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Harry Potter and the Quidditch Match by AuroraBraelin
Chapter 1 : The Quidditch Match
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The Quidditch Match

Harry was elected the new quidditch captain for the Gryfindor team. Harry got onto his broom. His broom was a firebolt. It was the top of the line broom; the fastest broom yet. Harry and his team stood at the edge of the pitch. Harry loved the game of quidditch. It was like his home. He loved to fly and lose all of the stress that was contained inside of him. The stress of Voldemort killing him. The stress of school. The stress of love. Harry was in love. He loved his best friend and he didn’t know how to approach it. He couldn’t tell her. He couldn’t tell her he loved her. She would probably laugh in his face.

Hermione Granger was the one he loved. He had a little feeling inside of him that she felt the same way. He looked at her in the audience. She was looking directly at him. He gave her a smile and she gave a big smile. He looked at his team. Ron was on the team, now. He was the new keeper. No one knew Ron had such a talent for quidditch. His dreams may come true after all, Harry thought. He remembered the time when Ron was looking in the mirror. He saw what he wanted to see. He saw what he wanted to be. Harry felt sorry for him being the youngest boy in the family. Being the youngest meant that you had things to prove to his older siblings. Ron stood beside Harry with a smile upon his face. He was really happy with having made the team. This was the first match of the season.

The Slytherin team had already been called out to the field. It was now the Gryfindor’s turn. Lee Jordan called out everyone’s name on the team making sure to extend Harry’s name. Professor Snape, the potions master, stepped onto the field. He was going to be the referee for the game. Harry and all of the Gryfindors groaned.

Snape stood in the middle of the field. He took out his wand and pointed it at his throat. “Sonorus!” Snape’s voice became loader than normal. Everyone in the quidditch pitch could hear him. “ I want a fair game. Captains, shake hands.” Harry and Draco Malfoy came to the middle of the quidditch pitch. Harry was surprised that Malfoy was the new captain of Slytherin. They both flew to meet each other and shook hands.

“May the best team win,” Harry said to Malfoy.
“I’m sure we will,” Malfoy sneered. Harry scowled. Malfoy smiled and flew back to his team. Professor Snape let the bludgers loose. The snitch flew in front of Harry’s face and the disappeared. Snape let the Quaffle go. The game had begun.

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