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Maybe never, ever... by candy_shop
Chapter 1 : White Tomb
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Maybe never, ever…

Ron stared at the white tomb, the tomb which the greatest wizard ever known. The wizard who was the only one that scared Voldermort, the wizard was and still is Albus Dumbledore. He looked over to Harry and saw tears threatening to come out, Ginny and Hermione were balling out there eyes and he understood why.

He then saw Harry ask if Ginny and they could talk, he heard them talk about that he and her couldn’t be together, because of the fear of one of them getting hurt. He knew that his sister’s insides and heart was being ripped apart but it was being ripped because of their love, and yet she didn’t cry. He couldn’t bear it if his love died because it was his fault. He saw Hermione let another out burst of tears and that was his love, his one and only. Sure he went with Lavender but all his anger took control of himself. He got so angry when his own sister had said all that stuff about him and his mates, that it just happened. He regretted it, but it has been done and there really isn’t anything he can do about it.

“Oh Ron…” Hermione whispered through her streaming tears, next thing he knew she had clutched his shirt and started to cry into his chest. He was startled at first, and he had always wanted her in his arms, but this wasn’t what he had in planned, her crying and him on the verge.

“Hermione, I’m sorry…” He started to run his fingers through her hair softly and slowly, feeling the tangles and knots but he enjoyed it anyway. She cried endlessly into his shirt. He felt his shirt soak up with her tears of pain.

“Ron, I’m scared…” She said softly, he had shivers send down his spine, so was he, he was scared too. No-one was safe anymore, they were all in grave danger even Harry. He could die and she could never know what he felt inside, his love was so passionate for her. He continued to caress her hair softly.

“Don’t worry, I’m here.” He said trying to sound as lively as possible but it just couldn’t happen. He wouldn’t usually say these words to Hermione due to all their fights, it was more a thing Harry would say, but he wanted Hermione to know that he was there for her, what ever might happen.

“I’m sorry as well…” She said crying, “Ron, I can’t stop thinking that this could be my funeral…” Ron’s heart stopped, Hermione couldn’t of said that, never ever!

“Or mine…” Ron said. She squeezed him tighter, he held on, giving the most comfort he could offer. If he or she ever died and he never ever expressed his feelings. He would die, he would shrivel up in his room and die knowing that she had died and he couldn’t save her… And if she, if there was the slightest chance that she might as well like him back, and them never knowing but living in silence, that would be more painful than death itself.

A sorrowful tear fell and travelled down his large nose, he saw from the corner of his eye that Harry looked at him, but at that moment he didn’t really care, everyone started to leave, the merepeople and the animals from the Forbidden forest. Hermione was in his arms, and he could tell her but he didn’t, he couldn’t tell her… he might never tell her, ever…

Thanx for reading i would really appreciate a review!!! This is a thing that came to my head and i just wrote!!! :D The main plot is true except i made the words, they might of just cried in each others comfort but i made them speak, this story really hit mi in the heart, some people never say anything but then they everything leaves, leaving nothing, but sadness *tears*

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