling around. Draco couldn't help but laugh at the tears of laughter running down her face.
"Draco! Malfoy! Stop it!!" Hermione gasped between giggles.
"Not in a million years..." He mocked her.
"Draco!!!" Hermione was trying to resist the tickling, but that just caused her to wiggle more.
"Haha, alright, you got off easy this time." He lifted the spell from Hermione allowing her to get up from the floor.

"You are unbelievable!" Hermione jumped on him pinning him to the floor with surprising strength.
"Merlin, I thought you said you had no energy?!" Draco smirked at the curly haired girl sitting on top of him.
"Oh stop being so happy about this!"
"How can I?! Look at what you're doing!" he smirked making Hermione roll her eyes and pull out her wand. "Hermione..."
"Tarantallegra!" Hermione shouted getting off of him. Draco started dancing wildly. Hermione tried to hold in the laughter building inside, but had to let it out. She was rolling on the couch grabbing her sides. Draco was shaking ever part of his body infront of Hermione.
"Make it stop Hermione!" Draco begged, "I swear I'll be good!"
"You swear?" Hermione asked through giggles.
"Yes, yes I swear!" Hermione lifted the spell and Draco sighed in relief at the fact his legs had stopped.
"Even?" Hermione asked stretching her hand out in a truce.
"Yeah, yeah, for now..."


Hermione was standing in the Great Hall, but something was wrong. Why was she under a table? She crawled out from under the table cloth and threw a hand to her mouth to stop the screams. Hermione's breath caught in her throat as she choked on the sobs that she held back. Everything was charred and bloody. She saw a group of student and professors gathered around a single table. She walked towards then, but stopped when she saw someone step aside and she could see blood trickling off of the drenched cloth.
"Oh Merlin no..." she ran towards the group and almost passed out when she saw what everyone had gathered around. There, on the table were Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. "What happened!?!" Hermione shrieked. Nobody looked down at her. Harry's upper body was draped over the side of the table like he was some sort of rag doll, and Draco was only a few feet from him. They were both covered in crimson blood, there faces and abdomens had nothing but blood on them. "Harry?" Hermione reached a hand out to him, but pulled it back when she saw he wasn't breathing. 'Why is this happening? How could they be dead!?' Hermione thought to herself. She then went to caress Draco's bloodied hair when a hand forcefully latched onto hers. Hermione screamed when she saw Draco's eyes were open again. They weren't eyes, they were black, pools of endless black, and he wasn't letting her go.

"You did this Hermione. You killed Harry and I. How could you run away like that? We needed you!! After everything you worked for, you ran! You ran away from everyone who needed you while Voldemort butchered each and every one of your friends!" He shouted standing up and advancing on her.
"No...That's not true! I didn't kill you!" Hermione cried out again in complete hysterics.
"You doomed the entire world Hermione! How could you be so selfish and let us die!?"

"I'm Sorry!" Hermione yelled sitting straight up in her bed.
"Hermione? Are you okay? You've been yelling for the past hour, I brought you to the hospital wing because you were crying and breathing so heavy." Draco had been sleeping in a chair beside the bed Hermione was sleeping on. She saw it was still dark outside so assumed he was tired.
" can go back to bed...I- I'm fine..." Hermione was still seeing flashes of her nightmare each time she blinked.
"Hermione, you are not fine. Somebody doesn't scream the way you did if they were fine. Bloody hell Hermione you were yelling about how you didn't kill someone! Hermione what happened to you?" Draco took her hand and squeezed it tightly trying to comfort her.
"I... don't know what happened..." Hermione lied looking away from him as tears welled quickly in her eyes. Draco knew she wasn't telling him the truth. He slipped his free hand under her chin and turned her so she was facing him. He saw the tears spilling out of her eyes and the absolutely terrified look in her glassy eyes.
"Hermione, you have to tell me what happened..."
"I was in the Great Hall and then you and Harry were-."
"Hermione! Oh Merlin we thought you were possessed or something!" Ron ran into the hospital wing with Ginny and Harry close behind him. She saw Harry and quickly looked away from him. She could see were the blood had been splattered on him from her nightmare. More tears cascaded down her soft cheeks at the thought of seeing Harry slaughtered and his torn body right in front of her eyes.

"Hermione, what's wrong?" She heard Harry's voice in her ears, and then his agonizing screams that hadn't even occurred in her dream sounded in her head. "Hermione?" Harry put his hand on her leg and she closed her eyes to hold the tears back from falling even more.

"So, the famous Harry Potter in is leagues with my son now...This could become an interesting night." Hermione turned to see Lucius Malfoy holding both Harry and Draco up, choking them with invisible hands. "Of all people, my own son, betray me and attempt to help Potter here. And what was this about a certain mudblood? I think I'll go find her after I'm done with you."
"Don't touch her!" Draco shouted.
"Malfoy, you touch her and I swear it'll be the last thing you ever do." Harry hissed at the smirking Deatheater.
"Oh, I donít think you have a say in the matter Mr. Potter. For you won't have time to save her. This time, you won't get away." Lucius held out his hand to Harry and made swift slashing motions all over his body. Harry's body was already drenched in blood, but had yet to scream out in pain.
"I've been through worst you bastard!" Lucius made a slow fist in the air around Harry causing him to scrunch up into a ball and groan. Lucius was crushing his insides. Malfoy let go abruptly allowing Harry to drop in a heap on the floor, an appalling crack echoed through the empty corridors.

Lucius slowly made his way towards Harry swiping his fingers in the air causing bloody gauges to appear all over Harry's back. He lifted Harry again and slashed at his chest. Blood fell in pools to the ground below Harry's now limp form.
"Stop!" Draco yelled seeing Harry's breathing go ragged.
"Don't worry young boy, I'll take care of you while Potter lies in his own blood dying!"

"Harry!" Hermione shouted again in the hospital wing.
"Hermione! Merlin you just passed out again screaming."
"Harry, don't touch me!" Hermione shouted as she saw Harry's hand reach for hers.
"Why not? Hermione what is going on?" Harry and everyone else were standing around her bed with worried looks on their faces.
"None of you can touch me, please! I don't want to see it anymore!' Hermione sobbed.
"Hermione..." Ron squeaked about to touch her shoulder when Draco grabbed him and pushed him back into a chair.
"Don't..." was all he said, but he never left eye contact with Hermione.

"Please, everyone must leave, Ms. Granger is in an odd state right now, we need to get the Professor's down here and examine her. Mr. Malfoy, can you please retrieve Albus for me? And you, Mr. Potter, could you get Minerva also?"
"Of course Madam Pomfrey." They both said in unison before reluctantly leaving.
"What can we do?" Ginny asked finally speaking up since she got there.
"You and Mr. Weasley can head back to the Head Common Room and wait for Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy to return. The other houses would be asleep by now and I would like for you all to be together incase we need you."
"Please come as soon as you can when you have news, please?" Ginny begged.
"Ginny, they'll come for us once Hermione is in the right state." Ron muttered emotionless, still staring deep at Hermione who had slipped back into sleep once Draco left.
"Mr. Weasley is right, the second Ms. Granger is in the right condition, you will be retrieved, I promise." And with that Madam Pomfrey shut the curtains to Hermione's bed and shooed the two red heads out of the dark Hospital Wing.

"You'll fail them Mudblood; nothing can save them, not even you. You could not even defend yourself against a wizard of your own age, Zabini was nothing compared to me!"

"Is she going to be alright Albus?" a feminine voice calmly asked.
"Yes, she will be fine, but I can sense darkness engulfed around her." A soft voice replied.

"You think you can help? What can a filthy half breed Mudblood do for wizards? You were never worthy to carry a wand, you were never even worthy to live!"

"How is that possible? There is no way she is evil Albus." The feminine voice echoed again.
"Minerva, she is not evil, but if she is not strong enough to fight the temptation, there is no doubt she will succumb to the Dark Lord's persuasion." The soft man's voice said sorrowfully.
"So, was Mr. Zabini trying to weaken her? Could he be doing the Dark Lord's work?" The feminine voiced asked hurriedly.
"No, the boy is not nearly strong enough for this. We sent him to Azkaban, he couldn't be to blame for this." A man's voice roughly grumbled.

"See. They have already given up on you. They don't believe you have the power to save them! Why try when nobody believes you!?"
"Hermione...don't listen to him, he says nothing but lies! Stop doubting yourself, you are stronger than he could ever be!" a strong yet familiar voice echoed caringly through Hermione's thoughts.

"She's waking, everyone shush the girl is conscious." a sneering voice whispered to the group of Professors and Aurors.

"What's going on?" Hermione asked fighting the lure of fatigue.
"Miss Granger, you seem to have, well..." Dumbledore started, searching for the right words to explain her condition.
"You have been dreaming of the Dark Lord." Snape said bluntly.
"What? No I haven't." Hermione retorted in defense.
"Yes, Miss Granger, you have been. The things you saw, your dreams are what will come to pass if you do not accept your destiny and fate. Right now you're scared, and vulnerable to the attacks and influence Lord Voldemort has been sending to you when you dream." She could tell it was difficult for Dumbledore to explain this to her, but she understood, for the most part.
"So what you're saying is that Lord Voldemort is after me...and not Harry?"
"Well, in a way. If he is able to convince you that you can't help Harry defeat him, then Harry will not have a chance in beating him. So with you, he gets Harry, and every other wizard and witch in the world."
"Dumbledore, I'm 17 years-old. How am I going to block the Dark Lord from entering my mind, I'll be sleeping, I have no control over what I think." Hermione was getting worried; she didn't want what she saw to come true. She couldn't see Draco and Harry like that, the nightmare was real enough, but reality was a whole other story.

Author's Note: okay then! that was... interesting i must say... lol this was hard to write, but fun like always! i got a question about what happens to Blaise... but i have that sort of explani in the next one, there is a scene with him, so don't think he's gone or anything... he is still in the story... some what... hope u enjoyed it!

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