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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 19 : Chapter 19
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Siriusí POV
You leaned on the wall, banging your head against it as Kat stormed away. Slumping down, you buried your head in your knees.

So your plan to find out what would impress her had backfired, and now she was mad at you. There had to be some way to let her know how you cared for her.

^Sirius?^ a voice broke you away from your thoughts. You looked up to see Mya, hand in hand with some guy. She looked positively giddy. ^This is Aidan,^ she introduced the guy, grinning. He nodded in greeting.

^The Irish guy?^ you asked. She nodded happily.

^He switched schools just to be with me.^

^Oh.^ So this guy knows how to impress a girl he lovesÖ but you already went to the same school as Kat. Not fair.

By now Mya and her Irish boy had left, leaving you with only your thoughts once more. You tried to remember what Kat had said she liked. Nothing came to mind. But you had to do something, and quickly. Because you needed her in your arms as soon as possible. You ached for her.

Then why are you sitting here? You asked yourself. Good point. You got up and raced to find Kat.

Katís POV
^Kat!^ you heard an excited voice from behind. Still glowering, you spun around, and found yourself face to face with Mya and a strange guy.

^Who are you?^ you asked.

^This is Aidan! Aidan, this is Kat.^

^Aidan? The Irish guy?^ He nodded. ^What are you doing here?^

^I transferred here. I missed Mya too much.^ You could feel your jaw drop.

^So you came all the way to England?^ Both of them nodded, smiling at each other. ^Well, at least somebodyís happy.^ Myaís expression softened to one of concern.

^What happened?^ You waved away her concerns.

^Oh nothing. Love sucks is all.^ You gave her a grim smile. ^Nice meeting you, Aidan. I promise Iíll be more charming next time.^ With that, you walked away.

You had never been so jealous of Mya. The guy she was crazy about liked her back. Enough to change schools! Sirius didnít care for you like that.

You didnít even know where you were; halls blended together as you trudged along, deep in thought and self pity. As much as you tried to shake yourself out of it, you couldnít. This was the first time a guy had had this effect on you, and you didnít like it.

Siriusí POV
There was no sign of Kat anywhere. It was too bad you didnít have the Marauderís Map. You were thinking how nice it would be to have it when you ran straight into something.

^Ow!^ Lily Evans yelped as she fell to the floor.

^Sorry Lily,^ you quickly apologized, already beginning to move away. But then the obvious hit you. Lily was Katís best friend. So wouldnít she know what would impress her?

^Wait Lily! I have to ask you something.^

^Go ahead.^

^I was just wondering, well, you seeÖ^ Why couldnít you get it out?

^Spit it out.^ So you did.

^I like Kat and I want to know how to impress her when I tell her how I feel.^

^You like Kat? Cool!^

^Okay, but can you please help me, because sheís mad at me and I need to tell her!^

^Calm down, Sirius.^


^Kat likes honesty. You donít have to do or get anything special. Just tell her how you feel.^ And with that she walked away.

Honesty. It was so crazy it just might work. But you needed to find her to be honest with her.

Katís POV
You continued to wander around aimlessly, trying to forget about Sirius. But no matter how often you tried to redirect your thoughts to school or your friends, images of the devilishly handsome guy who you liked so much kept popping up.

You stopped walking and leaned against the wall, near a portrait of an old man. Closing your eyes, you inhaled deeply, trying to calm yourself. You lost track of time, staying in the same position and thoughtless state until you heard your name.

^Kat! There you are!^ Siriusí voice exclaimed.

^Here I am,^ you said in a bored tone, not opening your eyes.

^Iíve been looking everywhere for you.^ You raised your eyebrows.

^Have you?^

^I need to talk to you about something.^


^Can you look at me?^ You opened your eyes. Sirius was standing in front of you, hair a mess, taking in the hallwayís scenery.

^What do you need?^ you asked.

^Itís about that girl. I-^

^Sirius, I donít want to talk about her!^

^Please, Kat! Just let me tell you about her.^ His gorgeous gray eyes pleaded with you.

^Go ahead,^ you said reluctantly, damning those eyes silently.

^Sheís beautiful. So pretty. But when Iím with her I donít even have time to notice that, because Iím paying attention to her wit and her jokes and the way she actually cares about what Iím saying. I just feel like she completely understands me. Her familyís the same as mine, pretty crappy. We actually didnít get along until this year, but Iím so glad we do now. And the way I feel when Iím around her! Like Iím the luckiest guy in the world because sheís spending time with me.^

^She sounds really good for you,^ you told him.

^I think so.^ You began to walk away. ^Kat!^ You turned back around.

^Is there more?^

^Donít you want to know her name?^



^You sighed.^

^Whatís her name?^

^Kat,^ he said.

^So sheís got the same name as me now?^ you shouted angrily before thinking. Then it dawned on you. Could he be talking about you? He was looking at you hopefully. ^Oh,^ you breathed. Heíd wanted to go to all that trouble to impress you?


^Hmm?^ You were still lost in thought. The kitchens, the questions. The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. It was obvious now that it was you heíd been talking about. Oh my god, you thought, he must think Iím so stupid!

^Do you think Iím really thick for not knowing?^ You asked him, anxious. He grinned.

^MaybeÖ^ You slapped his arm. His expression turned serious. ^I donít think youíre stupid, you know.^

^I know,^ you assured him.

^I really like you.^

^I like you too,^ you replied honestly. You smiled as his face lit up.



^So you wouldnít mind if I kissed you?^

^I wouldnít pull away.^ Your breath caught in your throat as he stepped toward you. You leaned against the wall once more as his lips pressed themselves softly against yours. His arms found their way around your waist as you wrapped your own arms around his neck. His body pushed against yours and the kiss deepened, but you had barely any time to enjoy it before you heard a gruff voice beside you.

^Damn kids! Donít you have anywhere else to do that? You think I want to see you snog each others faces off in my hallway?^ You broke apart and saw the old man from the picture pointing a finger and scowling at you.

^Weíre very sorry, sir,^ Sirius said. He took your hand and you walked away. You had to resist from either laughing or pulling Sirius back into you, but you controlled yourself until you reached Gryffindor Tower. It was deserted at this time of day, so Sirius pulled you quickly onto a couch.

^Where were we?^ he asked, grinning, as he brought his lips down to yours. You were too busy kissing him back to answer.

a/n: well, that's it! i hope you all liked it; i'd really appreciate reviews so i know what youliked and didn't. thanks a bunch for all the great reviews and all you guys have already written!!! =)

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A Black Marriage: Chapter 19


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