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Harry Potter and the Fall of the Horcruxes by Houlestar
Chapter 1 : Chapter One: A chat with Eileen
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A/N: This chapter starts off a little slow, and it is in the spirit of Rowling style, harry is not a character. He will come up in the later chapters though. it is about Hermione and this chapter will connect to the later ones. This is my wish as to how the 7th book will turn out, but my doubts are that it will be nothing like it. This has major spoilers from the half-blood prince and all of the other books. Please do not read if you haven't read them [why would you read it if you haven't?]

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Hermione Granger had been searching for a long time to find this place, finally after months of research after finding out about her she had finally tracked her down. Only now she was coming for a different reason. Getting there wasn't too difficult. After all, Hermione could apperate, but since it was a muggle town, Hermione opted for her parents old car to drive into the town. She knew where the town was, since her cousin in fact lived in that town. It had been her cousin who told her where the woman lived. pulling up to the drive way at the end of the bumpy and poorly paved road, Hermione checked the house number, 17 Nimrod Drive.

This place they had moved to when her sister died and gave her this house, and her son had taken their old house. This was the place she was looking for. The woman had grown up in this town and moved out when she was seventeen to where her husband moved to. Hermione thought it odd that they had not wanted to stay in the town that they had grown up in and raise their son here. As Hermione got out of the car a black cat shot out from underneath a holly bush and dashed into the house through the cat flap. Probably to warn her mistress, Hermione reckoned. Before Hermione could even reach the door, it flung open revealing an old woman, in her mid seventies. her hair, cut short, had not turned completely grey, but had mostly silver in it. Hermione doubted that it ever would turn completely grey. The picture Hermione had seen of her was over fifty years old, but this woman was recognizable as her.

"who are you?" asked the woman, peering at Hermione over her spectacles. "What do you want?"

"I am Hermione Granger. Would you be Eileen Prince?" Hermione asked the woman.

The old woman squinted at Hermione.

"I haven't been called that in years, not since Tobias left. Are you related to the Grangers down in the village. You look familiar."

"I was a muggle born witch born into the Granger family, yes they are my cousins. It was Helena that told me where you lived so I can ask you some questions."

"You’re not from the ministry?”

Hermione shook her head.

“Well come in then," Eileen moved aside so that Hermione could go into the house. "Please excuse the mess. I have been rather preoccupied, and I haven’t had the heart to clean."

The house was a small place, it was two levels with only two or three rooms per a level, but it was rather nice and sunny. It was clear that Eileen Prince lived alone, except for her cats, which she proudly told Hermione she had four; Mars [a red ginger tomcat], Venus [a purebred white Persian, who was very snobby], Cupid [Venus' son] and Julius [the black cat Hermione had seen]. Hermione took it that she was obsessed with Roman history and mythology, after all, she had named her son Severus.

"So what is it that you want to ask about?" asked Eileen Prince, setting down opposite Hermione in an armchair, while Hermione sat in the one across a maple wood coffee table.

"It’s about your son," said Hermione.

"My son," she seemed to be nervous. "You are sure you’re not from the ministry?"

"No, I’m anti ministry at the moment."

Eileen seemed to relax after Hermione assured her that she wasn't trying to arrest him or anything.

"I want to ask you why he was called the 'half-blood prince' more who called him that. I know that he was a half wizard," said Hermione after a silence. “His father, Tobias, was a muggle, wasn’t he?”

"Oh that nickname," laughed Eileen. "His cousin Irene gave him that nickname. You see, he lived in this house after he was five with his aunt, my sister, Caitlin. My brother, Robin, lived here, but then he moved out and went to London, I don't know why. So my sister raised Severus and his daughter Irene. Because it wasn't the best idea for him to live with Tobias and I in Spinner's End, since well, Tobias and I didn’t get along. Severus now has Spinner's End. Most of Severus' things are still here up in his room, I don’t think he wants to be reminded of his childhood.”

“He didn’t like his childhood?” asked Hermione.

“It had to have been the worst part of his life, he always said ‘I can’t wait until I’m eighteen and never have to see any of you again.’ And he never saw his cousins, or his aunts again.”

“Has he seen you? Or his dad?”

“He hasn’t been on speaking terms with his father since he was thirteen. And Tobias left when he was sixteen, I haven’t seen him.” She shrugged. “And I rarely see him. I suppose it is because he was a teacher, but I do wish that he could have at least wrote.”

“So why did his cousin, Irene, call him ‘the half-blood prince?’” asked Hermione.

”People were confused as to how everyone was related who lived here. So Irene, sick of being called his older sister, would say that she was the pureblood Prince and he was the half-blood Prince. He liked the nickname a lot, but I never quite knew why.”

“I believe that it could have been his way of connecting to Voldemort,” said Hermione.

Eileen gasped at the name.

“He is a half-blood too,” said Hermione.

Eileen blanched. “But any way, how did that name resurface? He stopped going by that name when he was twenty, I think. And it was really only his family who called him by it. Just Irene, his aunts, Kathleen and Caitlin, and Irene’s friends. I don’t think he allowed his friends to call him that. He was in Slytherin, the first one in our family to be, and I don’t think he wanted any more reason to be an outcast. I just wonder how you found out about it."

"My friend, Harry, had his old text book. Here," Hermione took out the text book she had taken out of the room of requirement before the funeral. "This was your old textbook, you gave it to your son.”

“My sister did, she gave Severus my old textbook.”

“So he left it, accidentally, in his old classroom. Harry didn’t have a textbook, so Harry got it from Slughorn. And I’m giving it back to you."

"When you say Harry, are you talking about Harry Potter, Lily Evans' son?"

"er- yeah."

“He would also be James’ son, I remember that,” she said. “James married Lily Evans.”

How did Eileen Prince know this piece of information? Did they say it in the paper or something? And she wondered briefly why she was calling them by their first names.

Eileen Prince took the textbook and thumbed through the pages.

"Oh he must have used that spell he used on his journals on it? Silly boy."

"what spell?" asked Hermione. Looking at the journals.

"Oh, it is the silliest enchantment he made up. Anything he wrote using this enchanted ink can only be read by someone who has muggle blood in them, but isn't a muggle can read it. It is just so amusing. Since I’m a pureblood I can't make head or tail of this. To me it is unreadable writing."

Hermione remembered how Ron had been unable to read the text book, but she and Harry had been able to read it. Now it all made sense. Most of the people who would have access to his journals and textbooks or want to read them, would be pureblood, so Snape invented a spell to use in his ink so that none of them could read it. It was incredible clever of the half-blood prince. But Snape never calculated that his worst enemy's son would be a half blood.

"You said that he had journals," began Hermione.

"You can take them," said Eileen.


"Someone has to read them. They are just sitting tautly up in his room where he left them two years ago. He would only put them there if they couldn't be read by me, I tried to read it, but it is impossible. Since you ar a muggle born and your friend is a half-blood, one of you could read it. I have every journal that he ever wrote in up to two years ago. they may have something that is important in them. but I’m no use. It all is just scribbles to me. I'm useless."

“Why would you let me have them?” asked Hermione.

“Because I am worried about what could of happened, and someone should at least know what happened,” she said.

Five minutes later Eileen Prince lead Hermione up the stairs to Snape's old room. A thin layer of dust lay on everything in the dark room. Sun light streamed dimly from the dusty and dirty windows, illuminating the dust in the air. A metal bed frame stripped from it's coverings was completely dusted over. A desk with some quills and bottles of dried up ink stood next to Severus Snape's old school trunk, left open exposing old school robes, but no textbooks. The only thing that wasn't completely dusted over was the stack of at least fifty journals on the floor.

"well there you go, you can take them and anything else that you find of interest," said Eileen. "he won't care."

Hermione picked up the top journal, flipped through it. A muggle photograph fell out of the journal as well as a piece of paper. Picking it up Hermione read it.

Stop staring at her -jp

In Snape's thin cursive was below that: Who?

You know who i am talking about Snivillus!
last part was written in the same scrawl as the first. She picked up the photograph, lying on the floor.

As she looked at the stillness of the muggle photograph she gasped. "oh my god!"

A/N: Please review. I don't own harry potter.

I really want to know what you think of the revised edition.

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Harry Potter and the Fall of the Horcruxes: Chapter One: A chat with Eileen


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